2016 Federal Election

Updated: Mon, 08 Aug 2016 3:50:55 PM AEST

House of Representatives candidates

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  1. These results are final.


House of Representatives candidates
Candidate Party State Division Status
ABBOTT, Tony Liberal NSW Warringah Elected
ABBOUD, Natalie The Greens VIC Calwell  
ABDULLA, Violet Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) NSW Watson  
ABLETT, Bronwyn Liberal Democrats QLD Griffith  
ACKROYD, Anthony Michael The Arts Party NSW Wentworth  
ADELAN-LANGFORD, Jessica Liberal ACT Canberra  
AGGETT, Troy Pauline Hanson's One Nation QLD Blair  
AGNOLETTO, Pietro The Greens QLD Wright  
AITCHISON, Neil Independent SA Sturt  
ALBANESE, Anthony Labor NSW Grayndler Elected
ALCORN, Zane Socialist Alliance VIC Wills  
ALDRIDGE, Mark Independent SA Makin  
ALEXANDER, John Liberal NSW Bennelong Elected
ALICK, Justin The Greens NSW Bennelong  
ALLAN, Marcus Liberal TAS Denison  
ALLEN, Darryl Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) NSW Mitchell  
ALLEN, David Independent NSW Wentworth  
ALLEY, Peter Labor NSW Lyne  
ALY, Anne Australian Labor Party WA Cowan Elected
ANDERSON, James The Nationals VIC McEwen  
ANDERSON, Karen The Greens QLD Griffith  
ANDERSON, Ralph Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) SA Wakefield  
ANDERSON, Scott Australian Labor Party QLD Fairfax  
ANDREW, Tracey Australian Country Party VIC McEwen  
ANDREWS, Josh Labor NSW Berowra  
ANDREWS, Karen Liberal National Party of Queensland QLD McPherson Elected
ANDREWS, Kevin Liberal VIC Menzies Elected
ANTHONEY, Trevor Bullet Train For Australia NSW Hume  
ARBUCKLE, Luke CountryMinded QLD Maranoa  
ARCHIBALD, David Australian Liberty Alliance WA Curtin  
ARENA, Peter Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) NSW Paterson  
ARKAN, John Independent NSW Cowper  
ARMFIELD, Jamie Independent SA Boothby  
ASHLIN, Caroline Family First QLD Fisher  
ATKINS, David Labor NSW Cook  
ATKINSON, Bernardine Independent VIC Wannon  
AUGUST, John Peter Pirate Party Australia NSW Bennelong  
AUSSIE-STONE, Marc Independent NSW Wentworth  
AUSTIN, Barry Family First QLD Wright  
AUSTIN, Jane Australian Labor Party TAS Denison  
AUSTIN, Ken The Greens QLD Bonner  
AYTON, Philip John Online Direct Democracy - (Empowering the People!) NSW Parkes  
BACKHOUSE, Tony Independent NSW Warringah  
BACON, Kristin Animal Justice Party VIC Casey  
BAILLIEU, Sally The Arts Party VIC Dunkley  
BAKER, Norman Rise Up Australia Party VIC McMillan  
BAKER, Paul Independent NSW Dobell  
BAKER, Phil Pauline Hanson's One Nation QLD Flynn  
BAKOSS, Richard Heltay Nick Xenophon Team NSW Macarthur  
BALL, Brenden Pauline Hanson's One Nation QLD Fadden  
BALL, Jason The Greens VIC Higgins  
BALL, Jim Independent NSW Mackellar  
BALL, Olivia The Greens VIC Maribyrnong  
BANDT, Adam The Greens VIC Melbourne Elected
BANGE, Jane The Greens SA Boothby  
BANKS, Julia Liberal VIC Chisholm Elected
BARKER, Neil The Greens VIC McEwen  
BARLING, Michael David Australian Labor Party VIC Wannon  
BARNARD, Henry John Rise Up Australia Party WA Hasluck  
BARNES, Alice The Greens VIC Ballarat  
BARNES, Roy Owen Animal Justice Party NSW Banks  
BARNETT, Heather Family First QLD Flynn  
BARRIE, Jenny Liberal NSW Shortland  
BARRON, Alan Family First Party VIC Corangamite  
BARROW, David Independent NSW Warringah  
BARTRAM, Jeffrey Family First Party VIC La Trobe  
BASSETT, Nancy Nick Xenophon Team VIC Higgins  
BAUER, Stefanie The Greens VIC Bruce  
BAYLEY, Sandra The Greens QLD Ryan  
BEATTIE, Malcolm Peter Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) TAS Bass  
BECK, Stephen The Arts Party QLD Longman  
BECKWITH, Michael Liberal NSW Parramatta  
BEERS, Zac Australian Labor Party QLD Flynn  
BELL, Ian The Greens QLD Longman  
BELL-HENSELIN, Tracey Rise Up Australia Party QLD Fisher  
BELLSTEDT, Michael The Greens NSW Mitchell  
BELSAR, Ashleigh Australian Christians VIC Gippsland  
BENNETT, James The Greens VIC Hotham  
BENNETT, Ursula Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) NSW Eden-Monaro  
BERKMAN, Michael The Greens QLD Dickson  
BERMAN, Christine Independent NSW Bradfield  
BERRIMAN, Mark Animal Justice Party NSW Sydney  
BHATHAL, Alex The Greens VIC Batman  
BHATTI, Shashi Australian Labor Party VIC Gippsland  
BILIC, George Liberal NSW McMahon  
BILLU, Avtar Singh Independent NSW Greenway  
BINNS, Kelvin Liberal SA Kingston  
BIRD, Sharon Labor NSW Cunningham Elected
BISHOP, Julie Liberal WA Curtin Elected
BISHOP, Trevor Family First Party VIC Goldstein  
BLACKWELL, Ash Drug Law Reform VIC Wills  
BLAKEY, Cath The Greens NSW Cunningham  
BLEVIN, Ian Shooters, Fishers and Farmers WA Burt  
BLICAVS, Michelle Liberal NSW Cunningham  
BLOCH, Barbara The Greens NSW Watson  
BLOOMFIELD, Rod Nick Xenophon Team NSW Calare  
BLUNDELL, Deborah May Animal Justice Party NSW Lindsay  
BLUNDELL-CAMDEN, Aeron The Greens (WA) WA Canning  
BOAG, Joshua Liberal Democrats TAS Braddon  
BOCK, Andrew Independent VIC Murray  
BOELE, Karel Independent QLD Griffith  
BOHM, Tim Bullet Train For Australia ACT Fenner  
BOLTON, John Independent SA Wakefield  
BONDAR, Greg Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) NSW Banks  
BOSSIE, Craig Nick Xenophon Team SA Makin  
BOSWELL, Marion Australian Labor Party WA Tangney  
BOULTER, Sandra Independent WA Curtin  
BOURNE, Kathleen Liberal SA Wakefield  
BOWEN, Chris Labor NSW McMahon Elected
BOWYER, Craig Family First SA Sturt  
BOYD, Abigail The Greens NSW Dobell  
BOYLE, Peter Socialist Alliance NSW Sydney  
BRADLEY, Phil The Greens NSW Parramatta  
BRESKIN, Alex The Greens VIC Isaacs  
BRETT, John Independent NSW Cook  
BREWSTER, Martin Palmer United Party QLD Herbert  
BRIERS, Joshua The Greens VIC Deakin  
BRIGGS, Jamie Liberal SA Mayo  
BRISBANE, Roger The Greens QLD Moncrieff  
BROAD, Andrew The Nationals VIC Mallee Elected
BROADBENT, Russell Liberal VIC McMillan Elected
BROADFOOT, Andrea Nick Xenophon Team SA Grey  
BRODTMANN, Gai Australian Labor Party ACT Canberra Elected
BROUGHTON, Andrew Family First QLD Bonner  
BROWN, Jen The Greens TAS Denison  
