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Candidates for all states and territories
Candidate Party Division State
ABBOTT, TonyElected Liberal Warringah NSW
ABRAHAMSON, Iona Family First Forde QLD
ADAMS, DickElected Australian Labor Party Lyons TAS
ADAMS, James Family First Wentworth NSW
ADAMS, John Climate Change Coalition Mackellar NSW
ADAMS, Neale Australian Greens Dunkley VIC
AESCHLIMANN, Terry Family First McMillan VIC
ALBANESE, AnthonyElected Labor Grayndler NSW
ALBLAS, Theo Matthew Citizens Electoral Council McMillan VIC
ALBURY, Daniel Citizens Electoral Council Hunter NSW
ALCORN, Zane Socialist Alliance Wills VIC
ALDERSON, Gordon Family First Corio VIC
ALLEN, Darryl Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Mitchell NSW
ALLEN, David L Independent Bennelong NSW
ALLEN, Michael Country Labor Calare NSW
ALLEN, Terry The Greens Wakefield SA
AMBERLEY, Scott Family First Gorton VIC
ANDERSON, Georgina Liberal Sydney NSW
ANDREWS, KevinElected Liberal Menzies VIC
ARAPI-NUNEZ, Flavia Family First Cowper NSW
ARBOREA, Vince Liberal Hotham VIC
ARNEMAN, Jim Labor Paterson NSW
ARNOLD, Jim Citizens Electoral Council Fraser ACT
ARTHUR, Lily Liberal Prospect NSW
ASHDOWN, Steven Family First Dunkley VIC
ASPLIN, Nigel Democrats Kennedy QLD
AUSSIE-STONE, Marcus Independent North Sydney NSW
AUSTIN, Susan Socialist Alliance Denison TAS
AVASALU, Rhonda Joy Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Page NSW
AZA, Rachal Australian Democrats Aston VIC
BAALBERGEN, Arie Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) North Sydney NSW
BACH, Willy The Greens Griffith QLD
BADWAL, Penny Family First Higgins VIC
BAILEY, FranElected Liberal McEwen VIC
BAILEY, Karen Australian Democrats Dunkley VIC
BAILEY, Michael Australian Democrats Goldstein VIC
BAILEY, Mike Labor North Sydney NSW
BAISSARI, Sam Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Parramatta NSW
BAKER, Mark Liberal Braddon TAS
BALDWIN, BobElected Liberal Paterson NSW
BAMBRICK, Paul The Greens Capricornia QLD
BAN, Hajnal The Nationals Forde QLD
BANDT, Adam Australian Greens Melbourne VIC
BARNES, Clinton Democrats Mackellar NSW
BARONS, Rachael Conservatives for Climate and Environment Mayo SA
BARRESI, Phil Liberal Deakin VIC
BARRY, Patrick Independent Charlton NSW
BARTLETT, Kerry Liberal Macquarie NSW
BARWICK, Robert Citizens Electoral Council Batman VIC
BASSI, Raul Socialist Alliance Blaxland NSW
BATEMAN, Sue One Nation WA Fremantle WA
BATHERSBY, Mike Australian Labor Party Maranoa QLD
BATTEN, David Australian Democrats Flinders VIC
BAYLEY, Grant LDP Lindsay NSW
BEALE, Craig Australian Democrats La Trobe VIC
BEALE, Michael The Greens Fadden QLD
BEARD, Dympna Australian Labor Party Casey VIC
BECK, Jeremy Citizens Electoral Council Indi VIC
BECKER, Barry J Independent Kingston SA
BEHN, Doug Independent Page NSW
BEILHARZ, Kurt Citizens Electoral Council La Trobe VIC
BEINKE, Caroline Liberal Kingsford Smith NSW
BELL, Peter The Greens Dawson QLD
BENSON, Sarah Australian Democrats Indi VIC
BERK, Daniel Australian Democrats Chisholm VIC
BERRY, Rob Independent Groom QLD
BETTS, Phil Nationals New England NSW
BETTS, Sandra Australian Greens McMillan VIC
BEVIS, ArchElected Australian Labor Party Brisbane QLD
BHATT, Neerav The Greens Werriwa NSW
BIAR, Sandy Australian Democrats Adelaide SA
BIDGOOD, JamesElected Australian Labor Party Dawson QLD
BILLMAN, Matthew Australian Greens Hotham VIC
BILLSON, BruceElected Liberal Dunkley VIC
BIRD, Graeme LDP Dobell NSW
BIRD, SharonElected Labor Cunningham NSW
BISHOP, BronwynElected Liberal Mackellar NSW
BISHOP, JulieElected Liberal Curtin WA
BLACK, Beth Nationals Hunter NSW
BLAKE, Simon Conservatives for Climate and Environment Gilmore NSW
BLAKEWAY, Roger Citizens Electoral Council Cowan WA
BLEASDALE, Nick Labor Macarthur NSW
BLUMEL, Debbie Australian Labor Party Fairfax QLD
BODLAY, Jordie Stuart Independent Mitchell NSW
BOESE, Shane The Fishing Party Bonner QLD
BOLT, David Family First Pearce WA
BOLT, Stephen Family First Hasluck WA
BOLTON, Karin Australian Labor Party Grey SA
BOON, Lloyd One Nation WA Tangney WA
BOSSIE, Craig Australian Democrats Boothby SA
BOURAS, Rita Liberal Hindmarsh SA
BOWEN, ChrisElected Labor Prospect NSW
BRADBURY, DavidElected Labor Lindsay NSW
BRAND, Luke Country Labor New England NSW
BRANDON, Carla The Greens Moncrieff QLD
BRANWHITE, Steve Independent Pearce WA
BREMMER, Jane The Greens Hasluck WA
BRENNAN, Billy Independent Herbert QLD
BRESNAN, Amanda The Greens Canberra ACT
BREWERTON, Mary Australian Labor Party Mayo SA
BRITT, Peter Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Petrie QLD
BROADBENT, RussellElected Liberal McMillan VIC
BROKENSHIRE, Robert Family First Party Kingston SA
BROMWICH, Robert Democrats Hinkler QLD
BRONTE, Fiona Family First Deakin VIC
BROOKMAN, Victoria Labor Bradfield NSW
BROOKS, Stephen J Independent Perth WA
BROUGH, Mal Liberal Longman QLD
BROWN, Aleisha Australian Democrats Makin SA
BROWN, Bob Australian Greens Flinders VIC
BROWN, Shane LDP Moreton QLD
BRUMERSKYJ, Bohdan Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Gilmore NSW
BRUNNING, Noel Independent Forrest WA
BRYANT, Joe Independent Werriwa NSW
BRYANT, Rob Independent Murray VIC
BUCKINGHAM, Jeremy The Greens Calare NSW
BUCKLEY, Ben Independent Gippsland VIC
BUCKLEY, Brian Independent Parramatta NSW
BULLER, Arthur Family First Calwell VIC
BUMAN, Aaron Independent Newcastle NSW
BUNTING, Richard Family First Party Hindmarsh SA
BURGESS, Geraldine Australian Labor Party Moore WA
BURKE, AnnaElected Australian Labor Party Chisholm VIC
BURKE, TonyElected Labor Watson NSW
BURT, Ian Citizens Electoral Council Kalgoorlie WA
BUTLER, MarkElected Australian Labor Party Port Adelaide SA
BUTLER, Robert H Citizens Electoral Council Bradfield NSW
