Virtual Tally Room: the official election results
Virtual Tally Room: the official election results
House of Representatives Updated: 29/09/2010 4:50:00 PM


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Non classic divisions for all states and territories
State Division Party Candidate Party Candidate Updated
NSW Grayndler Labor ALBANESE, AnthonyElected The Greens BYRNE, Sam 15/09/2010 4:08:58 PM
NSW Lyne Independent OAKESHOTT, RobertElected The Nationals GILLESPIE, David 10/09/2010 9:20:46 AM
NSW New England The Nationals COATES, Tim Independent WINDSOR, TonyElected 16/09/2010 1:03:25 PM
QLD Kennedy Independent KATTER, BobElected Liberal National Party of Queensland MORRISON, Ed 13/09/2010 7:10:06 PM
TAS Denison Independent WILKIE, AndrewElected Australian Labor Party JACKSON, Jonathan 7/09/2010 3:58:07 PM
VIC Batman Australian Greens BHATHAL, Alexandra Kaur Australian Labor Party FERGUSON, Martin JohnElected 14/09/2010 2:40:18 PM
VIC Melbourne Australian Greens BANDT, AdamElected Australian Labor Party BOWTELL, Cath 29/09/2010 3:40:56 PM
WA O'Connor Liberal TUCKEY, Wilson The Nationals CROOK, TonyElected 9/09/2010 1:05:38 PM



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