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Polling Places
Polling Place Street Address
Abergowrie Abergowrie State School, Abergowrie Rd, ABERGOWRIE QLD 4850
Alice River Progress Association Hall, Progress Rd, ALICE RIVER QLD 4817
Aloomba Aloomba State School, Nielsen St, ALOOMBA QLD 4871
Atherton Merrilands Hall, Robert St, ATHERTON QLD 4883
Atherton North Atherton State High School, Maunds Rd, ATHERTON QLD 4883
Babinda State School, Boulders Rd, BABINDA QLD 4861
Bambaroo Bambaroo State School, Bruce Hwy, BAMBAROO QLD 4816
Bellenden Ker Bellenden Ker State School, Harvey Creek Rd, BELLENDEN KER QLD 4871
Biboohra Biboohra State School, Petersen St, BIBOOHRA QLD 4880
Bluewater Bluewater State School, Buckby St, BLUEWATER QLD 4818
Boulia Boulia State School, Templeton St, BOULIA QLD 4829
Bramston Beach Bramston Beach Fire Station, BRAMSTON BEACH QLD 4861
Brisbane City (Kennedy) Brisbane City Hall, 64 Adelaide St, BRISBANE CITY QLD 4000
Butchers Creek Butchers Creek State School, Gadaloff Rd, BUTCHERS CREEK QLD 4885
Cardwell Cardwell State School, 43 Victoria St, CARDWELL QLD 4816
Charters Towers Dalrymple Shire Chambers, 12-14 Mosman St, CHARTERS TOWERS QLD 4820
Charters Towers Central Central State School, Mexican St, CHARTERS TOWERS QLD 4820
Charters Towers North Charters Towers TAFE, 11-15 Church St, CHARTERS TOWERS QLD 4820
Chillagoe Chillagoe State School, Cathedral St, CHILLAGOE QLD 4871
Cloncurry Cloncurry State School, Daintree St, CLONCURRY QLD 4824
Croydon Croydon State School, Brown St, CROYDON QLD 4871
Dajarra Dajarra State School, Matheson St, DAJARRA QLD 4825
Deeragun (Kennedy) St Anthony's Catholic College, 58 Veales Rd, DEERAGUN QLD 4818
Dimbulah Dimbulah State School, 48-50 Kennedy St, DIMBULAH QLD 4872
Doomadgee Doomadgee State School, Doomadgee Rd, DOOMADGEE QLD 4830
East Palmerston East Palmerston State School, 2068 Palmerston Hwy, EAST PALMERSTON QLD 4860
El Arish El Arish State School, 28 Chauvel St, EL ARISH QLD 4855
Emerald Creek Henderson's Residence, 4265 Kennedy Hwy, EMERALD CREEK QLD 4880
Feluga Feluga State School, Feluga Rd, FELUGA QLD 4854
Flying Fish Point Flying Fish Point CWA Hall, Alice St, FLYING FISH POINT QLD 4860
Forrest Beach Forrest Beach State School, 40 Pandanus St, ALLINGHAM QLD 4850
Garradunga Garradunga Community Hall, Garradunga Rd, GARRADUNGA QLD 4860
Georgetown Georgetown State School, High St, GEORGETOWN QLD 4871
Goondi Goondi State School, 78 Maple St, GOONDI QLD 4860
Gordonvale Gordonvale State School, 28 George St, GORDONVALE QLD 4865
Halifax Halifax State School, 17 Victoria Tce, HALIFAX QLD 4850
Happy Valley Happy Valley State School, Twenty-Third Ave, MOUNT ISA QLD 4825
Healy Healy State School, 5-9 Thomson Rd, MOUNT ISA QLD 4825
Herberton Herberton Shire Hall, William St, HERBERTON QLD 4887
Hughenden Hughenden Court House, 65 Brodie St, HUGHENDEN QLD 4821
Ingham Ingham State School, 28 McIlwraith St, INGHAM QLD 4850
Ingham Hospital Ingham Hospital, McIlwraith St, INGHAM QLD 4850
Innisfail Chjowai Hall, 18 McGowan Dr, INNISFAIL QLD 4860
Innisfail East Innisfail East State School, 92 Mourilyan Rd, INNISFAIL QLD 4860
Innisfail Hospital Innisfail Hospital Specialists Clinic, 87 Rankin St, INNISFAIL QLD 4860
Innot Hot Springs Innot Hot Springs Progress Association Hall, Kennedy Hwy, INNOT HOT SPRINGS QLD 4872
Julia Creek Julia Creek Court House, 14 Burke St, JULIA CREEK QLD 4823
Kairi Kairi State School, McGeehan Rd, KAIRI QLD 4872
Kalkadoon Spinifex State College (Senior Campus), Abel Smith Pde, MOUNT ISA QLD 4825
Karumba Karumba State School, Yappar St, KARUMBA QLD 4891
Kennedy Kennedy State School, Kennedy Creek Rd, KENNEDY QLD 4816
Kurrimine Beach Kurrimine Beach Progress Association Hall, Murdering Point Rd, KURRIMINE BEACH QLD 4871
Long Pocket Long Pocket CWA Hall, Ingham-Abergowrie Rd, LONG POCKET QLD 4850
Lower Tully Lower Tully State School, Tully Heads Rd, LOWER TULLY QLD 4854
Lucinda Lucinda Point State School, Patterson Pde, LUCINDA QLD 4850
Mcdonnell Creek McDonnell Creek State School, 73269 Bruce Hwy, DEERAL QLD 4871
Macknade Macknade State School, 79 Farrell Dr, MACKNADE QLD 4850
Malanda Malanda State School, 24 Mary St, MALANDA QLD 4885