BUTTERFIELD, Dale Family First Ballarat VIC
BUTTIGIEG, Mark Labor Cook NSW
BYERS, Tania Family First Scullin VIC
BYRNE, AnthonyElected Australian Labor Party Holt VIC
BYRNE, Toby Australian Greens Bendigo VIC
BYRNES, Damian Independent Leichhardt QLD
CADBY, Craig Australian Democrats Hotham VIC
CAFFERATTA, John Family First North Sydney NSW
CAFFERY, Daniel Liberal Grayndler NSW
CAINE, Albert One Nation WA Curtin WA
CAINE, Milton Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Newcastle NSW
CALLANDER, Jason Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Prospect NSW
CAMPBELL, Andrew Australian Labor Party Menzies VIC
CAMPBELL, JodieElected Australian Labor Party Bass TAS
CAMPBELL, Marcus Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Kingsford Smith NSW
CAMPBELL, Peter Australian Greens Kooyong VIC
CAMPBELL, Trudy Citizens Electoral Council Solomon NT
CAREY, Patricia Australian Greens Batman VIC
CARNWELL, Bruce Democrats Petrie QLD
CARNWELL, Lori Democrats McPherson QLD
CARSON, Stephen Family First O'Connor WA
CARTY, John The Greens Cowper NSW
CASSIDY, Karen The Greens Lyons TAS
CASSIDY, Rob Australian Greens Bruce VIC
CASTRIQUE, Andrew Australian Democrats Mayo SA
CHAMPION, NickElected Australian Labor Party Wakefield SA
CHANDRASEGARAN, Suryan D.L.P. - Democratic Labor Party McMillan VIC
CHAPMAN, John Family First Wide Bay QLD
CHAPPLE, Robin The Greens Kalgoorlie WA
CHAVURA, Stephen Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Banks NSW
CHEESEMAN, DarrenElected Australian Labor Party Corangamite VIC
CHESTER, Jacques LDP Solomon NT
CHEW, Ka-ren Christian Democratic Party Tangney WA
CHIA, Siou Hong LDP Hasluck WA
CHIDGEY, Dave One Nation WA Bowman QLD
CHIJOFF, Karen Liberal Lindsay NSW
CHIPP, Laura Australian Democrats Isaacs VIC
CHIVERS, Matthew J Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Eden-Monaro NSW
CHOMEL, Brenton Liberal Port Adelaide SA
CHORLEY, Dale Independent Blair QLD
CHRISTIAN, Steve Family First Moreton QLD
CHRISTOE, Ian Australian Greens Murray VIC
CHURCHILL, Darren Australian Democrats Fraser ACT
CHURCHILL, Glenn The Nationals Flynn QLD
CICCHIELLO, Emanuele Liberal Holt VIC
CIOBO, StevenElected Liberal Moncrieff QLD
CLARE, JasonElected Labor Blaxland NSW
CLARK, Aubrey LDP Lilley QLD
CLARK, Jim The Greens Hume NSW
CLARKE, Edward Australian Democrats Wills VIC
CLUSE, Jennifer Democrats Lilley QLD
COATES, Belinda Australian Greens Ballarat VIC
COBB, JohnElected Nationals Calare NSW
COCKS, Rodney Australian Labor Party La Trobe VIC
COGAN, James Socialist Equality Party Chifley NSW
COLBERT, Natalie Liberal Canberra ACT
COLBRAN, George Australian Labor Party Herbert QLD
COLE, Andrew Family First Party Boothby SA
COLLINS, JulieElected Australian Labor Party Franklin TAS
COLLINS, Pauline The Greens Groom QLD
COLLIS, David Australian Greens Wills VIC
COLLYER, David Australian Democrats Kooyong VIC
COLNAN, Michael Labor Berowra NSW
COMBET, GregElected Labor Charlton NSW
CONLON, Andrew Family First Jagajaga VIC
CONNELLY, Paul Christian Democratic Party Perth WA
CONSANDINE, Peter Independent Bendigo VIC
CONTARINO, Nick Citizens Electoral Council Brisbane QLD
COOK, Terry Socialist Equality Party Charlton NSW
CORDINER, Graeme Independent Bennelong NSW
CORNELL, Geoff Citizens Electoral Council McPherson QLD
CORNES, Nicole Australian Labor Party Boothby SA
CORNISH, Phil Family First Party Barker SA
CORY, Sue The Greens Leichhardt QLD
COSGROVE, Lindsay D Citizens Electoral Council Hume NSW
COSTELLO, PeterElected Liberal Higgins VIC
COSTELLO, Phillip Martin Independent Flynn QLD
COSTIN, Paul The Greens Longman QLD
COTTER, Neil The Greens Rankin QLD
COTTERILL, Rob Democrats Griffith QLD
COULSON, Pete Liberal Rankin QLD
COULTHARD, Glenn Family First Mallee VIC
COULTON, Dixie Climate Change Coalition Wentworth NSW
COULTON, MarkElected Nationals Parkes NSW
COURTICE, Ben Socialist Alliance Gellibrand VIC
COYLE, Chris Independent Forde QLD
CRAIG, Salore Australian Greens Casey VIC
CRANSON, Ian Family First McEwen VIC
CREAN, SimonElected Australian Labor Party Hotham VIC
CREIGHTON, Wendy Liberal Forde QLD
CROKER, Douglas Family First Moore WA
CROSSLAND, Ian The Nationals Leichhardt QLD
CROWE, Darius Independent O'Connor WA
CULVERWELL, John Citizens Electoral Council Page NSW
CUMMING, Graeme Family First Fisher QLD
CURRY, Joel Independent Newcastle NSW
CURTIS, Peter Liberal Lalor VIC
CURTIS, Pierre Citizens Electoral Council Kooyong VIC
CUSTERS, Bev Family First Curtin WA
CUTLER, Philip Independent Calwell VIC
DALTON, Charles LDP Kalgoorlie WA
DANBY, MichaelElected Australian Labor Party Melbourne Ports VIC
DANIELS, Ross Australian Labor Party Ryan QLD
DARBY, Michael Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Dobell NSW
D'ATH, YvetteElected Australian Labor Party Petrie QLD
DAVIS, Jan The Greens Hunter NSW
DAVIS, Kevin Family First McPherson QLD
DAVY, Jeff Citizens Electoral Council Murray VIC
DAY, Bob Liberal Makin SA
de BOMFORD, Wayne Family First Braddon TAS
de HAAN, Ixa Family First Bass TAS
DE ZILWA, Yasmin Family First Holt VIC
DEAKES, Scott Gordon Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Throsby NSW
DEANE, Brian One Nation WA Canning WA
DEBUS, BobElected Labor Macquarie NSW
DEL CIOTTO, Andrea Liberal Melbourne VIC
DESIATOV, Tamara The Greens Stirling WA
DETTMAN, Mary Australian Democrats Higgins VIC
DETTMANN, Brian One Nation New England NSW
DIAZ, Jess Liberal Chifley NSW
DICK, Stephen Anthony Citizens Electoral Council Braddon TAS
DICKES, Charles The Greens Hinkler QLD
DICKSON, Alan Democrats Maranoa QLD
DOEL, Rodney Citizens Electoral Council Gellibrand VIC
DOLS, Yvonne The Greens Pearce WA
DONAYRE, Christine The Greens Watson NSW
DONNELLY, Judy The Greens Paterson NSW
DORIAN, Peter Family First Hotham VIC
DOUGLAS, Alex The Nationals Fadden QLD
