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Enrolled : 77,583
Total Booths : 68
First Pref Booths In : 68
Votes Counted : 95.33%
AEC Date : 30/11/2001
AEC Time : 12:49:25  EST
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Candidate Party Code Votes % Swing (%)
NELSON, Chris NP 1,985 2.82 +0.12
FOX, Jack DEM 3,147 4.48 -0.04
HILL, Vivian CTA 858 1.22 +1.11
MOYLAN, Judi LP 31,509 44.83 +4.45
COSTELLO, Liam ALP 21,306 30.32 +1.12
COLLINS, Ken HAN 6,105 8.69 -4.36
SMITH, Stuart CEC 299 0.43 +0.05
MILLER, Juanita GWA 5,072 7.22 +1.86
..... FST 0 0.00 -0.05
..... OTH 0 0.00 -4.25
..... OTH 0 0.00 -0.00
FORMAL   70,281 95.02 -1.22
INFORMAL   3,682 4.98 +1.22
TOTAL   73,963 95.33  

Total TCP Booths in : 68
Total TCP Votes Counted : 90.59%
Two Candidate Preferred Party This Election Last Election Swing (%)
MOYLAN, Judi LP 56.87% 55.19% 1.68%
COSTELLO, Liam ALP 43.13% 44.81% -1.68%

Post Election Results - Two Candidate Preferred results by type

Type of Vote LP ALP
Ordinary 33,227 25,450
Absent 3,904 2,989
Postal 1,347 737
Pre-poll 1,310 954
Provisional 181 182
TOTAL 39,969 30,312

Post Election Results - Candidate results by type

Candidate Ordinary Absent Postal Pre-poll Provisional
NELSON, Chris 1,625 265 40 47 8
FOX, Jack 2,563 398 59 109 18
HILL, Vivian 691 107 32 21 7
MOYLAN, Judi 26,348 2,879 1,088 1,054 140
COSTELLO, Liam 18,087 1,908 539 645 127
COLLINS, Ken 5,057 629 199 187 33
SMITH, Stuart 234 47 9 9 0
MILLER, Juanita 4,072 660 118 192 30
FORMAL 58,677 6,893 2,084 2,264 363
INFORMAL 3,242 321 40 57 22
TOTAL 61,919 7,214 2,124 2,321 385