Mareeba Mareeba State School Assembly Hall, Constance St, MAREEBA QLD 4880
Mareeba Hospital Mareeba Hospital, 21 Lloyd St, MAREEBA QLD 4880
Mareeba West Mareeba State High School, Jasper St, MAREEBA QLD 4880
Mena Creek Mena Creek State School, Mena Creek Rd, MENA CREEK QLD 4871
Millaa Millaa Millaa Millaa State School, Palm Ave, MILLAA MILLAA QLD 4886
Miriwinni Miriwinni State School, Whitman St, MIRIWINNI QLD 4871
Mission Beach Mission Beach Progress Hall, Porters Prmnde, MISSION BEACH QLD 4854
Moresby Moresby State School, Moresby Rd, MORESBY QLD 4871
Mornington Island Mornington Island State School, Lardil St, MORNINGTON ISLAND QLD 4871
Mount Garnet Mount Garnet CWA Hall, Garnet St, MOUNT GARNET QLD 4872
Mount Isa Central State School Library, Miles St, MOUNT ISA QLD 4825
Mount Isa Hospital Mount Isa Base Hospital, 30 Camooweal St, MOUNT ISA QLD 4825
Mount Isa West Spinifex State College (Junior Campus), Fifth Ave, MOUNT ISA QLD 4825
Mourilyan Mourilyan State Pre-school, 34 Mourilyan Harbour Rd, MOURILYAN QLD 4858
Murray Upper Murray Upper State School, Upper Murray Rd, MURRAY UPPER QLD 4854
Mutchilba Mutchilba State School, Dimbulah Rd, MUTCHILBA QLD 4872
Normanton Normanton Court House, Haig St, NORMANTON QLD 4890
Northern Beaches (Kennedy) Northern Beaches Community Recreation Centre, Meranti St, DEERAGUN QLD 4818
Pentland Pentland State School, Gilmore St, PENTLAND QLD 4816
Queenton Charters Towers Choristers Hall, York St, CHARTERS TOWERS QLD 4820
Ravenshoe Ravenshoe State School, Moore St, RAVENSHOE QLD 4872
Ravenswood Ravenswood State School, School St, RAVENSWOOD QLD 4816
Remote Mobile Team 1 Alpurrurulam, Community Hall, Main St, ALPURRURULAM NT 0872
Richmond Richmond Court House, Goldring St, RICHMOND QLD 4740
Richmond Hill Richmond Hill State School, Baker St, CHARTERS TOWERS QLD 4820
Rollingstone Rollingstone State School, Tealby St, ROLLINGSTONE QLD 4816
Silkwood Silkwood State School, Silkwood Japoon Rd, SILKWOOD QLD 4856
Soldiers Hill Barkly State School, 3-17 Bougainville St, MOUNT ISA QLD 4825
South Johnstone South Johnstone State School, East Ave, SOUTH JOHNSTONE QLD 4859
South Mission Beach South Mission Beach Community Hall, South Mission Beach Rd, SOUTH MISSION BEACH QLD 4854
Special Hospital Team 1 Atherton Hospital, Jack St, ATHERTON QLD 4883
Special Hospital Team 2 Bluehaven Lodge, Cassady St, INGHAM QLD 4850
Special Hospital Team 3 Canossa Home, Stone River Rd, TREBONNE QLD 4850
Special Hospital Team 4 Carinya Home, Mazlin St, ATHERTON QLD 4883
Special Hospital Team 5 Eventide Recreation Room, Dalrymple Rd, CHARTERS TOWERS QLD 4820
Special Hospital Team 6 Fred Leftwich Rest Home, Shanty Creek Rd, MAREEBA QLD 4880
Special Hospital Team 7 Mount Isa Garden Settlement, 3 Lucy St, MOUNT ISA QLD 4825
Special Hospital Team 8 Rockingham Home, Jamieson St, CARDWELL QLD 4816
Special Hospital Team 9 Innisfail Hospital Nursing Home Unit, 87 Rankin St, INNISFAIL QLD 4860
Special Hospital Team 10 Pyramid Retirement Centre, 65 Cairns Rd, GORDONVALE QLD 4865
Special Hospital Team 11 Tully Nursing Home, Bryant St, TULLY QLD 4854
Sunset Sunset State School, Abel Smith Pde, MOUNT ISA QLD 4825
The Weir (Kennedy) Weir State School, Ross River Rd, KIRWAN QLD 4817
Tolga Tolga State School, Main St, TOLGA QLD 4882
Toobanna Toobanna State School, Bruce Hwy, TOOBANNA QLD 4850
Townview Townview State School, 64-72 Clarke St, MOUNT ISA QLD 4825
Trebonne Trebonne State School, Stone River Rd, TREBONNE QLD 4850
Tully Tully Court House, 46 Bryant St, TULLY QLD 4854
Tully Red Cross Tully Red Cross Centre, 17 Bryant St, TULLY QLD 4854
Upper Barron Upper Barron State School, Kennedy Hwy, UPPER BARRON QLD 4883
Victoria Estate Victoria Plantation State School, Forrest Beach Rd, VICTORIA ESTATE QLD 4850
Walkamin Walkamin State School, Wattle St, WALKAMIN QLD 4872
Wangan Mundoo State School, 100 Cardier Rd, WANGAN QLD 4871
Wondecla Wondecla Showgrounds Kiosk, Ravenshoe Rd, WONDECLA QLD 4872
Yarrabah Yarrabah State School, Gribble St, YARRABAH QLD 4871
Yungaburra Yungaburra State School, 4 Maple St, YUNGABURRA QLD 4872



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