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Enrolled : 84,049
Total Booths : 88
First Pref Booths In : 88
Votes Counted : 96.98%
AEC Date : 29/11/2001
AEC Time : 20:57:59  EST
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Candidate Party Code Votes % Swing (%)
REINER, Michelle GRN 1,807 2.26 +0.34
McCARTHY, Annette ALP 7,947 9.95 -13.58
WINDSOR, Tony IND 35,992 45.04 +45.04
BOUNDS, Kayleen HAN 2,202 2.76 -11.78
REARDON, Chris DEM 876 1.10 -1.10
ST. CLAIR, Stuart NP 31,079 38.90 +6.40
..... LP 0 0.00 -14.56
..... OTH 0 0.00 -8.92
..... OTH 0 0.00 +0.00
..... CTA 0 0.00 -1.64
..... NLP 0 0.00 -0.21
..... OTH 0 0.00 +0.00
..... OTH 0 0.00 +0.00
..... OTH 0 0.00 +0.00
..... DSL 0 0.00 -0.00
..... OTH 0 0.00 +0.00
FORMAL   79,903 98.03 +1.68
INFORMAL   1,608 1.97 -1.68
TOTAL   81,511 96.98  

Total TCP Booths in : 88
Total TCP Votes Counted : 96.98%
Two Candidate Preferred Party This Election Last Election Swing (%)
WINDSOR, Tony IND 58.30% - -
ST. CLAIR, Stuart NP 41.70% - -

Post Election Results - Two Candidate Preferred results by type

Type of Vote IND NP
Ordinary 38,941 27,284
Absent 2,467 1,754
Postal 1,524 1,452
Pre-poll 3,144 2,568
Provisional 504 265
TOTAL 46,580 33,323

Post Election Results - Candidate results by type

Candidate Ordinary Absent Postal Pre-poll Provisional
REINER, Michelle 1,374 199 59 145 30
McCARTHY, Annette 6,552 540 257 476 122
WINDSOR, Tony 30,270 1,722 1,151 2,496 353
BOUNDS, Kayleen 1,745 146 128 155 28
REARDON, Chris 653 110 27 73 13
ST. CLAIR, Stuart 25,631 1,504 1,354 2,367 223
FORMAL 66,225 4,221 2,976 5,712 769
INFORMAL 1,355 109 36 80 28
TOTAL 67,580 4,330 3,012 5,792 797

