Virtual Tally Room: the official election results
Virtual Tally Room: the official election results
House of Representatives Updated: 9/09/2010 1:05:38 PM


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Polling Places
Polling Place Street Address
Albany Albany Primary School, Suffolk St, MT CLARENCE WA 6330
Albany 1 PPVC Albany Senior Citizen Centre, 122 Grey St W, ALBANY WA 6330
Albany 2 PPVC Albany Senior Citizens Centre, 122 Grey St W, ALBANY WA 6330
Albany Centennial Park Centennial Park Scout Hall, Sanford Rd, CENTENNIAL PARK WA 6330
Albany Central Albany Senior Citizens Centre, 122 Grey St West, ALBANY WA 6330
Albany Lockyer Mt Lockyer Primary School, South Coast Hwy, LOCKYER WA 6330
Albany Middleton Beach Middleton Beach Bowling Club, Garden St, MIDDLETON BEACH WA 6330
Albany Regional Hospital Albany Regional Hospital, Warden Ave, SPENCER PARK WA 6330
Albany Spencer Park Spencer Park Primary School, Hardie Rd, SPENCER PARK WA 6330
Albany Yakamia Yakamia Primary School, Beaufort Rd, YAKAMIA WA 6330
Arthur River Arthur River Hall, Albany Hwy, ARTHUR RIVER WA 6315
Bayonet Head Flinders Park Primary School, Yatana Rd, BAYONET HEAD WA 6330
Borden Borden Primary School, Stone St, BORDEN WA 6338
Bornholm Bornholm Hall, Lower Denmark Rd, BORNHOLM WA 6330
Boulder Boulder Primary School, Lane St, BOULDER WA 6432
Boyup Brook Boyup Brook St John Ambulance Sub Centre, Abel St, BOYUP BROOK WA 6244
Bremer Bay Bremer Bay Telecentre, Mary St, BREMER BAY WA 6338
Bridgetown Bridgetown Lesser Hall, Steere St, BRIDGETOWN WA 6255
Brookton Brookton District High School, Tiller St, BROOKTON WA 6306
Broomehill Broomehill RSL & Citizens Hall, Cnr Journal and India St, BROOMEHILL VILLAGE WA 6318
Bruce Rock Bruce Rock Emergency Services Centre, Dunstal St, BRUCE ROCK WA 6418
Cascade Cascade Primary School, Asha Ct, CASCADE WA 6450
Castletown Castletown Primary School, Easton Rd, CASTLETOWN WA 6450
Condingup Condingup Primary School, Sutcliffe St, CONDINGUP WA 6450
Coolgardie Coolgardie Recreation Centre, 69 Sylvester St, COOLGARDIE WA 6429
Corrigin Corrigin District High School, Lynch St, CORRIGIN WA 6375
Cranbrook Cranbrook Primary School, Grenfell St, CRANBROOK WA 6321
Cuballing Cuballing Agricultural Hall, Campbell St, CUBALLING WA 6311
Dalyup Dalyup Progress Assoc Hall, South Coast Hwy, DALYUP WA 6450
Darkan West Arthur Community Resource Centre, Burrowes St, DARKAN WA 6392
Denmark Denmark Recreation Centre, Brazier St, DENMARK WA 6333
Dinninup Upper Blackwood Agricultural Society Hall, Boyup Brook-Arthur River Rd, DINNINUP WA 6244
Divisional Office (PREPOLL) Divisional Office, 2/37 Brookman Street, KALGOORLIE WA 6430
Dumbleyung Dumbleyung Primary School, Taylor St, DUMBLEYUNG WA 6350
Duranillin Duranillin Hall, Farrell St, DURANILLIN WA 6393
Elleker Elleker Hall, Cnr Brassey & Hassell St, ELLEKER WA 6330
Emu Point Albany Sea Rescue Hall, Swarbrick St, EMU POINT WA 6330
Esperance Esperance Civic Centre, Council Pl, ESPERANCE WA 6450
Esperance 1 PPVC Esperance Senior Citizens Centre, Forrest St, ESPERANCE WA 6450
Esperance 2 PPVC Esperance Civic Centre, Council Pl, ESPERANCE WA 6450
Eucla PPVC Eucla Community Hall, Yurkla Way, EUCLA WA 6443
Frankland Frankland Hall, Moir St, FRANKLAND WA 6396
Gairdner Gairdner Primary School, Gairdner Rd Sth, GAIRDNER WA 6337
Gibson Gibson Football Club, Starr St, GIBSON WA 6448
Gnowangerup Gnowangerup Memorial Hall, Yougenup Rd, GNOWANGERUP WA 6335
Grass Patch Grass Patch Community Hall, Shepherd St, GRASS PATCH WA 6446
Greenbushes Greenbushes District Hall, Blackwood Rd, GREENBUSHES WA 6254
