Virtual Tally Room: the official election results
Virtual Tally Room: the official election results
House of Representatives Updated: 6/09/2010 5:54:29 PM


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Polling Places
Polling Place Street Address
Avoca Avoca Primary School, 26-30 St Pauls Pl, AVOCA TAS 7213
Bagdad Bagdad Primary School, 46-48 School Rd, BAGDAD TAS 7030
Beaconsfield Beaconsfield Senior Citizens' Hall, Weld St, BEACONSFIELD TAS 7270
Beauty Point Beauty Point (Sandy Beach) Bowls Club Hall, 11 Mainwaring St, BEAUTY POINT TAS 7270
Bicheno Bicheno Beachfront Conference Room, Sinclair St, BICHENO TAS 7215
Bishopsbourne Bishopsbourne Community Centre, Recreation Ground, 1111 Bishopsbourne Rd, BISHOPSBOURNE TAS 7301
Bothwell Bothwell Council Chambers, Alexander St, BOTHWELL TAS 7030
Bracknell Bracknell War Memorial Hall, Louisa St, BRACKNELL TAS 7302
Bridgewater Brighton Civic Centre, Green Point Road, BRIDGEWATER TAS 7030
Brighton Brighton Primary School, 17 Downie St, BRIGHTON TAS 7030
Broadmarsh Broadmarsh Hall, 1218 Elderslie Rd, BROADMARSH TAS 7030
Bronte Bronte Park Highland Village, 378 Marlborough Rd, BRONTE PARK TAS 7140
Buckland Buckland Memorial Hall, 22 Kent St, BUCKLAND TAS 7190
Campania Campania Hall, Reeve St, CAMPANIA TAS 7026
Campbell Town Campbell Town Town Hall, 75 High St, CAMPBELL TOWN TAS 7210
Carrick Carrick Public Hall, 29 Meander Valley Rd, CARRICK TAS 7291
Chudleigh Chudleigh Memorial Hall, 54 Sorell St, CHUDLEIGH TAS 7304
Claude Road Claude Road Fire Station, 787 Claude Rd, CLAUDE ROAD TAS 7306
Colebrook Colebrook Fire Station, Colebrook Rd, COLEBROOK TAS 7027
Coles Bay Coles Bay Community Hall, Harold St, COLES BAY TAS 7215
Copping Copping Hall, Marion Bay Rd, COPPING TAS 7174
Cressy Cressy Community Hall, Main St, CRESSY TAS 7302
Deloraine Deloraine High School Hall, East Barrack St, DELORAINE TAS 7304
Divisional Office (PREPOLL) Divisional Office, Ground Floor, 87 George St, LAUNCESTON TAS 7250
Dodges Ferry Dodges Ferry Community Recreation Centre, 532 Old Forcett Rd, DODGES FERRY TAS 7173
Dromedary Dromedary (Millvale) Community Hall, 14 Millvale Rd, DROMEDARY TAS 7030
Dunalley Dunalley Primary School, 20-32 Bay St, DUNALLEY TAS 7177
Elizabeth Town Elizabeth Town Fire Station, 5816 Bass Hwy, ELIZABETH TOWN TAS 7304
Ellendale Ellendale Hall, 939 Ellendale Rd, ELLENDALE TAS 7140
Epping Epping Forest Public Hall, 13515 Midland Hwy, EPPING FOREST TAS 7211
Evandale Morven Park Multifunction Facility, 1-3 Barclay St, EVANDALE TAS 7212
Exeter Exeter High School Gymnasium, 28 Glen Ard Mohr Rd, EXETER TAS 7275
Fingal Fingal Activity Centre (former Council Chambers), 29 Talbot St, FINGAL TAS 7214
Forcett Forcett Public Hall, 699 Arthur Hwy, FORCETT TAS 7173
Frankford Frankford Memorial Hall, Frankford Rd, FRANKFORD TAS 7275
Gagebrook Brighton Council Chambers, 1 Tivoli Rd, GAGEBROOK TAS 7030
Glengarry Glengarry Fire Station, Frankford Rd, GLENGARRY TAS 7275
Glenora Glenora District High School, 620 Gordon River Rd, GLENORA TAS 7140
Glenorchy LYONS PPVC Shops 4 & 5, 359 Main Rd, GLENORCHY TAS 7010
Granton Granton Memorial Hall, Lyell Hwy, GRANTON TAS 7030
Gravelly Beach Gravelly Beach Main Hall, Edinburgh Park Off Gravelly Beach Rd, GRAVELLY BEACH TAS 7276
Gretna Gretna (St Mary's Parish) Hall, 3548 Lyell Hwy, GRETNA TAS 7140
Hagley Hagley Uniting Church Hall, Meander Valley Rd, HAGLEY TAS 7292
Hamilton Hamilton Hall, Tarleton St, HAMILTON TAS 7140
Hobart LYONS PPVC AMP Building, 4th Floor, 86 Collins St, HOBART TAS 7000
Kelso Kelso Community Centre, Foreshore Rd, KELSO TAS 7270
Kempton Kempton Council Chambers, Main St, KEMPTON TAS 7030
Lachlan Lachlan Community Hall, 511 Lachlan Rd, LACHLAN TAS 7140