BROWN, John The Greens NSW Paterson  
BROWNE, Vanessa Animal Justice Party VIC Deakin  
BUCCIANTI, Adriana Drug Law Reform VIC Scullin  
BUCHANAN, Craig Liberal WA Brand  
BUCHHOLZ, Scott Liberal National Party of Queensland QLD Wright Elected
BUCKINGHAM, Chris Australian Labor Party VIC McMillan  
BUCKLEY, Ben Liberal Democrats VIC Gippsland  
BUCKLEY, Catherine Liberal Democrats QLD Petrie  
BUCKLEY, Ray Independent NSW Eden-Monaro  
BUCKNELL, Christopher D'Arcy Bullet Train For Australia ACT Canberra  
BULL, Neil Family First Party VIC Holt  
BULL, Sue Socialist Alliance VIC Corio  
BULLEN, Kris Online Direct Democracy - (Empowering the People!) QLD Fairfax  
BURDETT, Robert Australian Christians WA Brand  
BURGE, Karen Drug Law Reform NSW Newcastle  
BURGESS, Jason Veterans Party QLD Fisher  
BURGOYNE, Peter The Greens QLD McPherson  
BURKE, Tony Labor NSW Watson Elected
BURNEY, Linda Labor NSW Barton Elected
BURSTON, Graham Pauline Hanson's One Nation NSW Paterson  
BUTLER, Mark Australian Labor Party SA Port Adelaide Elected
BUTLER, Terri Australian Labor Party QLD Griffith Elected
BYRNE, Anthony Australian Labor Party VIC Holt Elected
CADDY, Sandy Rise Up Australia Party VIC Bendigo  
CAHILL, Patricia The Greens ACT Canberra  
CAINE, Milton Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) NSW Newcastle  
CALLANAN, Melissa Australian Labor Party WA Curtin  
CAMPBELL, Keith Alexander Independent QLD Fairfax  
CAMPBELL, Thomas The Greens VIC Wannon  
CAPLICE, Shea The Arts Party NSW Warringah  
CAPSIS, George Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) NSW Cook  
CAREY, Damian Nick Xenophon Team SA Kingston  
CAREY, Matthew The Greens SA Port Adelaide  
CARROLL, Evelyn Animal Justice Party SA Boothby  
CARSON, Stephen Rise Up Australia Party WA O'Connor  
CARTER, Elaine Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) NSW Lyne  
CARTER, Laurel Katter's Australian Party QLD Capricornia  
CARTER, Marylou Family First NSW Reid  
CARTWRIGHT, Nevin Online Direct Democracy - (Empowering the People!) NT Solomon  
CASEY, Jim The Greens NSW Grayndler  
CASHMAN, Bill The Greens NSW Fowler  
CAUDRE, Michael Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) NSW Hughes  
CHALMERS, Jim Australian Labor Party QLD Rankin Elected
CHAMBERS, Andrew David Online Direct Democracy - (Empowering the People!) WA Perth  
CHAMPION, Nick Australian Labor Party SA Wakefield Elected
CHARLETON, Peter Independent VIC Casey  
CHARLTON, Anne Labor NSW Robertson  
CHELLAPPAH, Naren Animal Justice Party VIC Goldstein  
CHELLEW, Tristram Australian Sex Party VIC Wills  
CHESTER, Darren The Nationals VIC Gippsland Elected
CHESTER, Jamie Shooters, Fishers and Farmers WA Cowan  
CHESTERFIELD-EVANS, Arthur The Greens NSW North Sydney  
CHESTERS, Lisa Australian Labor Party VIC Bendigo Elected
CHRISTENSEN, Brad Independent NSW Lyne  
CHRISTENSEN, George Liberal National Party of Queensland QLD Dawson Elected
CHRISTOE, Ian The Greens VIC Murray  
CHURCH, Sherrilyn Rise Up Australia Party QLD Maranoa  
CICUTO, Geoffrey Australian Cyclists Party VIC Batman  
CIOBO, Steven Liberal National Party of Queensland QLD Moncrieff Elected
CLARE, Brian Rise Up Australia Party NSW Paterson  
CLARE, Jason Labor NSW Blaxland Elected
CLARK, David Family First Party VIC Menzies  
CLARK, Philippa The Greens NSW Banks  
CLARK, Tony Australian Labor Party VIC Deakin  
CLARKE, Brendan Michael Science Party NSW Berowra  
CLAYDON, Sharon Labor NSW Newcastle Elected
CLIFFORD, Tim The Greens (WA) WA Perth  
CLINCH, Bridget Veterans Party QLD Brisbane  
CLIPSTONE, Janine Animal Justice Party SA Port Adelaide  
COFFEY, James Science Party NSW North Sydney  
COHN, Amanda The Greens NSW Farrer  
COKER, Libby Australian Labor Party VIC Corangamite  
COLBERT, Dianne Australian Christians VIC Ballarat  
COLE, Lisa The Nationals WA Durack  
COLEFAX, Stan Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) NSW New England  
COLEMAN, David Liberal NSW Banks Elected
COLLINS, Julie Australian Labor Party TAS Franklin Elected
COLOVIC, David Liberal SA Adelaide  
COMPTON, David Liberal NSW Newcastle  
CONNOLLY, Mick Mature Australia WA Fremantle  
CONROY, Pat Labor NSW Shortland Elected
COOK, Barry Katter's Australian Party QLD Wide Bay  
COOMBE, Paul Family First SA Makin  
COOMBES, Gary John Family First Party VIC Deakin  
COOPER, Andrew Liberal Democrats QLD Moreton  
COOPER, Liz Derryn Hinch's Justice Party NSW Macquarie  
COOTE, Matthew Ross Australian Labor Party VIC Goldstein  
CORBOY, Marty The Nationals VIC Indi  
CORNISH, Marcus   NSW Lindsay  
COSGROVE, Lindsay D Citizens Electoral Council NSW Hume  
COTTAM, Elise Anne Pauline Hanson's One Nation QLD Wide Bay  
COTTER, Neil The Greens QLD Rankin  
COULTON, Mark The Nationals NSW Parkes Elected
COX, John Mature Australia QLD Wright  
COX, Morgan Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) NSW Shortland  
COX, Philip Gordon Independent NSW New England  
CRAIG, Anthony Gerard Independent NSW Calare  
CRAIG, Matthew Liberal Democrats NSW Robertson  
CRANSTON, Richard The Greens VIC Menzies  
CREWTHER, Chris Liberal VIC Dunkley Elected
CUMMING, Catherine Independent VIC Maribyrnong  
CUMMINGS, Tom The Greens VIC La Trobe  
CURTIS, Simon Australian Labor Party VIC La Trobe  
D'ARCY, Marg Australian Labor Party VIC Kooyong  
DABROWSKI, Edward Australian Christians WA Forrest  
DALLIMORE, Glen Australian Labor Party SA Mayo  
DALTON, Courtney Drug Law Reform VIC Corangamite  
DANBY, Michael Australian Labor Party VIC Melbourne Ports Elected
DANIELI, Robert Australian Country Party VIC Murray  
DANIELL, Nathan The Greens SA Mayo  
DARR, Geoff Family First QLD Blair  
DARRAGH, Matt Australian Liberty Alliance QLD Griffith  
DAVIES, Ric Liberal Democrats QLD Rankin  
DAVIS, Glen Liberal Democrats NSW Calare  
DAVIS, Kate The Greens (WA) WA Fremantle  
DAVIS, Peter Citizens Electoral Council NSW Paterson  
DAVY, Jeff Citizens Electoral Council VIC Murray  
DAVY, Van Independent NSW Robertson  
DAWES, Robert Liberal Democrats NT Solomon  
DE JONGE, Robert Independent SA Boothby  
DE LIMA, Joaquim Smokers Rights NSW Fowler  
