Virtual Tally Room: the official election results
Virtual Tally Room: the official election results
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Polling Places
Polling Place Street Address
Barrington Barrington Public School, 1 Kenmore St, BARRINGTON NSW 2422
Beechwood Beechwood School of Arts Hall, 725 Beechwood Rd, BEECHWOOD NSW 2446
Bonny Hills Bonny Hills Community Hall, Graham St, BONNY HILLS NSW 2445
Burrell Creek Burrell Creek Hall, 5348 The Bucketts Way, BURRELL CREEK NSW 2429
Byabarra Byabarra Public School, 1099 Comboyne Rd, BYABARRA NSW 2446
Chatham Chatham High School, Davis St, TAREE NSW 2430
Comboyne Comboyne Public School, 11 Hill St, COMBOYNE NSW 2429
Coopernook Coopernook School of Arts Hall, Macquarie St, COOPERNOOK NSW 2426
Crescent Head Crescent Head Community Hall, Baker Dr, CRESCENT HEAD NSW 2440
Crowdy Head Crowdy Head Public School, Geoffrey St, CROWDY HEAD NSW 2427
Cundletown Cundletown Public School, High St, CUNDLETOWN NSW 2430
Diamond Beach Hallidays Point Public School, 300 Diamond Beach Rd, DIAMOND BEACH NSW 2430
Divisional Office (PREPOLL) Divisional Office, Shop 4 Manning Arcade, 20 Manning St, TAREE NSW 2430
Dunbogan Jubilee Hall, The Boulevarde, DUNBOGAN NSW 2443
Dyers Crossing St John's Anglican Hall, 3142 Wallanbah Rd, DYERS CROSSING NSW 2429
Elands Elands Public School, 152 Glenwarrin Rd, ELANDS NSW 2429
Emerald Downs Emerald Downs Community Centre, Pacific Plaza Shopping Centre, Emerald Dr, PORT MACQUARIE NSW 2444
Gloucester Gloucester Senior Citizens Hall, 30 Hume St, GLOUCESTER NSW 2422
Gloucester South Gloucester High School, Ravenshaw St, GLOUCESTER NSW 2422
Hallidays Point Hallidays Point Community Church, 17 Diamond Beach Rd, HALLIDAYS POINT NSW 2430
Hannam Vale Hannam Vale Public School, 1159 Hannam Vale Rd, HANNAM VALE NSW 2443
Harrington Harrington Memorial Hall, Pilot St, HARRINGTON NSW 2427
Herons Creek Herons Creek Public School, 5499 Pacific Hwy, HERONS CREEK NSW 2443
Hibbard Lions Club Hall, 176 Hastings River Dr, PORT MACQUARIE NSW 2444
Hollisdale Hollisdale Hall, 1493 Pappinbarra Rd, HOLLISDALE NSW 2446
Huntingdon Huntingdon Public School, 2876 Oxley Hwy, HUNTINGDON NSW 2446
Innes Lake St Columba Anglican School, 3 Iona Ave, PORT MACQUARIE NSW 2444
Johns River Johns River Public School, Station St, JOHNS RIVER NSW 2443
Kendall Kendall Community Centre, 19 Comboyne St, KENDALL NSW 2439
Kew Camden Haven High School, Valley View Rd, off Glenhaven Dr, KEW NSW 2439
Killabakh Killabakh Public Hall, 1676 Comboyne Rd, KILLABAKH NSW 2429
King Creek King Creek Bushfire Brigade Building, Narran Cl, KING CREEK NSW 2446
Krambach Krambach Public School, 3846 The Bucketts Way, KRAMBACH NSW 2429
Kundabung Kundabung Recreation and Public Hall, River Rd, KUNDABUNG NSW 2441
Lake Cathie Lake Cathie Community Hall, Mullaway Rd, LAKE CATHIE NSW 2445
Lansdowne Lansdowne Public School, Macquarie St, LANSDOWNE NSW 2430
Laurieton Laurieton School of Arts Hall, 58 Bold St, LAURIETON NSW 2443
Long Flat Long Flat Public School, 5075 Oxley Hwy, LONG FLAT NSW 2446
