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Enrolled : 89,608
Total Booths : 47
First Pref Booths In : 47
Votes Counted : 94.46%
AEC Date : 30/11/2001
AEC Time : 12:56:26  EST
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Candidate Party Code Votes % Swing (%)
BELL, David GRN 5,451 6.69 +3.56
BLUNT, Kathie ALP 15,489 19.01 -1.01
WEBECK, John HAN 1,247 1.53 -2.05
NELSON, Brendan LP 52,628 64.60 +2.00
WISZNIEWSKI, Witold CTA 1,204 1.48 -0.04
BYRNE, Peter DEM 5,443 6.68 -0.99
..... NLP 0 0.00 -0.49
..... UNI 0 0.00 -0.99
FORMAL   81,462 96.24 -0.81
INFORMAL   3,179 3.76 +0.81
TOTAL   84,641 94.46  

Total TCP Booths in : 47
Total TCP Votes Counted : 90.91%
Two Candidate Preferred Party This Election Last Election Swing (%)
NELSON, Brendan LP 71.16% 71.29% -0.13%
BLUNT, Kathie ALP 28.84% 28.71% 0.13%

Post Election Results - Two Candidate Preferred results by type

Type of Vote LP ALP
Ordinary 48,095 19,524
Absent 3,590 1,571
Postal 2,946 762
Pre-poll 3,152 1,516
Provisional 186 120
TOTAL 57,969 23,493

Post Election Results - Candidate results by type

Candidate Ordinary Absent Postal Pre-poll Provisional
BELL, David 4,456 545 140 285 25
BLUNT, Kathie 12,921 871 532 1,073 92
WEBECK, John 1,013 78 79 71 6
NELSON, Brendan 43,799 3,130 2,741 2,801 157
WISZNIEWSKI, Witold 980 93 44 78 9
BYRNE, Peter 4,450 444 172 360 17
FORMAL 67,619 5,161 3,708 4,668 306
INFORMAL 2,725 223 58 149 24
TOTAL 70,344 5,384 3,766 4,817 330