DEAN, Jannean Glenn Lazarus Team QLD Wide Bay  
DELANEY, Martine The Greens TAS Franklin  
DICK, Milton Australian Labor Party QLD Oxley Elected
DICKSON, Robert Independent QLD Fairfax  
DOBBY, Karen Australian Christians VIC Deakin  
DODD, Ash Katter's Australian Party QLD Dawson  
DOECKE, Geoff Family First SA Kingston  
DOIDGE, Julieanne Lynette Derryn Hinch's Justice Party VIC La Trobe  
DONLON, Anita Erika Independent VIC Bendigo  
DORIAN, Angela Rise Up Australia Party VIC Casey  
DORIAN, Peter Rise Up Australia Party VIC Gippsland  
DREYFUS, Mark Australian Labor Party VIC Isaacs Elected
DRIESSEN, Andrew Online Direct Democracy - (Empowering the People!) NSW Parramatta  
DRUM, Damian The Nationals VIC Murray Elected
DUNCAN, Tony Australian Liberty Alliance QLD Bowman  
DUTTON, Peter Liberal National Party of Queensland QLD Dickson Elected
DWYER, Colin Katter's Australian Party QLD Herbert  
DYER, Ray Independent VIC Indi  
DYKYJ, Jonathon The Greens QLD Dawson  
DZIVINSKI, Luke Liberal Democrats SA Mayo  
EARLEY, Braedon Independent NT Lingiari  
ECKEL, Bren Independent VIC Ballarat  
EDWARDS, Carter Pauline Hanson's One Nation NSW Dobell  
EDWARDS, Daniel Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) NSW Werriwa  
ELLIOT, Justine Labor NSW Richmond Elected
ELLIS, Kate Australian Labor Party SA Adelaide Elected
ELLIS, Mark Liberal Democrats NSW Page  
ELLSMORE, Sylvie The Greens NSW Sydney  
ELVY, Jamie Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) NSW Grayndler  
EMMS, Jonathan Independent QLD Blair  
ENTSCH, Warren Liberal National Party of Queensland QLD Leichhardt Elected
ERVIN, Hadden Robert Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) NSW Dobell  
ETHERIDGE, Susan The Greens QLD Fairfax  
EVANS, Caitlin Animal Justice Party VIC Batman  
EVANS, Trevor Liberal National Party of Queensland QLD Brisbane Elected
EWINGS, David Labor NSW New England  
EXCELL, Amanda Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) TAS Denison  
FALANGA, Ula Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) NSW Sydney  
FALINSKI, Jason Liberal NSW Mackellar Elected
FALLA-RICKETTS, Kudra The Greens NSW Page  
FARHAN, Adam Liberal NSW Fowler  
FEENEY, David Australian Labor Party VIC Batman Elected
FENELEY, Michael Liberal NSW Kingsford Smith  
FENT, David Shooters, Fishers and Farmers VIC La Trobe  
FERGEUS, Josh The Greens VIC Chisholm  
FERRANDO, Vincent Rise Up Australia Party VIC Indi  
FIDGE, Julian Australian Country Party VIC Indi  
FINDLAY, Felicity Liberal NSW Blaxland  
FISHLOCK, David Outdoor Recreation Party (Stop The Greens) WA Forrest  
FITZGIBBON, Joel Labor NSW Hunter Elected
FLANAGAN, John Non-Custodial Parents Party (Equal Parenting) NSW Cunningham  
FLETCHER, Nathan Joel David Independent QLD Flynn  
FLETCHER, Paul Liberal NSW Bradfield Elected
FLINT, Nicolle Liberal SA Boothby Elected
FLOWERDEW, Emma Liberal SA Port Adelaide  
FLYNN, Peter Citizens Electoral Council NT Lingiari  
FOGGIE, Nathan Family First Party VIC Bruce  
FOLEY, Richard Independent NSW Riverina  
FOLLONI, Leah Animal Justice Party VIC La Trobe  
FORD, Jon Australian Labor Party WA O'Connor  
FOSTER, Bill Independent QLD Hinkler  
FRANKLIN, Jay Voluntary Euthanasia Party VIC Menzies  
FRASER, Matthew The Nationals NSW Richmond  
FRASER HARDY, Laura Australian Labor Party QLD Bonner  
FREELANDER, Mike Labor NSW Macarthur Elected
FREEMAN-HARRISON, Lewis Australian Sex Party VIC Melbourne  
FRENCH, Thomas Australian Labor Party WA Pearce  
FRIEND, Don Veterans Party NSW Eden-Monaro  
FRYDENBERG, Josh Liberal VIC Kooyong Elected
FULGENZI, Will Socialist Equality Party VIC Wills  
FUNNELL, Rhonda Labor NSW Mackellar  
GADD, Sandy Australian Labor Party QLD McPherson  
GALDIES, Rebecca The Greens SA Sturt  
GALLAGHER, Mick Independent NSW Berowra  
GALLEHAWK, Donna Maree Family First QLD Kennedy  
GAMBIAN, Chris Labor NSW Banks  
GARDNER, Peter Renewable Energy Party VIC Gippsland  
GARNER, Mark Independent NT Solomon  
GAVIN, Liam Independent NSW Mackellar  
GEBADI, Ned Kelly Family First QLD Leichhardt  
GEE, Andrew The Nationals NSW Calare Elected
GEISER, Tom Science Party NSW Sydney  
GENT, James Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) NSW Macarthur  
GENTLE, Yvonne Rise Up Australia Party VIC Flinders  
GEORGANAS, Steve Australian Labor Party SA Hindmarsh Elected
GERAN, Paul Online Direct Democracy - (Empowering the People!) NSW Watson  
GESLING, Bernie Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) NSW Calare  
GIAMARELOS, Kate The Greens QLD Capricornia  
GIBSON, Tony The Greens QLD Fisher  
GILBERT, Frank Australian Labor Party QLD Dawson  
GILES, Andrew Australian Labor Party VIC Scullin Elected
GILLESPIE, David The Nationals NSW Lyne Elected
GILLMAN, Dougal Renewable Energy Party VIC Wills  
GINGES, Hal Jon Animal Justice Party NSW Macquarie  
GIORDANO, Marc Science Party NSW Warringah  
GISSANE, Bill Australian Labor Party QLD Fisher  
GLAISHER, Rosemary The Greens VIC Bendigo  
GLANCE, Viv The Greens (WA) WA Curtin  
GLEIXNER, Carolyn Australian Labor Party VIC Flinders  
GOLDSTEIN, Mercurius The Greens NSW New England  
GOMPERTZ, Katie Labor NSW Bradfield  
GOODENOUGH, Ian Liberal WA Moore Elected
GORDON, Christopher The Arts Party NSW Bennelong  
GORDON, Tom Science Party NSW Watson  
GOSLING, Luke Australian Labor Party (Northern Territory) Branch NT Solomon Elected
GOUGH, Michael Citizens Electoral Council NSW Cowper  
GOULD, Alfred Independent NT Lingiari  
GOULD, Grahame Australian Christians WA Durack  
GOURLAY, Phillip Independent SA Grey  
GRAHAM, Theresa Family First QLD Griffith  
GREEN, Joshua Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) NSW Chifley  
GREEN, Simon Family First QLD McPherson  
GREENBERG, Zarina Animal Justice Party SA Makin  
GRENFELL, Oscar Socialist Equality Party NSW Grayndler  
GRIGGS, Natasha Country Liberals (NT) NT Solomon  
GRIMLEY, Scott Derryn Hinch's Justice Party NSW Lindsay  
GRIZELJ, Jake Shooters, Fishers and Farmers NSW Macquarie  
GROENEWALD, Maryka Australian Christians WA Moore  
GROSMAIRE, Daniel Independent NSW Eden-Monaro  
GRYPHON, S Liberal Democrats QLD Ryan  