Post Election Results - Candidate results by Polling Place

Polling PlaceStreet Address
Barraba Barraba Primary School, Gotha St, BARRABA, NSW, 2347
Bingara Civic Centre, Maitland St, BINGARA, NSW, 2404
Currabubula Currabubula Public School, Bolton St, CURRABUBULA, NSW, 2342
Delungra Delungra Public School, Wallangra St, DELUNGRA, NSW, 2403
Graman Graman Fire Brigade Shed, Ashford Rd, GRAMAN, NSW, 2360
Manilla Manilla Town Hall, Manilla Street, MANILLA, NSW, 2346
Upper Horton Upper Horton Hall, Cobbadah St, UPPER HORTON, NSW, 2347
Werris Creek Werris Creek Public School, Dewhurst St, WERRIS CREEK, NSW, 2341
Yetman Yetman Public School, YETMAN, NSW, 2410
Arding Arding Uniting Church Hall, Hawthorne Dr, ARDING, NSW, 2358
Armidale Armidale Town Hall, Rusden St, ARMIDALE, NSW, 2350
Armidale East Newling Public School, 80 Chapel St, ARMIDALE, NSW, 2350
Armidale Hospital Armidale Hospital, Rusden St, ARMIDALE, NSW, 2350
Armidale South Armidale City Public School, Faulkner St, ARMIDALE, NSW, 2350
Armidale University Austin College, UNIVERSITY OF NEW ENGLAND, NSW, 2351
Armidale West Drummond Memorial School, Rusden St, ARMIDALE, NSW, 2350
Ashford Ashford Central School, 51 Martyn St, ASHFORD, NSW, 2361
Attunga Attunga Public School, Railway St, ATTUNGA, NSW, 2345
Ben Lomond Ben Lomond Public School, Inn Rd, BEN LOMOND, NSW, 2365
Ben Venue Ben Venue Public School, Erskine St, ARMIDALE, NSW, 2350
Bendemeer Bendemeer C.W.A. Hall, Caroline St, BENDEMEER, NSW, 2355
Black Mountain Black Mountain Public School, Toms Gully Rd, BLACK MOUNTAIN, NSW, 2460
Bonshaw Bonshaw Memorial Hall, Miller St, BONSHAW, NSW, 2361
Bundarra Bundarra Central School, Bowline St, BUNDARRA, NSW, 2359
Calala Carinya Christian School, Boronia Dr, CALALA, NSW, 2340
Dangarsleigh Dangarsleigh C.W.A. Hall, Dangarsleigh Rd, DANGARSLEIGH, NSW, 2350
Deepwater Deepwater Public School, Young St, DEEPWATER, NSW, 2371
Dungowan Dungowan Public School, Dungowan Rd, DUNGOWAN, NSW, 2340
Duri Duri Public School, Dungowan Rd, DURI, NSW, 2344
Ebor Ebor Public School, Ebor St, EBOR, NSW, 2453
Elsmore Elsmore Memorial Hall, Inverell Rd, ELSMORE, NSW, 2370
Emmaville Emmaville Central School, Park Rd, EMMAVILLE, NSW, 2371
Gilgai Gilgai Hall, Hall St, GILGAI, NSW, 2360
Glen Innes Glen Innes Public School, Church St, GLEN INNES, NSW, 2370
Glen Innes Hospital Glen Innes Hospital, 94 Taylor St, GLEN INNES, NSW, 2370
Glen Innes West Cameron Memorial Hall, Macquarie St, GLEN INNES, NSW, 2370
Glencoe Glencoe Library, New England Hwy, GLENCOE, NSW, 2365
Gum Flat Gum Flat Public School, Inverell Rd, GUM FLAT, NSW, 2360
Guyra Guyra Central School, Marne St, GUYRA, NSW, 2365
Hallsville Hallsville Uniting Church Hall, Manilla Rd, HALLSVILLE, NSW, 2340
Hillgrove Hillgrove Church, Bracken St, HILLGROVE, NSW, 2350
Hillvue Tamworth TREC, Greg Norman Dr, TAMWORTH, NSW, 2340
Inverell Inverell Masonic Hal, 166 Otho St, INVERELL, NSW, 2360
Inverell East Inverell Public School, Ross St, INVERELL, NSW, 2360
Jennings Jennings Public School, High St, JENNINGS, QLD, 4383
Kentucky Kentucky Public School, Noalimba Ave, KENTUCKY, NSW, 2354
Kingstown Kingstown Public School, Bendemeer Rd, KINGSTOWN, NSW, 2358
Kootingal Kootingal Public School, Denman Ave, KOOTINGAL, NSW, 2352
Loomberah Loomberah Hall, Duri-Dungowan Rd, LOOMBERAH, NSW, 2340
Martins Gully Martins Gully School, Bona Vista Rd, ARMIDALE, NSW, 2350
Mole Crossing Mingoola Public School, Bruxner Hwy, MINGOOLA, NSW, 2372
Moonbi Moonbi Public School, Charles St, MOONBI, NSW, 2353
Moor Creek Moore Creek Memorial Hall, Upper Moore Creek Rd, MOORE CREEK, NSW, 2340
Nazareth House Nazareth House Nursing Home, Manilla Rd, OXLEY VALE, NSW, 2340
Nemingha Nemingha Public School, Nundle Rd, NEMINGHA, NSW, 2340
Niangala Niangala Public School, Foster St, NIANGALA, NSW, 2354
Nowendoc Memorial Hall, Walcha Rd, NOWENDOC, NSW, 2354
Nundle Nundle Central School, Jenkins St, NUNDLE, NSW, 2340
Oxley Vale Oxley Vale Public School, Manilla Rd, OXLEY VALE, NSW, 2340
Peel High Peel High School, Gunnedah Rd, TAMWORTH, NSW, 2340
Red Range Red Range Public School, Grafton St, RED RANGE, NSW, 2370
Rocky River Rocky River Public School, Bundarra Rd, ROCKY RIVER, NSW, 2358
Ross Hill Ross Hill Public School, Andrew St, INVERELL, NSW, 2360
Somerton Somerton Public School, Milkmaid St, SOMERTON, NSW, 2340
Sunnyside Sunnyside Hall, Bruxner Hwy, SUNNYSIDE, NSW, 2372
Tamworth Tamworth Christian Outreach Hall, 150 Marius St, TAMWORTH, NSW, 2340
Tamworth High Tamworth High School, Willis St, TAMWORTH, NSW, 2340
Tamworth Primary Tamworth Primary School, Napier St, TAMWORTH, NSW, 2340
Tamworth West St Patricks Hall, Denison St, TAMWORTH, NSW, 2340
Tenterfield Tenterfield High School, High St, TENTERFIELD, NSW, 2372
Timbumburi Timbumburi Public School, Goonoo Goonoo Rd, TIMBUMBURI, NSW, 2340
Tingha Tingha Public School, Ruby St, TINGHA, NSW, 2369
Uralla Anglican Hall, Park St, URALLA, NSW, 2358
Walcha Anglican Church Hall, South St, WALCHA, NSW, 2354
Westdale Westdale Public School, Gunnedah Rd, WESTDALE, NSW, 2340
Wollomombi Chandler Public School, Grafton Rd, WOLLOMOMBI, NSW, 2350
Woolbrook Woolbrook Public School, Church St, WOOLBROOK, NSW, 2354
Woolomin Woolomin Public School, Frederick St, WOOLOMIN, NSW, 2340
Yarrowitch Yarrowitch Public School, Oxley Hwy, YARROWITCH, NSW, 2354
Drake Drake Community Hall, Tabulam St, DRAKE, NSW, 2469
Legume Legume Hall, Mount Lindesay Hwy, LEGUME, NSW, 2476
Liston Liston Hall, LISTON, NSW, 2372
Urbenville Urbenville Public School, Welch St, URBENVILLE, NSW, 2475
Sydney (New England) Sydney Town Hall, George St, SYDNEY, NSW, 2000
Jubullum Gungyah Ngallingee Housing Corporation, Walker St, Aboriginal Housing Estate, Jubullum Village, TABULAM, NSW, 2469
Special Hospital Team 1 Autumn Lodge, O'Dell St, ARMIDALE, NSW, 2350
Special Hospital Team 2 H.N. Mclean Retirement Village, Killean St, INVERELL, NSW, 2360
Special Hospital Team 3 Tamara Private Hospital, Piper St, TAMWORTH, NSW, 2340

