Virtual Tally Room: the official election results
Virtual Tally Room: the official election results
House of Representatives Updated: 29/09/2010 4:50:00 PM


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Candidates for all states and territories
Candidate Party Division State
ABBOTT, Leo Country Liberals (NT) Lingiari NT
ABBOTT, TonyElected Liberal Warringah NSW
ADAMS, DickElected Australian Labor Party Lyons TAS
ADDISON, Lawrence D.L.P. - Democratic Labor Party Petrie QLD
ALBANESE, AnthonyElected Labor Grayndler NSW
ALCHIN, Milton M One Nation Shortland NSW
ALCORN, Jane The Greens Wakefield SA
ALCORN, Zane Socialist Alliance Newcastle NSW
ALEXANDER, JohnElected Liberal Bennelong NSW
AMBERLEY, Scott Family First Corio VIC
ANDREW, Sanna Socialist Alliance Fremantle WA
ANDREWS, Darren Australian Democrats Sturt SA
ANDREWS, KarenElected Liberal National Party of Queensland McPherson QLD
ANDREWS, KevinElected Liberal Menzies VIC
ANSELL, Nikolee Australian Labor Party Wide Bay QLD
ARKAN, John Singh Independent Cowper NSW
ARKWRIGHT, Juliet Liberal Throsby NSW
ARNEMAN, Jim Labor Paterson NSW
ATKINSON, Diane The Greens Mayo SA
AUGUST, John Secular Party of Australia Wentworth NSW
AUSSIE-STONE, Marc Independent Lalor VIC
AVASALU, Rhonda Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Dobell NSW
BAIADA, John Building Australia Greenway NSW
BAINBRIDGE, Alex Socialist Alliance Perth WA
BAKER, Ron Australian Democrats Kingston SA
BALANCY, Ricardo Liberal Holt VIC
BALDWIN, BobElected Liberal Paterson NSW
BALFOUR, Anna Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Paterson NSW
BALL, David Daniel Independent Blaxland NSW
BAMBRICK, Paul The Greens Capricornia QLD
BANDT, AdamElected Australian Greens Melbourne VIC
BANERJI, Joy Australian Labor Party Menzies VIC
BANWELL, Mark Liberal Ballarat VIC
BAPTIST, Tania Socialist Equality Party Gellibrand VIC
BARNES, Mel Socialist Alliance Denison TAS
BARRESI, Phil Liberal Deakin VIC
BARRETT, Paul Family First Moore WA
BARROW, David Family First La Trobe VIC
BARRY, Patrick Independent Charlton NSW
BARTLETT, Andrew The Greens Brisbane QLD
BATES, John Australia First Party Macquarie NSW
BATTEN, Melissa Independent Robertson NSW
BATZKE, Yodie Independent Leichhardt QLD
BAUCH, Joh Liberal Jagajaga VIC
BAYLEY, Sandra The Greens Ryan QLD
BEACH, Ruth The Greens Adelaide SA
BEATTIE, Linda Labor Mackellar NSW
BEHN, Doug Independent Page NSW
BEIGER, Nicole Liberal Democrats (LDP) Robertson NSW
BELL, Amy Independent Macquarie NSW
BENNETT, Shem Liberal Democrats (LDP) La Trobe VIC
BENNETT, Ursula Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Eden-Monaro NSW
BENSON, Des Australian Greens Kooyong VIC
BEST, Peter The Greens Tangney WA
BEVIS, Arch Australian Labor Party Brisbane QLD
BHATHAL, Alexandra Kaur Australian Greens Batman VIC
BILLSON, BruceElected Liberal Dunkley VIC
BINGLE, Stephen Australian Democrats Farrer NSW
BINI, Mark Liberal Democrats (LDP) McEwen VIC
BIRCH, Meg Christian Democratic Party Moore WA