Launceston LYONS PPVC Holyman House, 1st Floor, 52-56 Brisbane St, LAUNCESTON TAS 7250
Legana (Lyons) Legana Memorial Hall, 43 Fulton St, LEGANA TAS 7277
Levendale Levendale Primary School, 1315 Woodsdale Rd, LEVENDALE TAS 7120
Longford Longford War Memorial Hall, Wellington St, LONGFORD TAS 7301
Lower Barrington Lower Barrington Public Hall, 1027 Sheffield Rd, LOWER BARRINGTON TAS 7306
Magra Magra CWA Building, Back River Rd, MAGRA TAS 7140
Mathinna Mathinna Community Centre, 21 High St, MATHINNA TAS 7214
Maydena Maydena Primary School, 36 Kallista Rd, MAYDENA TAS 7140
Meander Meander Primary School, 137 Main Rd, MEANDER TAS 7304
Midway Point Midway Point Community Hall, Raynors Rd, MIDWAY POINT TAS 7171
Miena Miena Community Centre, 55-57 Cider Gum Rd, MIENA TAS 7030
Mole Creek Mole Creek Primary School, Off Caveside Rd, MOLE CREEK TAS 7304
Molesworth Molesworth Primary School, 540 Molesworth Rd, MOLESWORTH TAS 7140
Moriarty Moriarty Primary School, 9 Bonneys La, MORIARTY TAS 7307
New Norfolk New Norfolk Primary School, 8 Pioneer Ave, NEW NORFOLK TAS 7140
New Norfolk North New Norfolk Sport & Recreation Centre, 50 Derwent Tce, NEW NORFOLK TAS 7140
Nubeena Tasman Civic Centre, Clarke St, NUBEENA TAS 7184
Oatlands Oatlands Council Chambers, Court Room, 71 High St, OATLANDS TAS 7120
Orford Orford Community Hall, Charles St, ORFORD TAS 7190
Ouse Ouse Online Centre, 6947 Lyell Hwy, OUSE TAS 7140
Parattah Parattah Jubilee Hall, 651 Tunnack Rd, PARATTAH TAS 7120
Perth Perth Community Centre, 173 Fairtlough St, PERTH TAS 7300
Pontville Pontville Old Council Chambers, 262 Midland Hwy, PONTVILLE TAS 7030
Port Arthur Port Arthur Sports Ground, 2745 Nubeena Rd, PORT ARTHUR TAS 7182
Port Sorell Port Sorell Memorial Hall, Cnr Meredith & Darling St, PORT SORELL TAS 7307
Primrose Sands Primrose Sands Fire Station, Esplanade, PRIMROSE SANDS TAS 7173
Pyengana Pyengana War Memorial Hall, St Columba Falls Rd, PYENGANA TAS 7216
Railton Railton Primary School, New Bed Rd, RAILTON TAS 7305
Rosny LYONS PPVC 6 Bayfield St, ROSNY PARK TAS 7018
Ross Ross Town Hall, 12 Bridge St, ROSS TAS 7209
St Helens St Helens Memorial Hall, Cecilia St, ST HELENS TAS 7216
St Helens PPVC St Helens Council Offices, Georges Bay Esplanade, ST HELENS TAS 7216
St Marys St Marys Community Hall, Main St, ST MARYS TAS 7215
Saltwater River Saltwater River Public Hall, 600 Saltwater River Rd, SALTWATER RIVER TAS 7186
Sassafras Sassafras Primary School, 50 School Rd, SASSAFRAS TAS 7307
Scamander Scamander Fire Station, Campbell St, SCAMANDER TAS 7215
Sheffield Sheffield School, 12 Henry St, SHEFFIELD TAS 7306
Sidmouth Sidmouth Community Centre, 255 Batman Hwy, SIDMOUTH TAS 7270
Sorell Sorell School Performing Arts Centre, Off Walker St, SORELL TAS 7172
Special Hospital Team 1 Multiple sites, TAS
Special Hospital Team 2 Multiple sites, TAS
Special Hospital Team 3 Multiple sites, ST HELENS TAS 7216
Special Hospital Team 4 Multiple sites, TAS
Swansea Swansea Town Hall, 12 Franklin St, SWANSEA TAS 7190
Taranna Tasman Peninsula Community Centre, Gourlay Rd, TARANNA TAS 7180
Tea Tree Tea Tree Community Hall, Briar Banks Rd, TEA TREE TAS 7017
Triabunna Triabunna Council Chambers, Recreation Room, 38 Vicary St, TRIABUNNA TAS 7190
Tunnack Tunnack Public Hall, Tunnack Rd, TUNNACK TAS 7120
Wesley Vale Wesley Vale Primary School, West Wind Dr, WESLEY VALE TAS 7307
Westbury Westbury Town Hall, 26 Lyall St, WESTBURY TAS 7303
Westerway Westerway Primary School, 1619 Gordon River Rd, WESTERWAY TAS 7140
Whitemore Whitemore Historical Group Rooms (Old School), 769 Whitemore Rd, WHITEMORE TAS 7303
Wilmot Wilmot Memorial Hall, 53 Main St, WILMOT TAS 7310



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