GUARDIANI, Franco Independent VIC Batman  
GUEST, Mark Liberal Democrats NSW Parramatta  
GUEST, Owen Liberal VIC Melbourne Ports  
GULLONE, Eleonora Animal Justice Party VIC Higgins  
GUNASEKERA, Yasmin Rise Up Australia Party VIC Murray  
GUNNING, Robert Liberal ACT Fenner  
GURNETT, Rick Katter's Australian Party QLD Maranoa  
GUY, Sophie The Greens SA Adelaide  
GUYULA, Yingiya Mark Independent NT Lingiari  
HALL, Craig Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) NSW Fowler  
HALL, Michael Glenn Lazarus Team QLD Dawson  
HALL, Mike The Greens NSW Mackellar  
HALL, Sharan Family First QLD Lilley  
HALLEY, Carl Australian Liberty Alliance NSW Macquarie  
HAMBOUR, Bruce Family First SA Port Adelaide  
HAMILTON, Neil Liberal Democrats WA Cowan  
HAMMOND, Tim Australian Labor Party WA Perth Elected
HARDING, Nathan Family First Party VIC McMillan  
HARDING, Teresa Liberal National Party of Queensland QLD Blair  
HARDMAN, Des Australian Labor Party QLD Forde  
HARRIS, David Liberal Democrats QLD Herbert  
HART, Ross Australian Labor Party TAS Bass Elected
HARTMAN, Wayne Non-Custodial Parents Party (Equal Parenting) NSW Whitlam  
HARTSUYKER, Luke The Nationals NSW Cowper Elected
HARVEY, John Independent NSW Hunter  
HASSELL, John The Nationals WA O'Connor  
HASTIE, Andrew Liberal WA Canning Elected
HATZAKORTZIAN, Ted Liberal VIC Maribyrnong  
HAWKE, Alex Liberal NSW Mitchell Elected
HAYES, Chris Labor NSW Fowler Elected
HAYES, Peter Labor NSW North Sydney  
HAYWARD, Russell Australian Progressives VIC Batman  
HEALY, Helen The Greens VIC Mallee  
HEATH, Brian Family First Party VIC Gippsland  
HEBER, Brent The Greens NSW Barton  
HEGARTY, Julie Independent NSW Mackellar  
HEGEDUS, Stephen Australian Labor Party QLD Ryan  
HEISE, Florian Family First QLD Moreton  
HELLBERG, Annelise Family First QLD Forde  
HENDERSON, Sarah Liberal VIC Corangamite Elected
HENDY, Peter Liberal NSW Eden-Monaro  
HERBERTSON, Bronwyn Australian Labor Party QLD Groom  
HERCUS, Cheryl The Greens VIC Goldstein  
HEWITT, Marcus Liberal NSW Whitlam  
HEYDE, Emma The Greens NSW Berowra  
HICKS, Bruce Family First SA Mayo  
HICKS, Nigel Independent VIC Murray  
HIGGINS, Lawrie Antipaedophile Party NSW Robertson  
HILL, Joe Nick Xenophon Team SA Adelaide  
HILL, Julian Australian Labor Party VIC Bruce Elected
HINDI, Chris Drug Law Reform NSW Grayndler  
HOAD, Rob The Greens NT Lingiari  
HOCKLEY, Karen Nick Xenophon Team SA Boothby  
HODGE, Graham Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) TAS Braddon  
HODGES, Jeffrey Dale Consumer Rights & No-Tolls QLD Rankin  
HODGINS-MAY, Steph The Greens VIC Melbourne Ports  
HOGAN, Kevin The Nationals NSW Page Elected
HOGARTH, Willisa The Greens VIC Flinders  
HOLDING, Rod Independent NSW Newcastle  
HOLLAND, Peter Independent VIC Melbourne Ports  
HOLLEY, Shane Katter's Australian Party QLD Rankin  
HOLMICK, Simon James Liberal Democrats QLD Lilley  
HOLTHAM, Robyn The Greens SA Kingston  
HOMPES, Katherine The Greens QLD Maranoa  
HONG, Kyung Liberal VIC Wills  
HOST, Kevin Australian Christians WA Stirling  
HOST, Rex Australian Christians WA Cowan  
HOWARD, Alan Family First Party VIC Bendigo  
HOWARD, Graham Family First Party VIC Ballarat  
HOWARD, Karen Liberal NSW Paterson  
HOWARTH, Luke Liberal National Party of Queensland QLD Petrie Elected
HOWES, Sharryn Australian Labor Party QLD Leichhardt  
HOWISON, Lyndal Labor NSW Bennelong  
HSU, John Liberal VIC Calwell  
HUA, George Liberal VIC Hotham  
HUGHES, Evan Labor NSW Wentworth  
HUGHES, Leslie Liberal Democrats VIC La Trobe  
HULBERT, Antony John Animal Justice Party VIC Menzies  
HUMPHREYS, John Liberal Democrats QLD Brisbane  
HUNT, Greg Liberal VIC Flinders Elected
HUNT, Nathan The Greens NSW Cook  
HUNT, Tom The Greens NSW Whitlam  
HUPPERT, Daniel Independent VIC Aston  
HURST, Emma Animal Justice Party NSW Grayndler  
HUSAR, Emma Labor NSW Lindsay Elected
HUSIC, Ed Labor NSW Chifley Elected
HUTCHINSON, Eric Liberal TAS Lyons  
HUTCHINSON, Ray Family First QLD Dickson  
HUXHAM, Damian Pauline Hanson's One Nation QLD Hinkler  
HYSLOP, Patrick The Greens (WA) WA Hasluck  
INWOOD, Richard Nick Xenophon Team SA Wakefield  
IPSEN, Kathleen Australian Christians VIC McMillan  
IRONS, Steve Liberal WA Swan Elected
ISMAIL, Sophie Australian Labor Party VIC Melbourne  
JACK, Tyson Animal Justice Party VIC Dunkley  
JACOBSEN, Norm Australian Labor Party QLD Kennedy  
JAKOBI, Susan Australia First Party VIC Lalor  
JAMES, Eliza The Greens NSW Chifley  
JAMES, Ian The Greens (WA) WA Durack  
JARVIS-WILLS, Jill Renewable Energy Party VIC Bruce  
JECKS, Dawn The Greens (WA) WA Brand  
JEGES, Helen Ann Animal Justice Party VIC Hotham  
JENKINS, Chris Socialist Alliance WA Fremantle  
JENNINGS, Jess Labor NSW Calare  
JENSEN, Dennis Geoffrey Independent WA Tangney  
JERMYN, Chris Liberal VIC McEwen  
JESSOP, Mike Independent QLD Fisher  
JIGGENS, John Drug Law Reform QLD Griffith  
JOHNSTON, Elizabeth Animal Justice Party VIC Isaacs  
JONES, Adrian The Greens NSW Bradfield  
JONES, Ewen Liberal National Party of Queensland QLD Herbert  
JONES, Rob Independent QLD McPherson  
JONES, Stephen Labor NSW Whitlam Elected
JORDAN, Scott The Greens TAS Braddon  
JOUM, LB Online Direct Democracy - (Empowering the People!) QLD Fisher  
JOYCE, Barnaby The Nationals NSW New England Elected
KAMINSKI, Cheryl Family First SA Grey  
KANG, Ju Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) NSW Reid  
KATTER, Bob Katter's Australian Party QLD Kennedy Elected
KATTER, Carl Australian Labor Party VIC Higgins  
KAVANAGH, Lee Drug Law Reform VIC Goldstein  
KEANE, Yvonne Liberal NSW Greenway  
KEARNEY, John Australia First Party NT Solomon  
KEAY, Justine Australian Labor Party TAS Braddon Elected
KEEHN, Lynette Pauline Hanson's One Nation QLD Maranoa  
KEENAN, Michael Liberal WA Stirling Elected
KELLY, Craig Liberal NSW Hughes Elected
KELLY, John Rise Up Australia Party QLD Leichhardt  
KELLY, Mike Labor NSW Eden-Monaro Elected
KELLY, Peter Australian Liberty Alliance NSW Bradfield  
KELLY, Pierrette Liberal WA Fremantle  
KENNEDY, Brad Katter's Australian Party QLD Longman  
