Virtual Tally Room: the official election results
Virtual Tally Room: the official election results
House of Representatives Updated: 9/09/2010 1:32:48 PM


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Polling Places
Polling Place Street Address
Abbotsham Abbotsham Hall, 590 Castra Rd, ABBOTSHAM TAS 7315
Acton Acton Primary School, 36 Thorne St, ACTON TAS 7320
Addison Street Addison Street Scout Hall, 11 Addison St, DEVONPORT TAS 7310
Ambleside Mersey Rowing Club, 52 River Rd, AMBLESIDE TAS 7310
Boat Harbour Boat Harbour Primary School, 17386 Bass Hwy, BOAT HARBOUR TAS 7321
Brooklyn Brooklyn Primary School, 9 Latrobe St, BROOKLYN TAS 7320
Burnie Burnie City Council Offices, 80 Wilson St, BURNIE TAS 7320
Burnie PPVC Harris Building, 1st Floor, 51 Cattley St, BURNIE TAS 7320
Calder Calder Hall, 1320 Calder Rd, CALDER TAS 7325
Cooee Cooee Primary School, Fidler St, COOEE TAS 7320
Currie Currie Town Hall, Cnr Meech & George Sts, CURRIE TAS 7256
Devonport Central St Johns Parish Hall, Fenton St, DEVONPORT TAS 7310
Devonport North Mersey Bluff Church of Christ, 232 William St, DEVONPORT TAS 7310
Devonport PPVC 27-31 King St, DEVONPORT TAS 7310
Devonport South Reece High School, 41-43 Middle Rd, DEVONPORT TAS 7310
Devonport West Tasmanian Polytechnic Shared Services and Facilities, 20-36 Valley Rd, DEVONPORT TAS 7310
Divisional Office (PREPOLL) Divisional Office, 1st Floor Harris Building, 51 Cattley St, BURNIE TAS 7320
Don Don Memorial Hall, 17 Forth Rd, DON TAS 7310
East Devonport East Devonport Primary School, 19 Thomas St, EAST DEVONPORT TAS 7310
Edith Creek Edith Creek Primary School, 1282 Trowutta Rd, EDITH CREEK TAS 7330
Elliott Elliott Community Centre, 829 Murchison Hwy, ELLIOTT TAS 7325
Forest Forest Primary School, 422 Mengha Rd, FOREST TAS 7330
Forth Forth Town Hall, 680 Forth Main Rd, FORTH TAS 7310
Gawler Gawler Public Hall, 15 Top Gawler Rd, GAWLER TAS 7315
Grassy Grassy Club, 10 Grassy Rd, GRASSY TAS 7256
Gunns Plains Gunns Plains Community Hall, 957 Gunns Plains Rd, GUNNS PLAINS TAS 7315
Havenview Havenview Primary School, 15 Marriott St, HAVENVIEW TAS 7320
Heybridge Blythe Heads Hall, Sice Ave, HEYBRIDGE TAS 7316
Highclere Highclere Community Centre, 1558 Ridgley Hwy, HIGHCLERE TAS 7321
Irishtown Irishtown Lodge Arthur Temple, 604 Irishtown Rd, IRISHTOWN TAS 7330
Latrobe Latrobe Memorial Hall, 170 Gilbert St, LATROBE TAS 7307
Marrawah Marrawah Memorial Hall, 844 Comeback Rd, MARRAWAH TAS 7330
Mawbanna Mawbanna Hall, 1444 Mawbanna Rd, MAWBANNA TAS 7321
Melrose Melrose Memorial Hall, 673 Melrose Rd, MELROSE TAS 7310
Miandetta School of Special Education, 113 Middle Rd, MIANDETTA TAS 7310
Montagu Montagu Public Hall, 1663 Montagu Rd, MONTAGU TAS 7330
Montello Coastlands Montello Baptist Church, 43 Mace St, MONTELLO TAS 7320
Moorleah Moorleah Community Centre, 720 Preolenna Rd, MOORLEAH TAS 7321
Natone Natone Primary School, 100 Upper Natone Rd, NATONE TAS 7321
Nixon Street Nixon St Primary School, Nixon St, DEVONPORT TAS 7310
