Virtual Tally Room: the official election results
Virtual Tally Room: the official election results
Senate Updated: 15/09/2010 3:41:24 PM


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Candidates with a surname starting with the letter W
Candidate Party State
WALKER, Jeanie Australian Democrats SA
WALLER, Frank The Climate Sceptics TAS
WALMSLEY, Mark Liberal Democrats (LDP) WA
WARDLE, Emma Louise Senator On-Line VIC
WARREN, Lyle Richard Secular Party of Australia NSW
WATERS, LarissaElected The Greens QLD
WATSON, Sam Socialist Alliance QLD
WATTS, Matthew Liberal ACT
WEBBER, Andrew One Nation NSW
WESTGARTH, Rick Australian Democrats VIC
WHALAN, Andrew Independent NSW
WHISH-WILSON, Peter Stuart Australian Greens TAS
WHITE, Mark Independent QLD
WHITE, Sam Building Australia VIC
WIENER, Sven Senator On-Line TAS
WILLIAMS, Margaret Mary Democratic Labor Party (DLP) of Australia TAS
WILLIAMS, Ray Shooters and Fishers TAS
WILLIAMS, Warren H The Greens NT
WILSON, Emma Australian Sex Party VIC
WINDISCH, Margarita Socialist Alliance VIC
WIRTH, Jarrod John Independent QLD
WOODCOCK, Hamish McKinnon Family First TAS
WOODS, Beau The Climate Sceptics WA
WORK, Vernon Citizens Electoral Council NT
WORTLEY, Dana Australian Labor Party SA
WRIGHT, PennyElected The Greens SA



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