KENNEDY, Robert Liberal Democrats VIC Higgins  
KEOGH, Matt Australian Labor Party WA Burt Elected
KEOUGH, Mark The Greens SA Barker  
KERR, Eric Australian Labor Party VIC Indi  
KERR, Thor The Greens (WA) WA Tangney  
KERRIGAN, Dave Australian Labor Party QLD Maranoa  
KHALIL, Peter Australian Labor Party VIC Wills Elected
KHAN, Ammar Independent NSW Chifley  
KILARNEY, Russell Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) NSW Richmond  
KING, Catherine Australian Labor Party VIC Ballarat Elected
KING, Madeleine Australian Labor Party WA Brand Elected
KINGSTON, David Liberal National Party of Queensland QLD Lilley  
KIRK, Daniel Nick Xenophon Team SA Hindmarsh  
KLISARIS, Paul Australian Labor Party VIC Aston  
KLOMP, Steve Australian Christians WA Swan  
KROGER, Helen Liberal VIC Bruce  
KU, Eddy Family First NSW North Sydney  
KUMAR, Mohit Liberal NSW Chifley  
KUNDE, Christian Labor NSW Farrer  
KURYLOWICZ, Tim Labor NSW Riverina  
KWON, Daniel The Greens QLD Fadden  
LA BROOY, Linda Family First NSW Lindsay  
LACAZE, Stephen Katter's Australian Party QLD Oxley  
LAHY, Chris Citizens Electoral Council VIC Mallee  
LAKKIS, Michael Amon Independent VIC Calwell  
LAMB, Susan Australian Labor Party QLD Longman Elected
LAMING, Andrew Liberal National Party of Queensland QLD Bowman Elected
LANCASTER, Donna The Greens VIC McMillan  
LANDRY, Michelle Liberal National Party of Queensland QLD Capricornia Elected
LANG, Daryl Liberal VIC Gorton  
LANGE, Richard Liberal VIC Corio  
LANGFIELD, Philip Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) NSW Riverina  
LANNING, Rebecca Australian Sex Party NSW Sydney  
LAPPIN, Alan James Independent VIC Indi  
LARGE, Steven Independent QLD Dawson  
LAUNDY, Craig Liberal NSW Reid Elected
LAVARCH, Linda Australian Labor Party QLD Dickson  
LAVIN, Rosemary Animal Justice Party VIC Aston  
LAW, Rob Independent QLD Longman  
LAWRENCE, Lance Marijuana (HEMP) Party NT Solomon  
LAWRENCE, Michael Independent VIC Corangamite  
LAWRENCE, Wayne Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) NSW Cowper  
LAWRIE, Christopher Family First QLD Rankin  
LAWSON, Tim Australian Labor Party QLD Hinkler  
LEADBETTER, Bill Australian Labor Party WA Hasluck  
LEAHY, Daniel Liberal Democrats NSW North Sydney  
LEAHY, Martin Australian Sex Party VIC La Trobe  
LEE, Ross Independent VIC McEwen  
LEESER, Julian Liberal NSW Berowra Elected
LEIGH, Andrew Keith Australian Labor Party ACT Fenner Elected
LEITH, Douglas Ronald Animal Justice Party VIC Bruce  
LEONG, Andrea Science Party NSW Kingsford Smith  
LEWIS, Shane W Independent VIC Flinders  
LEY, Sussan Liberal NSW Farrer Elected
LIN, Shan-Ju Katter's Australian Party QLD Moreton  
LINCOLN, Catherine Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) NSW Macquarie  
LINDLEY, Daniel The Greens (WA) WA Moore  
LINNEY, Matthew Liberal Democrats QLD Bonner  
LITTLEPROUD, David Liberal National Party of Queensland QLD Maranoa Elected
LIU, Bin Animal Justice Party SA Hindmarsh  
LIU, Kingsley The Greens NSW Lindsay  
LIU, Le Liberal VIC Melbourne  
LIVINGSTON, Duncan Renewable Energy Party TAS Lyons  
LJUBICIC, Rose The Greens VIC Scullin  
LOADER, Matt Australian Labor Party SA Sturt  
LOCK, Tyrone Liberal Democrats SA Adelaide  
LONG, Dorothy Lorraine Family First Party VIC McEwen  
LOUD, Lorrae Australian Labor Party WA Forrest  
LOVE, Richard Katter's Australian Party QLD Flynn  
LOVEJOY, Kirsten The Greens QLD Brisbane  
LUDVIK, Anna Clare Animal Justice Party NSW Page  
LYFORD, Julie The Greens NSW Lyne  
LYNCH, Stephen Family First QLD Hinkler  
LYNCH, Stephen Nick Xenophon Team NSW Lindsay  
LYONS, Kristen The Greens QLD Moreton  
MACDONALD, James The Greens NSW Kingsford Smith  
MACFADYEN, Ivan The Greens NSW Shortland  
MacFARLANE, Tina Country Liberals (NT) NT Lingiari  
MACKENZIE, John The Greens NSW Newcastle  
MACKLIN, Jenny Australian Labor Party VIC Jagajaga Elected
MACNAMARA, Sean Veterans Party QLD Fadden  
MADDISON, Andy The Nationals VIC Bendigo  
MAILLER, David CountryMinded NSW New England  
MAJETIC, Silvija Rise Up Australia Party NT Solomon  
MAK, Timothy Liberal Democrats NSW Greenway  
MAKSIMOVIC, Milan Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) NSW McMahon  
MANDELSON, Jan The Nationals NSW Whitlam  
MANNOUN, Ned Liberal NSW Werriwa  
MANSFIELD, Sarah The Greens VIC Corio  
MANTEL, Alice The Greens NSW Reid  
MARINO, Nola Liberal WA Forrest Elected
MARKHAM, Amanda-Sue Liberal TAS Franklin  
MARKUS, Louise Liberal NSW Macquarie  
MARLES, Richard Australian Labor Party VIC Corio Elected
MARSDEN, Jonathon The Greens VIC Gellibrand  
MARSH, Bron The Greens QLD Wide Bay  
MARSH, Jillian Kay The Greens SA Grey  
MARTIN, Arjay Rase Independent NSW Hunter  
MARTIN, Carol Australian Labor Party WA Durack  
MARTIN, Daniel Edward Family First Party VIC Aston  
MARTIN, Scott Australian Labor Party SA Grey  
MARTIN, Sharon Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) NSW North Sydney  
MATHESON, Russell Liberal NSW Macarthur  
MATHIAS, James Liberal VIC Holt  
MATHISON, James Independent NSW Warringah  
MATLEN, John Animal Justice Party VIC Scullin  
MAWER, Gene Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) TAS Lyons  
MAYER, Bruce Family First QLD Wide Bay  
MAYNE, Stephen Independent VIC Menzies  
McADAM, Jennifer Animal Justice Party VIC McMillan  
MCALPINE, Bethany Rachael Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) NSW Page  
McBRIDE, Emma Labor NSW Dobell Elected
McCALLUM, Carmel Mary The Greens NSW Gilmore  
McCARTHY, Daniel Independent QLD Leichhardt  
McCARTHY, Regina Rise Up Australia Party NT Lingiari  
McCLUSKEY, Michael John Independent VIC Wannon  
McCORMACK, Carrie Family First QLD Oxley  
McCORMACK, Michael The Nationals NSW Riverina Elected
McCRACKEN, Craig Family First Party VIC Chisholm  
McCULLOUGH, Brigid Citizens Electoral Council NT Solomon  
McDONALD, Frances Drug Law Reform QLD Longman  
McDONALD, Jim Liberal Democrats VIC McMillan  
McFARLANE, Noel Australian Cyclists Party NSW Grayndler  
MCGAUCHIE, Duncan Liberal VIC Murray  
McGOWAN, Cathy Independent VIC Indi Elected
