2016 Federal Election

Updated: Tue, 09 Aug 2016 3:44:15 PM AEST

Australian Capital Territory

ACT Senate

Enrolment: 282,045
Quota: 84,923


There are two ACT Senate vacancies for the 2016 Federal Election.


First preferences

Distribution of preferences

Senators elected


For a candidate to be elected to the Senate they need to gain a full quota of the formal votes. The table below represents an indicative quota based on first preference votes as cast above the line only. Each party's quota can provide some indication as to the potential for candidates in that party to be elected but does not account for votes cast below the line.

Note: The distribution of preferences determines which candidates are elected to the Senate. This process is conducted as soon as possible after all votes have been received and counted and can take several weeks to occur.

Groups' quota
Group Quota
Liberal 0.9964
Australian Labor Party 1.1383
The Greens 0.4829
Liberal Democrats (LDP) 0.0878
Australian Sex Party 0.1189
Animal Justice Party 0.0501
Christian Democratic Party 0.0364
Rise Up Australia Party 0.0297
Secular Party of Australia 0.0162
Sustainable Australia 0.0315
Unendorsed/Ungrouped Amalgamated 0.0118

Division and polling place results