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Polling Places
Polling Place Street Address
Allansford Allansford Primary School, Frank St, ALLANSFORD VIC 3277
Amphitheatre Amphitheatre Primary School, School Rd, AMPHITHEATRE VIC 3468
Ararat Ararat Senior Citizens Rooms, High St, ARARAT VIC 3377
Ararat West Ararat Community College, Barkly St, ARARAT VIC 3377
Avoca Avoca RSL Memorial Hall, 157 High St, AVOCA VIC 3467
Balmoral Balmoral Mechanics Hall, Glendenning St, BALMORAL VIC 3407
Beaufort Beaufort Community Development Centre, Lawrence St, BEAUFORT VIC 3373
Bolwarra Bolwarra Primary School, Henty Hwy, BOLWARRA VIC 3305
Branxholme Branxholme Public Hall, McNicol St, BRANXHOLME VIC 3302
Buangor Buangor Primary School, 26 School Rd, BUANGOR VIC 3375
Byaduk Byaduk Mechanics Institute Hall, Hamilton Port Fairy Rd, BYADUK VIC 3301
Camperdown Camperdown College, Wilson St, CAMPERDOWN VIC 3260
Caramut Caramut Memorial Hall, Brown St, CARAMUT VIC 3274
Carpendeit Carpendeit Public Hall, cnr Main Rd and, Carpendeit Bungador Rd, CARPENDEIT VIC 3260
Casterton Casterton Town Hall, 67 Henty St, CASTERTON VIC 3311
Cavendish Cavendish Memorial Hall, Barker St, CAVENDISH VIC 3314
Cobden Cobden Civic Hall, Victoria St, COBDEN VIC 3266
Coleraine Coleraine Mechanics Institute, Winter St, COLERAINE VIC 3315
Concongella Concongella Primary School, Concongella School Rd, CONCONGELLA VIC 3380
Condah Condah Public Hall, Henty Hwy, CONDAH VIC 3303
Dartmoor Dartmoor Primary School, Greenham Rd, DARTMOOR VIC 3304
Derrinallum Derrinallum Mechanics Hall, Main St, DERRINALLUM VIC 3325
Dunkeld Dunkeld Public Hall, Stirling St, DUNKELD VIC 3294
Ecklin South Ecklin Hall, Timboon Terang Rd, ECKLIN SOUTH VIC 3265
Elmhurst Elmhurst Mechanics Institute, High St, ELMHURST VIC 3469
Glenorchy Glenorchy Memorial Hall, Edward St, GLENORCHY VIC 3385
Glenthompson Glenthompson Memorial Hall, McLennan St, GLENTHOMPSON VIC 3293
Great Western Great Western Primary School, Stephenson St, GREAT WESTERN VIC 3377
Halls Gap Halls Gap Centenary Hall, 115 Grampians Rd, HALLS GAP VIC 3381
Hamilton Hamilton Senior Citizens Rooms, 100 Lonsdale St, HAMILTON VIC 3300
Hamilton Central The Hamilton and Alexandra College, Chaucer St, HAMILTON VIC 3300
Hamilton East George St Primary School, George St, HAMILTON VIC 3300
Hamilton North Hamilton North Primary School, Andrews St, HAMILTON VIC 3300
Hawkesdale Hawkesdale College, Mitchell St, HAWKESDALE VIC 3287
Heywood Heywood Community Complex, Gorrie St, HEYWOOD VIC 3304
Koroit Koroit Senior Citizens Rooms, High St, KOROIT VIC 3282
Lake Bolac Lake Bolac Memorial Hall, Ararat Warrnambool Rd, LAKE BOLAC VIC 3351
Landsborough Landsborough Public Hall, Burke St, LANDSBOROUGH VIC 3384
Lexton Lexton Community Centre, Talbot Rd, LEXTON VIC 3352
Lismore Lismore Primary School, 77 William St, LISMORE VIC 3324
Macarthur Macarthur Primary School, Russell St, MACARTHUR VIC 3286
Mailors Flat Mailors Flat Public Hall, Warrnambool Caramut Rd, MAILORS FLAT VIC 3282
Marnoo Marnoo Primary School, 80 Newall St, MARNOO VIC 3387
Melbourne (Wannon) Melbourne - Vic University, 12 Floor 300 Flinders Street, MELBOURNE VIC 3000
Merino Merino Primary School, Paschendale Rd, MERINO VIC 3310
Merrivale Merrivale Primary School, 158 Merrivale Dr, MERRIVALE VIC 3280
Moonambel Moonambel Primary School, Humffray St, MOONAMBEL VIC 3478
Mortlake Mortlake RSL Hall, Shaw St, MORTLAKE VIC 3272
Moyston Moyston Public Hall, Willaura Rd, MOYSTON VIC 3377