BIRD, SharonElected Labor Cunningham NSW
BISHOP, BronwynElected Liberal Mackellar NSW
BISHOP, Ian Australian Labor Party O'Connor WA
BISHOP, JulieElected Liberal Curtin WA
BLAIR, Rod The Greens Longman QLD
BLANCH, Paul Independent Calare NSW
BLEASDALE, Nick Labor Macarthur NSW
BLINCO, Fiona The Greens Boothby SA
BOND, Michael Australian Greens Gippsland VIC
BOWEN, ChrisElected Labor McMahon NSW
BOWTELL, Cath Australian Labor Party Melbourne VIC
BOYD, Julie Independent Richmond NSW
BRADBURY, DavidElected Labor Lindsay NSW
BRADLEY, Phil The Greens Parramatta NSW
BRETT, Gavin Family First Dobell NSW
BREWER, Linda E Christian Democratic Party Hasluck WA
BRIDLE, Anna The Greens Wright QLD
BRIGGS, JamieElected Liberal Mayo SA
BROADBENT, RussellElected Liberal McMillan VIC
BROADSTOCK, Janet Elizabeth Christian Democratic Party Pearce WA
BRODTMANN, GaiElected Australian Labor Party Canberra ACT
BROOKS, Andrew Country Labor Parkes NSW
BROWN, Gavin Australian Greens Corio VIC
BROWN, Geoff Independent Lindsay NSW
BROWN, Jeremy Australian Labor Party Moore WA
BROWN, Robert Australian Greens Flinders VIC
BROWN, Sally-Anne Independent Corangamite VIC
BRUMERSKYJ, Bohdan Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Gilmore NSW
BRUNKER, Mike Australian Labor Party Dawson QLD
BUCHHOLZ, ScottElected Liberal National Party of Queensland Wright QLD
BUCKINGHAM, Jeremy The Greens Calare NSW
BUCKLEY, Ben Liberal Democrats (LDP) Gippsland VIC
BUCKLEY, Gabriel Jon Liberal Democrats (LDP) Petrie QLD
BUCKLEY, Ray Independent Eden-Monaro NSW
BULL, Sue Socialist Alliance Corio VIC
BURDETT, Robert Christian Democratic Party Brand WA
BURGE, Louise Independent Farrer NSW
BURKE, Anna ElizabethElected Australian Labor Party Chisholm VIC
BURKE, TonyElected Labor Watson NSW
BUSSA, Peter One Nation Hughes NSW
BUTLER, Adam The Greens Reid NSW
BUTLER, Greg Australian Democrats Hume NSW
BUTLER, MarkElected Australian Labor Party Port Adelaide SA
BUTTIGIEG, Karen Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Hume NSW
BYRNE, AnthonyElected Australian Labor Party Holt VIC
BYRNE, Peter Socialist Equality Party Calwell VIC
BYRNE, Sam The Greens Grayndler NSW
BYRON, Dan Australian Labor Party McPherson QLD
CADER, Fazal Liberal Hotham VIC
CAINE, Cameron Liberal McEwen VIC
CAINE, Milton Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Newcastle NSW
CAMENZULI, Charles Liberal Parramatta NSW
CAMMARERI, Domenic Building Australia Macarthur NSW
CAMPBELL, Trudy Citizens Electoral Council Solomon NT
CAREY, Mark Australian Democrats Indi VIC
CARMAN, Chris Australian Greens Isaacs VIC
CARMONT, Josh Australian Democrats Kingsford Smith NSW
CARPENTER, Garry William Liberal Braddon TAS
CARRUTHERS, Peter The Greens Farrer NSW
CARTER, Carl Family First Mallee VIC
CASSAR, Jake Independent Robertson NSW
CASSIDY, Karen Frances Australian Greens Lyons TAS
CAVEDON, Robert Family First Indi VIC
CHAMPION, NickElected Australian Labor Party Wakefield SA
CHAPMAN, Avi Secular Party of Australia Boothby SA
CHARAF, Abdul Independent Blaxland NSW
