Virtual Tally Room: the official election results
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Polling Places
Polling Place Street Address
Ajana Ajana Hall, Kalbarri Rd, AJANA WA 6532
Argyle Argyle Diamond Mine, ARGYLE WA 6239
Boulder Boulder Primary School, Lane St, BOULDER WA 6432
Broome Broome Shire Hall, Weld St, BROOME WA 6725
Broome West Cable Beach Primary School, Dakas St, CABLE BEACH WA 6726
Bullfinch Bullfinch Town Hall, Dorothy St, BULLFINCH WA 6484
Burracoppin Burracoppin Sports Pavilion, Burracoppin North West Rd, BURRACOPPIN WA 6421
Carnarvon Carnarvon High School Library, Whitlock St, CARNARVON WA 6701
Carnarvon East East Carnarvon Primary School, Marmion St, EAST CARNARVON WA 6701
Cascade Cascade Primary School, Asha Ct, CASCADE WA 6450
Castletown Castletown Primary School, Easton Rd, CASTLETOWN WA 6450
Condingup Condingup Primary School, Sutcliffe St, CONDINGUP WA 6450
Cooke Point Port Hedland Primary School, Corney St, PORT HEDLAND WA 6721
Coolgardie Coolgardie Recreation Centre, 69 Sylvester St, COOLGARDIE WA 6429
Coral Bay Reef Cafe, Robinson St, CORAL BAY WA 6701
Cue Cue Primary School, Simpson St, CUE WA 6640
Dalyup Dalyup Progress Assoc Hall, South Coast Hwy, DALYUP WA 6450
Dampier Dampier Pre-Primary School, Church St, DAMPIER WA 6713
Denham Denham Primary School (Shark Bay), Francis Rd, DENHAM WA 6537
Derby Derby District High School, Marmion St, DERBY WA 6728
Esperance Esperance Civic Centre, Council Pl, ESPERANCE WA 6450
Exmouth Exmouth Town Hall, 22 Maidstone Cres, EXMOUTH WA 6707
Fitzroy Crossing Fitzroy Crossing District High School, Forrest Rd, FITZROY CROSSING WA 6765
Gascoyne Junction Gascoyne Junction Shire Office, 4 Scott St, GASCOYNE JUNCTION WA 6705
Gibson Gibson Football Club, Starr St, GIBSON WA 6448
Grass Patch Grass Patch Community Hall, Shepherd St, GRASS PATCH WA 6446
Halls Creek Halls Creek District High School, Thomas St, HALLS CREEK WA 6770
Horrocks Horrocks Community Recreation Centre, North St, HORROCKS WA 6535
Kalbarri Kalbarri Allen Community Centre, Grey St, KALBARRI WA 6536
Kalgoorlie School of Mines Graduates Hall, MacDonald St, KALGOORLIE WA 6430
Kalgoorlie East Kalgoorlie East Primary School, Mafeking St, WILLIAMSTOWN WA 6430
Kalgoorlie Eastern Goldfields Kalgoorlie District Education Office, Federal Rd, SOUTH KALGOORLIE WA 6430
Kalgoorlie Hannans Hannans Primary School, Nankiville Rd, HANNANS WA 6430
Kalgoorlie North Kalgoorlie North Primary School, Campbell St, LAMINGTON WA 6430
Kalgoorlie Regional Hospital Kalgoorlie Regional Hospital, Piccadilly St, PICCADILLY WA 6430
Kalgoorlie Somerville O'Connor Primary School, Johnston St, SOMERVILLE WA 6430
Kalgoorlie South John Paul College, Lionel St, SOUTH KALGOORLIE WA 6430
Kalgoorlie Wallace Park Wallace Park Pre-Primary School, Bourke St, PICCADILLY WA 6430
Kambalda Kambalda Primary School, Larkin St, KAMBALDA WA 6442
Kambalda West Kambalda West District High School, Salmon Gum Rd, KAMBALDA WA 6442
Karratha Karratha Senior High School, Searipple Rd, KARRATHA WA 6714
Karratha West Millars Well Primary School, Gawthorne Dr, KARRATHA WA 6714
Kununurra Kununurra District High School, Mangaloo St, KUNUNURRA WA 6743
Laverton Laverton Primary School, Lancefield St, LAVERTON WA 6440
Leinster Leinster Community Hall, Link Rd, LEINSTER WA 6437
Leonora Leonora Recreation Centre, Tower St, LEONORA WA 6438
Marble Bar Marble Bar Civic Centre, Francis St, MARBLE BAR WA 6760
Marvel Loch Marvel Loch Hall, Cheney St, MARVEL LOCH WA 6426
Meekatharra Meekatharra Shire Hall, Savage St, MEEKATHARRA WA 6642
Menzies Menzies Shire Hall, Shenton St, MENZIES WA 6436
Merredin Merredin Court House, Mitchell St, MERREDIN WA 6415
