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Polling Places
Polling Place Street Address
Avenel Avenel Primary School, 39 Livingstone St, AVENEL VIC 3664
Baddaginnie Peranbin Primary College Baddaginnie Campus, Clarendon St, BADDAGINNIE VIC 3670
Baranduda Baranduda Primary School, 7 Verbena St, BARANDUDA VIC 3691
Barnawartha Barnawartha Soldiers Memorial Hall, High St, BARNAWARTHA VIC 3688
Beechworth Beechworth Memorial Hall, 101 Ford St, BEECHWORTH VIC 3747
Benalla Benalla College(Dunlop Campus), 33 Barkly Street, BENALLA VIC 3673
Benalla West Benalla College (Faithfull Campus), Faithfull Street, BENALLA WEST VIC 3672
Bethanga Bethanga Soldiers Memorial Hall, Bridge St, BETHANGA VIC 3691
Bonegilla Bonegilla Cafe, 3411 Murray Valley Hwy, BONEGILLA VIC 3691
Bonnie Doon Bonnie Doon Recreation Reserve Hall, Wilson Street, BONNIE DOON VIC 3720
Boorhaman Boorhaman Primary School, 1548 Boorhaman Road, BOORHAMAN VIC 3678
Bright Bright & District Senior Citizens Centre, 10 Cobden St, BRIGHT VIC 3741
Bullioh Bullioh Hall, 7961 Murray Valley Hwy, BULLIOH VIC 3700
Cheshunt Cheshunt Public Hall, 454 King Valley Rd, CHESHUNT VIC 3678
Chiltern Chiltern Senior Citizens Hall, 84 Conness St, CHILTERN VIC 3683
Corryong Corryong Memorial Hall, Hanson St, CORRYONG VIC 3707
Cudgewa Cudgewa Mechanics Institute, Main St, CUDGEWA VIC 3705
Dederang Dederang Multi Purpose Hall, Dederang Reserve, Kiewa Valley Hwy, DEDERANG VIC 3691
Devenish Devenish Primary School, Main Rd, DEVENISH VIC 3726
Eldorado Eldorado Memorial Hall, 96 Main St, ELDORADO VIC 3746
Eskdale Eskdale Public Hall, Main St, ESKDALE VIC 3701
Euroa Euroa Wesley Hall, Bury Street, EUROA VIC 3666
Everton Everton Public Hall, 2165 Great Alpine Rd, EVERTON VIC 3678
Gapsted Gapsted Public Hall, 3722 Great Alpine Road, GAPSTED VIC 3737
Glenrowan Glenrowan Primary School, Beaconsfield Pde, GLENROWAN VIC 3675
Goorambat Goorambat Public Hall, 55 Hall St, GOORAMBAT VIC 3725
Greta Valley Greta Recreation Reserve, 448 Reserve Rd, GRETA VIC 3675
Harrietville Harrietville Community Hall, Main Rd, HARRIETVILLE VIC 3741
Jamieson Jamieson Memorial Hall, 15 Perkins St, JAMIESON VIC 3723
Kergunyah Kergunyah Public Hall, Gundowring Rd, KERGUNYAH VIC 3691
Kiewa Kiewa Parish Hall, Huon Rd, KIEWA VIC 3691
Londrigan Carraragarmungee Primary School, Eldorado Rd, LONDRIGAN VIC 3678
Longwood Longwood Community Centre, 2A Down St, LONGWOOD VIC 3665
Lurg Lurg Public Hall, Winton Rd, LURG VIC 3673
Mansfield Mansfield Sporting Complex, 41 Highett St, MANSFIELD VIC 3722
Melbourne (Indi) Melbourne - Vic University, 12 Floor 300 Flinders Street, MELBOURNE VIC 3000
Merrijig Merrijig Primary School, 1820 Mount Buller Rd, MERRIJIG VIC 3723
Merton Merton Memorial Hall, 17 Shaws Rd, MERTON VIC 3715
Milawa Milawa Public Hall, Factory Rd, MILAWA VIC 3678
Mitta Mitta Mitta Mitta Mechanics Institute, Omeo Hwy, MITTA MITTA VIC 3701
Molyullah Molyullah Memorial Hall, Centre Rd, MOLYULLAH VIC 3673
Mongans Bridge St Albans Parish Hall, 5400 Kiewa Valley Hwy, RUNNING CREEK VIC 3691
Mount Beauty Mount Beauty Primary School, Lakeside Ave, MT BEAUTY VIC 3699
Moyhu Moyhu Memorial Hall, 24 Bartley St, MOYHU VIC 3732
Mudgegonga Mudgegonga Hall, 1395 Myrtleford-Yackandandah Rd, MUDGEGONGA VIC 3737
