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Enrolled : 81,404
Total Booths : 99
First Pref Booths In : 99
Votes Counted : 96.62%
AEC Date : 29/11/2001
AEC Time : 16:32:24  EST
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Candidate Party Code Votes % Swing (%)
KELLY, Timothy DEM 3,532 4.66 +0.10
ZIGOURAS, John ALP 15,440 20.37 -1.47
RIVENDELL, Julie GRN 1,809 2.39 +2.39
MACKLEY, Bob HAN 6,550 8.64 -3.97
FORREST, John NP 44,769 59.06 +1.88
DOUGLASS, Ross IND 3,704 4.89 +4.89
..... CEC 0 0.00 -0.80
..... OTH 0 0.00 -3.02
FORMAL   75,804 96.38 -0.71
INFORMAL   2,850 3.62 +0.71
TOTAL   78,654 96.62  

Total TCP Booths in : 99
Total TCP Votes Counted : 96.62%
Two Candidate Preferred Party This Election Last Election Swing (%)
FORREST, John NP 69.93% 69.37% 0.56%
ZIGOURAS, John ALP 30.07% 30.63% -0.56%

Post Election Results - Two Candidate Preferred results by type

Type of Vote NP ALP
Ordinary 45,079 19,473
Absent 2,324 1,107
Postal 1,951 625
Pre-poll 3,448 1,431
Provisional 205 161
TOTAL 53,007 22,797

Post Election Results - Candidate results by type

Candidate Ordinary Absent Postal Pre-poll Provisional
KELLY, Timothy 2,836 308 90 272 26
ZIGOURAS, John 13,210 702 462 948 118
RIVENDELL, Julie 1,439 169 43 142 16
MACKLEY, Bob 5,744 192 175 406 33
FORREST, John 38,129 1,910 1,706 2,874 150
DOUGLASS, Ross 3,194 150 100 237 23
FORMAL 64,552 3,431 2,576 4,879 366
INFORMAL 2,582 117 21 112 18
TOTAL 67,134 3,548 2,597 4,991 384