CHAVURA, Stephen Family First Bennelong NSW
CHEESEMAN, DarrenElected Australian Labor Party Corangamite VIC
CHESTER, DarrenElected The Nationals Gippsland VIC
CHEW, Ka-ren Christian Democratic Party Tangney WA
CHIDGEY, Dave One Nation Bowman QLD
CHITTS, Hamish Griffith QLD
CHRISTENSEN, George RobertElected Liberal National Party of Queensland Dawson QLD
CHRISTIAN, Steve Family First Moreton QLD
CHRISTOE, Ian Australian Greens Murray VIC
CIOBO, StevenElected Liberal National Party of Queensland Moncrieff QLD
CLANCY, Jason C Farrer NSW
CLARE, JasonElected Labor Blaxland NSW
CLARIDGE, Garry The Greens Fisher QLD
CLARK, Jess Liberal Democrats (LDP) Sturt SA
CLARK, Tony Australian Labor Party Higgins VIC
CLARKE, Joanne Independent Lalor VIC
CLARKE-HANNAFORD, William Secular Party of Australia Murray VIC
CLARKSON, Belinda Family First McEwen VIC
CLEGG, Dale Family First Sturt SA
CLEMENTS, John Independent Parkes NSW
CLIFFORD, Peter Family First Stirling WA
CLIFFORD, Philip Liberal Cunningham NSW
COATES, Belinda Australian Greens Ballarat VIC
COATES, Tim The Nationals New England NSW
COBB, JohnElected The Nationals Calare NSW
COGAN, James Michael Socialist Equality Party Grayndler NSW
COLBERT, David The Greens Dickson QLD
COLE, Malcolm Edward Liberal National Party of Queensland Moreton QLD
COLGRAVE, Sancia Geraldine Australian Greens Bass TAS
COLLESS, Mick Independent Parkes NSW
COLLINS, JulieElected Australian Labor Party Franklin TAS
COLLYER, David Australian Democrats Melbourne VIC
COMBET, GregElected Labor Charlton NSW
CONCEPCION, Jahzeel Family First Wannon VIC
CONLON, Andrew Family First Batman VIC
CONNELLY, Paul Michael Christian Democratic Party Perth WA
CONSTAS, Helen Australian Labor Party Dunkley VIC
COOKE, Kenneth Secular Party of Australia Warringah NSW
COOKSLEY, Terry Australia First Party Chifley NSW
COOMBE, Paul Family First Wakefield SA
COOPER, Peter Liberal Reid NSW
CORNELIUS, Jason Family First Macquarie NSW
CORNELOUP, Sandra Family First Capricornia QLD
COTTER, Neil The Greens Rankin QLD
COULTON, MarkElected The Nationals Parkes NSW
COURTICE, Ben Socialist Alliance Gellibrand VIC
COUSER, Geoffrey Alan Australian Greens Denison TAS
CRAIG, Salore Australian Greens Aston VIC
CRAIGIE, Lynne The Nationals Durack WA
CREAN, SimonElected Australian Labor Party Hotham VIC
CRISP, George The Greens Curtin WA
CROKE, Greg Australian Democrats Hindmarsh SA
CROOK, TonyElected The Nationals O'Connor WA
CROTHERS, Mathew Bruce Secular Party of Australia Farrer NSW
CROWHURST, Douglas Independent Lilley QLD
CUMMINS, Chris Australian Labor Party Fisher QLD
CUNNINGHAM, Elizabeth Family First Gilmore NSW
CUNNINGHAM, John Lawrence One Nation Kingsford Smith NSW
CUSTERS, Bev Family First Forrest WA
DANBY, Michael DavidElected Australian Labor Party Melbourne Ports VIC
DANG, Thomas Liberal Fowler NSW
DARLEY, Keith Australian Democrats Chifley NSW
D'ATH, YvetteElected Australian Labor Party Petrie QLD
DAVIES, Liz Liberal Makin SA
DAVIES, Steven Donald The Climate Sceptics Barker SA