DOUGLAS, Keith Family First Kennedy QLD
DOUGLAS-MEYER, Damian The Greens Perth WA
DOWNER, AlexanderElected Liberal Mayo SA
DOYLE, Chris Democrats Dawson QLD
DREYFUS, MarkElected Australian Labor Party Isaacs VIC
DRYSDALE, Mathew James Family First Flynn QLD
D'SOUZA, Conrad Liberal Jagajaga VIC
DU PLESSIS, Andriette Family First Fremantle WA
DUNCAN, Clinton Independent Hindmarsh SA
DUNJEY, Lachlan Christian Democratic Party Moore WA
DUTTON, PeterElected Liberal Dickson QLD
EAST, Bob The Greens Maranoa QLD
EAST, Malcolm Family First Newcastle NSW
EASTMAN, Cameron Family First Flinders VIC
EATON, Doug Independent Dobell NSW
EATON, Jon Family First Capricornia QLD
EBONO, Giovanni The Greens Richmond NSW
ECKERSLEY, Charmian The Greens Newcastle NSW
ECUYER, Dani Independent Wentworth NSW
EDMAN, Phil Liberal Brand WA
EDMONDS, Marie One Nation WA Perth WA
EDMUNDS, Pauline What Women Want (Australia) Wakefield SA
EDWARDS, Jan Family First Corangamite VIC
EDWARDS, Lesley The Greens Lindsay NSW
ELLIOT, JustineElected Labor Richmond NSW
ELLIOTT, Rachel Liberal Werriwa NSW
ELLIOTT-HALLS, Samantha Democrats Macarthur NSW
ELLIS, AnnetteElected Australian Labor Party Canberra ACT
ELLIS, David Australian Greens Menzies VIC
ELLIS, KateElected Australian Labor Party Adelaide SA
ELLIS, Sam Family First Berowra NSW
ELLISON, Paul Citizens Electoral Council Fremantle WA
EL-MEREBI, Salam Democrats Rankin QLD
EMERSON, CraigElected Australian Labor Party Rankin QLD
ERVIN, Hadden Family First Dobell NSW
ESSENBERG, Martin One Nation WA Wide Bay QLD
EVANS, Rachel Socialist Alliance Parramatta NSW
EVANS, Rod One Nation WA Forde QLD
FAINT, Chris Democrats Fadden QLD
FAIRFULL, Sharon Family First Perth WA
FARMER, PatElected Liberal Macarthur NSW
FARMILO, Daniel LDP Richmond NSW
FARRELL, Terry D.L.P. - Democratic Labor Party Hotham VIC
FARRELLY, Liam Australian Greens Mallee VIC
FAWCETT, David Liberal Wakefield SA
FECHNER, Robert One Nation Makin SA
FERGUSON, LaurieElected Labor Reid NSW
FERGUSON, MartinElected Australian Labor Party Batman VIC
FERGUSON, Michael Liberal Bass TAS
FIANDER, James Climate Change Coalition Mitchell NSW
FIELD, Pierce Democrats Wentworth NSW
FINDLAY, Peter Charles Family First Groom QLD
FIRTH, Martin Christian Democratic Party Cowan WA
FITZGIBBON, JoelElected Labor Hunter NSW
FITZPATRICK, Peter One Nation Wakefield SA
FLANAGAN, John Non-Custodial Parents Party (Equal Parenting) Cunningham NSW
FLETCHER, Kirk LDP Macquarie NSW
FOLEY, Maurice Independent Solomon NT
FORD, Adrian Citizens Electoral Council Sydney NSW
FORD, Gordon W Independent Isaacs VIC
FORDE, Genevieve Maria Independent Higgins VIC
FORDER, Gail Christian Democratic Party Curtin WA
FORREST, JohnElected The Nationals Mallee VIC
FORRESTER, John The Greens Chifley NSW
FORSYTH, Mac Christian Democratic Party O'Connor WA
FOWLER, Colin Liberal Cunningham NSW
FOWLER, Damon Family First Swan WA
FOWLER, Matthew Australian Democrats Kingston SA
FOX, Ross Liberal Isaacs VIC
FOY, Merry Family First Watson NSW
GABRIEL, Jeffrey Democrats Grayndler NSW
GAGLIOTI, Frank Socialist Equality Party Calwell VIC
GALE, Clinton LDP Bendigo VIC
GALLAGHER, Mick Independent Berowra NSW
GAMBARO, Teresa Liberal Petrie QLD
GARDINER, Philip Warren Nationals O'Connor WA
GARG, Mukesh Family First Gellibrand VIC
GARLAND, Rosalie The Greens Grey SA
GARRETT, PeterElected Labor Kingsford Smith NSW
GASH, JoannaElected Liberal Gilmore NSW
GAUGG, Bill One Nation WA Hasluck WA
GAULT, George One Nation WA Moore WA
GAY, Norman R Citizens Electoral Council Swan WA
GAYED, Hany Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Werriwa NSW
GEBBING, Rebecca Family First Melbourne Ports VIC
GEBILAGIN, Lizza The Greens Prospect NSW
GELLATLY, Stephen Family First Bonner QLD
GEMMELL, Susie The Greens Bradfield NSW
GEORGANAS, SteveElected Australian Labor Party Hindmarsh SA
GEORGE, JennieElected Labor Throsby NSW
GEORGIOU, PetroElected Liberal Kooyong VIC
GIBBONS, SteveElected Australian Labor Party Bendigo VIC
GIBSON, Kingsley The Greens Forrest WA
GIBSON, Robert Australian Greens Gellibrand VIC
GIFFORD, Robert Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Macquarie NSW
GILBERT, Tasman Christian Democratic Party Swan WA
GILES, Adam C.L.P. Lingiari NT
GILLARD, JuliaElected Australian Labor Party Lalor VIC
GIRVAN, Orm Citizens Electoral Council Perth WA
GIUDICE, George Independent O'Connor WA
GLEESON, Steve Family First Lalor VIC
GOH, Godwin Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Macarthur NSW
GOLDFINCH, Peter Lloyd Democrats Bennelong NSW
GOODLASS, Ray The Greens Riverina NSW
GOODWIN, Vanessa Liberal Franklin TAS
GORDON, Chris Socialist Equality Party Parramatta NSW
GOULD, Nigel Labor Mitchell NSW
GRAETZ, Jarrod Family First Mitchell NSW
GRAHAM, Andrew Family First Party Makin SA
GRAHAM, Jason Australian Democrats Jagajaga VIC
GRANT, David Labor Hume NSW
GRANT, George Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Robertson NSW
GRANT, Peter Australian Labor Party Curtin WA
GRASSO, Rodney Family First Canning WA
GRAY, GaryElected Australian Labor Party Brand WA
GRAY, Karen Family First Lilley QLD
GRAY, Leigh Liberal Denison TAS
GRAY, Matthew The Greens Fisher QLD
GREEN, Andrew Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Lindsay NSW
GREENHALGH, Brett Family First Gilmore NSW
GRIERSON, SharonElected Labor Newcastle NSW
GRIFFIN, AlanElected Australian Labor Party Bruce VIC
GRODECKI, Andy The Greens Forde QLD
GROSSI, Richard Australian Democrats Bruce VIC
GULAPTIS, Chris Nationals Page NSW
GUNNYON, David One Nation WA Pearce WA
GUTHRIE, Elizabeth The Greens Brisbane QLD
GUYMER, Edward Australian Democrats Bendigo VIC
HAAG, Brian Citizens Electoral Council Oxley QLD
HAASE, BarryElected Liberal Kalgoorlie WA
HAIGH, Bruce Douglas Independent Parkes NSW