Post Election Results - Candidate results by Polling Place

Polling PlaceStreet Address
Charlton Charlton Senior Citizens Centre, High St, CHARLTON, VIC, 3525
Donald Donald Senior Citizens Centre, 4 Hammill Street, DONALD, VIC, 3480
Litchfield Litchfield Public Hall, Sunraysia hwy, LITCHFIELD, VIC, 3480
St Arnaud St Arnaud Uniting Church Hall, McMahon St, ST ARNAUD, VIC, 3478
Stuart Mill Stuart Mill Community Centre, Stuart Mill Low Rd, STUART MILL, VIC, 3478
Watchem Watchem Primary School, WATCHEM, VIC, 3482
Antwerp Antwerp Public Hall, ANTWERP, VIC, 3414
Berriwillock Berriwillock Public Hall Supper Rooms, Calder Hwy, BERRIWILLOCK, VIC, 3531
Beulah Beulah Memorial Hall, BEULAH, VIC, 3395
Beverford Beverford District Primary School, Murray Valley Hwy, BEVERFORD, VIC, 3590
Birchip Birchip Public Hall, Cumming Ave, BIRCHIP, VIC, 3483
Boundary Bend Boundary Bend Public Hall, Murray Valley Hwy, BOUNDARY BEND, VIC, 3599
Brim Brim Memorial Hall, BRIM, VIC, 3391
Brimpaen Brimpaen Public Hall, BRIMPAEN, VIC, 3400
Cabarita The Lake Primary School, 17th Street, CABARITA, VIC, 3505
Cardross Cardross Primary School, Dairtnunk Ave, CARDROSS, VIC, 3496
Culgoa Culgoa Public Hall, Main Street, CULGOA, VIC, 3530
Cullulleraine Millewa Community Complex, Sturt Hwy, CULLULLERAINE, VIC, 3496
Dadswells Bridge Dadswells Bridge Public Hall, DADSWELLS BRIDGE, VIC, 3385
Dimboola Dimboola VRI Hall, Hindmarsh Street, DIMBOOLA, VIC, 3414
Dooen Dooen Public Hall, Henty Hwy, DOOEN, VIC, 3401
Gerang Gerung Gerang Gerung Public Hall, GERANG GERUNG, VIC, 3418
Goroke Goroke Masonic Hall, Main St, GOROKE, VIC, 3412
Haven Haven Public Hall, HAVEN, VIC, 3401
Hopetoun Hopetoun Senior Citizens Rooms, Toole Street, HOPETOUN, VIC, 3396
Horsham Horsham Town Hall, Wilson Street, HORSHAM, VIC, 3400
Horsham North Horsham North Primary School, Rasmussen Rd, HORSHAM, VIC, 3400
Horsham West Horsham West Primary School, Hillary Street, HORSHAM, VIC, 3400
Irymple Irymple Community Leisure Centre, Karadoc Ave, IRYMPLE, VIC, 3498
Jeparit Jeparit Pre School Centre, Hindmarsh Street, JEPARIT, VIC, 3423
Jung Jung Public Hall, Main St., JUNG, VIC, 3399
Kaniva Kaniva Wesley Hall, BAKER St, KANIVA, VIC, 3419
Koorlong Koorlong Primary School, Benetook Ave, KOORLONG, VIC, 3501
Laharum Laharum Primary School, LAHARUM, VIC, 3401
Lake Boga Lake Boga Community Centre, Lalbert Rd, LAKE BOGA, VIC, 3584
Manangatang Manangatang Community Centre, Chinkapook Rd, MANANGATANG, VIC, 3546
Merbein Merbein Community Activity Centre, Commercial St, MERBEIN, VIC, 3505
Merbein South Merbein South Primary School, Sturt Hwy, MERBEIN SOUTH, VIC, 3505
Merbein West Merbein West Primary School, Paschendale Ave, MERBEIN WEST, VIC, 3505
Meringur Meringur Community Centre, Millewa Rd, MERINGUR, VIC, 3496
Mildura Mildura Army Drill Hall, 180 San Mateo Ave, MILDURA, VIC, 3500
Mildura Deakin Chaffey Secondary College, 265 Deakin Ave, MILDURA, VIC, 3500
Mildura South Holy Trinity Lutheran School, 920 15th St., MILDURA SOUTH, VIC, 3500
Mildura West Mildura West Primary School, 9th Street, MILDURA, VIC, 3500
Minimay Minimay Soldiers Memorial Hall, MINIMAY, VIC, 3413
Minyip Minyip Memorial Hall, Main Street, MINYIP, VIC, 3392
Murra Warra Murra Warra Sailors Home Hall, MURRA WARRA, VIC, 3401
Murrayville Mallee Track Health & Community Service, Gray Street, MURRAYVILLE, VIC, 3512
Murtoa Murtoa Uniting Church Education Centre, McDonald St, MURTOA, VIC, 3390
Nandaly Nandaly Public Hall, NANDALY, VIC, 3533
Nangiloc Nangiloc-Colignan Primary School, River Rd, NANGILOC, VIC, 3494
Natimuk Natimuk Soldiers Memorial Hall, Main st, NATIMUK, VIC, 3409
Netherby Netherby Primary School, NETHERBY, VIC, 3418
Nhill Nhill's Wesley Hall, 57 Victoria Street, NHILL, VIC, 3418
Nichols Point Nichols Point Primary School, 5th Street, NICHOLS POINT, VIC, 3501
Nullawil Nullawil Infant Welfare Centre, NULLAWIL, VIC, 3529
Nyah Nyah Memorial Hall, Murray Valley Hwy, NYAH, VIC, 3594
Nyah West Nyah District Primary School, Allan St, NYAH WEST, VIC, 3595
Ouyen Ouyen Community Centre, Matheson St., OUYEN, VIC, 3490
Patchewollock Patchewollock Community Centre, PATCHEWOLLOCK, VIC, 3491
Piangil Piangil Public Hall, PIANGIL, VIC, 3597
Pimpinio Pimpinio Uniting Church Hall, Western Hwy, PIMPINIO, VIC, 3401
Rainbow Rainbow Civic Centre, Federal St, RAINBOW, VIC, 3424
Red Cliffs Red Cliffs Civic Centre, Jamieson Ave, RED CLIFFS, VIC, 3496
Riverside Riverside Old School, Park Reserve, RIVERSIDE, VIC, 3401
Robinvale Robinvale Masonic Hall, Bromley Rd, ROBINVALE, VIC, 3549
Rupanyup Rupanyup Senior Citizens Centre, Dyer St, RUPANYUP, VIC, 3388
Sea Lake Andrew McClelland Memorial Hall, Cnr Best & Mudge Street, SEA LAKE, VIC, 3533
Serviceton Serviceton Uniting Church Hall, SERVICETON, VIC, 3420
Speed Speed Public Hall, SPEED, VIC, 3488
Sunnycliffs Sunnycliffs Primary School, Sunnycliffs Cres, SUNNYCLIFFS, VIC, 3496
Swan Hill Swan Hill Secondary College Senior Campus, Pye St, SWAN HILL, VIC, 3585
Swan Hill South Swan Hill Secondary College Junior Campus, Murray Valley Hwy, SWAN HILL, VIC, 3585
Ultima Ultima Public Hall, ULTIMA, VIC, 3544
Underbool Underbool Pre School, UNDERBOOL, VIC, 3509
Walpeup Walpeup Primary School, WALPEUP, VIC, 3507
Warracknabeal Warracknabeal Scout & Band Hall, Devereux Street, WARRACKNABEAL, VIC, 3393
Wemen Wemen Public Hall, WEMEN, VIC, 3549
Werrimull Werrimull P-12 School, WERRIMULL, VIC, 3496
Wimmera Base Hospital Wimmera Base Hospital, Read Street, HORSHAM, VIC, 3400
Wonwondah North Wonwondah North Public Hall, WONWONDAH NORTH, VIC, 3401
Woomelang Woomelang Multi Purpose Centre, WOOMELANG, VIC, 3485
Woorinen Woorinen District Primary School, WOORINEN SOUTH, VIC, 3588
Wycheproof Wycheproof Senior Citizen Rooms, Broadway, WYCHEPROOF, VIC, 3527
Yaapeet Yaapeet Primary School, YAAPEET, VIC, 3424
Yanac Yanac Public Hall, YANAC, VIC, 3418
Apsley Apsley Hall, APSLEY, VIC, 3319
Edenhope Edenhope Mechanics Institute Hall, 61 Elizabeth St, EDENHOPE, VIC, 3318
Harrow Harrow RSL Hall, Blair St, HARROW, VIC, 3317
Noradjuha Noradjuha Memorial Hall, NORADJUHA, VIC, 3401
Quantong Quantong Public Hall, QUANTONG, VIC, 3401
Toolondo Toolondo Recreation Reserve Hall, TOOLONDO, VIC, 3401
Swan Hill West Swan Hill Primary School, Cnr Gray & Yana Street, SWAN HILL, VIC, 3585
Mildura City Central Mildura Church of Christ Hall, 10th St, MILDURA, VIC, 3500
Melbourne (Mallee) Melbourne Town Hall, Cnr Collins & Swanston Sts, MELBOURNE, VIC, 3000
Special Hospital Team 1 Mildura Hospital, Ontario ave, MILDURA, VIC, 3500
Special Hospital Team 2 Nhill Dist Hospital & Iona Digby Harris Nursing Home, 45 Nelson St, NHILL, VIC, 3418
Special Hospital Team 3 Coates Hostel, James st, ST ARNAUD, VIC, 3478
Special Hospital Team 4 Ouyen District Hospital & Nursing Home, 28 Britt St, OUYEN, VIC, 3490