DAVIS, Jan The Greens Paterson NSW
DAVIS, Kate The Greens Fremantle WA
DAVIS, Sam Australian Labor Party Mayo SA
DAVY, Jeff Citizens Electoral Council Murray VIC
DAWSON, Colin The Greens Mitchell NSW
DE LIMA, Joaquim Eduardo Liberal Democrats (LDP) Greenway NSW
DE ZILWA, Yasmin Family First Dunkley VIC
DEGEN, Ken Independent Wright QLD
DELEZIO, Ron Liberal Banks NSW
DETTMANN, Brian Charles One Nation New England NSW
Di BLASIO, Jessica The Greens Macarthur NSW
DI MASCOLO, Frank Australian Greens Holt VIC
DIAZ, Jaymes Liberal Greenway NSW
DIGANCE, Annabel Australian Labor Party Boothby SA
DIMOZANTOS, Kymberlie Australian Greens Bendigo VIC
DOCHERTY, Rebecca Liberal National Party of Queensland Griffith QLD
DOECKE, Geoff Family First Kingston SA
DOEPEL, David Australian Labor Party Tangney WA
DOHERTY, Denis Communist Sydney NSW
D'OLIVEIRA, Cy Independent Hinkler QLD
DONAYRE, Christine The Greens Watson NSW
DORE, Alexander Liberal Grayndler NSW
DRAKE-BROCKMAN, Matthew The Greens Warringah NSW
DRENNAN, Barry Family First Swan WA
DREYFUS, MarkElected Australian Labor Party Isaacs VIC
D'SOUZA, Conrad Liberal Maribyrnong VIC
DUFFY, Kevin Country Labor Calare NSW
DUNCAN, Malcolm Bruce Independent Wentworth NSW
DURACK, Louise Australian Labor Party Stirling WA
DUTTON, PeterElected Liberal National Party of Queensland Dickson QLD
DYKSTRA, Fred W Family First Kennedy QLD
DYKYJ, Jonathon The Greens Dawson QLD
EBONO, Joe The Greens Richmond NSW
EDEN, Nick Australian Labor Party Goldstein VIC
EKENDAHL, Kevin Liberal Melbourne Ports VIC
ELISHE, Jamal Liberal McMahon NSW
ELLERMAN, Sue The Greens Canberra ACT
ELLIOT, JustineElected Labor Richmond NSW
ELLIS, Christian Family First Berowra NSW
ELLIS, KateElected Australian Labor Party Adelaide SA
EMERSON, CraigElected Australian Labor Party Rankin QLD
EMMERSON, Daniel Family First Melbourne Ports VIC
EMMERY, Christian Country Labor Farrer NSW
ENTSCH, WarrenElected Liberal National Party of Queensland Leichhardt QLD
ESGUERRA, Indra The Greens Fraser ACT
ESKAROS, Sam Liberal Werriwa NSW
EVANS, Nimrod Secular Party of Australia Chisholm VIC
EVANS, Rupert Australian Labor Party Aston VIC
EVANS, Steve Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Berowra NSW
FAULKNER, Nic Independent Richmond NSW
FAWCETT, David Michael Independent Higgins VIC
FENELEY, Michael Liberal Kingsford Smith NSW
FERGEUS, Josh Australian Greens Chisholm VIC
FERGUSON, LaurieElected Labor Werriwa NSW
FERGUSON, Martin JohnElected Australian Labor Party Batman VIC
FERRANDO, Carolyn Maree Family First Bonner QLD
FERRANTE, Joe Liberal Perth WA
FERRARO, Santo One Nation Wide Bay QLD
FIEBIG, Peter The Greens Sturt SA
FINTER, Deirdre Independent Lingiari NT
FISHER, Matthew The Greens Hindmarsh SA
FITZGIBBON, Jenny The Greens Hinkler QLD
FITZGIBBON, JoelElected Labor Hunter NSW
FLANAGAN, John Non-Custodial Parents Party (Equal Parenting) Cunningham NSW
FLETCHER, David The Greens Riverina NSW
FLETCHER, PaulElected Liberal Bradfield NSW