HALE, DamianElected Australian Labor Party (Northern Territory) Branch Solomon NT
HALL, JillElected Labor Shortland NSW
HALLAM, Keith Citizens Electoral Council Stirling WA
HAMBERGER, John One Nation Paterson NSW
HAMBOUR, Bruce Family First Party Port Adelaide SA
HAMERSLEY, Rhonda Family First Cowan WA
HAMPSHIRE, Don Independent Calwell VIC
HANDSHIN, Mia Australian Labor Party Sturt SA
HANKIN, Bill One Nation WA Kennedy QLD
HARDGRAVE, Gary Liberal Moreton QLD
HARDIE, Denise The Greens Canning WA
HARRIS, Andrew Citizens Electoral Council Dawson QLD
HARRIS, Conny The Greens Warringah NSW
HARRIS, Joy One Nation WA Swan WA
HARRIS, Peter Robert Family First Eden-Monaro NSW
HARRISON, Daniel Family First Casey VIC
HARRISON, Jamie Independent Lyne NSW
HARROLD, Lisa Independent Lindsay NSW
HARTSUYKER, LukeElected Nationals Cowper NSW
HARVEY, Arthur Citizens Electoral Council Moore WA
HARVEY, John Climate Change Coalition Hunter NSW
HARVEY, Ken Australian Labor Party Kooyong VIC
HASHEMI, Janette Democrats Fairfax QLD
HASSALL, Andrew R Family First Griffith QLD
HASSAN, Darren Australian Democrats Batman VIC
HAWKE, AlexElected Liberal Mitchell NSW
HAWKER, DavidElected Liberal Wannon VIC
HAYES, ChrisElected Labor Werriwa NSW
HAYNES, Heather Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Paterson NSW
HEGGERS, Bill Christian Democratic Party Fremantle WA
HELD, Adam Liberal Melbourne Ports VIC
HELEL, Shahar Independent Curtin WA
HEMSLEY, Lee The Greens Curtin WA
HENDERSON, Douglas McGregor Conservatives for Climate and Environment Farrer NSW
HENMAN, Murray Democrats Oxley QLD
HENNELLY, Paul The Fishing Party Paterson NSW
HENNIEN, Ehab Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Grayndler NSW
HENRY, Stuart Liberal Hasluck WA
HERNANDEZ, Rene Family First Parramatta NSW
HERRMANN, Johannes The Greens Cowan WA
HERRMANN, Sandra Joy Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Bruce VIC
HESKETH, Craig One Nation Riverina NSW
HINE, Emma The Greens Moreton QLD
HINMAN, Pip Socialist Alliance Grayndler NSW
HOCKEY, JoeElected Liberal North Sydney NSW
HODGSON, Lisa Australian Greens Jagajaga VIC
HOLDER, John Citizens Electoral Council Canberra ACT
HOLLAND, Greg Labor Hughes NSW
HOLLAND, Mal Family First Party Grey SA
HOLLAND, Paul Democrats Bowman QLD
HOLLOWAY, Matt Socialist Alliance Franklin TAS
HOLT, Noel Socialist Equality Party Newcastle NSW
HONEY, Roger Citizens Electoral Council Franklin TAS
HOPE, Danny Citizens Electoral Council Forde QLD
HOPKINSON, Symia Family First Stirling WA
HORAN, Tim Independent Parkes NSW
HORNE, Colin Citizens Electoral Council Goldstein VIC
HOWARD, John Winston Liberal Bennelong NSW
HOWARD, P M Independent Griffith QLD
HOWE, Roger Australian Democrats Lalor VIC
HUBBARD, Mike Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Mackellar NSW
HUDE, Peter Australian Democrats Scullin VIC
HUDSON, Debbie The Greens Solomon NT
HUDSON, Tony Independent Leichhardt QLD
HUGHES, John Australian Labor Party Canning WA
HUGHES, Keith The Greens Eden-Monaro NSW
HUGHES, Steve Citizens Electoral Council Dobell NSW
HUGHES, Vern D.L.P. - Democratic Labor Party Gorton VIC
HULL, KayElected Nationals Riverina NSW
HUNT, GregElected Liberal Flinders VIC
HUNT, Warwick William Citizens Electoral Council Gilmore NSW
HUNTER, Meredith The Greens Fraser ACT
HUTCHINSON, Caroline Independent Fisher QLD
HUTCHINSON, Helen The Greens Denison TAS
HYLAND, Wayne Independent Chifley NSW
HYND, Denise What Women Want (Australia) Stirling WA
IHRAM, Silma Democrats Reid NSW
INGLESE, Tony Australian Democrats Casey VIC
INGREY, Bill Citizens Electoral Council Capricornia QLD
IQBAL, Farida Socialist Alliance Fraser ACT
IRONS, SteveElected Liberal Swan WA
IRWIN, JuliaElected Labor Fowler NSW
ISGRO, Sarina Australian Democrats Murray VIC
ISHERWOOD, Aaron Citizens Electoral Council Melbourne Ports VIC
ISHERWOOD, Craig William Citizens Electoral Council Wills VIC
IVAN, Christine The Greens Tangney WA
IVOR, F Independent Greenway NSW
JACKSON, Katherine Independent Tangney WA
JACKSON, SharrynElected Australian Labor Party Hasluck WA
JACKSON, Tyrone Independent McPherson QLD
JACOBSEN, Ben Family First Leichhardt QLD
JAMIESON, John Citizens Electoral Council Wentworth NSW
JAMIESON, John Liberal Fremantle WA
JANSEN, Carol Family First Party Sturt SA
JARNASON, Susan The Greens Wentworth NSW
JARVIS, Terry Family First Bendigo VIC
JEANNERET, Rod Independent Groom QLD
JECKS, Dawn The Greens Brand WA
JENKINS, HarryElected Australian Labor Party Scullin VIC
JENNINGS, Andrew The Greens Barker SA
JENNISON, Susan Liberal Gorton VIC
JENSEN, DennisElected Liberal Tangney WA
JEWELL, Evan Family First Chifley NSW
JOB, Jarrah LDP Flynn QLD
JOHANSON, Georgina Democrats Warringah NSW
JOHNSON, Aaron Democrats Newcastle NSW
JOHNSON, Chris Socialist Alliance Corio VIC
JOHNSON, Gary Citizens Electoral Council Riverina NSW
JOHNSON, Hal Citizens Electoral Council Reid NSW
JOHNSON, MichaelElected Liberal Ryan QLD
JOHNSTON, Selwyn Independent Leichhardt QLD
JONES, Evan The Greens Ryan QLD
JONES, Irene Citizens Electoral Council Groom QLD
JONES, Terry The Greens Petrie QLD
JONGEN, Theo The Greens Page NSW
KAKOUROS, Angelo Liberal Corio VIC
KANE, David Scott Australian Democrats McEwen VIC
KANE, Tony Independent Page NSW
KATSOULAS, Ari Family First Cook NSW
KATTER, BobElected Independent Kennedy QLD
KEALY, Jon Liberal Shortland NSW
KEAN HAMMERSON, Simon The Greens Lilley QLD
KEDWELL, Louise One Nation Chifley NSW
KEELING, Ian Family First Maribyrnong VIC
KEENAN, MichaelElected Liberal Stirling WA
KELADA, Ihab Family First Wills VIC
KELEHER, Lynette Australian Greens Holt VIC
KELLY, De-Anne The Nationals Dawson QLD
KELLY, MikeElected Labor Eden-Monaro NSW
KELU, Jonatan LDP Wentworth NSW
KENDALL, Jim Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Charlton NSW