Post Election Results - Candidate results by Polling Place

Polling PlaceStreet Address
Carmel Carmel District Hall, Carmel Rd, CARMEL, WA, 6076
Pickering Brook Pickering Brook Primary School, Pickering Brook Rd, PICKERING BROOK, WA, 6076
Bindoon Bindoon Ambulance Hall, Great Northern Hwy, BINDOON, WA, 6502
Bullsbrook Pickett Park Community Hall, Maroubra Ave, BULLSBROOK, WA, 6084
Chidlow Chidlow Primary School, Lilydale Rd, CHIDLOW, WA, 6556
Darlington Darlington Primary School, Glen Rd, DARLINGTON, WA, 6070
Gidgegannup Gidgegannup Hall, Toodyay Rd, GIDGEGANNUP, WA, 6083
Gingin Granville Civic Centre, Weld Street, GINGIN, WA, 6503
Glen Forrest Glen Forrest Hall, Marnie Rd, GLEN FORREST, WA, 6071
Greenmount Greenmount Primary School, Innamincka Rd, GREENMOUNT, WA, 6056
Guilderton Guilderton Hall, Wedge Street, GUILDERTON, WA, 6041
Henley Brook West Swan Hall, Cnr West Swan Rd/Henley St, HENLEY BROOK, WA, 6055
Herne Hill Herne Hill Primary School, Argyle St, HERNE HILL, WA, 6056
Lancelin St.John's Ambulance Hall, Atkinson Way, LANCELIN, WA, 6044
Ledge Point Ledge Point Community Hall, 381 Turner St, LEDGE POINT, WA, 6043
Lower Chittering Lower Chittering Progress Association Hall, Chittering Rd, LOWER CHITTERING, WA, 6084
Mahogany Creek Mahogany Creek Hall, Cnr Jacoby St & Strettle Rd, MAHOGANY CREEK, WA, 6072
Upper Swan Upper Swan Primary School, Great Northern Hwy, UPPER SWAN, WA, 6069
Mount Helena Mount Helena Community Centre, Keane St East, MOUNT HELENA, WA, 6082
Muchea Muchea Community Hall, Archibald St, MUCHEA, WA, 6501
Mundaring Mundaring Hall, Cnr Jacoby & Nichol Sts, MUNDARING, WA, 6073
Parkerville Parkerville Primary School, Windoo Rd, PARKERVILLE, WA, 6081
Quinns Rock Gumblossom Sports Hall, Tapping Way, QUINNS ROCKS, WA, 6030
Sawyers Valley Sawyers Valley Primary School, Barlow St, SAWYERS VALLEY, WA, 6074
Seabird Seabird Ambulance Hall, Chalon Ave, SEABIRD, WA, 6042
Stoneville Stoneville Hall, Bentley St, STONEVILLE, WA, 6081
Swan View (Pearce) Swan View High School, Weld Rd, SWAN VIEW, WA, 6056
Two Rocks Two Rocks Recreation Centre, Lisford Ave, TWO ROCKS, WA, 6037
Woodridge Woodridge Community Centre, King Dr, WOODRIDGE, WA, 6041
Wooroloo Wooroloo Primary School, Wade St, WOOROLOO, WA, 6558
Yanchep Yanchep District High School, Lagoon Dr, YANCHEP, WA, 6035
Bakers Hill Bakers Hill Primary School, St George St, BAKERS HILL, WA, 6562
Beverley Beverley Town Hall, Vincent Street, BEVERLEY, WA, 6304
Boddington Boddington District High School, 25 Pollard St, BODDINGTON, WA, 6390
Brookton Brookton District High School, Tiller ST, BROOKTON, WA, 6306
Cuballing Cuballing Hall, Campbell St, CUBALLING, WA, 6311
West Dale Dale River Tennis Club, Brookton Hwy, WEST DALE, WA, 6304
Grass Valley Grass Valley Hall, Wilson St, GRASS VALLEY, WA, 6403
Greenhills Greenhills Hall, Greenhills Rd, GREENHILLS, WA, 6380
Highbury Highbury Hall, Burley St, HIGHBURY, WA, 6313
Narrogin Narrogin Railway Institute Hall, Federal St, NARROGIN, WA, 6312
Narrogin Regional Hospital Narrogin Regional Hospital, Williams Rd, NARROGIN, WA, 6312
Northam Northam Memorial Hall, Fitzgerald St, NORTHAM, WA, 6401
Northam East Northam Primary School, Duke St, NORTHAM, WA, 6401
Northam North Avonvale Primary School, Hutt St, NORTHAM, WA, 6401
Pingelly Pingelly Town Hall, Parade St, PINGELLY, WA, 6308
Popanyinning Popanyinning Hall, Francis St, POPANYINNING, WA, 6309
Quindanning Quindanning Hall, Pinjarra-Williams Rd, QUINDANNING, WA, 6391
Toodyay Sports Pavilion, Telegraph Rd, TOODYAY, WA, 6566
Wandering Wandering Primary School, 2 Watts St, WANDERING, WA, 6308
Williams Williams RSL Hall, Brooking Street, WILLIAMS, WA, 6391
Wundowie Wundowie Primary School, Boronia Ave, WUNDOWIE, WA, 6560
York York District High School, Trews Rd, YORK, WA, 6302
Midland (Pearce) Midland Town Hall, Cnr Gt Eastern Hwy & Gt Northern Hwy, MIDLAND, WA, 6056
Stratton Middle Swan Primary School, Lewis Jones Cross, STRATTON, WA, 6056
Perth (Pearce) Perth GPO, Forrest Place, PERTH, WA, 6000
Clarkson Clarkson Community High School, Hannaford Ave, CLARKSON, WA, 6030
Merriwa Merriwa Primary School, Baltimore Pde, MERRIWA, WA, 6030
Rottnest (Pearce) Rottnest Primary School, ROTTNEST ISLAND, WA, 6161
Mindarie Mindarie Primary School, Rothesday Hts, MINDARIE, WA, 6030
Ellenbrook Ellenbrook Primary School, 65 Fortescue Pl, ELLENBROOK, WA, 6069
Helena Valley (Pearce) Helena Valley Recreation Hall, Cnr Scott St & Clayton Rd, HELENA VALLEY, WA, 6056
Walliston (Pearce) Walliston Primary School, Dianella Rd, WALLISTON, WA, 6076
Special Hospital Team 1 Undercliffe Complex, 20 Coongan Ave, GREENMOUNT, WA, 6056
Special Hospital Team 2 Northam Regional Hospital, Robinson St, NORTHAM, WA, 6401
Special Hospital Team 3 Karinya Aged Hostel, Felspar St, NARROGIN, WA, 6312
Special Hospital Team 4 Banksia Lodge, 250 Baltimore Ave, MERRIWA, WA, 6030
Prison Mobile Team 1 Bandyup Prison, Middle Swan Rd, WEST SWAN, WA, 6055

?  What this screen is about ...
  • The number of votes and the percentage of the formal vote received by each candidate.
  • The swing as measured as the difference between the percentage of first preference votes currently received by a party candidate and the percentage of the first preference votes received by that party's candidate in the comparable polling booths at the previous election.
  • The projected two candidate preferred results showing the percentages received for this election, the corresponding percentages received for the last election, and swing.
  • If the predicted two party preferred candidates happen not to be the two most preferred then no TCP result will be available.
  • Highlight denotes current leader.
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  1. The two or three letter Party Code in the above list is NOT the registered abbreviation of the party. These codes are a unique identifier that are required in the AECĂs election management system. Whilst it is true that the code does, in some cases, resemble the party abbreviation, this is not always the case. Click here for a full list of party names and corresponding codes.
  2. In examining House of Representative TCP figures particularly early in the count, some fluctuations may be experienced. This is because the TCP figure represents a projected result based on the percentage figure obtained in the 1998 federal election. This anomaly is effectively removed at around 15% of the TCP count.
  3. The percentage of votes counted is calculated against the total enrolment figure. On election night, all ordinary ballot papers cast at polling places on election day (approximately 80% of the total vote) are counted and the results entered. The remaining 20% of votes (including pre-poll, postal, absent and provisional votes) cannot be counted until after polling day.
  4. These results are not final and may be subject to minor adjustments.