Virtual Tally Room: the official election results
Virtual Tally Room: the official election results
Senate Updated: Friday, 01 November 2013 07:22:25 PM


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Candidates with a surname starting with the letter F
Candidate Party State
FAEHRMANN, Cate The Greens NSW
FARMER, Robert Malcolm One Nation WA
FARRELL, Don Australian Labor Party SA
FARRELL, Mark DLP Democratic Labour VIC
FAZLDEEN, Linda Country Liberals (NT) NT
FELS, Anthony James Katter's Australian Party WA
FENN, Ashley Family First VIC
FERGUSON, Tim Senator Online (Internet Voting Bills/Issues) NSW
FERNANDEZ, Chris Australian Democrats WA
FERNIE, Anthony Watson Australian Independents ACT
FERRI, Robyne DLP Democratic Labour TAS
FIFIELD, MitchElected Liberal VIC
FILLINGER, Marcus Animal Justice Party ACT
FINDLEY, Amanda The Greens NSW
FINLAYSON, Ross Australian Fishing and Lifestyle Party WA
FISHLOCK, David Stop The Greens WA
FITZPATRICK, Peter One Nation SA
FLETCHER, Ryan William Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party VIC
FLINT, Jeff Rise Up Australia Party SA
FOLEY, Rowan Australian Labor Party (Northern Territory) Branch NT
FOREMAN, Jane Rise Up Australia Party WA
FOSTER, Peter Allan Australian Labor Party WA
FRANCIS, Keith Australian Voice NSW
FRASER, Caroline Margaret Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) NSW
FRASER, Garth Australia First Party NSW
FRASER, Gordon Graham Stop CSG NSW
FRIEND, George Australian Voice QLD
FROST, Adam Smokers Rights SA
FRYAR, Jim Liberal Democrats WA
FURNER, Mark Lionel Australian Labor Party QLD
FUTCHER, Lisa Australian Independents NT
FUTTER, BJ Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party NSW



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