McKENZIE-KIRKBRIGHT, Levi Drug Law Reform VIC Melbourne Ports  
McKINNON, Hugh The Greens VIC Jagajaga  
McLACHLAN, Chris Renewable Energy Party NSW Grayndler  
McLEOD, Helen The Greens VIC Kooyong  
McNAMARA, Karen Liberal NSW Dobell  
McROSTIE, Fiona Animal Justice Party VIC Maribyrnong  
McVEIGH, John Liberal National Party of Queensland QLD Groom Elected
MEDDICK, Andy Animal Justice Party VIC Corangamite  
MELKONIAN, Hovig Australian Labor Party VIC Casey  
MEOW-MEOW, Meow-Ludo Disco Gamma Science Party NSW Grayndler  
MIDDLETON, Tim Rise Up Australia Party VIC Mallee  
MILES, Lee-Anne The Greens (WA) WA Pearce  
MILLS, Brian Independent NSW Farrer  
MIRABELLA, Sophie Liberal VIC Indi  
MITCHELL, Brian Australian Labor Party TAS Lyons Elected
MITCHELL, Rob Australian Labor Party VIC McEwen Elected
MONSOUR, Nic Liberal National Party of Queensland QLD Moreton  
MOORE, Joel Liberal Democrats VIC Aston  
MORAN, Jeff Bullet Train For Australia VIC Corio  
MORGAN, Terry The Greens NSW Macquarie  
MORONEY, Ben The Greens NSW Macarthur  
MORRIS, Hillary The Greens NSW Robertson  
MORRIS, Peter The Greens NSW Hunter  
MORRISON, Scott Liberal NSW Cook Elected
MORTON, Ben Liberal WA Tangney Elected
MUBARAK, Kim Independent WA Stirling  
MULCARE, Martin Independent NSW Bennelong  
MULHOLLAND, David Liberal VIC Jagajaga  
MURPHY, Gayle Liberal VIC Lalor  
MURPHY, Peta Australian Labor Party VIC Dunkley  
MURRAY, Joel Australian Sex Party VIC Batman  
MURRAY, Ken Independent QLD Capricornia  
MUSKETT, George James Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) TAS Franklin  
MYERS, John B Independent VIC Melbourne Ports  
NASR, Clint Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) NSW Blaxland  
NEATON, Leisa Australian Labor Party QLD Capricornia  
NELSON, Patrice Derryn Hinch's Justice Party VIC Corangamite  
NEUMANN, Shayne Australian Labor Party QLD Blair Elected
NEWIE, Michael Independent QLD Leichhardt  
NICHOLSON, Doug Liberal Democrats QLD Dickson  
NICKSON, Amanda Family First QLD Dawson  
NIELSEN-HARVEY, Sarah The Greens (WA) WA Swan  
NIKOLIC, Andrew Liberal TAS Bass  
O'BRIEN, Llew Liberal National Party of Queensland QLD Wide Bay Elected
O'BRIEN, Mat Australian Labor Party SA Barker  
O'BRIEN, Rebecca Marriage Equality VIC Higgins  
O'BRIEN, Ted Liberal National Party of Queensland QLD Fairfax Elected
O'BRIEN, Trevor Mature Australia NSW Farrer  
O'CONNOR, Brendan Australian Labor Party VIC Gorton Elected
O'CONNOR, Jenny The Greens VIC Indi  
O'DOWD, Ken Liberal National Party of Queensland QLD Flynn Elected
O'DWYER, Kelly Liberal VIC Higgins Elected
O'NEIL, Clare Australian Labor Party VIC Hotham Elected
O'NEILL, Anthony Australian Christians VIC Maribyrnong  
O'NEILL, Astrid The Greens NSW McMahon  
O'NEILL, Pat Australian Labor Party QLD Brisbane  
O'ROURKE, Glenn Family First NSW Riverina  
O'SULLIVAN, Matt Liberal WA Burt  
O'SULLIVAN, Patrick The Greens SA Hindmarsh  
O'TOOLE, Cathy Australian Labor Party QLD Herbert Elected
OAKESHOTT, Robert James Murray Independent NSW Cowper  
OGDEN, Claire The Greens QLD Lilley  
OLDIS, Maurice Renewable Energy Party VIC Batman  
ONLEY, Ian The Greens VIC Gippsland  
OSTAPOVITCH, Freya Liberal National Party of Queensland QLD Rankin  
OVEREND, Jamie Animal Justice Party VIC Corio  
OWENS, Julie Labor NSW Parramatta Elected
PARMETER, Matt The Greens NSW Parkes  
PARRAMORE, Ruth Animal Justice Party VIC Bendigo  
PASIN, Tony Liberal SA Barker Elected
PASQUALI, Robert Pauline Hanson's One Nation QLD Fairfax  
PATERSON, Patchouli The Greens VIC Corangamite  
PAVETTO, Jonathan Liberal National Party of Queensland QLD Kennedy  
PEARSON, Robert Australian Labor Party WA Stirling  
PEDERSEN, Jacqui Australian Labor Party QLD Petrie  
PEDERSEN, Michelle Pauline Hanson's One Nation QLD Longman  
PERRETT, Graham Australian Labor Party QLD Moreton Elected
PERRI, Stefanie Australian Labor Party VIC Chisholm  
PETERSEN, Patricia Independent QLD Blair  
PHILLIPS, Fiona Labor NSW Gilmore  
PHILLIPS, Marilyn Family First SA Wakefield  
PIKE, Ron Australian Liberty Alliance NSW Farrer  
PILKINGTON, Luke The Nationals WA Forrest  
PINSUTI, Susan Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) NSW Whitlam  
PIPER, Keith Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) NSW Parramatta  
PITT, Keith Liberal National Party of Queensland QLD Hinkler Elected
PLIBERSEK, Tanya Labor NSW Sydney Elected
POLLARD, Angela Animal Justice Party NSW Richmond  
PORTER, Christian Liberal WA Pearce Elected
POTTER, Mark Family First SA Hindmarsh  
POYNTER, Kevin The Greens NSW Riverina  
PRENTICE, Jane Liberal National Party of Queensland QLD Ryan Elected
PRICE, Melissa Liberal WA Durack Elected
PROHASKA, Thor Independent QLD Dickson  
PUDNIKS, Kurt The Greens QLD Leichhardt  
PUKU, Jordan Ryan Independent QLD Flynn  
PUNCH, Andrew Labor NSW Mitchell  
PUNSHON, Michael Family First QLD Herbert  
PURCELL, Megan Liberal VIC Bendigo  
PURCELL, Steven The Greens QLD Oxley  
PUVIMANASINGHE, Ash Rise Up Australia Party VIC Corio  
PYNE, Christopher Liberal SA Sturt Elected
QUILTY, Tim Liberal Democrats VIC Indi  
QUINN, Jeremy Liberal WA Perth  
QUINN, John Lawrence Democratic Labour Party (DLP) QLD Ryan  
QUINN, Margaret Rise Up Australia Party VIC La Trobe  
RAFFIN, Aaron Glenn Lazarus Team QLD Herbert  
RAJ, Mahesh Independent NSW Parramatta  
RAMAGE, Roy Renewable Energy Party TAS Bass  
RAMSEY, Rowan Liberal SA Grey Elected
RATHBONE, Michael Family First Party VIC Dunkley  
RATHBONE, Tatiana Family First Party VIC Hotham  
RATNAM, Samantha The Greens VIC Wills  
RAYMOND, Steve The Greens VIC Aston  
READING, Jill The Greens (WA) WA Forrest  
REANEY, Jeff Australian Christians VIC Dunkley  
REES, David Family First QLD Fairfax  
REES, Lyn Family First QLD Fadden  
REINHOLD, Marty Shooters, Fishers and Farmers NT Solomon  
REYNOLDS, Graham Liberal SA Makin  
RIACH, Rodger John Independent NSW Lyne  
RICE, Clinton Renewable Energy Party TAS Braddon  
RICHARDS, Kim Australian Labor Party QLD Bowman  
RIDDELL, Greg Independent QLD Longman  
RIGHTON, Chris Shooters, Fishers and Farmers NT Lingiari  
