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Candidates with a surname starting with the letter A
Candidate Party Division State
ABBOTT, TonyElected Liberal Warringah NSW
ABRAHAMSON, Iona Family First Forde QLD
ADAMS, DickElected Australian Labor Party Lyons TAS
ADAMS, James Family First Wentworth NSW
ADAMS, John Climate Change Coalition Mackellar NSW
ADAMS, Neale Australian Greens Dunkley VIC
AESCHLIMANN, Terry Family First McMillan VIC
ALBANESE, AnthonyElected Labor Grayndler NSW
ALBLAS, Theo Matthew Citizens Electoral Council McMillan VIC
ALBURY, Daniel Citizens Electoral Council Hunter NSW
ALCORN, Zane Socialist Alliance Wills VIC
ALDERSON, Gordon Family First Corio VIC
ALLEN, Darryl Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Mitchell NSW
ALLEN, David L Independent Bennelong NSW
ALLEN, Michael Country Labor Calare NSW
ALLEN, Terry The Greens Wakefield SA
AMBERLEY, Scott Family First Gorton VIC
ANDERSON, Georgina Liberal Sydney NSW
ANDREWS, KevinElected Liberal Menzies VIC
ARAPI-NUNEZ, Flavia Family First Cowper NSW
ARBOREA, Vince Liberal Hotham VIC
ARNEMAN, Jim Labor Paterson NSW
ARNOLD, Jim Citizens Electoral Council Fraser ACT
ARTHUR, Lily Liberal Prospect NSW
ASHDOWN, Steven Family First Dunkley VIC
ASPLIN, Nigel Democrats Kennedy QLD
AUSSIE-STONE, Marcus Independent North Sydney NSW
AUSTIN, Susan Socialist Alliance Denison TAS
AVASALU, Rhonda Joy Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Page NSW
AZA, Rachal Australian Democrats Aston VIC



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