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Polling Places
Polling Place Street Address
Amberley Amberley State School, 73 Rosewood Rd, AMBERLEY QLD 4306
Aratula Aratula State School, Elizabeth St, ARATULA QLD 4309
Blackstone Blackstone State School, 14 Hill St, BLACKSTONE QLD 4304
Blair School Blair State School, Burnett St, SADLIERS CROSSING QLD 4305
Blenheim Blenheim State School, Mount Berryman Rd, BLENHEIM QLD 4341
Boonah Boonah State School, Park St, BOONAH QLD 4310
Brassall Brassall Congregational Church Hall, 3 Jellicoe St, BRASSALL QLD 4305
Brisbane City (Blair) Brisbane City Hall, 64 Adelaide St, BRISBANE CITY QLD 4000
Bundamba Bremer Institute of TAFE, Mary St, BUNDAMBA QLD 4304
Bundamba School Bundamba State School, 221 Brisbane Rd, BUNDAMBA QLD 4304
Central School Ipswich Central State School, 2A Griffiths Rd, IPSWICH QLD 4305
Churchill Churchill State School, 264A Warwick Rd, CHURCHILL QLD 4305
Dinmore Dinmore State School, Earl St, DINMORE QLD 4303
Eastern Heights Catholic Church Hall, Robertson Rd, EASTERN HEIGHTS QLD 4305
East Ipswich School East Ipswich School, Blackwood St, EAST IPSWICH QLD 4305
Flagstone Creek Flagstone Creek State School, Flagstone Creek School Rd, FLAGSTONE CREEK QLD 4344
Flinders View Kelston House Hostel, 205 Ripley Rd, FLINDERS VIEW QLD 4305
Forest Hill Forest Hill State School, 11 Church St, FOREST HILL QLD 4342
Gatton Our Lady of Good Counsel School, 20 Maitland St, GATTON QLD 4343
Gatton South Lockyer District State High School, William St, GATTON QLD 4343
Glenore Grove Glenore Grove State School, Brightview Rd, GLENORE GROVE QLD 4342
Grandchester Grandchester State School, School Rd, GRANDCHESTER QLD 4340
Grantham Grantham State School, Victor St, GRANTHAM QLD 4347
Haigslea Haigslea State School, 760 Thagoona-Haigslea Rd, HAIGSLEA QLD 4306
Harrisville Harrisville State School, 17 Hall St, HARRISVILLE QLD 4307
Hatton Vale Hatton Vale State School, 27-35 Hannant Rd, HATTON VALE QLD 4341
Helidon Helidon State School, 16 School St, HELIDON QLD 4344
Ipswich St Paul's Church Hall, Limestone & Ellenborough Sts, IPSWICH QLD 4305
Ipswich High School Ipswich State High School, 1 Hunter St, BRASSALL QLD 4305
Kalbar Kalbar State School, George St, KALBAR QLD 4309
Karalee Karalee State School, Arthur Summervilles Rd, KARALEE QLD 4306
Kentville Kentville State School, Kentville Rd, KENTVILLE QLD 4341
Kruger School (Blair) Kruger State School, Kruger Pde, BELLBIRD PARK QLD 4300
Laidley Laidley District State School, 232 Patrick St, LAIDLEY QLD 4341
Lake Clarendon Lake Clarendon State School, 35 Lake Clarendon Rd, LAKE CLARENDON QLD 4343
Leichhardt School Leichhardt State Pre-school, Larsen St, LEICHHARDT QLD 4305
Ma Ma Creek Ma Ma Creek State School, Gatton-Clifton Rd, MA MA CREEK QLD 4347
Marburg Marburg State Pre-school, Louisa St, MARBURG QLD 4346
Mount Alford Mount Alford State School, 942 Reckumpilla St, MOUNT ALFORD QLD 4310
Mount Sylvia Mount Sylvia State School, Primary Branch Rd, MOUNT SYLVIA QLD 4343
Murphys Creek Murphys Creek State School, Murphys Creek Rd, MURPHYS CREEK QLD 4352
Mutdapilly Mutdapilly State School, Cunningham Hwy, MUTDAPILLY QLD 4307
Newtown Ipswich Glebe Rd Kindergarten & Pre-school, 52 Glebe Rd, NEWTOWN QLD 4305
North Booval Trinity Uniting Church, 114 Jacaranda St, NORTH BOOVAL QLD 4304
North Ipswich North Ipswich State School, Fitzgibbon St, NORTH IPSWICH QLD 4305
One Mile Avon Hall, 22 Old Toowoomba Rd, ONE MILE QLD 4305
Peak Crossing Peak Crossing State School, 1323 Ipswich-Boonah Rd, PEAK CROSSING QLD 4306
Pine Mountain Pine Mountain Public Hall, 840 Pine Mountain Rd, PINE MOUNTAIN QLD 4306
Raceview Raceview State School, 96 Wildey St, RACEVIEW QLD 4305
Redbank Plains (Blair) Redbank Plains School, School Rd, REDBANK PLAINS QLD 4301
Riverview Riverview State School, 131 Old Ipswich Rd, RIVERVIEW QLD 4303
Roadvale Roadvale State School, 111 Roadvale Rd, ROADVALE QLD 4310
Rosevale Rosevale State School, cnr Tierneys Bridge & Sellars Rds, ROSEVALE QLD 4340
Rosewood Rosewood State High School, Lanefield Rd, ROSEWOOD QLD 4340
St Josephs St Joseph's School, 42 Pine Mountain Rd, NORTH IPSWICH QLD 4305
Silkstone Silkstone State School, Molloy St, SILKSTONE QLD 4304
Special Hospital Team 1 Cabanda Hostel and Day Respite Centre, 59 John St, ROSEWOOD QLD 4340
Special Hospital Team 3 Regis Gatton, 22 Dawson Dr, GATTON QLD 4343
Special Hospital Team 5 Villa Maria, 98 Limestone St, IPSWICH QLD 4305
Special Hospital Team 6 Ipswich Hospital, Chelmsford Ave, IPSWICH QLD 4305
Special Hospital Team 7 Fassifern Retirement Village, 1 Stark Ave, BOONAH QLD 4310
Special Hospital Team 8 Riverview Gardens, Moggil Ferry Rd, RIVERVIEW QLD 4303
Stockyard Creek Stockyard Creek Public Hall, Stockyard Creek Rd, STOCKYARD QLD 4344
Thornton Thornton State School, Thornton School Rd, THORNTON QLD 4341
Tivoli Tivoli State Pre-school, 108 Mt Crosby Rd, TIVOLI QLD 4305
Upper Tenthill Baptist Church, 949 Tenthill Creek Rd, UPPER TENTHILL QLD 4343
Walloon Walloon State School, Karrabin-Rosewood Rd, WALLOON QLD 4306
Warrill View Warrill View State School, Cunningham Hwy, WARRILL VIEW QLD 4307
West Ipswich West Ipswich State School, Kennedy St, WEST IPSWICH QLD 4305
Withcott Withcott State School, Biggs Rd, WITHCOTT QLD 4352



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