?  What this screen is about ...
  • The number of votes and the percentage of the formal vote received by each candidate.
  • The swing as measured as the difference between the percentage of first preference votes currently received by a party candidate and the percentage of the first preference votes received by that party's candidate in the comparable polling booths at the previous election.
  • The projected two candidate preferred results showing the percentages received for this election, the corresponding percentages received for the last election, and swing.
  • If the predicted two party preferred candidates happen not to be the two most preferred then no TCP result will be available.
  • Highlight denotes current leader.
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  1. The two or three letter Party Code in the above list is NOT the registered abbreviation of the party. These codes are a unique identifier that are required in the AECĂs election management system. Whilst it is true that the code does, in some cases, resemble the party abbreviation, this is not always the case. Click here for a full list of party names and corresponding codes.
  2. In examining House of Representative TCP figures particularly early in the count, some fluctuations may be experienced. This is because the TCP figure represents a projected result based on the percentage figure obtained in the 1998 federal election. This anomaly is effectively removed at around 15% of the TCP count.
  3. The percentage of votes counted is calculated against the total enrolment figure. On election night, all ordinary ballot papers cast at polling places on election day (approximately 80% of the total vote) are counted and the results entered. The remaining 20% of votes (including pre-poll, postal, absent and provisional votes) cannot be counted until after polling day.
  4. These results are not final and may be subject to minor adjustments.