Virtual Tally Room: the official election results
Virtual Tally Room: the official election results
Senate Updated: 15/09/2010 3:41:24 PM


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Senators Elected for all states and territories
State Senator Party Order Elected
ACT LUNDY, Kate Alexandra Australian Labor Party 1
ACT HUMPHRIES, Gary Liberal 2
NSW FAULKNER, John Labor 2
NSW HEFFERNAN, William Liberal 3
NSW NASH, Fiona The Nationals 5
NSW RHIANNON, Lee The Greens 6
NT SCULLION, Nigel Country Liberals (NT) 1
NT CROSSIN, Trish Australian Labor Party (Northern Territory) Branch 2
QLD BRANDIS, George Henry Liberal National Party of Queensland 1
QLD LUDWIG, Joe Australian Labor Party 2
QLD JOYCE, Barnaby Liberal National Party of Queensland 3
QLD McLUCAS, Jan Australian Labor Party 4
QLD WATERS, Larissa The Greens 5
QLD MASON, Brett Liberal National Party of Queensland 6
SA GALLACHER, Alex Australian Labor Party 1
SA FISHER, Mary Jo Liberal 2
SA McEWEN, Anne Australian Labor Party 3
SA EDWARDS, Sean Liberal 4
SA WRIGHT, Penny The Greens 5
SA FAWCETT, David Liberal 6
TAS POLLEY, Helen Australian Labor Party 1
TAS ABETZ, Eric Liberal 2
TAS MILNE, Christine Australian Greens 3
TAS URQUHART, Anne Australian Labor Party 4
TAS PARRY, Stephen Shane Liberal 5
TAS SINGH, Lisa Australian Labor Party 6
VIC CARR, Kim John Australian Labor Party 1
VIC RONALDSON, Michael Liberal 2
VIC DI NATALE, Richard Australian Greens 3
VIC CONROY, Stephen Michael Australian Labor Party 4
VIC McKENZIE, Bridget The Nationals 5
VIC MADIGAN, John Democratic Labor Party (DLP) of Australia 6
WA CORMANN, Mathias Liberal 1
WA EVANS, Chris Australian Labor Party 2
WA BACK, Chris Liberal 3
WA STERLE, Glenn Australian Labor Party 4
WA ADAMS, Judith Liberal 5
WA SIEWERT, Rachel The Greens 6

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