Post Election Results - Candidate results by Polling Place

Polling PlaceStreet Address
Ferndale Holy Trinity Church Hall, 44 Beaconsfield Rd, CHATSWOOD WEST, NSW, 2067
Mowbray (Bradfield) Mowbray Primary School, 635 Mowbray Rd, LANE COVE, NSW, 2066
Kissing Point South Turramurra Kindergarten, 10A Auluba Rd, SOUTH TURRAMURRA, NSW, 2074
Lady Davidson Hospital Lady Davidson Hospital, Bobbin Head Rd, TURRAMURRA NORTH, NSW, 2074
Pymble North Pymble Public School, Crown Rd, PYMBLE, NSW, 2073
Turramurra St James Anglican Church Hall, King St, TURRAMURRA, NSW, 2074
Turramurra Central Turramurra Uniting Church Hall, Turramurra Ave, TURRAMURRA, NSW, 2074
Turramurra North Turramurra North Public School, Bobbin Head Rd, TURRAMURRA, NSW, 2074
Turramurra South Turramurra Public School, Kissing Point Rd, SOUTH TURRAMURRA, NSW, 2074
Wahroonga Wahroonga Presbyterian Church Hall, Cnr Stuart St & Illoura Ave, WAHROONGA, NSW, 2076
Wahroonga East Wahroonga Public School, 71 Burns Rd, WAHROONGA, NSW, 2076
Warrawee Warrawee Public School, Pacific Hwy, WARRAWEE, NSW, 2074
St Ives Park St Ives Park Public School, Acron Road, ST IVES, NSW, 2075
Gordon Ku-ring-gai Municipal Council Chambers, 818 Pacific Hwy, GORDON, NSW, 2072
Gordon East Gordon East Public School, Rosedale Rd, GORDON, NSW, 2072
Gordon West Gordon West Public School, Ryde Rd, PYMBLE, NSW, 2073
Killara St Martins Anglican Church Hall, 9B Arnold St, KILLARA, NSW, 2071
Killara East Killara High School, Koola Ave, KILLARA, NSW, 2071
Lindfield St Albans Anglican Church Hall, Lindfield Ave, LINDFIELD, NSW, 2070
Lindfield East Lindfield East Public School, Tryon Rd, LINDFIELD, NSW, 2070
Lindfield North Lindfield Primary School, Pacific Hwy, LINDFIELD, NSW, 2070
Lindfield West Beaumont Road Public School, 17 Beaumont Rd, KILLARA, NSW, 2071
Pymble Sacred Heart Parish Hall, Cnr Pacific Hwy & Bobbin Head Rd, PYMBLE, NSW, 2073
Pymble West Pymble West Public School, Apollo Ave, WEST PYMBLE, NSW, 2073
Roseville Roseville Uniting Church Hall, 7 Lord St, ROSEVILLE, NSW, 2069
Roseville Chase Community Hall, 6 Babbage Rd, ROSEVILLE, NSW, 2069
Roseville East Roseville Public School, Archbold Rd, ROSEVILLE, NSW, 2069
St Ives St Ives Community Hall, Village Green, Memorial Ave, ST IVES, NSW, 2075
St Ives Chase St Ives North Scout Hall, Warrimoo Ave, ST IVES CHASE, NSW, 2075
St Ives North St Ives North Public School, 87 Memorial Ave, ST IVES, NSW, 2075
St Ives South St Ives High School, Yarrabung Rd, ST IVES, NSW, 2075
Castle Cove Castle Cove Public School, Kendall Rd, CASTLE COVE, NSW, 2069
Chatswood East (Bradfield) Chatswood/Willoughby Uniting Church, 10 Clanwilliam St, WILLOUGHBY, NSW, 2068
Chatswood North St Paul's Anglican Church Hall, 1 View Street, CHATSWOOD, NSW, 2067
Roseville South St Barnabas Anglican Church, 30 William St East, ROSEVILLE, NSW, 2069
Chatswood (Bradfield) St Andrews Presbyterian Church, 37 Anderson St, CHATSWOOD, NSW, 2067
Chatswood West Chatswood Public School, Pacific Hwy, CHATSWOOD, NSW, 2067
Sydney (Bradfield) Sydney Town Hall, George St, SYDNEY, NSW, 2000
Chatswood South (Bradfield) Chatswood South Uniting Church, Cnr Mowbray Rd & Pacific Hwy, CHATSWOOD, NSW, 2067
Willoughby North (Bradfield) St John's Anglican Church, Warrane Rd, WILLOUGHBY, NSW, 2068
Willoughby (Bradfield) Willoughby Public School, Oakville Rd, WILLOUGHBY, NSW, 2068
Special Hospital Team 1 Nazareth House, 402 Bobbin Head Rd, TURRAMURRA, NSW, 2074
Special Hospital Team 2 Killara Gardens Aged Care, 15 Greengate Rd, KILLARA, NSW, 2071
Special Hospital Team 3 Northaven Retirement Village, 1322 Pacific Hwy, TURRAMURRA, NSW, 2074
Special Hospital Team 4 Sydney Adventist Hospital, 185 Fox Valley Rd, WAHROONGA, NSW, 2076
Special Hospital Team 5 Elizabeth Lodge Hostel, 79 Mount Pleasant Ave, NORMANHURST, NSW, 2076
Special Hospital Team 6 Chatswood Garden Village, 5 Hart St, LANE COVE, NSW, 2066

?  What this screen is about ...
  • The number of votes and the percentage of the formal vote received by each candidate.
  • The swing as measured as the difference between the percentage of first preference votes currently received by a party candidate and the percentage of the first preference votes received by that party's candidate in the comparable polling booths at the previous election.
  • The projected two candidate preferred results showing the percentages received for this election, the corresponding percentages received for the last election, and swing.
  • If the predicted two party preferred candidates happen not to be the two most preferred then no TCP result will be available.
  • Highlight denotes current leader.
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  1. The two or three letter Party Code in the above list is NOT the registered abbreviation of the party. These codes are a unique identifier that are required in the AECĂs election management system. Whilst it is true that the code does, in some cases, resemble the party abbreviation, this is not always the case. Click here for a full list of party names and corresponding codes.
  2. In examining House of Representative TCP figures particularly early in the count, some fluctuations may be experienced. This is because the TCP figure represents a projected result based on the percentage figure obtained in the 1998 federal election. This anomaly is effectively removed at around 15% of the TCP count.
  3. The percentage of votes counted is calculated against the total enrolment figure. On election night, all ordinary ballot papers cast at polling places on election day (approximately 80% of the total vote) are counted and the results entered. The remaining 20% of votes (including pre-poll, postal, absent and provisional votes) cannot be counted until after polling day.
  4. These results are not final and may be subject to minor adjustments.