Virtual Tally Room: the official election results
Virtual Tally Room: the official election results
Senate Updated: 15/09/2010 3:16:09 PM


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Polling Places
Polling Place Street Address
Arndell Park North Evans High School, 166 Walters Rd, BLACKTOWN NSW 2148
Bidwill Bidwill Public School, Bunya Rd, BIDWILL NSW 2770
Blackett Blackett Public School, Boldrewood Rd, BLACKETT NSW 2770
Blacktown Nagle College, 58A Orwell St, BLACKTOWN NSW 2148
Blacktown CHIFLEY PPVC 13 Campbell St, BLACKTOWN NSW 2148
Blacktown South (Chifley) Blacktown South Public School, 183 Flushcombe Rd, BLACKTOWN NSW 2148
Blacktown West Blacktown West Public School, Lancaster St, BLACKTOWN NSW 2148
Dean Park William Dean Public School, Yarramundi Dr, DEAN PARK NSW 2761
Dharruk Dawson Public School, Stuart Rd, DHARRUK NSW 2770
Divisional Office (PREPOLL) Divisional Office, 1/19, Campbell St, BLACKTOWN NSW 2148
Doonside Doonside Public School, Kildare Rd, DOONSIDE NSW 2767
Doonside North Doonside High School, Power St, DOONSIDE NSW 2767
Eastern Creek Eastern Creek Public School, Rooty Hill Rd Sth, EASTERN CREEK NSW 2766
Emerton Emerton Public School, Hindemith Ave, EMERTON NSW 2770
Glendenning Glendenning Public School, Armitage Dr, GLENDENNING NSW 2761
Hassall Grove Hassall Grove Public School, Buckwell Dr, HASSALL GROVE NSW 2761
Hebersham Hebersham Public School, Andover Cres, HEBERSHAM NSW 2770
Lethbridge Park Lethbridge Park Public School, Copeland Rd, LETHBRIDGE PARK NSW 2770
Marayong Marayong Public School, Davis Rd, MARAYONG NSW 2148
Marayong Heights Marayong Heights Public School, Guerie St, MARAYONG NSW 2148
Marayong South Marayong South Public School, McClean St, BLACKTOWN NSW 2148
Marayong West John Paul II Campus, Breakfast Rd, MARAYONG NSW 2148
Marsden Park Marsden Park Public School, 361-363 Garfield Rd W, MARSDEN PARK NSW 2765
Minchinbury Minchinbury Public School, McFarlane Dr, MINCHINBURY NSW 2770
Mount Druitt Hospital Mount Druitt Hospital, Railway St, MOUNT DRUITT NSW 2770
Mount Druitt North Mount Druitt Public School, Belmore Ave, MOUNT DRUITT NSW 2770
Mount Druitt PPVC Uncle Bucks Centre, Shop 3, 13 Mount St, MOUNT DRUITT NSW 2770
Mount Druitt South Colyton Public School, Nelson St, MOUNT DRUITT NSW 2770
Plumpton Plumpton Public School, Bottles Rd, PLUMPTON NSW 2761
Quakers Hill Quakers Hill Public School, Medlow Dr, QUAKERS HILL NSW 2763
Quakers Hill East (Chifley) Quakers Hill High School, 70 Lalor Rd, QUAKERS HILL NSW 2763
Rooty Hill East Shop 12 Orcam Lane, Orcam Lane, ROOTY HILL NSW 2766
Rooty Hill North Rooty Hill Public School, Rooty Hill Rd N, ROOTY HILL NSW 2766
Rooty Hill South Senior Citizens Centre, 34A Rooty Hill Rd, ROOTY HILL NSW 2766
Shalvey Shalvey Public School, Laver St, SHALVEY NSW 2770
Special Hospital Team 1 Multiple sites, NSW
Sydney (Chifley) Sydney Town Hall, George St, SYDNEY NSW 2000
Tregear Tregear Public School, Ellsworth Dr, TREGEAR NSW 2770
Whalan Whalan Public School, Karangi Rd, WHALAN NSW 2770
Whalan South Madang Avenue Public School, Mimika Ave, WHALAN NSW 2770
Willmot Willmot Public School, Discovery Ave, WILLMOT NSW 2770
Woodcroft Reform Church, 240 Richmond Rd, WOODCROFT NSW 2767



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