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Enrolled : 81,207
Total Booths : 49
First Pref Booths In : 49
Votes Counted : 95.81%
AEC Date : 27/11/2001
AEC Time : 17:47:28  EST
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Candidate Party Code Votes % Swing (%)
CURTIS, John HAN 3,425 4.63 -3.11
PINK, J Edwin ACS 840 1.13 +1.12
FIELDS, Jeremy LP 20,760 28.04 +2.97
BERRY, Carol GRN 4,914 6.64 +2.22
MOTT, Trevor IND 4,235 5.72 +5.72
MARTIN, Stephen ALP 32,722 44.19 -8.13
NEWMAN, Michael DEM 5,307 7.17 +1.44
SKINNER, Paul CTA 1,841 2.49 +0.17
..... UNI 0 0.00 -0.75
..... OTH 0 0.00 -0.77
..... DSL 0 0.00 -0.86
..... SEP 0 0.00 -0.01
..... RPA 0 0.00 -0.01
..... OTH 0 0.00 +0.00
FORMAL   74,044 95.16 -1.39
INFORMAL   3,763 4.84 +1.39
TOTAL   77,807 95.81  

Total TCP Booths in : 49
Total TCP Votes Counted : 95.81%
Two Candidate Preferred Party This Election Last Election Swing (%)
MARTIN, Stephen ALP 60.65% 67.77% -7.12%
FIELDS, Jeremy LP 39.35% 32.23% 7.12%

Post Election Results - Two Candidate Preferred results by type

Type of Vote ALP LP
Ordinary 38,675 24,647
Absent 2,329 1,610
Postal 1,676 1,373
Pre-poll 2,004 1,404
Provisional 220 106
TOTAL 44,904 29,140

Post Election Results - Candidate results by type

Candidate Ordinary Absent Postal Pre-poll Provisional
CURTIS, John 2,849 220 187 153 16
PINK, J Edwin 682 62 34 48 14
FIELDS, Jeremy 17,498 1,101 1,058 1,039 64
BERRY, Carol 4,124 408 124 227 31
MOTT, Trevor 3,774 178 124 149 10
MARTIN, Stephen 28,241 1,550 1,316 1,458 157
NEWMAN, Michael 4,557 317 148 261 24
SKINNER, Paul 1,597 103 58 73 10
FORMAL 63,322 3,939 3,049 3,408 326
INFORMAL 3,434 183 40 86 20
TOTAL 66,756 4,122 3,089 3,494 346