FLYNN, Peter Citizens Electoral Council Lingiari NT
FORD, Gordon W Independent Isaacs VIC
FOREMAN, Jane Family First Durack WA
FORREST, JohnElected The Nationals Mallee VIC
FORSBERG, Frida Katherine The Greens Groom QLD
FORSTER, Anthony Family First Goldstein VIC
FORSTER, John Independent Franklin TAS
FORSYTH, Mac Christian Democratic Party Durack WA
FOX, Bob Independent Longman QLD
FOY, Merelyn Family First Cook NSW
FRAGIACOMO, Frank Independent Eden-Monaro NSW
FRANCIS, Simone The Greens Barton NSW
FREDERICKS, Jeremy John Family First Wright QLD
FREEMANTLE, Graham Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Robertson NSW
FREEWATER, Peter The Greens Robertson NSW
FRYDENBERG, JoshElected Liberal Kooyong VIC
GAGLIANO-VENTURA, Francis Australian Labor Party Flinders VIC
GALLAGHER, Mick Independent Berowra NSW
GALLARD, Sarah Labor Bradfield NSW
GAMBARO, TeresaElected Liberal National Party of Queensland Brisbane QLD
GAMEAU, Michael Liberal Democrats (LDP) Makin SA
GAROFANI, Perry Lodovico Australian Democrats Grayndler NSW
GARRETT, PeterElected Labor Kingsford Smith NSW
GASH, JoannaElected Liberal Gilmore NSW
GATT, Leigh Samuel Independent McMillan VIC
GAULT, George One Nation Moore WA
GAZARD, David Liberal Eden-Monaro NSW
GEMMELL, Susie The Greens Bradfield NSW
GEORGANAS, SteveElected Australian Labor Party Hindmarsh SA
GEORGE, Ian Family First Holt VIC
GIBBONS, SteveElected Australian Labor Party Bendigo VIC
GIBSON, Don Liberal Corio VIC
GILLARD, JuliaElected Australian Labor Party Lalor VIC
GILLESPIE, David The Nationals Lyne NSW
GODDARD, Anne The Greens Flynn QLD
GOODMAN, Phil Family First Chisholm VIC
GORDIN, Donna Liberal Brand WA
GORDON, Chris Socialist Equality Party Parramatta NSW
GORDON, Robert Secular Party of Australia McEwen VIC
GOULD, Nigel Labor Mitchell NSW
GRADWELL, Tom Family First Eden-Monaro NSW
GRAY, GaryElected Australian Labor Party Brand WA
GREEN, Allan Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Greenway NSW
GREEN, Andrew Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Lindsay NSW
GREEN, Penelope Secular Party of Australia Melbourne VIC
GRIERSON, SharonElected Labor Newcastle NSW
GRIFFIN, AlanElected Australian Labor Party Bruce VIC
GRIGGS, NatashaElected Country Liberals (NT) Solomon NT
GULEY, Shane Melvyn Independent Capricornia QLD
GUTMAN, Alexander Jacob Australian Sex Party Warringah NSW
HAASE, BarryElected Liberal Durack WA
HAKELIS, Robyn Country Labor Riverina NSW
HALE, Damian Francis Australian Labor Party (Northern Territory) Branch Solomon NT
HALL, JillElected Labor Shortland NSW
HALLETT, Jonathan The Greens Perth WA
HAMBIDES, Zac Socialist Equality Party Kingsford Smith NSW
HAMBOUR, Bruce Family First Port Adelaide SA
HAMMOND, Tim Australian Labor Party Swan WA
HANCOCK-MILLS, Di Family First Flynn QLD
HANNA, Rachel Family First Aston VIC
HARDIE, Denise The Greens Canning WA
HARRIS, Peter Secular Party of Australia Jagajaga VIC
HARRISON, Daniel Family First Casey VIC
HARTLEY, Matthew Independent Richmond NSW