North Motton North Motton Community Hall, 578 Preston Rd, NORTH MOTTON TAS 7315
Penguin Penguin Uniting Church Hall, 50 Main Rd, PENGUIN TAS 7316
Preston Preston Community Centre, 1833 Preston Rd, PRESTON TAS 7315
Queenstown Queenstown Memorial Hall, 53 Orr St, QUEENSTOWN TAS 7467
Queenstown Interstate PPVC Queenstown Memorial Hall, 53 Orr St, QUEENSTOWN TAS 7467
Queenstown PPVC West Coast Council Offices, 11 Sticht Street, QUEENSTOWN TAS 7467
Reekara Reekara Community Complex, 2249 North Rd, REEKARA TAS 7256
Riana Riana Community Centre, 1221 Pine Rd, RIANA TAS 7316
Ridgley Ridgley Gospel Hall, 980 Ridgley Highway, RIDGLEY TAS 7321
Rocky Cape Rocky Cape Public Hall, 19074 Bass Hwy, ROCKY CAPE TAS 7321
Rosebery Rosebery Child Care Centre, 2 William Street, ROSEBERY TAS 7470
Savage River Grange Resources Lodge, Corinna Rd, SAVAGE RIVER TAS 7321
Shorewell Park Tasmanian Acadamy - Hellyer Campus, Mooreville Rd, SHOREWELL PARK TAS 7320
Sisters Beach Sisters Beach Fire Station, Honeysuckle Ave, SISTERS BEACH TAS 7321
Sisters Creek Sisters Creek Hall, 17894 Bass Hwy, SISTERS CREEK TAS 7321
Smithton Smithton Uniting Church Hall, 45 Goldie St, SMITHTON TAS 7330
Somerset Somerset Primary School, 8 Wragg St, SOMERSET TAS 7322
South Burnie SES Burnie Unit, 9 Wellington Street, SOUTH BURNIE TAS 7320
South Riana South Riana Memorial Hall, 776 South Riana Rd, SOUTH RIANA TAS 7316
Special Hospital Team 1 Multiple sites, SMITHTON TAS 7330
Special Hospital Team 2 Multiple sites, TAS
Special Hospital Team 3 Multiple sites, TAS
Special Hospital Team 4 Multiple sites, TAS
Sprent Sprent Primary School, 1245 Castra Rd, SPRENT TAS 7315
Spreyton Spreyton Primary School, 1 Mersey Main Rd, SPREYTON TAS 7310
Stanley Stanley Primary School, Wilson St, STANLEY TAS 7331
Stowport Stowport Public Hall, 580 Stowport Rd, STOWPORT TAS 7321
Strahan Strahan Fire Station, 18 Reid St, STRAHAN TAS 7468
Sulphur Creek Sulphur Creek Memorial Hall, Preservation Dr, SULPHUR CREEK TAS 7321
Togari Togari Community Centre, 7 Salmon River Rd, TOGARI TAS 7330
Tullah Tullah Fire Station, Farrell St, TULLAH TAS 7321
Turners Beach Turners Beach Community Centre, Henry St, TURNERS BEACH TAS 7315
Ulverstone Central Ulverstone Guide Hall, 34 Main St, ULVERSTONE TAS 7315
Ulverstone East East Ulverstone Primary School, 18 Crawford St, ULVERSTONE TAS 7315
Ulverstone South Ulverstone High School, 38 Leven St, ULVERSTONE TAS 7315
Upper Burnie Upper Burnie Primary School, 4 Johnson St, UPPER BURNIE TAS 7320
Waratah Waratah Municipal Chambers, 12-14 Smith St, WARATAH TAS 7321
West Ulverstone Ulverstone Gospel Chapel, 1A Amherst St, WEST ULVERSTONE TAS 7315
Wivenhoe Wivenhoe Campus Leighland Christian School, Stowport Rd, WIVENHOE TAS 7320
Wynyard Central Wynyard Senior Citizens Club Rooms, 28 Jackson St, WYNYARD TAS 7325
Wynyard West Wynyard High School, 30 Church St, WYNYARD TAS 7325
Yolla Yolla District High School, School La, YOLLA TAS 7325
Zeehan Zeehan Primary School, 7 Belstead St, ZEEHAN TAS 7469



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