Post Election Results - Candidate results by Polling Place

Polling PlaceStreet Address
Coniston Coniston Primary School, Auburn St, CONISTON, NSW, 2500
Figtree Figtree High School, Gibsons Rd, FIGTREE, NSW, 2525
Figtree Heights Figtree Heights Primary School, St Georges Ave, FIGTREE, NSW, 2525
Gwynneville Gwynneville Primary School, Acacia St, GWYNNEVILLE, NSW, 2500
Keiraville Keiraville Primary School, Gipps Rd, KEIRAVILLE, NSW, 2500
Lindsay Park Lindsay Park Primary School, Thames St, WEST WOLLONGONG, NSW, 2500
Mount Keira Mount Keira Demonstration School, 255 Mt Keira Rd, MOUNT KEIRA, NSW, 2500
Mount Kembla Mount Kembla Primary School, Cordeaux Rd, MOUNT KEMBLA, NSW, 2526
Mount Saint Thomas Mount Saint Thomas Primary School, Taronga Ave, MOUNT SAINT THOMAS, NSW, 2500
Unanderra (Cunningham) St Pius X School Hall, Cummins St, UNANDERRA, NSW, 2526
Wollongong Wollongong Town Hall Community Hall, Crown St, WOLLONGONG, NSW, 2500
Wollongong Central Illawarra Inst. of Technology (West W'gong), Rawlinson Ave, WOLLONGONG, NSW, 2500
Wollongong Hospital Wollongong Hospital, Crown St, WOLLONGONG, NSW, 2500
Smith's Hill Smith's Hill High School, cnr Campbell St & Keira St, WOLLONGONG, NSW, 2500
Wollongong West St Therese School Hall, Powell St, WEST WOLLONGONG, NSW, 2500
Coalcliff Coalcliff Community Hall, 239 Lawrence Hargrave Dr, COALCLIFF, NSW, 2508
Coledale Coledale Primary School, 699 Lawrence Hargrave Dr, COLEDALE, NSW, 2515
Helensburgh Helensburgh Community Centre, Walker St, HELENSBURGH, NSW, 2508
Helensburgh North Helensburgh Primary School, Fletcher St, HELENSBURGH, NSW, 2508
Otford Otford Primary School, Station Rd, OTFORD, NSW, 2508
Scarborough Scarborough Primary School, Lawrence Hargrave Dr, SCARBOROUGH, NSW, 2515
Stanwell Park Stanwell Park Primary School, Stanwell Ave, STANWELL PARK, NSW, 2508
Wombarra Wombarra Pre-School, off Reef Rd, WOMBARRA, NSW, 2515
Austinmer Austinmer Primary School, 90 Lawrence Hargrave Dr, AUSTINMER, NSW, 2515
Balgownie Central Balgownie Community Centre, 113 Balgownie Rd, BALGOWNIE, NSW, 2519
Bellambi Holy Spirit College, 2 Cawley St, BELLAMBI, NSW, 2518
Bulli Central Police & Community Youth Club, 253 Princes Hwy, BULLI, NSW, 2516
Bulli Hospital Bulli Hospital, Hospital Rd, BULLI, NSW, 2516
Bulli Bulli Primary School, Haig St, BULLI, NSW, 2516
Corrimal Corrimal Anglican Church Hall, 121 Princes Hwy, CORRIMAL, NSW, 2518
Corrimal East Corrimal High School, Murray Rd, CORRIMAL, NSW, 2518
Fairy Meadow Fairy Meadow Demonstration School, Princes Hwy, FAIRY MEADOW, NSW, 2519
Fairy Meadow South Wollongong High School, Lysaght St, FAIRY MEADOW, NSW, 2519
Mount Ousley Mount Ousley Primary School, McGrath St, FAIRY MEADOW, NSW, 2519
Reidtown Eddy's Annexe, cnr Towradgi Rd & Princes Hwy, FAIRY MEADOW, NSW, 2519
Russell Vale Russell Vale Primary School, Terania St, RUSSELL VALE, NSW, 2517
Tarrawanna Tarrawanna Primary School, Meadow St, TARRAWANNA, NSW, 2518
Thirroul Thirroul Uniting Church Hall, Lachlan St, THIRROUL, NSW, 2515
Thirroul East Thirroul Neighbourhood Centre, 256 Lawrence Hargrave Dr, THIRROUL, NSW, 2515
Towradgi Towradgi Primary School, Carters La, TOWRADGI, NSW, 2518
Towradgi East Towradgi Park Village, 17A Murranar Rd, TOWRADGI, NSW, 2518
Woonona Woonona Primary School, 5 Gray St, WOONONA, NSW, 2517
Woonona Central Uniting Church Sunday School Hall, 446 Princes Hwy, WOONONA, NSW, 2517
Woonona East Woonona East Primary School, Royal Cres, WOONONA, NSW, 2517
Cordeaux Heights Unanderra Primary School, Derribong Drive, CORDEAUX HEIGHTS, NSW, 2526
Sydney (Cunningham) Sydney Town Hall, George St, SYDNEY, NSW, 2000
Balgownie Balgownie Primary School, Balgownie Rd, BALGOWNIE, NSW, 2519
Special Hospital Team 1 Illawarra Diggers Rest Home, 8 Blundell Pde, CORRIMAL, NSW, 2518
Special Hospital Team 2 Illawarra Private Hospital, Suttor Pl, FIGTREE, NSW, 2525

?  What this screen is about ...
  • The number of votes and the percentage of the formal vote received by each candidate.
  • The swing as measured as the difference between the percentage of first preference votes currently received by a party candidate and the percentage of the first preference votes received by that party's candidate in the comparable polling booths at the previous election.
  • The projected two candidate preferred results showing the percentages received for this election, the corresponding percentages received for the last election, and swing.
  • If the predicted two party preferred candidates happen not to be the two most preferred then no TCP result will be available.
  • Highlight denotes current leader.
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  1. The two or three letter Party Code in the above list is NOT the registered abbreviation of the party. These codes are a unique identifier that are required in the AECĂs election management system. Whilst it is true that the code does, in some cases, resemble the party abbreviation, this is not always the case. Click here for a full list of party names and corresponding codes.
  2. In examining House of Representative TCP figures particularly early in the count, some fluctuations may be experienced. This is because the TCP figure represents a projected result based on the percentage figure obtained in the 1998 federal election. This anomaly is effectively removed at around 15% of the TCP count.
  3. The percentage of votes counted is calculated against the total enrolment figure. On election night, all ordinary ballot papers cast at polling places on election day (approximately 80% of the total vote) are counted and the results entered. The remaining 20% of votes (including pre-poll, postal, absent and provisional votes) cannot be counted until after polling day.
  4. These results are not final and may be subject to minor adjustments.