Virtual Tally Room: the official election results
Virtual Tally Room: the official election results
Senate Updated: Friday, 01 November 2013 07:22:25 PM


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Candidates with a surname starting with the letter B
Candidate Party State
BAILEY, Steven Katter's Australian Party ACT
BALDERSTONE, Michael Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party WA
BANHUK, Peter Uniting Australia Party QLD
BANKS, John Stable Population Party WA
BAPTIST, Tania Socialist Equality Party VIC
BARRY, Tony Senator Online (Internet Voting Bills/Issues) NSW
BARWICK, Robert Citizens Electoral Council VIC
BAYLEY, Sandra The Greens QLD
BEAMS, Nick Socialist Equality Party NSW
BEIGER, Nicole Smokers Rights NSW
BELL, Gary Uniting Australia Party NT
BENNETT, Gordon Stop The Greens SA
BENNETT, Joanne Rise Up Australia Party WA
BEREGSZASZI, Janos Smokers Rights VIC
BERNARDI, CoryElected Liberal SA
BEST, Ian Frederick Stop The Greens TAS
BILYK, CatrynaElected Australian Labor Party TAS
BIRMINGHAM, SimonElected Liberal SA
BISHOP, Norm Rise Up Australia Party NSW
BLACK, Richard Australian Voice NSW
BLAKE, Jason The Australian Republicans NSW
BLATCHFORD, Penny The Greens NSW
BLUNDELL, James Katter's Australian Party QLD
BOAG, Doug Australian Protectionist Party QLD
BOEREMA, Michael D D Voluntary Euthanasia Party SA
BOHM, Tim Bullet Train For Australia NSW
BOURKE, William Stable Population Party NSW
BOW, Murray Shooters and Fishers WA
BOYD, Nikki Anne Australian Labor Party QLD
BRAND, Michael Australian Greens NT
BRICE, Malcolm Australian Christians QLD
BROADBY, Shane Shooters and Fishers TAS
BROCKMAN, Slade Liberal WA
BROINOWSKI, Alison The Wikileaks Party NSW
BROMSON, Maxwell Wayne Voluntary Euthanasia Party SA
BROWN, CarolElected Australian Labor Party TAS
BROWN, Ray Building Australia Party NSW
BRYCE, Ian Secular Party of Australia NSW
BUCKLEY, Gabriel Liberal Democrats QLD
BUCKNELL, Chris Bullet Train For Australia ACT
BUCKWALTER, Maree Carers Alliance NSW
BULLARD, David Senator Online (Internet Voting Bills/Issues) TAS
BULLOCK, JoeElected Australian Labor Party WA
BURGESS, Gary Liberal SA
BURGESS, Steven David Stop The Greens SA
BURNET, Helen Australian Greens TAS
BUSHBY, DavidElected Liberal TAS
BUTLER, Sean Australian Voice Party WA
BYASS, Adrian No Carbon Tax Climate Sceptics WA
BYRNE, Peter Socialist Equality Party SA



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