Harrismith Harrismith Community Hall, Railway Avenue, HARRISMITH WA 6361
Highbury Highbury Hall, Burley St, HIGHBURY WA 6313
Hopetoun Mary Ann Haven Senior Citizens Centre, Veal St, HOPETOUN WA 6348
Hyden Hyden Primary School, Naughton St, HYDEN WA 6359
Jerdacuttup Jerdacuttup Primary School, Fence Rd, JERDACUTTUP WA 6346
Jerramungup Jerramungup District High School, Lancaster Rd, JERRAMUNGUP WA 6337
Kalgan Lower Kalgan Hall, 516 Nanarup Rd, KALGAN WA 6330
Kalgoorlie Goldfields Arts Centre, Cnr Cassidy and Cheetham St, KALGOORLIE WA 6430
Kalgoorlie East Kalgoorlie East Primary School, Mafeking St, WILLIAMSTOWN WA 6430
Kalgoorlie Eastern Goldfields Kalgoorlie District Education Office, Federal Rd, SOUTH KALGOORLIE WA 6430
Kalgoorlie Hannans Hannans Primary School, Nankiville Rd, HANNANS WA 6430
Kalgoorlie North Kalgoorlie North Primary School, Campbell St, LAMINGTON WA 6430
Kalgoorlie Regional Hospital Kalgoorlie Regional Hospital, Piccadilly St, PICCADILLY WA 6430
Kalgoorlie Somerville O'Connor Primary School, Johnston St, SOMERVILLE WA 6430
Kalgoorlie South John Paul College, Lionel St, SOUTH KALGOORLIE WA 6430
Kalgoorlie Wallace Park Wallace Park Pre-Primary School, Bourke St, PICCADILLY WA 6430
Kambalda Kambalda Primary School, Larkin St, KAMBALDA WA 6442
Kambalda West Kambalda West District High School, Salmon Gum Rd, KAMBALDA WA 6442
Katanning Katanning Leisure Centre, Pemble St, KATANNING WA 6317
Katanning District Hospital Katanning District Hospital, Kobeelya Ave, KATANNING WA 6317
Kendenup Kendenup Primary School, Austin St, KENDENUP WA 6323
King River King River Hall, 1520 Millbrook Rd, KING RIVER WA 6330
Kojonup Kojonup RSL Hall, Albany Hwy, KOJONUP WA 6395
Kondinin Kondinin Primary School, Graham St, KONDININ WA 6367
Kukerin Kukerin Primary School, Bennett St, KUKERIN WA 6352
Kulin Kulin Shire Office, Johnston St, KULIN WA 6365
Lake Grace Lake Grace Community Resource Centre, Absolon St, LAKE GRACE WA 6353
Lake King Lake King Primary School, Newdegate-Ravensthorpe Rd, LAKE KING WA 6356
Laverton Laverton Primary School, Lancefield St, LAVERTON WA 6440
Leinster Leinster Community Hall, Link Rd, LEINSTER WA 6437
Leinster PPVC Leinster Community Hall, Link Rd, LEINSTER WA 6437
Leonora Leonora Recreation Centre, Tower St, LEONORA WA 6438
Little Grove Little Grove Primary School, 19 Gordon St, LITTLE GROVE WA 6330
Lower King Gomm Park, Lower King Rd, LOWER KING WA 6330
Manjimup Manjimup Community Centre, Mount St, MANJIMUP WA 6258
Manjimup 1 PPVC Manjimup Community Centre, Mount St, MANJIMUP WA 6258
Manjimup 2 PPVC Manjimup Community Cnt, Mount St, MANJIMUP WA 6258
Manjimup East East Manjimup Primary School, O'Connor St, MANJIMUP WA 6258
Manypeaks Mt Manypeaks Primary School, Howie Rd, MANYPEAKS WA 6328
Marvel Loch Marvel Loch Hall, Aurum St, MARVEL LOCH WA 6426
Mayanup Mayanup Hall, Boyup Brook-Cranbrook Rd, MAYANUP WA 6244
Menzies Menzies Shire Hall, Shenton St, MENZIES WA 6436
Middlesex Middlesex Hall, Middlesex Rd, MIDDLESEX WA 6257
Moorine Rock Moorine Rock Primary School, Moorine South Rd, MOORINE ROCK WA 6425
Mount Barker Plantagenet District Hall, Muir Street, MT BARKER WA 6324
Mount Walker Mount Walker Tennis Club, Mount Walker East Road, MOUNT WALKER WA 6369
Munglinup Munglinup Primary School, Budjan St, MUNGLINUP WA 6450
Muradup Muradup Hall, Piesse St, MURADUP WA 6394
Napier Napier Hall, Chester Pass Rd, NAPIER WA 6330
Narembeen Narembeen District High School, Ada St, NAREMBEEN WA 6369
Narrikup Narrikup Hall, Spencer Rd, NARRIKUP WA 6326
