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Polling Places
Polling Place Street Address
Agnes Water Agnes Water Pre-School, Donohue Dr, AGNES WATER QLD 4677
Alpha Alpha State School, Milton St, ALPHA QLD 4724
Alton Downs Alton Downs Hall, 1569 Ridgelands Rd, ALTON DOWNS QLD 4702
Ambrose Ambrose State School, Gentle Annie Rd, AMBROSE QLD 4702
Anakie Anakie State School, Cook St, ANAKIE QLD 4702
Aramac Aramac State School, Porter St, ARAMAC QLD 4726
Avondale Avondale State School, Avondale Rd, AVONDALE QLD 4670
Banana Banana State School, Dawson Hwy, BANANA QLD 4702
Bancroft Bancroft Hall, Gladstone Monto Rd, BANCROFT QLD 4630
Baralaba Baralaba State School, 1 Power St, BARALABA QLD 4702
Barcaldine Barcaldine Court House, 75 Ash St, BARCALDINE QLD 4725
Bauhinia Downs Bauhinia State School, Cnr Dawson Hwy & Fitzroy Dvlpmnt Rd, BAUHINIA QLD 4718
Benaraby Benaraby State School, O'Connor Rd, BENARABY QLD 4680
Biloela Biloela School of Arts, Kariboe St, BILOELA QLD 4715
Binjour Binjour Plateau State School, 18401 Burnett Hwy, BINJOUR QLD 4625
Blackall Blackall Court House, Shamrock St, BLACKALL QLD 4472
Blackwater Blackwater State School, 43 Wey St, BLACKWATER QLD 4717
Blackwater North Blackwater North State School, Williams St, BLACKWATER QLD 4717
Bluff Bluff State School, Main St, BLUFF QLD 4702
Bororen Bororen State School, Kent St, BOROREN QLD 4678
Boyne Island Boyne Tannum Community Centre, Wyndham Ave, BOYNE ISLAND QLD 4680
Brisbane City (Flynn) Brisbane City Hall, 64 Adelaide St, BRISBANE CITY QLD 4000
Bullyard Bullyard State School, 2358 Bucca Rd, BULLYARD QLD 4671
Calliope Calliope Pre-School, Dawson Hwy, CALLIOPE QLD 4680
Capella Capella State High School, Gordon St, CAPELLA QLD 4702
Clinton Clinton State School, Harvey Rd, CLINTON QLD 4680
Clinton St John's St John's Primary School, 15 J Hickey Ave, CLINTON QLD 4680
Comet Comet State School, Off Capricorn Hwy, COMET QLD 4702
Dingo Dingo State School, Normanby St, DINGO QLD 4702
Duaringa Duaringa State School, Charlotte St, DUARINGA QLD 4702
Dululu Dululu School of Arts, Bryant St, DULULU QLD 4702
Durong Durong Community Hall, 8940 Chinchilla Wondai Rd, DURONG SOUTH QLD 4610
Eidsvold Eidsvold State School, Hodgkinson St, EIDSVOLD QLD 4627
Emerald Emerald State School, 49 Anakie St, EMERALD QLD 4720
Emerald North Emerald North State School, Campbell St, EMERALD QLD 4720
Emerald South Denison State School, 16 Gray St, EMERALD QLD 4720
Gayndah Gayndah Court House, 20 Capper St, GAYNDAH QLD 4625
Gindie Gindie State School, Old Cullen La Ringo Rd, GINDIE QLD 4702
Gin Gin Gin Gin State School, 13 May St, GIN GIN QLD 4671
Gladstone Port Curtis Education Centre, 74 Auckland St, GLADSTONE QLD 4680
Gladstone South Gladstone South State School, 153 Toolooa St, SOUTH GLADSTONE QLD 4680
Gladstone Valley Gladstone Kindergarten, 149 Auckland St, SOUTH GLADSTONE QLD 4680
Gladstone West Gladstone West State School, Boles St, WEST GLADSTONE QLD 4680
Gooburrum Gooburrum State School, 14 Gooburrum Rd, GOOBURRUM QLD 4670
Goovigen Goovigen Community Hall, Stone Cres, GOOVIGEN QLD 4702
Guluguba Guluguba State School, Fosters Rd, GULUGUBA QLD 4418
Ilfracombe Ilfracombe State School, Main Ave, ILFRACOMBE QLD 4727
Isisford Isisford State School, St Helena St, ISISFORD QLD 4731
