Virtual Tally Room: the official election results
Virtual Tally Room: the official election results
Senate Updated: 15/09/2010 3:36:28 PM


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Polling Places
Polling Place Street Address
Adelong Adelong Community Health Centre, Tumut St, ADELONG NSW 2729
Adjungbilly Bongongo Public School, Adjungbilly Rd, ADJUNGBILLY NSW 2727
Ardlethan Ardlethan CWA Hall, Warri St, ARDLETHAN NSW 2665
Ariah Park Ariah Park Memorial Hall, Pitt St, ARIAH PARK NSW 2665
Ashmont Anglican Community of the Redeemer, 42 Tobruk St, ASHMONT NSW 2650
Barellan St Therese Parish Centre, Mulga St, BARELLAN NSW 2665
Barmedman Barmedman Community Centre, Queen St, BARMEDMAN NSW 2668
Batlow Batlow Technology School, Pioneer St, BATLOW NSW 2730
Beckom Beckom Public School, Welman St, BECKOM NSW 2665
Beelbangera Beelbangera Public School, Rankins Springs Rd, BEELBANGERA NSW 2680
Bethungra Hotel Shirley Bed & Breakfast, Baylis St, BETHUNGRA NSW 2590
Bilbul Bilbul Public School, The Crescent, BILBUL NSW 2680
Binya Binya Public School, Burley Griffin Way, BINYA NSW 2665
Brungle Brungle Memorial Hall, Gundagai Rd, BRUNGLE NSW 2722
Carrathool Carrathool Public School, Glover St, CARRATHOOL NSW 2711
Charles Sturt University Joyes Hall, cnr Pine Gully Rd & Pugsley Pl, CSU Agriculture Campus, CHARLES STURT UNIVERSITY NSW 2678
Coleambally Coleambally Central School, Kingfisher Ave, COLEAMBALLY NSW 2707
Collingullie Collingullie Public School, Urana St, COLLINGULLIE NSW 2652
Coolac Coolac Memorial Hall, Coolac Rd, COOLAC NSW 2727
Coolamon Coolamon Shire Hall, Cowabbie St, COOLAMON NSW 2701
Currawarna Currawarna Community Centre, Bidgee St, CURRAWARNA NSW 2650
Darlington Point Murrumbidgee Shire Council Chambers, 21 Carrington St, DARLINGTON POINT NSW 2706
Divisional Office (PREPOLL) Divisional Office, Wade-Ferrell's Building, 4 Twynam St, NARRANDERA NSW 2700
Euberta Euberta Hall, Old Narrandera Rd, EUBERTA NSW 2650
Forest Hill Forest Hill Public School, Sturt Hwy, FOREST HILL NSW 2651
Forest Hill PPVC Public Schools, Sturt Hwy, FOREST HILL NSW 2651
Galore Galore Public Hall, Sturt Hwy, GALORE NSW 2652
Ganmain Ganmain Public School, Langham St, GANMAIN NSW 2702
Glenfield Park Glenfield Park Scout Hall, Dalman Pkwy, GLENFIELD PARK NSW 2650
Goolgowi Goolgowi Public School, Penney St, GOOLGOWI NSW 2652
Griffith PCYC Griffith, Olympic St, GRIFFITH NSW 2680
Griffith Central PPVC Griffith Aboriginal Medical Service, Wiradjuri Pl, GRIFFITH NSW 2680
Griffith Driver Wade High School, Poole St, GRIFFITH NSW 2680
Griffith East Marian Catholic College, 185 Wakaden St, GRIFFITH NSW 2680
Griffith North Uniting Church Hall, 28 Noorebar St, GRIFFITH NSW 2680
Griffith PPVC PCYC Griffith, Olympic St, GRIFFITH NSW 2680
Griffith West Griffith Public School, Coolah St, GRIFFITH NSW 2680
Grong Grong Grong Grong Public School, Junee St, GRONG GRONG NSW 2652
Gundagai Gundagai High School, Hanley St, GUNDAGAI NSW 2722
Gundagai South Gundagai South Public School, Luke St, GUNDAGAI SOUTH NSW 2722
Hanwood Hanwood Public School, School St, HANWOOD NSW 2680
Hillston Hillston Central School, Moore St, HILLSTON NSW 2675
Humula Humula Public School, School St, HUMULA NSW 2652
Illabo Illabo Public School, Layton St, ILLABO NSW 2590
Jingellic Jingellic Showgrounds, Jingellic South Rd, JINGELLIC NSW 2642
Junee Junee High School, Lydia St, JUNEE NSW 2663
Kapooka Kapooka Public School, Sturt Ave, KAPOOKA NSW 2661
Kapooka PPVC Broughton Centre, Blamey Barracks, KAPOOKA MILPO NSW 2661
Khancoban Khancoban Community Hall, Mitchell Ave, KHANCOBAN NSW 2642
Kooringal Kooringal Public School, Lake Albert Rd, KOORINGAL NSW 2650
Kooringal North Sturt Public School, White Ave, KOORINGAL NSW 2650
Lacmalac Lacmalac Memorial Hall, Lacmalac Rd, LACMALAC NSW 2720
Ladysmith Ladysmith Public School, Tywong St, LADYSMITH NSW 2652
Lake Albert Lake Albert Public School, Main St, LAKE ALBERT NSW 2650
Lake Wyangan Lake Wyangan Public School, Boorga Rd, LAKE WYANGAN NSW 2680
