2022 Federal Election

Updated: Fri, 01 Jul 2022 11:11:53 AM AEST

Seats that changed hands

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This table provides the House of Representatives seats that have been won by a different party to the one that held the seat in the previous parliamentary term.

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  1. The table compares party representation immediately after the previous and current elections. Results of any by-elections have been ignored.
  2. These results are final.


Division State Previous party Successful candidate Successful party
Bennelong NSW Liberal LAXALE, Jerome Australian Labor Party
Boothby SA Liberal MILLER-FROST, Louise Australian Labor Party
Brisbane QLD Liberal National Party of Queensland BATES, Stephen The Greens
Chisholm VIC Liberal GARLAND, Carina Australian Labor Party
Curtin WA Liberal CHANEY, Kate Independent
Fowler NSW Australian Labor Party LE, Dai Independent
Goldstein VIC Liberal DANIEL, Zoe Independent
Griffith QLD Australian Labor Party CHANDLER-MATHER, Max The Greens
Hasluck WA Liberal LAWRENCE, Tania Australian Labor Party
Higgins VIC Liberal ANANDA-RAJAH, Michelle Australian Labor Party
Kooyong VIC Liberal RYAN, Monique Independent
Mackellar NSW Liberal SCAMPS, Sophie Independent
North Sydney NSW Liberal TINK, Kylea Jane Independent
Pearce WA Liberal ROBERTS, Tracey Australian Labor Party
Reid NSW Liberal SITOU, Sally Australian Labor Party
Robertson NSW Liberal REID, Gordon Australian Labor Party
Ryan QLD Liberal National Party of Queensland WATSON-BROWN, Elizabeth The Greens
Swan WA Liberal MASCARENHAS, Zaneta Australian Labor Party
Tangney WA Liberal LIM, Sam Australian Labor Party
Wentworth NSW Liberal SPENDER, Allegra Independent