KENNEDY, Peter Liberal Bendigo VIC
KENT, Gabrielle Family First Blaxland NSW
KERIN, Peter Family First Batman VIC
KERIN, Peter Democrats Dickson QLD
KERR, Carolyn Democrats Fisher QLD
KERR, DuncanElected Australian Labor Party Denison TAS
KHAN, Saeed The Greens Grayndler NSW
KHOO, Joyce Family First Goldstein VIC
KIELY, Michael Climate Change Coalition Parkes NSW
KILLEEN, Gabrielle Australian Democrats Corangamite VIC
KILPATRICK, Scott Liberal Capricornia QLD
KING, CatherineElected Australian Labor Party Ballarat VIC
KING, Myles Liberal Chisholm VIC
KING, Tony Citizens Electoral Council Paterson NSW
KIRCHLER, Tim Socialist Alliance Moncrieff QLD
KIRKBY, Jodi The Greens Boothby SA
KLEIN, Wilbur National Party Grey SA
KNOLL, Leighton Family First Forrest WA
KNOX, Peter Country Labor Riverina NSW
KOZLOWSKI, Andre Citizens Electoral Council Maribyrnong VIC
KREPP, Libby D.L.P. - Democratic Labor Party Lalor VIC
KUSZNIR, Alex Independent Kingston SA
KY, John The Greens Blaxland NSW
La MELA, John Liberal Barton NSW
LAHY, Chris Citizens Electoral Council Mallee VIC
LAIDLER, John Family First Kooyong VIC
LAKE, Peter Family First Aston VIC
LAMB, Andrew Independent Moreton QLD
LAMBERT, Veronica Family First Reid NSW
LAMING, AndrewElected Liberal Bowman QLD
LANGLEY, James Labor Lyne NSW
LAOS, Linda Australian Greens Scullin VIC
LARNER, Rob Citizens Electoral Council Denison TAS
LATHAM, Chris Socialist Alliance Perth WA
LAWRENCE, Tony Australian Labor Party Wide Bay QLD
LE, Daniel Family First Robertson NSW
LEACH, Rob Australian Greens Corio VIC
LEE, John Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Sydney NSW
LEE, Ken LDP Cowan WA
LEE, Rena Family First Dawson QLD
LELE, Stephen Citizens Electoral Council Jagajaga VIC
LENNOX, Bridgette Democrats Leichhardt QLD
LEONG, Jenny The Greens Sydney NSW
LESCHEN, Zuvele Australian Labor Party Indi VIC
LEVER, Carolyn Family First Prospect NSW
LEVER, Rhonda Family First Farrer NSW
LEVICK, Ray Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Berowra NSW
LEWIS, John Christian Democratic Party Forrest WA
LEY, SussanElected Liberal Farrer NSW
LINDSAY, PeterElected Liberal Herbert QLD
LIONS, Deborah Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Cowper NSW
LIPSCOMBE, Mark The Greens Reid NSW
LIPTAK, Charles Family First Macquarie NSW
LISSON, Kim The Greens Swan WA
LIVERMORE, KirstenElected Australian Labor Party Capricornia QLD
LIVESAY, Robert Australian Democrats Maribyrnong VIC
LIVETT, Dianne Liberal Calwell VIC
LLOYD, Jim Liberal Robertson NSW
LOCK, Karen Australian Labor Party Barker SA
LONG, Colin Australian Greens Isaacs VIC
LOPEZ, Joe Socialist Equality Party Swan WA
LUCAS, Alan John Family First Bowman QLD
LUND, Austin The Greens Oxley QLD
LUXTON, Peter The Greens Blair QLD
LYNCH, Garrie J Independent Herbert QLD
MACDONALD, Alasdair Parramatta NSW
MacDONALD, Trent John LDP Longman QLD
MACFARLANE, IanElected Liberal Groom QLD
MACFARLANE, Peter Australian Labor Party Forrest WA
MACKLIN, JennyElected Australian Labor Party Jagajaga VIC
MAHONY, Sue The Greens Kingsford Smith NSW
MAIN, Darrell Australian Labor Party Fisher QLD
MAJEWSKI, Mark Liberal Blaxland NSW
MAJOR, Derek One Nation WA Kalgoorlie WA
MANSOUR, Philip Liberal Watson NSW
MARCH, Gary Australian Labor Party Flinders VIC
MARINO, NolaElected Liberal Forrest WA
MARKUS, LouiseElected Liberal Greenway NSW
MARKWELL, Lorraine Family First Bennelong NSW
MARLES, RichardElected Australian Labor Party Corio VIC
MARSH, Tracy Liberal Adelaide SA
MARSHALL, Will Socialist Equality Party Melbourne VIC
MARTIN, Felicity Australian Democrats Wakefield SA
MARTIN, Ken Citizens Electoral Council Fadden QLD
MASON, Julia Australian Labor Party Goldstein VIC
MATERAZZO, Mayo Democrats Sydney NSW
MATHERS, Pat Citizens Electoral Council Farrer NSW
MATHIESON, John Australian Democrats Melbourne Ports VIC
MAXFIELD, Christine Australian Labor Party McMillan VIC
MAY, MargaretElected Liberal McPherson QLD
MAYNE, Stephen Independent Higgins VIC
MCADAM, Helen What Women Want (Australia) Gippsland VIC
McARTHUR, Stewart Liberal Corangamite VIC
McBRIDE, Graham Australian Labor Party Dunkley VIC
McCALLUM, Carmel The Greens Macquarie NSW
McCALLUM, Graham Citizens Electoral Council Richmond NSW
McCARTHY, Brian F Citizens Electoral Council Canning WA
McCASKILL, Alistair Australian Greens Chisholm VIC
McCLELLAND, RobertElected Labor Barton NSW
McCONNEL, Scott Liberal Lilley QLD
McCUDDEN, Bill Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Warringah NSW
McFARLANE, Rob Democrats Berowra NSW
McGAURAN, PeterElected The Nationals Gippsland VIC
McGHEE, Ray Independent Boothby SA
MCGREGOR, Kylie Melbourne VIC
MCILROY, Jim Socialist Alliance Griffith QLD
MCINTOSH, Samantha Liberal Ballarat VIC
McKENZIE, Michele The Greens Barton NSW
McKEW, MaxineElected Labor Bennelong NSW
MCKILLOP, Charlie Liberal Leichhardt QLD
McLACHLAN, Chris Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Blaxland NSW
McLEAN, Ron J Citizens Electoral Council Pearce WA
McLELLAN, Matt Independent Mackellar NSW
McLENNAN, Rod Citizens Electoral Council McEwen VIC
McLEOD, Vikki Australian Democrats Mallee VIC
McMULLAN, BobElected Australian Labor Party Fraser ACT
McMURDO, Wendy The Greens Berowra NSW
McNALLY, Kerry Independent Lindsay NSW
McNAMARA, Fiona Australian Labor Party Dickson QLD
McWHIRTER, Craige The Greens Mackellar NSW
MEACHER, Steve Australian Greens McEwen VIC
MEDDINGS, Graeme Independent Higgins VIC
MEIBUSCH, Chris Australian Labor Party Groom QLD
MELHAM, DarylElected Labor Banks NSW
MELLAND, Julia Democrats Page NSW
MENHEERE-THOMPSON, Erica C Australian Democrats Corio VIC
MERRELLS, Rob Christian Democratic Party Hasluck WA
MERRIGAN, M Paul P Independent Murray VIC
MEWHOR, Paul Christian Democratic Party Pearce WA