Myrrhee Myrrhee Primary School, Benalla-Whitfield Rd, MYRRHEE VIC 3732
Myrtleford Myrtleford Senior Citizens Centre, Smith St, MYRTLEFORD VIC 3737
Nagambie Nagambie Senior Citizens Centre, High Street, NAGAMBIE VIC 3608
Oxley Oxley Shire Hall, Green St, OXLEY VIC 3678
Piries-Goughs Bay Piries-Goughs Bay Fire Brigade Hall, The Boulevard, GOUGHS BAY VIC 3723
Porepunkah Porepunkah Primary School, Martley St, POREPUNKAH VIC 3740
Ruffy Ruffy Public Hall, Nolans Road, RUFFY VIC 3666
Rutherglen Rutherglen Primary School, Murray St, RUTHERGLEN VIC 3685
St James St James Town Hall, St James Rd, ST JAMES VIC 3727
Sandy Creek Sandy Creek Public Hall, Sandy Creek Rd, SANDY CREEK VIC 3691
Special Hospital Team 1 Wangaratta and District Hospital, 35 Green St, WANGARATTA VIC 3677
Special Hospital Team 2 Alkoomi Residential Care, 73 Samaria Rd, BENALLA VIC 3672
Springhurst Springhurst Primary School, Anzac Rd, SPRINGHURST VIC 3682
Stanley Stanley Primary School, Main Rd, STANLEY VIC 3747
Strathbogie Strathbogie Memorial Hall, 29 Main St, STRATHBOGIE VIC 3666
Swanpool Swanpool St Aidans Anglican Church Hall, 7 Swanpool-Lima Rd, SWANPOOL VIC 3673
Tallangatta Tallangatta Secondary College, 113 Towong St, TALLANGATTA VIC 3700
Tallangatta Valley Tallangatta Valley Public Hall, Tallangatta Creek Rd, TALLANGATTA VALLEY VIC 3701
Tarrawingee Tarrawingee Community Hall, 1120 Great Alpine Rd, TARRAWINGEE VIC 3678
Tatong Tatong Memorial Hall, Tiger Hill Rd, TATONG VIC 3673
Tawonga Tawonga Primary School, Kiewa Valley Hwy, TAWONGA VIC 3697
Thoona Thoona Primary School, Sargeant St, THOONA VIC 3726
Tolmie Tolmie Public Hall, 15 Tolmie-Mahaikah Rd, TOLMIE VIC 3723
Tungamah Tungamah Primary School, Tower St, TUNGAMAH VIC 3728
Violet Town Violet Town Memorial Hall, 31 Cowslip St, VIOLET TOWN VIC 3669
Wahgunyah Wahgunyah School of Arts, Foord St, WAHGUNYAH VIC 3687
Walwa Walwa Primary School, Murray River Rd, WALWA VIC 3709
Wandiligong Wandiligong Primary School, School Rd, WANDILIGONG VIC 3744
Wangaratta Wangaratta TAFE Amenities Building, 40 Docker St, WANGARATTA VIC 3677
Wangaratta West St Michael's Anglican Church Hall, cnr Appin & O'Leary St's, WANGARATTA VIC 3677
West End Wangaratta High School VCE Centre, 188 Phillipson St, WANGARATTA VIC 3677
Whitfield Whitfield Primary School, 6182 Mansfield-Whitfield Rd, WHITFIELD VIC 3733
Whorouly Whorouly Community Function Centre, Whorouly Recreation Reserve, 10 Memorial Park Dr, WHOROULY VIC 3735
Wodonga Wodonga Civic Centre, 106 Hovell St, WODONGA VIC 3690
Wodonga Central Wodonga Senior Secondary College, 69 Woodland St, WODONGA VIC 3691
Wodonga South Wodonga Middle Years College, Huon Campus, 22 Mitchell St, WODONGA VIC 3691
Wodonga West Wodonga Catholic College, cnr Silva Dr and Bowman Ct, WODONGA VIC 3690
Wodonga West Victory Wodonga Victory Lutheran College, 28 Drages Rd, WODONGA WEST VIC 3690
Wooragee Wooragee Centenary Hall, 1011 Beechworth-Wodonga Rd, WOORAGEE VIC 3747
Yackandandah Yackandandah Senior Citizens Centre, 14 Wellsford St, YACKANDANDAH VIC 3749
Yarrunga Wangaratta High School (Greta Rd Campus), 2 Greta Rd, WANGARATTA VIC 3677



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