RILEY, Matt Drug Law Reform VIC Melbourne  
RILEY-GIBSON, Terrill The Greens TAS Bass  
RISHWORTH, Amanda Australian Labor Party SA Kingston Elected
RIVISH, Adrian Family First SA Adelaide  
ROADLEY, Bibe Liberal National Party of Queensland QLD Oxley  
ROBERT, Stuart Liberal National Party of Queensland QLD Fadden Elected
ROBERTS, Tim The Greens QLD Hinkler  
ROBERTSON, Colin Rise Up Australia Party VIC Holt  
ROBERTSON, Ellie Animal Justice Party NSW Hughes  
ROBINSON, Ramon Independent VIC Menzies  
RODDICK, Stephen Australian Liberty Alliance NSW Lindsay  
ROGERS, Peter Leonard Pauline Hanson's One Nation QLD Leichhardt  
ROGERS, Ruth The Nationals NSW Hunter  
RONCAN, Alan Drug Law Reform VIC Bruce  
ROSE, Julie Family First QLD Moncrieff  
ROSSETTO, Paul Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) NSW Farrer  
ROWE, Alison L Rise Up Australia Party WA Stirling  
ROWE, Louis Liberal Democrats VIC Corangamite  
ROWLAND, Marie Nick Xenophon Team NSW Warringah  
ROWLAND, Michelle Labor NSW Greenway Elected
ROY, Wyatt Liberal National Party of Queensland QLD Longman  
RUBENACH-QUINN, Hannah The Greens TAS Lyons  
RUFF, Stephen Independent NSW North Sydney  
RUNDELL, Adam Australian Labor Party VIC Menzies  
RUSSELL, Geoff Animal Justice Party SA Sturt  
RYAN, Glen Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) NSW Parkes  
RYAN, Joanne Australian Labor Party VIC Lalor Elected
RYAN, Michelle Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) NSW Cunningham  
RYAN, Steve Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) NSW Gilmore  
RYAN, Tamara The Greens NSW Eden-Monaro  
SAEEDI, Carly The Greens ACT Fenner  
SAFFIN, Janelle Labor NSW Page  
SALEAM, Jim Australia First Party NSW Lindsay  
SALINS, Rohan Family First NSW Greenway  
SALMAN, Muhammad The Greens (WA) WA Burt  
SALT, Jenalie Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) SA Port Adelaide  
SALTMARSH, Glen Australian Recreational Fishers Party TAS Braddon  
SAMBELL, Mitchell Rise Up Australia Party WA Durack  
SAMURIWO-VUNTARDE, Taffy Rise Up Australia Party WA Pearce  
SANDERSON, Tim The Arts Party TAS Franklin  
SANDS, John Family First QLD Groom  
SAUNDERS, Brett Family First QLD Bowman  
SCANLON, Meaghan Australian Labor Party QLD Fadden  
SCHENK, Myfanwy Family First QLD Maranoa  
SCHRAM, Nathan Peter Animal Justice Party VIC Jagajaga  
SCIFO, June Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) NSW Warringah  
SCOTT, Brad The Greens QLD Bowman  
SCOTT, Duncan Independent QLD Flynn  
SCOTT, Fiona Liberal NSW Lindsay  
SCOTT, Philip Rise Up Australia Party WA Brand  
SEARLS, Megan Deanne Animal Justice Party VIC Calwell  
SENIOR, Lydia Australian Labor Party VIC Mallee  
SEYMOUR, Frankie Animal Justice Party NSW Eden-Monaro  
SHAMASHA, Fadhel Independent NSW McMahon  
SHARKIE, Rebekha Nick Xenophon Team SA Mayo Elected
SHAY, Shelley Australian Recreational Fishers Party TAS Lyons  
SHEIL, Pat Australian Sex Party NSW Grayndler  
SHEPPARD, Hayden Australian Labor Party QLD Moncrieff  
SHERWOOD, Michaela The Greens NSW Hume  
SHORNIKOV, Olya Liberal Democrats NSW Macquarie  
SHORTEN, Bill Australian Labor Party VIC Maribyrnong Elected
SIMMONDS, Maddison The Nationals WA Pearce  
SIMPKINS, Luke Liberal WA Cowan  
SINDT, Christine Independent VIC Gippsland  
SINGHA, Vivek Science Party NSW Greenway  
SKY, Delanie The Greens NSW Calare  
SLATER, Ross Maitland Independent WA Forrest  
SLATTERY, Michael Nick Xenophon Team SA Port Adelaide  
SMITH, Allistair Australian Labor Party QLD Wright  
SMITH, Cherie Independent VIC Gippsland  
SMITH, Miranda Joyce Animal Justice Party VIC Melbourne  
SMITH, Neil Gordon Pauline Hanson's One Nation NSW Richmond  
SMITH, Phil The Greens NSW Hughes  
SMITH, Rod Pauline Hanson's One Nation QLD Wright  
SMITH, Tony Liberal VIC Casey Elected
SMITH, Will Family First QLD Longman  
SMYTH, Robert Millen Animal Justice Party VIC Melbourne Ports  
SNAPE, Keiran The Greens SA Makin  
SNOWDON, Warren Australian Labor Party (Northern Territory) Branch NT Lingiari Elected
SOARES, Des Nick Xenophon Team QLD Moreton  
SOLONEC, Tammy Australian Labor Party WA Swan  
SOURIS, George Liberal VIC Batman  
SOUTHWELL, Stuart Democratic Labour Party (DLP) NSW Newcastle  
SOVA, Daniel The Greens VIC Lalor  
SPAIN, Sally The Greens QLD Forde  
SPAIN, Shaun Charles Australian Liberty Alliance QLD Forde  
SPANSWICK, Bob Independent NSW Banks  
SPELLMAN, John Australian Liberty Alliance QLD Fisher  
SPENCER, Garry Liberal VIC Isaacs  
SPIKE, Kris Sustainable Australia NSW Sydney  
SPYKER, Warnar Australian Christians WA Burt  
STACEY, James Nick Xenophon Team SA Barker  
STANFIELD, Ruth Derryn Hinch's Justice Party VIC Dunkley  
STANLEY, Anne Labor NSW Werriwa Elected
STANTON, Lucy Australian Labor Party QLD Wide Bay  
STEEL, Nick Rise Up Australia Party VIC Corangamite  
STEINWALL, Diedree Labor NSW Hughes  
STEPHENSON, Gregory F Independent NSW Dobell  
STEWART, Kate Labor NSW Parkes  
STOCKMAN, Melanie Liberal VIC Scullin  
STODDART, Robert Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) NSW Robertson  
STONE, Mark M Liberal Democrats QLD Wright  
STRETTON, Richard Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) NSW Hunter  
SUDMALIS, Ann Liberal NSW Gilmore Elected
SUKKAR, Michael Liberal VIC Deakin Elected
SUMMER, Fern Independent VIC Murray  
SUSILO, Sonny Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) NSW Barton  
SUTHERLAND, Elissa The Greens VIC Casey  
SUTTON, Philip Independent VIC Batman  
SWAIN, Jeanette The Greens VIC Dunkley  
SWAN, Wayne Australian Labor Party QLD Lilley Elected
SWANSON, Meryl Labor NSW Paterson Elected
SWIFT, Rod The Greens VIC Gorton  
SYBER, Elizabeth Marriage Equality VIC Batman  
SYDOW, Camille Animal Justice Party VIC Wills  
TABER, Rob Independent NSW New England  
TAPSELL, Mark Australian Recreational Fishers Party TAS Bass  
TASSELL, Brad Katter's Australian Party QLD Leichhardt  
TATCHELL, Paul The Nationals VIC Ballarat  
TAYLOR, Angus Liberal NSW Hume Elected
TEASDALE, Diane Independent VIC Murray  
TEHAN, Dan Liberal VIC Wannon Elected
TEMPLE, Lindsay Family First QLD Capricornia  