Merredin District Hospital Merredin District Hospital, cnr South Ave & Kitchener Rd, MERREDIN WA 6415
Merredin South Merredin Senior High School, Woolgar Ave, MERREDIN WA 6415
Moorine Rock Moorine Rock Primary School, Moorine South Rd, MOORINE ROCK WA 6425
Mount Magnet Mount Magnet Court House, Hepburn St, MOUNT MAGNET WA 6638
Mullewa Mullewa District High School, Jose St, MULLEWA WA 6630
Muntadgin Muntadgin Community Hall, Crossland St, MUNTADGIN WA 6420
Nabawa Nabawa Community Centre, Chapman Valley Rd, NABAWA WA 6532
Newman Newman Senior High School, Gregory Ave, NEWMAN WA 6753
Newman North Newman Primary School, Hilditch Ave, NEWMAN WA 6753
Norseman Norseman Town Hall, Prinsep St, NORSEMAN WA 6443
Northampton Northampton RSL Memorial Hall, Essex St, NORTHAMPTON WA 6535
Nullagine Gallop Hall, Clemenson St, NULLAGINE WA 6758
Nulsen Nulsen Pre Primary School, Tchan St, NULSEN WA 6450
Onslow Onslow Shire Hall, Second Ave, ONSLOW WA 6710
Pannawonica Pannawonica Primary School, Sports Way, PANNAWONICA WA 6716
Paraburdoo Paraburdoo Primary School, De Grey Rd, PARABURDOO WA 6754
Perth (Kalgoorlie) City of Perth, St Georges Tce, PERTH WA 6000
Port Hedland Port Hedland Town Hall, McGregor St, PORT HEDLAND WA 6721
Prison Mobile Team 1 Broome Regional Prison, Hamersley Street, BROOME WA 6725
Prison Mobile Team 2 Roebourne Regional Prison, Point Samson-Roebourne Rd, ROEBOURNE WA 6718
Prison Mobile Team 3 Eastern Goldfields Regional Prison, Vivian Street, BOULDER WA 6432
Remote Mobile Team 1 Kiwirrkurra Community, GIBSON DESERT SOUTH WA 0872
Remote Mobile Team 2 Morapoi Stn, Kookynie Rd, KOOKYNIE WA 6431
Remote Mobile Team 3 Jigalong Community, NEWMAN WA 6753
Remote Mobile Team 4 Yandeyarra Stn, MARBLE BAR WA 6760
Remote Mobile Team 5 Home Valley Station, Gibb River Rd, WYNDHAM WA 6740
Roebourne Roebourne Shire Hall, Scholl St, ROEBOURNE WA 6718
Rottnest (Kalgoorlie) Rottnest Picture Hall, Brand Way, ROTTNEST ISLAND WA 6161
Salmon Gums Salmon Gums Primary School, Rogers St, SALMON GUMS WA 6445
Sandstone Sandstone Primary School, Griffiths St, SANDSTONE WA 6639
Scaddan Scaddan Primary School, Kendall Rd, SCADDAN WA 6447
Southern Cross Southern Cross Community Centre, Antares St, SOUTHERN CROSS WA 6426
South Hedland South Hedland TAFE, Hamilton Rd, SOUTH HEDLAND WA 6722
South Hedland Baler South Hedland Baler Primary School, Baler Cl, SOUTH HEDLAND WA 6722
Special Hospital Team 1 Ingada Village, Bibbawarra Rd, CARNARVON WA 6701
Special Hospital Team 2 Esperance District Hospital, Hicks St, ESPERANCE WA 6450
Special Hospital Team 3 Edward Collick Home/Muschamp Village, 173 Wilson Street, KALGOORLIE WA 6430
Special Hospital Team 4 Broome District Hospital, Robinson St, BROOME WA 6725
Special Hospital Team 5 Derby Regional Hospital, Clarendon Street, DERBY WA 6728
Special Hospital Team 6 Nickol Bay Hospital, Millstream Rd, KARRATHA WA 6714
Special Hospital Team 7 Port Hedland Regional Hospital & Nursing Home, Kingsmill Street, PORT HEDLAND WA 6721
Tambrey Tambrey Primary School, Tambrey Dr, NICKOL WA 6714
Tardun Tardun Hall, Railway Pde, TARDUN WA 6628
Tom Price Tom Price Recreation Centre, Cnr Milpera & Central Rd, TOM PRICE WA 6751
Useless Loop Useless Loop Primary School, Wilsons Way, USELESS LOOP WA 6532
Warmun Warmun Community Centre, Warmun Aboriginal Community, WARMUN WA 6740
Westonia Westonia Shire Office, Wolfram St, WESTONIA WA 6423
Wickham Wickham Community Hall, Carse St, WICKHAM WA 6720
Wiluna Wiluna Remote Community School, Wotton St, WILUNA WA 6646
Wyndham Wyndham District High School, Coverley St, WYNDHAM WA 6740
Yalgoo Yalgoo Primary School, Henty St, YALGOO WA 6635
Yuna Yuna Primary School, Yuna-Tenindewa Rd, YUNA WA 6532



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