Virtual Tally Room: the official election results
Virtual Tally Room: the official election results
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Polling Places
Polling Place Street Address
Allenstown Allenstown State School, Margaret St, ALLENSTOWN QLD 4700
Alligator Creek Alligator Creek State School, 50 Grasstree Rd, ALLIGATOR CREEK QLD 4740
Applegarth Talbot Estate Hall, Bedden Ave, WANDAL QLD 4700
Armstrong Beach Llewellyn Hall, Armstrong Beach Rd, ARMSTRONG BEACH QLD 4737
Barmaryee Masonic Hall, 9 Barmaryee Rd, YEPPOON QLD 4703
Berserker Berserker Street State School, Charles St, BERSERKER QLD 4701
Brisbane City (Capricornia) Primary Industries Building, 80 Ann St, BRISBANE CITY QLD 4000
Burnett Street St Stephen's Church Hall, Burnett St, BERSERKER QLD 4701
Carmila Carmila State School, Carmila West Rd, CARMILA QLD 4739
Cawarral Cawarral Pre-School Centre, Coorooman Creek Rd, CAWARRAL QLD 4702
Chelona (Capricornia) Chelona State School, 13 Chelona-School Access Road, CHELONA QLD 4740
Clermont Clermont State High School, Kitchener St, CLERMONT QLD 4721
Clermont Interstate PPVC Clermont State High School, 1 Kitchener Street, CLERMONT QLD 4721
Clermont PPVC Clermont QGAP Office, 44 Daintree Street, CLERMONT QLD 4721
Collinsville Collinsville State Pre-school, Devlin St, COLLINSVILLE QLD 4804
Collinsville Interstate PPVC Collinsville State Pre-school, Devlin Street, COLLINSVILLE QLD 4804
Collinsville PPVC Collinsville QGAP Office, 64 Sonoma Street, COLLINSVILLE QLD 4804
Coppabella Coppabella State School, Mathieson St, COPPABELLA QLD 4741
Coppabella Mac Camp PPVC The MAC Camp, Peak Downs Hwy, COPPABELLA QLD 4741
Crescent Lagoon Crescent Lagoon State School, 6 North St Ext, WEST ROCKHAMPTON QLD 4700
Depot Hill Depot Hill State Pre-school, O'Connell St, DEPOT HILL QLD 4700
Divisional Office (PREPOLL) Divisional Office, Level 1, 212 Quay Street, ROCKHAMPTON CITY QLD 4700
Dysart Dysart State School, Garnham Dr, DYSART QLD 4745
Dysart Mac Camp PPVC Country Roads Function Room, 57 Queen Elizabeth Dr, DYSART QLD 4745
Emmaus College Emmaus College Hall, 362 Yaamba Rd, NORMAN GARDENS QLD 4701
Emu Park Emu Park State School, Hill St, EMU PARK QLD 4710
Eton Eton State School, Prospect St, ETON QLD 4741
Eungella Eungella State School, Chelmer Rd, EUNGELLA QLD 4757
Farnborough Farnborough State School, Farnborough Rd, FARNBOROUGH QLD 4703
Finch Hatton Finch Hatton State School, Eungella Rd, FINCH HATTON QLD 4756
Frenchville Frenchville State School, Geordie St, FRENCHVILLE QLD 4701
Gargett Gargett State School, Tom Lynch St, GARGETT QLD 4741
Glenden Glenden State School, Gillham Tce, GLENDEN QLD 4743
Glenmore Heights College, Carlton St, KAWANA QLD 4701
Homebush Homebush State School, Homebush Rd, HOMEBUSH QLD 4740
Keppel Sands Keppel Sands State School, 1325 Keppel Sands Road, KEPPEL SANDS QLD 4702
Koongal QCWA Hall, Peltophorum St, KOONGAL QLD 4701
Koumala Koumala State School, Bull St, KOUMALA QLD 4738
Lakes Creek Lakes Creek State Prep Room, Paterson St, LAKES CREEK QLD 4701
