2022 Federal Election

Updated: Fri, 10 Jun 2022 10:36:46 AM AEST

Votes by division

This table provides the number of votes cast by vote type for each division.

This table is sortable by selecting on column headers.


  1. An ordinary vote is a vote cast by an elector when their name can be verified on the electoral roll at the place of voting. This can be at an early voting centre or polling place in the voter's own division or at an interstate voting centre.
  2. An absent vote is a vote cast at a polling place outside of a voter's electoral division, but still within their state or territory.
  3. Provisional votes are votes cast at a polling place where the elector's name cannot be found on the roll, the elector's name has already been marked off the roll or votes cast by a silent elector.
  4. These results are final.


Votes by division for the Northern Territory
Division State Enrolment Ordinary Absent Provisional Declaration pre-poll Postal Total Turnout %
Lingiari NT 74,008 44,056 938 353 2,150 2,216 49,713 67.17
Solomon NT 71,843 48,946 1,066 288 3,267 3,627 57,194 79.61
Total 145,851 93,002 2,004 641 5,417 5,843 106,907 73.30