MEYERS, Robert Citizens Electoral Council Rankin QLD
MEZYED, Julie Family First Hughes NSW
MIDDLETON, Brent Family First Warringah NSW
MILLEN, Tom The Greens Bass TAS
MILLER, Norman Independent Leichhardt QLD
MILLS, Andrew Family First Werriwa NSW
MILLS, Robert The Nationals Capricornia QLD
MIRABELLA, SophieElected Liberal Indi VIC
MISRA, Kundan Citizens Electoral Council North Sydney NSW
MISZKOWSKI, Sam Australian Labor Party Moncrieff QLD
MITCHELL, Doug Citizens Electoral Council Aston VIC
MITCHELL, Rob Australian Labor Party McEwen VIC
MOLLOY, Cate Independent Wide Bay QLD
MOLONY, Bradley Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Wentworth NSW
MONTGOMERY, David Independent Fadden QLD
MOORE, Antony Australian Labor Party Wannon VIC
MOORE, Jess Socialist Alliance Cunningham NSW
MOORE, Pam Australian Democrats Port Adelaide SA
MOORE, Serena Family First Murray VIC
MORAN, George Thomas Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Casey VIC
MORAN, Peter Charles The Greens Throsby NSW
MORAN, Ray Christian Democratic Party Stirling WA
MORGAN, Chris Citizens Electoral Council Holt VIC
MORRISON, Ed The Nationals Kennedy QLD
MORRISON, ScottElected Liberal Cook NSW
MORROW, Bruce Liberal Banks NSW
MOYLAN, JudiElected Liberal Pearce WA
MULDOON, Graeme Citizens Electoral Council Lyne NSW
MULLER, Iris Family First Lindsay NSW
MULLER, Joanne Family First Greenway NSW
MUNRO, Robyn Family First Denison TAS
MUNTZ, Bob Australian Greens Maribyrnong VIC
MURPHY, JohnElected Labor Lowe NSW
MUSOLINO, Vanessa Australian Democrats Calwell VIC
MYERS, Samantha LDP Griffith QLD
MYSON, Christopher Australian Labor Party Pearce WA
NAIRN, Bruce Family First Party Wakefield SA
NAIRN, Gary Liberal Eden-Monaro NSW
NAJEEB, Shalina Democrats Groom QLD
NEAL, BelindaElected Labor Robertson NSW
NEILAN, Alan Australian Labor Party Kennedy QLD
NELSON, BrendanElected Liberal Bradfield NSW
NELSON, Fiona Australian Greens Corangamite VIC
NEUMANN, Shayne KennethElected Australian Labor Party Blair QLD
NEVILLE, Bernie Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Hunter NSW
NEVILLE, PaulElected The Nationals Hinkler QLD
NEWHOUSE, Andrew Family First Brand WA
NEWHOUSE, George Labor Wentworth NSW
NGUYEN, Huu Khoa Citizens Electoral Council Banks NSW
NICHOLSON, Paula Australian Democrats Deakin VIC
NICKOLS, Graham LDP Parramatta NSW
NIELSEN, Howard The Greens Dickson QLD
NIKOLIC, Daniel Liberal Perth WA
NITSCHKE, Philip Independent Menzies VIC
NIXON, Ted The Greens North Sydney NSW
NOBLE, Julie Democrats Flynn QLD
NOLAN, Trish Family First Party Mayo SA
NONE, Of The Above Independent Gilmore NSW
NORMAN, Barbara Australian Labor Party Higgins VIC
NORRIE, Robert LDP Isaacs VIC
NORRIS, Dave The Greens Fairfax QLD
NORSWORTHY, Nolene Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Cunningham NSW
OAKES, Bob Independent Capricornia QLD
O'BRIEN, Ted Liberal Brisbane QLD
O'CALLAGHAN, Ben The Greens McPherson QLD
O'CONNOR, BrendanElected Australian Labor Party Gorton VIC
O'CONNOR, Gavan Independent Corio VIC
O'CONNOR, Patrick Socialist Equality Party Grayndler NSW
O'HALLORAN, Paul The Greens Braddon TAS
O'NEIL, Dave Independent Gellibrand VIC
O'NEILL, Astrid The Greens Parramatta NSW
ONG, Gary Family First Chisholm VIC
ORGAN, Michael The Greens Cunningham NSW
OSS-EMER, Liz Democrats Longman QLD
OUEIK, Ronney Liberal Reid NSW
OWEN, Lisa Australian Greens Wannon VIC
OWENS, JulieElected Labor Parramatta NSW
PAGE, Geoff Liberal Lyons TAS
PAGE, James Democrats Ryan QLD
PAGE, Sue Nationals Richmond NSW
PANNACH, Barbara One Nation Boothby SA
PAPICCIO, Gino Family First Franklin TAS
PARAVICINI, Ross One Nation WA O'Connor WA
PARKE, MelissaElected Australian Labor Party Fremantle WA
PARMETER, Matt The Greens Parkes NSW
PARR, Garry Australian Labor Party Hinkler QLD
PARSONS, Amy Family First Lyons TAS
PARSONS, Keith The Greens Shortland NSW
PATERSON, Jamie The Greens Hughes NSW
PATERSON, Lindsay Liberal Charlton NSW
PATRIARCA, Margaret Country Labor Parkes NSW
PATRICK, Alex One Nation WA Stirling WA
PATTERSON, Ross Christian Democratic Party Kalgoorlie WA
PAULER, Francis H One Nation WA Herbert QLD
PAYNE, Geoff Socialist Alliance Newcastle NSW
PEARCE, ChrisElected Liberal Aston VIC
PEARSON, Georgia Family First Melbourne VIC
PEART, Jonathan Liberal Batman VIC
PECH, Daniel Family First Wannon VIC
PEEBLES, Robyn Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Bennelong NSW
PEET, Geoff Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Hume NSW
PEMBERTON, Bill Australian Greens Deakin VIC
PEPPER, Adam Australian Greens Aston VIC
PERICIC-HERRMANN, Annette The Greens Moore WA
PERRETT, GrahamElected Australian Labor Party Moreton QLD
PETERS, Lindsay The Greens Bennelong NSW
PETERSEN, Patricia Independent Warringah NSW
PETTINATO, Marella The Greens Flynn QLD
PHILLIPS, John Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Greenway NSW
PHILLIPS, Max Independent Fairfax QLD
PILLING, Neil Australian Greens Goldstein VIC
PLEITER, Jadah Family First Isaacs VIC
PLIBERSEK, TanyaElected Labor Sydney NSW
POPE, Michael James LDP Petrie QLD
POULOS, Patricia Independent Cook NSW
POULSEN, Ronald Watson NSW
PRANGE, Anton Democrats Capricornia QLD
PRICE, Adrian The Greens O'Connor WA
PRICE, Goronwy Conservatives for Climate and Environment Warringah NSW
PRICE, RogerElected Labor Chifley NSW
PRIESTLEY, Gavin Independent Calare NSW
PRIME, Liz Australian Labor Party Cowan WA
PRITCHARD, Suzanne The Greens Charlton NSW
PUGH, Rata Hami Independent Leichhardt QLD
PUNSHON, Michael Family First Herbert QLD
PUTRAL, Richard One Nation Cook NSW
PYNE, ChristopherElected Liberal Sturt SA
QUILTY, Tim LDP Eden-Monaro NSW
QUIN, Ben Independent Lyons TAS
RAGUSE, Brett BlairElected Australian Labor Party Forde QLD