Lorne Lorne Recreation Centre, 941 Stewarts River Rd, LORNE NSW 2439
Manning Point Easts Ocean Shores Holiday Park, 32 Manning St, MANNING POINT NSW 2430
Marlee Marlee District Hall, 1655 Bulga Rd, MARLEE NSW 2429
Mitchells Island Mitchells Island Literary Institute Hall, 1179 Manning Point Rd, MITCHELLS ISLAND NSW 2430
Moorland Moorland Public School, 15 Church St, MOORLAND NSW 2443
Mount George Mount George Public School, 1524 Nowendoc Rd, MOUNT GEORGE NSW 2424
North Haven North Haven Public School, 670 Ocean Dr, NORTH HAVEN NSW 2443
Old Bar Old Bar Public School, Smith St, OLD BAR NSW 2430
Oxley Island Oxley Island Literary Institute Hall, 96 Oxley Island Rd, OXLEY ISLAND NSW 2430
Pembrooke Pembrooke Hall, 979 Pembrooke Rd, PEMBROOKE NSW 2446
Port Macquarie Port Macquarie CWA Hall, Quay North Building, 17-19 Horton St, PORT MACQUARIE NSW 2444
Port Macquarie Central Port Macquarie Public School, Grant St, PORT MACQUARIE NSW 2444
Port Macquarie East Port Macquarie High School, Owen St, PORT MACQUARIE NSW 2444
Port Macquarie North Shore North Shore Rural Fire Brigade Building, 351 Shoreline Dr, NORTH SHORE NSW 2444
Port Macquarie PPVC Shop 1, 68 Clarence St, PORT MACQUARIE NSW 2444
Port Macquarie South Hastings Public School, Waniora Pkwy, PORT MACQUARIE NSW 2444
Port Macquarie West Westport High School, Findlay Ave, PORT MACQUARIE NSW 2444
Purfleet Purfleet Multi-purpose Centre, Lot 1-3 Old Pacific Hwy, TAREE NSW 2430
Rollands Plains Rollands Plains School of Arts Hall, Rollands Plains Rd, ROLLANDS PLAINS NSW 2441
Settlement Shores Former St Josephs High School, Warlters St, PORT MACQUARIE NSW 2444
Special Hospital Team 1 Multiple sites, PORT MACQUARIE NSW 2444
Special Hospital Team 2 Multiple sites, NSW
Special Hospital Team 3 Multiple sites, NSW
Stratford Stratford Public School, Avon St, STRATFORD NSW 2422
Sydney (Lyne) Sydney Town Hall, George St, SYDNEY NSW 2000
Tacking Point Tacking Point Public School, Bangalay Dr, PORT MACQUARIE NSW 2444
Taree Taree High School, Albert St, TAREE NSW 2430
Taree Central Ormsby House, 24 Commerce St, TAREE NSW 2430
Taree North Manning Gardens Public School, Bushland Dr, TAREE NSW 2430
Taree PPVC 176-178 Victoria St, TAREE NSW 2430
Taree West Taree West Public School, Wingham Rd, TAREE NSW 2430
Telegraph Point Telegraph Point Public School, Mooney St, TELEGRAPH POINT NSW 2441
Tinonee Tinonee Memorial School of Arts Hall, Manchester St, TINONEE NSW 2430
Upper Lansdowne Upper Lansdowne Memorial Hall, 1412 Upper Lansdowne Rd, UPPER LANSDOWNE NSW 2430
Wauchope Wauchope High School, Nelson St, WAUCHOPE NSW 2446
Wauchope South Hastings Sport and Recreation Centre, Cameron St, WAUCHOPE NSW 2446
West Haven St Peter the Fisherman Church Hall, 421 Ocean Dr, WEST HAVEN NSW 2443
Wherrol Flat Wherrol Flat Hall, 1205 Wherrol Flat Rd, WHERROL FLAT NSW 2429
Wingham Wingham Brush Public School, Isabella St, WINGHAM NSW 2429
Wingham West Wingham Town Hall, Farquhar St, WINGHAM NSW 2429



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