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Polling Places
Polling Place Street Address
Alstonville Alstonville High School, Cawley Cl, ALSTONVILLE NSW 2477
Ballina Ballina High School, Burnet St, BALLINA NSW 2478
Ballina East Southern Cross School K-12, Chickiba Dr, BALLINA EAST NSW 2478
Ballina Hospital Ballina Hospital, Cherry St, BALLINA NSW 2478
Ballina West Emmanuel Anglican College, 62 Horizon Dr, BALLINA NSW 2478
Baryulgil Baryulgil Public School, 7135 Clarence Way, BARYULGIL NSW 2460
Bentley Bentley Public Hall, Kyogle Rd, BENTLEY NSW 2480
Bonalbo Bonalbo & District Arts & Entertainment Centre, 4 Koreelah St, BONALBO NSW 2470
Broadwater Broadwater-Rileys Hill Community Centre, Little Pitt St, BROADWATER NSW 2472
Caniaba Caniaba Public School, Caniaba Rd, CANIABA NSW 2480
Casino Casino Civic Hall, Canterbury St, CASINO NSW 2470
Casino High Casino High School, Queensland Rd, CASINO NSW 2470
Casino Hospital Casino & District Memorial Hospital, Hotham St, CASINO NSW 2470
Casino South St Michael's Centre, Old School Site, Centre St, CASINO NSW 2470
Casino West Casino West Public School, Hotham St, CASINO NSW 2470
Cawongla Cawongla Pre-school, Kyogle Rd, CAWONGLA NSW 2474
Chatsworth Island Chatsworth Island Public School, Chatsworth Island Rd, CHATSWORTH ISLAND NSW 2469
Clovass Clovass-McKees Hill Memorial Hall, Bruxner Hwy, CLOVASS NSW 2470
Copmanhurst Copmanhurst Public School, Prescott St, COPMANHURST NSW 2460
Coraki Coraki Public School, 50 Adams St, CORAKI NSW 2471
Coutts Crossing Coronation Hall, Armidale Rd, COUTTS CROSSING NSW 2460
Cowper (Page) Cowper Public School, Clarence St, COWPER NSW 2460
Dundurrabin Dundurrabin Public School, 70 Mount St, DUNDURRABIN NSW 2453
Eltham Eltham Public School, Boatharbour Rd, ELTHAM NSW 2480
Empire Vale Empire Vale Public School, River Dr, EMPIRE VALE NSW 2478
Evans Head Evans River K-12 School, Cypress St, EVANS HEAD NSW 2473
Fairy Hill Fairy Hill Public Hall, Summerland Way, FAIRY HILL NSW 2470
Gillwinga Gillwinga Public School, Hyde St, SOUTH GRAFTON NSW 2461
Goonellabah Goonellabah Public School, Jubilee Ave, GOONELLABAH NSW 2480
Goonellabah South Goonellabah Community Centre, 27 Oliver Ave, GOONELLABAH NSW 2480
Grafton Grafton High School M.P.C., Fry St, GRAFTON NSW 2460
Grafton East Grafton Community Centre, 59 Duke St, GRAFTON NSW 2460
Grafton Hospital Grafton Base Hospital, Arthur St, GRAFTON NSW 2460
Grafton North Clarence Village Community Room, Turf St, GRAFTON NSW 2460
Grafton South St Stephens Presbyterian Hall, Wharf St, SOUTH GRAFTON NSW 2461
Grevillia Grevillia Public School, 3216 Summerland Way, GREVILLIA NSW 2474
Gundurimba South South Gundurimba Hall, Coraki Rd, SOUTH GUNDURIMBA NSW 2480
Harwood Island Harwood Island Public School, 11 Morpeth St, HARWOOD ISLAND NSW 2465
Horseshoe Creek Horseshoe Ck-Green Pigeon Hall, Green Pigeon Rd, HORSESHOE CREEK NSW 2474
Iluka Iluka Community Hall, Spencer St, ILUKA NSW 2466
Junction Hill State Emergency Services Building, Pine St, JUNCTION HILL NSW 2460