?  What this screen is about ...
  • The number of votes and the percentage of the formal vote received by each candidate.
  • The swing as measured as the difference between the percentage of first preference votes currently received by a party candidate and the percentage of the first preference votes received by that party's candidate in the comparable polling booths at the previous election.
  • The projected two candidate preferred results showing the percentages received for this election, the corresponding percentages received for the last election, and swing.
  • If the predicted two party preferred candidates happen not to be the two most preferred then no TCP result will be available.
  • Highlight denotes current leader.
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  1. The two or three letter Party Code in the above list is NOT the registered abbreviation of the party. These codes are a unique identifier that are required in the AECĂs election management system. Whilst it is true that the code does, in some cases, resemble the party abbreviation, this is not always the case. Click here for a full list of party names and corresponding codes.
  2. In examining House of Representative TCP figures particularly early in the count, some fluctuations may be experienced. This is because the TCP figure represents a projected result based on the percentage figure obtained in the 1998 federal election. This anomaly is effectively removed at around 15% of the TCP count.
  3. The percentage of votes counted is calculated against the total enrolment figure. On election night, all ordinary ballot papers cast at polling places on election day (approximately 80% of the total vote) are counted and the results entered. The remaining 20% of votes (including pre-poll, postal, absent and provisional votes) cannot be counted until after polling day.
  4. These results are not final and may be subject to minor adjustments.