Leeton Madonna Place Hall, Wade Ave, LEETON NSW 2705
Leeton North Leeton Public School, Mallee St, LEETON NSW 2705
Leeton Parkview Parkview Public School, Park Ave, LEETON NSW 2705
Leeton South Gralee SSP School, Yanco Ave, LEETON NSW 2705
Mangoplah Mangoplah Community Hall, Kyeamba St, MANGOPLAH NSW 2652
Marrar Marrar Public School, Centenary Dr, MARRAR NSW 2652
Matong Matong Public School, Canola Way, MATONG NSW 2652
Merriwagga Merriwagga Community Hall, Mons St, MERRIWAGGA NSW 2652
Mirrool Mirrool Community Hall, Edward St, MIRROOL NSW 2665
Mount Austin Mount Austin Public School, Bourke St, MOUNT AUSTIN NSW 2650
Murrami Murrami Community Hall, 189 Wattle Ave, MURRAMI NSW 2705
Nangus Nangus Public School, Hulong St, NANGUS NSW 2722
Narrandera John O'Brien Hall, Larmer St, NARRANDERA NSW 2700
Narrandera East Narrandera High School, Elizabeth St, NARRANDERA NSW 2700
Narrandera PPVC New Criterion Hotel, 100 East St, NARRANDERA NSW 2700
Narrandera West Narrandera Public School, Adams St, NARRANDERA NSW 2700
Rankins Springs Rankins Springs War Memorial Hall, Boomerang St, RANKINS SPRINGS NSW 2669
Rosewood Rosewood Public School, Humula St, ROSEWOOD NSW 2652
San Isidore Our Lady of Blessed Eucharist Church Hall, Michael Ave, SAN ISIDORE NSW 2650
Special Hospital Team 1 Multiple sites, NSW 2680
Special Hospital Team 2 Multiple sites, NSW
Special Hospital Team 3 Multiple sites, NSW
Special Hospital Team 4 Multiple sites, NSW 2650
Special Hospital Team 5 Multiple sites, NSW
Special Hospital Team 6 Multiple sites, Ungarie Rd, WEST WYALONG NSW 2671
Sydney (Riverina) Sydney Town Hall, George St, SYDNEY NSW 2000
Talbingo Talbingo Public School, Lampe St, TALBINGO NSW 2720
Tallimba Tallimba Public School, Kikoira St, TALLIMBA NSW 2669
Tarcutta Tarcutta Memorial Hall, Sydney St, TARCUTTA NSW 2652
Tatton Lutheran Primary School Wagga Wagga, Tamar Dr, KOORINGAL NSW 2650
Temora Temora Town Hall, De Boos St, TEMORA NSW 2666
Temora West St Johns Lutheran Church Hall, Vesper St, TEMORA NSW 2666
Tharbogang Tharbogang Public School, Braithwaite Rd, THARBOGANG NSW 2680
Tolland Mount Austin High School, Leavenworth Dr, TOLLAND NSW 2650
Tooma Tooma Memorial Services Club, Walaregang Rd, TOOMA NSW 2642
Tumbarumba Tumbarumba High School, William St, TUMBARUMBA NSW 2653
Tumblong Tumblong War Memorial Hall, Adelong Rd, TUMBLONG NSW 2729
Tumut All Saints Anglican Church Hall, River St, TUMUT NSW 2720
Tumut East Tumut High School, Bogong Pl, TUMUT NSW 2720
Turvey Park Turvey Park Public School, Halloran St, WAGGA WAGGA NSW 2650
Turvey Park North Wagga Wagga High School, Macleay St, WAGGA WAGGA NSW 2650
Ungarie Ungarie Central School, Condobolin Rd, UNGARIE NSW 2669
Uranquinty Uranquinty Public School, Pearson St, URANQUINTY NSW 2652
Wagga Wagga Wesley Church Hall, 17-21 Johnson St, WAGGA WAGGA NSW 2650
Wagga Wagga East Carriage House Motor Inn, cnr Sturt Hwy & Eunony Bridge RD, GUMLY GUMLY NSW 2652
Wagga Wagga Hospital Wagga Wagga Base Hospital, Edward St, WAGGA WAGGA NSW 2650
Wagga Wagga North North Wagga Public School, Hampden Ave, WAGGA WAGGA NSW 2650
Wagga Wagga PPVC Wagga Wagga Business Enterprise Centre, 66-70 Coleman St, WAGGA WAGGA NSW 2650
Wagga Wagga South Salvation Army Hall, 188 Edward St, WAGGA WAGGA NSW 2650
Wagga Wagga West St Lukes Church Hall, Docker St, WAGGA WAGGA NSW 2650
Wamoon Wamoon Public School, Oxley Rd, WAMOON NSW 2705
Wantabadgery McDonald Memorial Hall, Gundagai St, WANTABADGERY NSW 2650
Weethalle Weethalle Public School, Wattle St, WEETHALLE NSW 2669
West Wyalong Bland Masonic Centre, Court St, WEST WYALONG NSW 2671
Whitton Whitton Public School, Melbergen St, WHITTON NSW 2705
Wyalong Old Wyalong Council Chambers, Neeld St, WYALONG NSW 2671
Wyalong PPVC Old Wyalong Council Chambers, Neeld St, WYALONG NSW 2671
Yanco Yanco Memorial Hall, 7 Main Ave, YANCO NSW 2703
Yenda Yenda Memorial Hall, Yenda Pl, YENDA NSW 2681
Yoogali Yoogali Public School, East St, YOOGALI NSW 2680



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