Kyogle Kyogle Memorial Institute, Summerland Way, KYOGLE NSW 2474
Kyogle South Kyogle High School, Summerland Way, KYOGLE NSW 2474
Lawrence Lawrence Public School, 64-70 High St, LAWRENCE NSW 2460
Leeville Leeville Public School, 9375 Summerland Way, LEEVILLE NSW 2470
Lismore St Pauls Memorial Hall, 188 Keen St, LISMORE NSW 2480
Lismore Central Trinity Catholic College, Leycester St, LISMORE NSW 2480
Lismore East Lismore High School, Dalley St, LISMORE NSW 2480
Lismore Heights Lismore Heights Public School, High St, LISMORE HEIGHTS NSW 2480
Lismore Hospital Lismore Base Hospital, Uralba St, LISMORE NSW 2480
Lismore North Richmond River High School, Lake St, LISMORE NSW 2480
Lismore St Vincents Hospital St Vincents Private Hospital, Dalley St, LISMORE NSW 2480
Lismore South Lismore South Public School, Wilson St, LISMORE NSW 2480
Maclean (Page) Maclean Civic Hall, 48 River St, MACLEAN NSW 2463
Mcleans Ridges Mcleans Ridges Hall, Cowlong Rd, MCLEANS RIDGES NSW 2480
Mallanganee Mallanganee Memorial Hall, Bonalbo St, MALLANGANEE NSW 2469
Meerschaum Vale Meerschaum Vale Hall, Wardell Rd, MEERSCHAUM VALE NSW 2477
Nymboida Nymboida Public School, 3892 Armidale Rd, NYMBOIDA NSW 2460
Palmers Island Palmers Island Public School, Yamba Rd, PALMERS ISLAND NSW 2463
Pimlico Pimlico Hall, 580 Pimlico Rd, PIMLICO NSW 2478
Pound Hill Lismore Public School, Pound St, LISMORE NSW 2480
Rappville Rappville Public School, Lyons St, RAPPVILLE NSW 2469
Rous Rous Public School, Rous Rd, ROUS NSW 2477
Southgate Southgate Community Centre, School La, SOUTHGATE NSW 2460
Special Hospital Team 1 Kyogle Hospital, Summerland Way, KYOGLE NSW 2474
Special Hospital Team 2 Maranoa Village Hostel, 15 The Avenue, ALSTONVILLE NSW 2477
Special Hospital Team 3 St Catherine's Villa, North St, GRAFTON NSW 2460
Special Hospital Team 4 Ozanam Villa Lismore (Hostel), Dibbs St, LISMORE NSW 2480
Sydney (Page) Sydney Town Hall, George St, SYDNEY NSW 2000
Tabulam Tabulam Public School, Clarence St, TABULAM NSW 2469
Tregeagle Tregeagle Public School, Tregeagle Rd, TREGEAGLE NSW 2480
Vere Street (Page) South Grafton Public School Hall, Vere St, SOUTH GRAFTON NSW 2461
Wardell Wardell & District War Memorial Hall, Richmond St, WARDELL NSW 2477
Westlawn Grafton Art Club Centre, Cnr Dobie & Howe Sts, GRAFTON NSW 2460
Whiporie Whiporie Community Hall, Summerland Way, WHIPORIE NSW 2469
Wiangaree Wiangaree Hall, Summerland Way, WIANGAREE NSW 2474
Wollongbar Wollongbar Primary School, Simpson Ave, WOLLONGBAR NSW 2477
Woodburn Woodburn C.W.A. Rooms, River St, WOODBURN NSW 2472
Woodenbong Woodenbong Central School, Unumgar St, WOODENBONG NSW 2476
Woombah Woombah Bushfire Brigade Station, Iluka Rd, WOOMBAH NSW 2469
Wyrallah Wyrallah Public School, Cnr Breckenridge & Agnes Sts, WYRALLAH NSW 2480
Yamba Yamba Public School, 39 Angourie Rd, YAMBA NSW 2464
Yamba West Treelands Drive Community Centre, Treelands Dr, YAMBA NSW 2464



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