Virtual Tally Room: the official election results
House of Representatives Updated: 14/12/2007 9:57:13 AM


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Polling Places
Polling Place Street Address
Abbotsbury Abbotsbury Community Hall, Stockdale Cres, ABBOTSBURY NSW 2176
Ashcroft Ashcroft Public School, Sheriff St, ASHCROFT NSW 2168
Austral Austral Public School, Edmondson Ave, AUSTRAL NSW 2179
Badgerys Creek Badgerys Creek Public School, Badgerys Creek Rd, BADGERYS CREEK NSW 2555
Bonnyrigg Bonnyrigg Public School, Tarlington Pde, BONNYRIGG NSW 2177
Bonnyrigg Heights Bonnyrigg Heights Public School, Lewis St, BONNYRIGG HEIGHTS NSW 2177
Bonnyrigg High Bonnyrigg High School, Elizabeth Dr, BONNYRIGG NSW 2177
Bossley Park High (Fowler) Bossley Park High School, Prairievale Rd, BOSSLEY PARK NSW 2176
Bringelly Bringelly Public School, The Northern Rd, BRINGELLY NSW 2556
Busby Busby Public School, South Liverpool Rd, BUSBY NSW 2168
Cabramatta (Fowler) Cabramatta Police Youth Club, Railway Pde, CABRAMATTA NSW 2166
Cabramatta West (Fowler) Cabramatta West Public School, Broad St, CABRAMATTA WEST NSW 2166
Canley Heights (Fowler) Canley Heights Public School, Cambridge St, CANLEY HEIGHTS NSW 2166
Canley Vale (Fowler) Canley Vale Public School, Canley Vale Rd, CANLEY VALE NSW 2166
Cartwright Cartwright Public School, Willan Dr, CARTWRIGHT NSW 2168
Cecil Hills Cecil Hills High School, cnr Frederick Rd & Lascelles St, CECIL HILLS NSW 2171
Cecil Hills North Cecil Hills Public School, Leopold Pl, CECIL HILLS NSW 2171
Edensor Park Edensor Park Public School, Swan Rd, EDENSOR PARK NSW 2176
Fairfield West (Fowler) Westfields Sports High School, Hamilton Rd, FAIRFIELD WEST NSW 2165
Governor Philip King Governor Philip King Public School, Allambie Rd, EDENSOR PARK NSW 2176
Green Valley Green Valley District Centre, Wilson Rd, GREEN VALLEY NSW 2168
Green Valley North Green Valley Public School, Green Valley Rd, GREEN VALLEY NSW 2168
Harrington Street Harrington Street Public School, Harrington St, CABRAMATTA WEST NSW 2166
Heckenberg Heckenberg Public School, Jindabyne St, HECKENBERG NSW 2168
Hinchinbrook Hoxton Park High School, Wilson Rd, HINCHINBROOK NSW 2168
Hinchinbrook North Hinchinbrook Public School, cnr Hinchinbrook Dr & Keppel Crct, HINCHINBROOK NSW 2168
James Busby James Busby High School, Brolga Cres, GREEN VALLEY NSW 2168
Kemps Creek (Fowler) Kemps Creek Public School, 100 Cross St, KEMPS CREEK NSW 2178
Luddenham Luddenham Public School, Jamison St, LUDDENHAM NSW 2745
Miller Miller Technology High School, Cabramatta Ave, MILLER NSW 2168
Mount Pritchard Mount Pritchard Public School, Meadows Rd, MOUNT PRITCHARD NSW 2170
Mount Pritchard East Mount Pritchard East Public School, Townview Rd, MOUNT PRITCHARD NSW 2170
Prairievale (Fowler) Prairievale Public School, Prairievale Rd, BOSSLEY PARK NSW 2176
Rossmore (Fowler) Rossmore Public School, Bringelly Rd, ROSSMORE NSW 2557
Sadleir Sadleir Public School, 27 Insignia St, SADLEIR NSW 2168
St Johns Park St Johns Park Public School, Sandringham St, ST JOHNS PARK NSW 2176
St Johns Park High St Johns Park High School, Mimosa Rd, GREENFIELD PARK NSW 2176
Silverdale Silverdale Childcare Centre, 131 Taylors Rd, SILVERDALE NSW 2752
Special Hospital Team 1 Scalabrini Village, 65 Edmondson Ave, AUSTRAL NSW 2179
Sydney (Fowler) Sydney Town Hall, George St, SYDNEY NSW 2000
Wakeley King Park Public School, Humphries Rd, WAKELEY NSW 2176
Wallacia Wallacia Public School, 171 Mulgoa Rd, WALLACIA NSW 2745
Warragamba Warragamba Public School, Weir Rd, WARRAGAMBA NSW 2752



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