Marian Marian State School, Anzac Ave, MARIAN QLD 4753
Marlborough Marlborough State School, Magog St, MARLBOROUGH QLD 4705
Middlemount Middlemount Community School, James Randall Dr, MIDDLEMOUNT QLD 4746
Mirani Mirani State School, Maud St, MIRANI QLD 4754
Moranbah Moranbah State High School, Mills Ave, MORANBAH QLD 4744
Moranbah PPVC Moranbah Community Centre, Batchelor Pde, MORANBAH QLD 4744
Moranbah West Moranbah Community Centre, Batchelor Pde, MORANBAH QLD 4744
Mount Archer Mount Archer State School, Thozet Rd, KOONGAL QLD 4701
Nebo Nebo State School, 22 Oxford St, NEBO QLD 4742
Nebo Mac Camp PPVC Nebo Mac Camp, Peak Downs Highway, NEBO QLD 4742
Norman Road Baptist Tabernacle, 650 Norman Road, NORMAN GARDENS QLD 4701
North Eton Eton North State School, Kinchant Dam Rd, ETON NORTH QLD 4741
North Rockhampton North Rockhampton High School, Simpson St, FRENCHVILLE QLD 4701
Ooralea Mackay Kennel Club, Rainlover St, OORALEA QLD 4740
Park Avenue Park Avenue State School, Tung Yeen St, PARK AVENUE QLD 4701
Parkhurst Parkhurst State School, Bruce Hwy, PARKHURST QLD 4702
Port Curtis Port Curtis Rd State School, Port Curtis Rd, PORT CURTIS QLD 4700
Racecourse BSES Conference Room, Peak Downs Hwy, RACECOURSE QLD 4740
Rockhampton Central The Cathedral College, 189 William St, ALLENSTOWN QLD 4700
Rockhampton City Rockhampton College of TAFE, 200 Bolsover St, ROCKHAMPTON CITY QLD 4700
Rockhampton High School Rockhampton State High School, Campbell St, WANDAL QLD 4700
Rockhampton PPVC Denham St, 23 Denham St, ROCKHAMPTON CITY QLD 4700
Rockhampton Range St Peter's School, 170 Upper Dawson Rd, THE RANGE QLD 4700
St Brendan's College St Brendan's College, Adelaide Park Rd, YEPPOON QLD 4703
St Lawrence Isaac Regional Council, Macartney St, ST LAWRENCE QLD 4707
Sarina Beach Double Brick Garage, 8 Owen Jenkins Dr, SARINA BEACH QLD 4737
Sarina Central St Luke's Hall, Broad St, SARINA QLD 4737
Sarina East Presbyterian Church Hall, Lot 1 Beach Rd, SARINA QLD 4737
Sarina Interstate PPVC St Luke's Hall, Broad Street, SARINA QLD 4737
Sarina PPVC Sarina QGAP Office, 52 Broad Street, SARINA QLD 4737
Sarina Range QCWA Hall, Marlborough Rd, COLSTON PARK QLD 4737
Special Hospital Team 1 Multiple sites, QLD
Special Hospital Team 2 Multiple sites, QLD
Special Hospital Team 3 Multiple sites, QLD
Special Hospital Team 4 Rockhampton Base Hospital, Canning St, THE RANGE QLD 4700
Special Hospital Team 6 Multiple sites, QLD
Swayneville Swayneville State School, Range Rd, SHINFIELD QLD 4737
Taranganba Taranganba State School, Taranganba Rd, TARANGANBA QLD 4703
The Caves The Caves State School, Barmoya Rd, THE CAVES QLD 4702
Walkerston Walkerston State School, Dutton St, WALKERSTON QLD 4751
Wandal St Joseph's School, Rundle St, WANDAL QLD 4700
Yaamba SES Unit Building, 64825 Bruce Hwy, YAAMBA QLD 4704
Yeppoon Yeppoon State High School, Rawlings St, YEPPOON QLD 4703
Yeppoon Interstate PPVC Yeppoon State High School, Rawlings St, YEPPOON QLD 4703
Yeppoon PPVC Yeppoon Courthouse, Normanby Street, YEPPOON QLD 4703



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