Jambin Jambin State School, Cnr Burnett Hwy and Threeways Rd, JAMBIN QLD 4702
Jericho Jericho State School, Pasteur St, JERICHO QLD 4702
Kin Kora Kin Kora State School, 43 Hibiscus Ave, KIN KORA QLD 4680
Lawgi Lawgi Hall, Burnett Hwy, LAWGI QLD 4715
Longreach Longreach Civic & Cultural Centre, Ilfracombe Rd, LONGREACH QLD 4730
Lowmead Lowmead State School, Gay St, LOWMEAD QLD 4676
Miriam Vale Miriam Vale State School, Roe St, MIRIAM VALE QLD 4677
Mondure Mondure Public Hall, 12 McConnell Way, MONDURE QLD 4611
Monto Monto Court House, 53 Newton St, MONTO QLD 4630
Moonford Moonford Hall, Cania Rd, MOONFORD QLD 4630
Moore Park Moore Park Community Hall, Club Ave, MOORE PARK QLD 4670
Mount Larcom Mount Larcom State School, Bruce Hwy, MOUNT LARCOM QLD 4695
Mount Perry Mount Perry Shire Hall, Heusman St, MOUNT PERRY QLD 4671
Moura Moura Tennis Club, Nott St, MOURA QLD 4718
Mulgildie Mulgildie State School, Brigalow St, MULGILDIE QLD 4630
Mundubbera Mundubbera CWA Hall, 79 Lyons St, MUNDUBBERA QLD 4626
Muttaburra Muttaburra State School, 32 Sword St, MUTTABURRA QLD 4732
Oakwood Oakwood State School, 125 Oakwood School Rd, GOOBURRUM QLD 4670
Proston Proston State School, 1 Rodney St, PROSTON QLD 4613
Ridgelands Ridgelands State School, 43 Crowe St, RIDGELANDS QLD 4702
Rolleston Rolleston State School, Warrijo St, ROLLESTON QLD 4702
Rosedale Rosedale State School, 21 James St, ROSEDALE QLD 4674
Rubyvale Rubyvale Public Hall, Burridge Rd, RUBYVALE QLD 4702
Sapphire Sapphire Community Hall, Rethammel Rd, SAPPHIRE QLD 4702
Sharon Sharon State School, Gin Gin rd, SHARON QLD 4670
South Kolan Kolan South State School, Gin Gin Rd, SOUTH KOLAN QLD 4670
Special Hospital Team 1 Mater Hospital Gladstone, Rossella Street, GLADSTONE QLD 4680
Special Hospital Team 2 Emerald Hospital, Hospital Road, EMERALD QLD 4720
Springsure Springsure State School, Eclipse St, SPRINGSURE QLD 4722
Stanwell Stanwell State School, 10 Teakle St, STANWELL QLD 4702
Tambo Tambo State School, Mitchell St, TAMBO QLD 4478
Tannum Sands Tannum Sands State High School, 65 Coronation Dr, TANNUM SANDS QLD 4680
Taroom Taroom State School, Cnr Wolsley and Taroom St, TAROOM QLD 4420
Thangool Thangool State School, 2 Aerodrome Rd, THANGOOL QLD 4716
Theodore Theodore State School, The Boulevard, THEODORE QLD 4719
Tieri Tieri State School, Bottlebrush La, TIERI QLD 4709
Toolooa Toolooa High School, Philip St, SOUTH GLADSTONE QLD 4680
Ubobo Ubobo State School, Cedarvale Rd, UBOBO QLD 4680
Wallaville Wallaville State School, 5 Grey St, WALLAVILLE QLD 4671
Wandoan Wandoan State School, North St, WANDOAN QLD 4419
Wartburg Wartburg State School, Coast Rd, BAFFLE CREEK QLD 4674
Westwood Westwood State School, 108 Herbert St, WESTWOOD QLD 4702
Willows Gemfields Willows Gemfields Community Hall, Willows Rd, WILLOWS GEMFIELDS QLD 4702
Winton Winton Court House, 59 Vindex St, WINTON QLD 4735
Wondai Wondai Memorial Hall, Cnr Scott & MacKenzie Sts, WONDAI QLD 4606
Woorabinda Woorabinda HACC Building, 112 Munns Rd, WOORABINDA QLD 4702
Wowan Wowan State School, Don St, WOWAN QLD 4702
Yandaran Yandaran State School, School La, YANDARAN QLD 4673
Yarroon Gladstone Court House, 14 Yarroon St, GLADSTONE QLD 4680
Yarwun Yarwun State School, 35 Butler St, YARWUN QLD 4694



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