Naringal Naringal Public Hall, Cobden Warrnambool Rd, NARINGAL VIC 3277
Narrawong Narrawong Public Hall, Princes Hwy, NARRAWONG VIC 3285
Nelson Nelson Community Hall, Leake St, NELSON VIC 3292
Noorat Noorat Primary School, Noorat-McKinnons Bridge Rd, NOORAT VIC 3265
Nullawarre Nullawarre Public Hall, 2184 Timboon Nullawarre Rd, NULLAWARRE VIC 3268
Orford Orford Public Hall, High St, ORFORD VIC 3285
Panmure Panmure Mechanics Institute, Princes Hwy, PANMURE VIC 3265
Patterson Park Patterson Park Hall, 191 King St, HAMILTON VIC 3300
Penshurst Penshurst Memorial Hall, Martin St, PENSHURST VIC 3289
Peterborough Peterborough Golf Clubhouse, 20 Schomberg Rd, PETERBOROUGH VIC 3270
Pomonal Pomonal Hall, Ararat Halls Gap Rd, POMONAL VIC 3381
Port Campbell Port Campbell Baptist Church, Lord St, PORT CAMPBELL VIC 3269
Port Fairy St Patricks School, 9 William St, PORT FAIRY VIC 3284
Portland Central Portland Civic Centre, Bentinck St, PORTLAND VIC 3305
Portland North Portland North Primary School, School Rd, PORTLAND VIC 3305
Portland South Legacy Lodge, Wellington Rd, PORTLAND VIC 3305
Portland TAFE Portland TAFE College, 154 Hurd St, PORTLAND VIC 3305
Purnim Purnim Public Hall, Hopkins Hwy, PURNIM VIC 3279
Scotts Creek Scotts Creek Public Hall, Cobden Port Campbell Rd, SCOTTS CREEK VIC 3267
Simpson Simpson Primary School, Barramul St, SIMPSON VIC 3266
Skipton Skipton Hall, Lismore Skipton Rd, SKIPTON VIC 3361
Snake Valley Snake Valley Mechanics Hall, Carngham Rd, SNAKE VALLEY VIC 3351
Special Hospital Team 1 Gillin Park Retirement Village, 21-57 Mahoneys Rd, WARRNAMBOOL VIC 3280
Special Hospital Team 2 Eventide Lutheran Homes, 72 Ballarat Rd, HAMILTON VIC 3300
Special Hospital Team 3 Gardenview Court, East Grampians Health Services, Girdlestone St, ARARAT VIC 3377
Stawell Stawell Senior Citizens Hall, Victoria St, STAWELL VIC 3380
Stawell West Stawell West Primary School, Cooper St, STAWELL VIC 3380
Streatham Streatham Public Hall, Glenelg Hwy, STREATHAM VIC 3351
Tarrington Tarrington Lutheran School Hall, Hamilton Hwy, TARRINGTON VIC 3301
Tatyoon Tatyoon Public Hall, Tatyoon Rd, TATYOON VIC 3378
Terang Terang Civic Centre, High St, TERANG VIC 3264
Timboon Timboon College, Bailey St, TIMBOON VIC 3268
Tower Square Our Lady Help of Christians, Selby Rd, WARRNAMBOOL VIC 3280
Tyrendarra Tyrendarra Public Hall, Princes Hwy, TYRENDARRA VIC 3285
Wangoom Wangoom Hall, Wangoom-Warrumyea Rd, WANGOOM VIC 3279
Warrnambool Temperance Hall, Koroit St, WARRNAMBOOL VIC 3280
Warrnambool East Warrnambool East Primary School, Ward St, WARRNAMBOOL VIC 3280
Warrnambool Hospital Warrnambool SWHC Hospital, Koroit St, WARRNAMBOOL VIC 3280
Warrnambool North Warrnambool College, Grafton St, WARRNAMBOOL VIC 3280
Warrnambool North Central St Josephs Primary, 70 Botanic Rd, WARRNAMBOOL VIC 3280
Warrnambool SDS Warrnambool Special Developmental School, 101 Hyland St, WARRNAMBOOL VIC 3280
Warrnambool South Warrnambool South Kindergarten, Stanley St, WARRNAMBOOL VIC 3280
Warrnambool West Warrnambool West Primary School, Hoddle St, WARRNAMBOOL VIC 3280
Waubra Waubra Primary School, Sunraysia Hwy, WAUBRA VIC 3352
Willaura Willaura Primary School, Warranooke St, WILLAURA VIC 3291
Wiridjil Wiridjil Hall, Princetown Rd, PRINCETOWN VIC 3269
Woodford Woodford Primary School, Victoria St, WOODFORD VIC 3282
Woolsthorpe Woolsthorpe Primary School, Warrnambool-Caramut Rd, WOOLSTHORPE VIC 3279
Yambuk Yambuk Hall, Princes Hwy, YAMBUK VIC 3285



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