Virtual Tally Room: the official election results
Virtual Tally Room: the official election results
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Demographic Classification of Divisions in Queensland
Division Name State Demographic Enrolment
Blair QLD Rural 83,045
Bonner QLD Outer Metropolitan 92,661
Bowman QLD Outer Metropolitan 91,856
Brisbane QLD Inner Metropolitan 92,197
Capricornia QLD Provincial 91,961
Dawson QLD Rural 94,533
Dickson QLD Outer Metropolitan 90,130
Fadden QLD Outer Metropolitan 85,225
Fairfax QLD Rural 89,726
Fisher QLD Rural 83,724
Flynn QLD Rural 91,349
Forde QLD Outer Metropolitan 82,535
Griffith QLD Outer Metropolitan 92,573
Groom QLD Provincial 93,364
Herbert QLD Provincial 91,044
Hinkler QLD Provincial 91,371
Kennedy QLD Rural 94,434
Leichhardt QLD Rural 93,113
Lilley QLD Inner Metropolitan 97,407
Longman QLD Provincial 87,046
Maranoa QLD Rural 97,892
McPherson QLD Provincial 90,139
Moncrieff QLD Provincial 89,150
Moreton QLD Inner Metropolitan 92,730
Oxley QLD Outer Metropolitan 82,768
Petrie QLD Outer Metropolitan 86,651
Rankin QLD Outer Metropolitan 94,594
Ryan QLD Outer Metropolitan 98,239
Wide Bay QLD Rural 92,607
Wright QLD Rural 85,296
Total Enrolment 2,719,360



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