These online results do not represent the final figures
and were subject to minor adjustment.

The final official Election Statistics for 2001 are now available. If you wish to receive the free Election Statistics CD and/or hard copy 5 Volume Set please email here providing your full name, mailing address and the product you would like to receive.

Welcome to the Australian Electoral Commission, Election 2001 results system.

From 6pm election night Saturday, 10 November 2001, this site will show House of Representatives and Senate results. These will be available at Divisional, State/Territory and National level.

In the days following election night, results from the counting of other votes such as postal, absent, pre-poll and provisional votes will be provided as will Divisional results down to polling place level.

House of Representatives Divisional Results

  • To view House of Representative results for a Division, click on the Divisional box in the navigation bar above.
  • To select a particular Division, first select the relevant State or Territory from the drop down menu. This will provide a list of Divisions within that State or Territory from which you can make your selection.

House of Representative or Senate results for a State/Territory

  • To view House of Representatives or Senate results for a State or Territory click on the State box in the navigation bar above.
  • The drop down menu is divided into two sections, the first providing the State/Territory options for the House of Representatives results and below that the Senate.

National Totals and Divisions Won

  • To view the National Total results or view the Divisions Won results, click on the National box in the navigation bar above and make your selection.

Screen Explanations

Details of what each screen displays together with general notes are provided at the bottom of each results screen.