TEMPLEMAN, Susan Labor NSW Macquarie Elected
THALER, Andrew Evan Independent NSW Eden-Monaro  
THEW, Leighton Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) NSW Berowra  
THISTLETHWAITE, Matt Labor NSW Kingsford Smith Elected
THOMAS, Beresford Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) NSW Wentworth  
TIDSWELL, Matt Animal Justice Party SA Adelaide  
TILTON, Jake The Greens VIC Holt  
TIMPANO, Francesco Independent VIC Wills  
TOBOREK, Dejay The Greens NSW Wentworth  
TODD, David Family First QLD Ryan  
TOMSETT, Craig The Greens QLD Flynn  
TORKEL, Rasmus Independent NSW Barton  
TOSCANO, Joseph Independent VIC Dunkley  
TOWNSEND, Josie Nick Xenophon Team QLD Groom  
TRAN, David Independent VIC Gellibrand  
TRAN, Tran Rise Up Australia Party VIC Ballarat  
TREGEAR, Jessica Derryn Hinch's Justice Party VIC Higgins  
TREGENZA, Lin Rise Up Australia Party VIC Dunkley  
TROY, Cordelia Independent NSW Hunter  
TRUSCOTT, Jeff Rise Up Australia Party VIC McEwen  
TRUSSELL, Brad Pauline Hanson's One Nation QLD Oxley  
TSIREKAS, Angelo Labor NSW Reid  
TSOUKALAS, Harry Online Direct Democracy - (Empowering the People!) NSW Barton  
TUBMAN, Wendy The Greens QLD Herbert  
TUDGE, Alan Liberal VIC Aston Elected
TURNBULL, Malcolm Liberal NSW Wentworth Elected
TURNER, Jason The Nationals WA Canning  
TURNER, Sandy Independent QLD Blair  
TWISS, Phil Australian Christians WA Hasluck  
TYRRELL, Andrew Charles The Arts Party QLD Petrie  
TZORAS, Tula Online Direct Democracy - (Empowering the People!) NSW Sydney  
VAINA, Cathy Animal Justice Party VIC McEwen  
VALE, Chris Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) NSW Bradfield  
VALE, Marion Rise Up Australia Party VIC Lalor  
VAMVAKINOU, Maria Australian Labor Party VIC Calwell Elected
VAN DER BYL, Adrian Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) NSW Hume  
van GEUNS, Antonia The Greens QLD Groom  
VAN GOGH, David Liberal NSW Grayndler  
van MANEN, Bert Liberal National Party of Queensland QLD Forde Elected
VANDER VEN, Janine Joy Australian Christians WA Canning  
VANSTONE, Craig The Greens SA Wakefield  
VARVARIS, Nickolas Liberal NSW Barton  
VASSILIOU, Melanie Rise Up Australia Party VIC Chisholm  
VASSILIOU, Peter Rise Up Australia Party VIC Hotham  
VASTA, Ross Liberal National Party of Queensland QLD Bonner Elected
VEGAR, Mark Family First QLD Brisbane  
VENESS, Steve Mature Australia WA Cowan  
VERNON, Carol The Greens NSW Cowper  
VIRAGO, Suzan The Greens NSW Blaxland  
VIRGO, Geoff Pauline Hanson's One Nation QLD Herbert  
VON DOUSSA, Henry Marriage Equality VIC Melbourne Ports  
WADE, Sarah Liberal VIC Ballarat  
WALKER, Dawn The Greens NSW Richmond  
WALKER, Robert Henry Online Direct Democracy - (Empowering the People!) NSW New England  
WALKER, Tony Australian Labor Party WA Moore  
WALLACE, Andrew Liberal National Party of Queensland QLD Fisher Elected
WALMSLEY, Mark Robert Liberal Democrats WA Perth  
WALSH, Pat The Greens QLD Blair  
WALSHE, Nyree Animal Justice Party VIC Chisholm  
WARD, Fiona Liberal National Party of Queensland QLD Griffith  
WARD, Jessica Family First Party VIC Jagajaga  
WARD, Mark Australian Labor Party SA Boothby  
WARHAM, John Independent NSW Hunter  
WATERS, Nathan Science Party NSW Cunningham  
WATERSON, Victor Australia First Party NSW McMahon  
WATSON, Giz The Greens (WA) WA O'Connor  
WATTS, Tim Australian Labor Party VIC Gellibrand Elected
WEATHERSTONE, Andrew Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) NSW Kingsford Smith  
WEBER, Sue The Greens QLD Petrie  
WEBSTER, Tom The Greens (WA) WA Stirling  
WEIER, Valerie The Greens QLD Kennedy  
WELLS, Caleb   QLD Longman  
WESTERBERG, Signe Louise The Greens NSW Werriwa  
WHATELY, Jennifer Rise Up Australia Party WA Forrest  
WHEATCROFT, Gary Family First SA Boothby  
WHELAN, Peter Liberal Democrats NSW New England  
WHITE, Mark A Family First QLD Petrie  
WHITELEY, Brett Liberal TAS Braddon  
WICKS, Lucy Liberal NSW Robertson Elected
WIESKE, John Australian Christians WA Tangney  
WILD, Ben Animal Justice Party VIC Flinders  
WILKIE, Andrew Independent TAS Denison Elected
WILKS, David Independent QLD Forde  
WILLIAM, Marina Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) SA Hindmarsh  
WILLIAMS, Alan John Australian Labor Party VIC Murray  
WILLIAMS, Matt Liberal SA Hindmarsh  
WILLIAMS, Todd The Greens NT Solomon  
WILLIAMS, Wayne Democratic Labour Party (DLP) TAS Denison  
WILLIAMS ROLDAN, Clara The Greens NSW Warringah  
WILLIS, Ben Liberal VIC Gellibrand  
WILMS, Tim Liberal Democrats VIC Dunkley  
WILSON, Josh Australian Labor Party WA Fremantle Elected
WILSON, Rick Liberal WA O'Connor Elected
WILSON, Tim Liberal VIC Goldstein Elected
WINDRED, Robert Owen Australian Liberty Alliance QLD Hinkler  
WINDSOR, Tony Independent NSW New England  
WINMAR, Barry Australian Labor Party WA Canning  
WINSLOW, Chris The Greens NSW Greenway  
WINTERS, Geoffrey Liberal NSW Sydney  
WIRTH, Jarrod John Independent QLD Bonner  
WOOD, Damian Labor NSW Cowper  
WOOD, Jason Liberal VIC La Trobe Elected
WOODMAN, Andrew Independent ACT Fenner  
WOODWARD, Andrew Labor NSW Warringah  
WOODWARD, Roger Independent NSW Berowra  
WORMALD, Warren Howard Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) NSW Lindsay  
WORSLEY, Julie Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) NSW Bennelong  
WRIGHT, Aaron Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) NSW Greenway  
WRIGHT, Annie Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) NSW Mackellar  
WRIGHT, Matthew Nick Xenophon Team SA Sturt  
WU, Mikaela Family First NSW Parramatta  
WU, Sharon Family First NSW Banks  
WYATT, Ken Liberal WA Hasluck Elected
XING, Peter Science Party NSW Wentworth  
YOUNG, Sheridan The Greens (WA) WA Cowan  
YOUNG, Trevor Australian Christians WA O'Connor  
ZABALA, Gabriela Socialist Equality Party NSW Blaxland  
ZAMAN, Mohammad Shahe Liberal NSW Watson  
ZAPPIA, Tony Australian Labor Party SA Makin Elected
ZEPPEL, Yvonne Family First SA Barker  
ZIMMERMAN, Trent Liberal NSW North Sydney Elected
ZUBAC, Angelina Independent VIC Kooyong  
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