2019 Federal Election

Updated: Thu, 11 Jul 2019 1:58:18 PM AEST

Declaration votes received by division

This table provides the number of declaration votes by vote type received back from voters for each division.

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  1. A declaration vote is when a voter cannot be marked off the electoral roll at the time of voting. This can include people voting outside of their division, via post or where the voter's name cannot be found on the certified list.
  2. An absent vote is a vote cast at a polling place outside of a voter's electoral division, but still within their state or territory.
  3. Provisional votes are votes cast at a polling place where the elector's name cannot be found on the roll, the elector's name has already been marked off the roll or votes cast by a silent elector.
  4. These results are final.


Declaration votes received for all divisions in Tasmania
  Declaration pre-poll Postal vote certificates
Division State Provisional Absent Total received Own division Total received Own division
Bass TAS 833 1,850 1,540 91 5,983 5,930
Braddon TAS 571 1,322 1,706 165 4,896 4,839
Clark TAS 802 2,748 2,521 123 5,970 5,935
Franklin TAS 811 2,872 2,119 90 5,539 5,503
Lyons TAS 1,082 4,286 1,649 36 6,755 6,644
Total 4,099 13,078 9,535 505 29,143 28,851