Narrogin Narrogin Parish Hall, Cnr Park and Earl St, NARROGIN WA 6312
Narrogin Regional Hospital Narrogin Regional Hospital, Williams Rd, NARROGIN WA 6312
Newdegate Newdegate Telecentre and Town Library, Collier St, NEWDEGATE WA 6355
Norseman Norseman Town Hall, Prinsep St, NORSEMAN WA 6443
Norseman 1 PPVC Norseman Court House, Prinsep St, NORSEMAN WA 6443
Norseman 2 PPVC Norseman Town Hall, Prinsep St, NORSEMAN WA 6443
Northcliffe Northcliffe Ambulance Hall, Meerup Rd, NORTHCLIFFE WA 6262
Nulsen Nulsen Pre-Primary School, Tchan St, NULSEN WA 6450
Nyabing Nyabing Town Hall, Richmond St, NYABING WA 6341
Ongerup Ongerup Primary School, Lamont St, ONGERUP WA 6336
Parryville Parryville Hall, 2832 South Coast Hwy, PARRYVILLE WA 6333
Pemberton Pemberton Sports Club, Club Rd, PEMBERTON WA 6260
Perth (O'Connor) City of Perth, St Georges Tce, PERTH WA 6000
Pingaring Pingaring CWA Centre, Luke Price St, PINGARING WA 6357
Pingelly Pingelly Town Hall, Parade St, PINGELLY WA 6308
Pingrup Pingrup Hall, Sanderson St, PINGRUP WA 6343
Popanyinning Popanyinning Community Hall, Francis St, POPANYINNING WA 6309
Porongurup Porongurup District Hall, 2257 Mount Barker-Porongrup Rd, PORONGURUP WA 6324
Prison Mobile Team 1 Albany Regional Prison, Princess Ave, ROBINSON WA 6330
Prison Mobile Team 2 Eastern Goldfields Regional Prison, Vivian Street, BOULDER WA 6432
Quairading Quairading District High School, McLennan St, QUAIRADING WA 6383
Quinninup Quinninup Community Centre, Wheatley Coast Rd, QUINNINUP WA 6258
Ravensthorpe Ravensthorpe District High School, Morgans St, RAVENSTHORPE WA 6346
Redmond Redmond Hall, Redmond-Hay River Rd, REDMOND WA 6327
Remote Mobile Team 1 Multiple sites, WA
Rocky Gully Rocky Gully RSL Hall, Arbour St, ROCKY GULLY WA 6397
Rottnest (O'Connor) Rottnest Picture Hall, Brand Way, ROTTNEST ISLAND WA 6161
Salmon Gums Salmon Gums Primary School, Rogers St, SALMON GUMS WA 6445
Scaddan Scaddan Primary School, Kendall Rd, SCADDAN WA 6447
Scotsdale Scotsdale Hall, cnr Scotsdale & Walter Rd, SCOTSDALE WA 6333
Southern Cross Southern Cross Community Centre, Antares St, SOUTHERN CROSS WA 6426
Special Hospital Team 1 Multiple sites, WA 6330
Special Hospital Team 2 Multiple sites, BRIDGETOWN WA 6255
Special Hospital Team 3 Multiple sites, ESPERANCE WA 6450
Special Hospital Team 4 Multiple sites, KALGOORLIE WA 6430
Special Hospital Team 5 Multiple sites, KOJONUP WA 6395
Special Hospital Team 6 Multiple sites, MANJIMUP WA 6258
Special Hospital Team 7 Mount Barker Plantagenet District Hospital, Langton Rd, MOUNT BARKER WA 6324
Special Hospital Team 8 Multiple sites, NARROGIN WA 6312
Special Hospital Team 9 Multiple sites, WAGIN WA 6315
Tambellup Tambellup Lesser Hall, Norrish St, TAMBELLUP WA 6320
Tingledale Tingledale Hall, Valley of the Giants Rd, TINGLEDALE WA 6333
Varley Varley Store, Pitt St, VARLEY WA 6355
Wagin Wagin Wesley Hall, Ranford St, WAGIN WA 6315
Walpole Walpole Community Centre, Pier St, WALPOLE WA 6398
Wandering Wandering Primary School, Watts St, WANDERING WA 6308
Wellstead WELLSTEAD Community Resource Centre, 49 Windsor Rd, WELLSTEAD WA 6328
Westonia Westonia Shire Office, Wolfram St, WESTONIA WA 6423
Wickepin Wickepin Primary School, Henry St, WICKEPIN WA 6370
Williams Williams St Johns Hall, Growse St, WILLIAMS WA 6391
Woodanilling Woodanilling Shire Hall, 3316 Robinson Rd, WOODANILLING WA 6316
Yealering Yealering Shire Hall, Wickepin-Corrigin Road, YEALERING WA 6372
Yornup Yornup Hall, South Western Hwy, YORNUP WA 6256



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