HARTMAN, Wayne Non-Custodial Parents Party (Equal Parenting) Throsby NSW
HARTSUYKER, LukeElected The Nationals Cowper NSW
HASSAN, Darren Australian Democrats Wakefield SA
HAWKE, AlexElected Liberal Mitchell NSW
HAWKINS, Trent Socialist Alliance Wills VIC
HAY, Alan The Nationals Throsby NSW
HAYES, ChrisElected Labor Fowler NSW
HEAD, Mike Socialist Equality Party Fowler NSW
HEALY, Helen Australian Greens Mallee VIC
HEATLEY, Wendy Australian Greens Franklin TAS
HEDGES-PHILLIPS, Quintin Secular Party of Australia Fraser ACT
HEGEDUS, Stephen M Independent Richmond NSW
HEMMERSBACH, Felicity Family First Bruce VIC
HENDERSON, Sarah Liberal Corangamite VIC
HENNELLY, Paul Paterson NSW
HENRY, Dot Independent Hasluck WA
HERBERT, Grant Family First Macarthur NSW
HERRIDGE, Lee Christian Democratic Party Forrest WA
HERRINGTON, Damian Family First Dawson QLD
HERSCHELL, Andrew Family First Lilley QLD
HERSCHELL, Ken Family First Wide Bay QLD
HESKETH, Craig One Nation Riverina NSW
HIBBINS, Samuel Australian Greens Higgins VIC
HICKEY, Tony The Greens Sydney NSW
HICKS, Bruce Family First Mayo SA
HILL, Cale John The Nationals Forrest WA
HILL, Shane Australian Labor Party Durack WA
HINMAN, Pip Socialist Alliance Grayndler NSW
HISHEH, Sami Australian Labor Party Casey VIC
HITCHINS, Mark Secular Party of Australia Holt VIC
HOBAN, Des The Greens Oxley QLD
HOCKEY, JoeElected Liberal North Sydney NSW
HOGAN, Kevin The Nationals Page NSW
HOGG, Matthew Independent Riverina NSW
HOLLAND, Sylvia Family First Grey SA
HOLT, Noel Socialist Equality Party Newcastle NSW
HONEYCHURCH, Trevor Family First Barker SA
HOPKINS, Chas Australian Labor Party Cowan WA
HORVAT, Anton One Nation Makin SA
HOUGH, Robert Australian Labor Party Moncrieff QLD
HOWARD, Alan Family First Bendigo VIC
HOWELL, David Australian Greens Deakin VIC
HOWLETT, Jane Liberal Franklin TAS
HUNT, GregElected Liberal Flinders VIC
HUNT, Ron Family First Fairfax QLD
HUNTER, Alan The Nationals Richmond NSW
HUNTER, Bob Liberal Democrats (LDP) Dickson QLD
HUNTER, Craig Liberal Bendigo VIC
HUNTLEY, Andy The Greens O'Connor WA
HURD, Steve Australian Labor Party Kooyong VIC
HURLEY, Stan Family First Hughes NSW
HUSIC, EdElected Labor Chifley NSW
HUTCHINSON, Eric Russell Liberal Lyons TAS
INGRAM, Sheridan Liberal Lalor VIC
INGREY, Bill Citizens Electoral Council Dawson QLD
IRONS, SteveElected Liberal Swan WA
IRVINE, Nigel Peter Family First Perth WA
ISHERWOOD, Craig Citizens Electoral Council Wills VIC
JACKSON, Andrew Phillip D.L.P. - Democratic Labor Party Longman QLD
JACKSON, Jonathan Australian Labor Party Denison TAS
JACKSON, Sharryn Australian Labor Party Hasluck WA
JAKOB, Michael Family First Robertson NSW
JAMESON, Darren Liberal Robertson NSW
JARVIS, Jackie Australian Labor Party Forrest WA
JEANNERET, Rod Independent Groom QLD
JECKS, Dawn The Greens Brand WA
JEFFERIS, Heath Family First Gippsland VIC
JEFFERY, Steve Secular Party of Australia Capricornia QLD
JENKINS, Elissa The Greens Moreton QLD
JENKINS, HarryElected Australian Labor Party Scullin VIC