RAINEY, Jim Family First Indi VIC
RALEIGH, Gerry Australian Labor Party Aston VIC
RAMSAY, Norm Independent Cowan WA
RAMSEY, Kevin LDP Gilmore NSW
RAMSEY, RowanElected Liberal Grey SA
RANDALL, Angela Liberal Bruce VIC
RANDALL, DonElected Liberal Canning WA
RATHJEN, Eril Independent Bendigo VIC
RAUCH, Douglas Fredrick Family First Macarthur NSW
RAUE, Ben The Greens Macarthur NSW
RAWLINS, Bronwyn Family First Bruce VIC
RAYMOND, Barbara Jean Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Richmond NSW
REA, KerryElected Australian Labor Party Bonner QLD
REED, Andrew Citizens Electoral Council Melbourne VIC
REEVES, Matthew Family First Shortland NSW
REID, Sally The Greens Sturt SA
REILLY, Frank The Greens Kennedy QLD
REILLY, Neil Labor Gilmore NSW
RERCERETNAM, Marc The Greens Lowe NSW
REVES, Goran Citizens Electoral Council Greenway NSW
REYNOLDS, Mark Australian Labor Party Tangney WA
RIACH, Rodger Independent Lyne NSW
RICHARDS, Rachel Australian Democrats Gellibrand VIC
RICHARDSON, Kym Liberal Kingston SA
RICKARD, Scott The Greens Dobell NSW
RIPOLL, BernieElected Australian Labor Party Oxley QLD
RISHWORTH, AmandaElected Australian Labor Party Kingston SA
ROBB, AndrewElected Liberal Goldstein VIC
ROBERT, StuartElected Liberal Fadden QLD
ROBERTS, Susan The Greens Banks NSW
ROBERTSON, Gil Australian Democrats Grey SA
ROBINS, Heidi What Women Want (Australia) Hindmarsh SA
ROBINSON, Colin Liberal Parramatta NSW
ROBINSON, Helen Australian Greens Indi VIC
ROSE, Acacia Independent Eden-Monaro NSW
ROSE, Dominic Australian Labor Party O'Connor WA
ROSE, Ian Family First Kalgoorlie WA
ROSE, Jason Liberal Flynn QLD
ROSS, Linda Independent Swan WA
ROWE, Jane Australian Labor Party Gippsland VIC
ROWELL, Michael Family First Gippsland VIC
ROWSE, Paul Australian Democrats Sturt SA
ROXON, NicolaElected Australian Labor Party Gellibrand VIC
ROY, Gregory Family First Oxley QLD
RUB, Cameron Family First Hinkler QLD
RUDD, KevinElected Australian Labor Party Griffith QLD
RUDDOCK, PhilipElected Liberal Berowra NSW
RUSSELL, Ross Citizens Electoral Council Corio VIC
RUSSELL, Susie The Greens Lyne NSW
RYAN, Chris Country Labor Farrer NSW
RYAN, Helen One Nation Robertson NSW
RYAN, Maurie Japarta Independent Lingiari NT
SABHLOK, Sukrit LDP Corangamite VIC
SAFARI, Alex Socialist Equality Party Kingsford Smith NSW
SAFFIN, JanelleElected Labor Page NSW
SALADINE, Lisa Family First Tangney WA
SAMMUT, Josephine Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Watson NSW
SARROFF, Eddy Australian Labor Party McPherson QLD
SAUNDERS, Ewan Socialist Alliance Brisbane QLD
SAVAGE, Kevin J One Nation WA Fairfax QLD
SCATES, Bob Australian Labor Party Murray VIC
SCHMID, Leisa Family First Ryan QLD
SCHULTZ, AlbyElected Liberal Hume NSW
SCOTT, Brad The Greens Bowman QLD
SCOTT, BruceElected The Nationals Maranoa QLD
SCOTT, Duncan Independent Flynn QLD
SCOTT, Robin One Nation WA Brand WA
SCOTT-IRVING, Stewart Gordon Independent Lyne NSW
SECKER, PatrickElected Liberal Barker SA
SEGEDIN, Michael Citizens Electoral Council Macquarie NSW
SEKFY, Paul Labor Cowper NSW
SEYMOUR, Ken Australian Democrats Holt VIC
SHAILER, Bill Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Lowe NSW
SHARAH, Alex Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Reid NSW
SHARPE, Chris Labor Mackellar NSW
SHAUNE, Brook Australian Greens Calwell VIC
SHAW, Terry Democrats Wide Bay QLD
SHEARS, Paul Independent Moncrieff QLD
SHEIL, Pat Independent Wentworth NSW
SHERIDAN, Sharon Democrats Herbert QLD
SHORTEN, BillElected Australian Labor Party Maribyrnong VIC
SHUTTLEWORTH, Dale Family First Dickson QLD
SIDEBOTTOM, SidElected Australian Labor Party Braddon TAS
SIMPKINS, LukeElected Liberal Cowan WA
SIMPSON, David John Citizens Electoral Council Calare NSW
SINGH, Surome LDP La Trobe VIC
SINNAMON, Don Democrats Brisbane QLD
SLAPE, Dennis Family First Party Adelaide SA
SLEDGE, Scott Democrats Richmond NSW
SLIPPER, PeterElected Liberal Fisher QLD
SMITH, Beth Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Cook NSW
SMITH, Bevan Family First Blair QLD
SMITH, Graham The Greens Makin SA
SMITH, Lachlan Peter LDP Kingston SA
SMITH, Neil Henry One Nation Bruce VIC
SMITH, StephenElected Australian Labor Party Perth WA
SMITH, TonyElected Liberal Casey VIC
SMITHIES, Ken Family First Menzies VIC
SNEATH, Justin Australian Democrats Barker SA
SNOWDON, WarrenElected Australian Labor Party (Northern Territory) Branch Lingiari NT
SOLIMAN, Emad Democrats Moreton QLD
SOLLY, Peter The Greens Adelaide SA
SOLOMON, Neville Citizens Electoral Council Ryan QLD
SOMLYAY, AlexElected Liberal Fairfax QLD
SOUTHCOTT, AndrewElected Liberal Boothby SA
SOYLEMEZ, Ian Liberal Maribyrnong VIC
SPENCER, Gavin Citizens Electoral Council Bennelong NSW
STAVRINOS, Harry Independent Blaxland NSW
STEER, Simon J Citizens Electoral Council Scullin VIC
STEVENSON, Paul Democrats Moncrieff QLD
STIRLING, Jenny The Greens Herbert QLD
STOCKS, Vicki Democrats Bonner QLD
STOKES, Christopher Family First Paterson NSW
STONE, SharmanElected Liberal Murray VIC
STONEHOUSE, Darran The Greens Farrer NSW
STOW, David Citizens Electoral Council Charlton NSW
STRANG, Graeme Independent Cook NSW
STRINGER, Richard Citizens Electoral Council Parkes NSW
SUDHOLZ, Judy F Citizens Electoral Council O'Connor WA
SULLIVAN, JonElected Australian Labor Party Longman QLD
SVOLOS, Chris Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Barton NSW
SWAN, WayneElected Australian Labor Party Lilley QLD
SWARTS, Kevin Christian Democratic Party Canning WA
SYED, Maaz Democrats Forde QLD
SYMON, MikeElected Australian Labor Party Deakin VIC
TAHIR, Yusuf Bennelong NSW
TANDA, Amarjit Independent Chifley NSW
TANNER, LindsayElected Australian Labor Party Melbourne VIC
TARANTO, Kerri Independent Fraser ACT
TAYLER, James Family First Moncrieff QLD
