Virtual Tally Room: the official election results
Virtual Tally Room: the official election results
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Political Parties
Party Name Registered Party Abbreviation State AEC Code
#Sustainable Population Party Sustainable Population Party NSW SPP
Animal Justice Party AJP NSW AJP
Australian Christians WA AUC
Australian Democrats Democrats SA DEM
Australian Fishing and Lifestyle Party AFLP QLD AFLP
Australian Labor Party (Western Australian Branch) Australian Labor Party WA ALP
Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party AMEP QLD AMEP
Australian Sex Party Sex Party ACT ASXP
Australian Sports Party Sports WA SPRT
Australian Voice Party Australian Voice QLD VCE
Building Australia Party Building Australia NSW BAP
Democratic Labour Party (DLP) DLP Democratic Labour VIC DLP
Family First Party Family First SA FFP
Freedom and Prosperity Party FAP NSW TCS
Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party HEMP NSW HMP
Katter's Australian Party QLD KAP
Liberal Democratic Party Liberal Democrats ACT LDP
Liberal Party (W.A. Division) Inc. Liberal WA LP
Mutual Party Mutual WA BRP
National Party of Australia (WA) Inc The Nationals WA NP
Outdoor Recreation Party (Stop The Greens) Stop The Greens NSW ODR
Palmer United Party WA PUP
Pirate Party Australia Pirate Party ACT PIR
Republican Party of Australia The Australian Republicans NSW RPA
Rise Up Australia Party RUA VIC RUA
Secular Party of Australia VIC SPA
Shooters and Fishers Party Shooters and Fishers NSW ASP
Smokers Rights Party Smokers Rights NSW SMK
Socialist Alliance NSW SAL
The Greens (WA) Inc The Greens (WA) WA GRN
The Wikileaks Party VIC WKP
Voluntary Euthanasia Party VEP WA VEP



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