2024 Cook By-election

House of Representatives downloads

Updated: Not available

The download files are provided to allow you to create your own database or spreadsheet to further analyse the election results.


  1. The election result downloads have been provided in Microsoft Excel Comma-Separated-Value (CSV) format and Tab-Delimited-Value (TAB) format.
  2. Both of these file formats are text based and can be opened with a simple text editor program like Microsoft Notepad.
  3. The CSV format is most suited to working with spreadsheet applications such as Microsoft Excel.
  4. The TAB format is most useful when you wish to import the election results into a database system.
  5. The best way to download a file depends on your computer, browser and security settings.
  6. These results are final.

Candidates & seats

First preferences, two candidate preferred and two party preferred

Distribution and flow of preferences