TAYLOR, Bree Australian Greens La Trobe VIC
TAYLOR, Bruce The Greens New England NSW
TEASDALE, Diane Independent Murray VIC
TERMEULEN, Paul Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Fowler NSW
THIEL, Sharon Australian Labor Party Kalgoorlie WA
THIELE, Deb National Party Barker SA
THIES, Robert Citizens Electoral Council Blair QLD
THOMAS, Colin The Greens Port Adelaide SA
THOMAS, Craig Liberal Griffith QLD
THOMPSON, Andy Non-Custodial Parents Party (Equal Parenting) Macarthur NSW
THOMPSON, Barry Climate Change Coalition North Sydney NSW
THOMPSON, Cameron Paul Liberal Blair QLD
THOMPSON, Elisabeth Citizens Electoral Council Moncrieff QLD
THOMSON, CraigElected Labor Dobell NSW
THOMSON, KelvinElected Australian Labor Party Wills VIC
THYSTRUP, Lars Citizens Electoral Council Chisholm VIC
TICEHURST, Ken Liberal Dobell NSW
TIERNEY, Dave One Nation WA Cowan WA
TILBROOK, Felicity LDP Sturt SA
TILLEY, Jay Australian Greens Lalor VIC
TINLEY, Peter Australian Labor Party Stirling WA
TJIA, Liam LDP Rankin QLD
TOLLNER, David C.L.P. Solomon NT
TOMISICH, Claude Liberal Wills VIC
TOMLIN, Nicholas Citizens Electoral Council Robertson NSW
TOROSSIAN, Rose Liberal Fowler NSW
TOTENHOFER, David Family First Maranoa QLD
TOTTEN, Rob Citizens Electoral Council Brand WA
TRACANELLI, Margherita Climate Change Coalition Bennelong NSW
TREMAIN, Brent Christian Democratic Party Brand WA
TRENT, Cathy Family First Hume NSW
TREVOR, ChrisElected Australian Labor Party Flynn QLD
TRIBE, Jemma Family First Cunningham NSW
TRUEMAN, Darren Independent McEwen VIC
TRUMAN, Annolies Socialist Alliance Pearce WA
TRUONG, Huong Australian Greens Gorton VIC
TRUSS, WarrenElected The Nationals Wide Bay QLD
TSENG, Wayne Liberal Gellibrand VIC
TSOLAKIS, Jim Liberal Lowe NSW
TUCKEY, WilsonElected Liberal O'Connor WA
TUFFNELL, Ian Citizens Electoral Council Forrest WA
TURNBULL, James Family First Bradfield NSW
TURNBULL, MalcolmElected Liberal Wentworth NSW
TURNOUR, JimElected Australian Labor Party Leichhardt QLD
ULRICH, Stuart Independent Charlton NSW
URQUHART, Peter Family First Longman QLD
VAILE, MarkElected Nationals Lyne NSW
VALE, DannaElected Liberal Hughes NSW
VAMVAKINOU, MariaElected Australian Labor Party Calwell VIC
van der WIJNGAART, Ben The Greens Gilmore NSW
VAN MANEN, Bert Family First Rankin QLD
VANDERJAGT, John Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Hughes NSW
VASSILI, Michael Labor Greenway NSW
VASTA, Ross Liberal Bonner QLD
VEGA, Mirian Family First Page NSW
VEGA, Vlaudin The Greens Fowler NSW
VEITCH, Adam Independent Bendigo VIC
VELNAAR, Gerard The Greens Franklin TAS
VINCENT, Dave Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Chifley NSW
VINCENT, Neil A Citizens Electoral Council Hasluck WA
VINCENT, Sally Family First Petrie QLD
VINNICOMBE, Bob One Nation Blaxland NSW
VOLKER, Grahame Arthur Independent Groom QLD
VONOW, Lynton The Greens Mayo SA
WAINWRIGHT, Sam Socialist Alliance Fremantle WA
WAIZER, Naomi The Greens Cook NSW
WALDRON, Robert L Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Lyne NSW
WALKER, Krysia Liberal Newcastle NSW
WALKER, Phillip Australian Greens Melbourne Ports VIC
WALKER, Steve The Greens Fremantle WA
WALLACE, Les Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Shortland NSW
WALSH, Martin LDP Wakefield SA
WALTER, John One Nation WA Fadden QLD
WALTERS, Don Australian Democrats McMillan VIC
WALTON, Michael John Independent O'Connor WA
WARD, Jane Independent Sydney NSW
WARD, Sam LDP Stirling WA
WARRY, James LDP Hindmarsh SA
WASHER, MalElected Liberal Moore WA
WATERSON, Victor One Nation Bennelong NSW
WATSON, Rana Australian Labor Party Fadden QLD
WATSON, Rod One Nation WA Maranoa QLD
WATT, Kevin Citizens Electoral Council Fairfax QLD
WATTS, Adrian Ronald Citizens Electoral Council Bass TAS
WEBB, Katherine The Greens Wide Bay QLD
WELDEN, Darrin Jeffrey LDP Corio VIC
WELLER, Bill The Greens Kingston SA
WELLS, Roy D Independent Hinkler QLD
WHITE, David Democrats Blair QLD
WHITE, Mark A Family First Brisbane QLD
WHITE, Scott Liberal Oxley QLD
WHITE, Tim The Greens Hindmarsh SA
WIENER, Sven Independent Bass TAS
WILBUR-HAM, Michael Australian Greens Higgins VIC
WILKIE, Kim Australian Labor Party Swan WA
WILLIAMS, Charles Liberal Scullin VIC
WILLIAMS, Jen Australian Democrats Hindmarsh SA
WILLIAMS, Leigh The Greens Greenway NSW
WILLIAMS, Ray Citizens Electoral Council Lyons TAS
WILLIAMS, Tim Independent Macquarie NSW
WILLIAMS, Troy Liberal Fraser ACT
WILSON, Ross Family First Fadden QLD
WINDSOR, TonyElected Independent New England NSW
WINNIAK, Dan Citizens Electoral Council Longman QLD
WISE, Damian Australian Democrats Menzies VIC
WISZNIEWSKI, Witold Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Bradfield NSW
WITTEN, Richard Innes Citizens Electoral Council New England NSW
WOOD, Connie Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Dickson QLD
WOOD, JasonElected Liberal La Trobe VIC
WOODS, Lisa Family First Fairfax QLD
WOODWARD, Mike Citizens Electoral Council Hotham VIC
WORRINGHAM, Charles Independent Ryan QLD
WRATHALL, Jeff Australian Greens Gippsland VIC
WRIGHT, Barry Independent Lyne NSW
WRIGHT, David Independent Grey SA
WRIGHT, Stuart Liberal Throsby NSW
WRIGHT, Tim Australian Democrats Melbourne VIC
WRIGHT, Wayne Independent Lingiari NT
WRIGHT-TURNER, Toni The Greens Mitchell NSW
WROBLEWSKI, Mira The Greens Robertson NSW
WYATT, David The Greens Bonner QLD
YARDLEY, Jodie One Nation WA Forrest WA
YOHANNA, Sleiman Citizens Electoral Council Calwell VIC
YOUNG, Emma The Greens Lingiari NT
YOUNG, Jason Australian Labor Party Bowman QLD
ZAPPIA, TonyElected Australian Labor Party Makin SA
ZIGOURAS, John Australian Labor Party Mallee VIC
ZOCHLING, Hugh Labor Warringah NSW
ZUBIC, Jim Family First La Trobe VIC



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