JENKINSON, Rebecca Independent Dickson QLD
JENSEN, DennisElected Liberal Tangney WA
JEREMIJENKO, Andrew Martin The Greens Lilley QLD
JEREMIJENKO, Peter The Greens Petrie QLD
JOHNSEN, Michael The Nationals Hunter NSW
JOHNSON, Jeff The Greens Page NSW
JOHNSON, Michael Independent Ryan QLD
JONES, EwenElected Liberal National Party of Queensland Herbert QLD
JONES, Giulia Liberal Canberra ACT
JONES, Jess The Greens Kennedy QLD
JONES, StephenElected Labor Throsby NSW
JORDAN, Scott Australian Greens Braddon TAS
KABOS, Mike Liberal Bruce VIC
KATTER, BobElected Independent Kennedy QLD
KEARNEY, Chris Australian Greens Jagajaga VIC
KEARNEY, John One Nation Solomon NT
KEATING, Geoff Australian Labor Party Maranoa QLD
KEDWELL, Louise One Nation Chifley NSW
KEENAN, MichaelElected Liberal Stirling WA
KELLY, CraigElected Liberal Hughes NSW
KELLY, MikeElected Labor Eden-Monaro NSW
KENNETT, Carolyn Socialist Equality Party Reid NSW
KENT, John Aaron D.L.P. - Democratic Labor Party Bowman QLD
KEOGH, David The Greens Bowman QLD
KEYS, Don Liberal Democrats (LDP) Gilmore NSW
KING, Brad Independent Blair QLD
KING, CatherineElected Australian Labor Party Ballarat VIC
KING, Dominic The Greens Cowper NSW
KING, Jack One Nation Sturt SA
KING, Jonathan The Greens Mackellar NSW
KINGSTON, David Christian Democratic Party Cowan WA
KIRKWOOD, Rose Family First Groom QLD
KLOMP, Steve Christian Democratic Party Swan WA
La MELA, John Liberal Barton NSW
LAIDLER, John Family First Kooyong VIC
LAKE, Peter Family First Deakin VIC
LAMBERT, Veronica Family First Paterson NSW
LAMING, AndrewElected Liberal National Party of Queensland Bowman QLD
LANDRY, Michelle Liberal National Party of Queensland Capricornia QLD
LANE, Steve Independent Leichhardt QLD
LAPPIN, Alan Independent Indi VIC
LAWLER, Ann Citizens Electoral Council of Australia Charlton NSW
LAWRENCE, Mike Australian Greens Corangamite VIC
LE, Daniel Family First North Sydney NSW
LEACH, Alan Family First Cowan WA
LEADBETTER, Bill Australian Labor Party Pearce WA
LEAHY, Martin Australian Sex Party La Trobe VIC
LEAYR, Jennifer One Nation Hunter NSW
LEAYR, Kevin One Nation Paterson NSW
LECHLEITNER, Kenny Independent Lingiari NT
LEIGH, AndrewElected Australian Labor Party Fraser ACT
LEIGHTON, Rebecca The Greens Swan WA
LESCHEN, Zuvele Elena Australian Labor Party Indi VIC
LEUTTON, Ralph Independent Wannon VIC
LEVER, Rhonda Family First Riverina NSW
LEVINE, Martin Building Australia Bennelong NSW
LEWIS, Steven Labor Wentworth NSW
LEY, SussanElected Liberal Farrer NSW
LIONS, Deborah A J Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Cowper NSW
LIPS, Frederik Labor Lyne NSW
LIPTAK, Charles Family First Hume NSW
LIVERMORE, KirstenElected Australian Labor Party Capricornia QLD
LIVESAY, Robert Australian Democrats Maribyrnong VIC
LONG, Tim Australian Greens Maribyrnong VIC
LOPEZ, Joe Socialist Equality Party Swan WA
LUKE, Brad Liberal Newcastle NSW
LYONS, GeoffElected Australian Labor Party Bass TAS
MACFARLANE, IanElected Liberal National Party of Queensland Groom QLD
MACKLIN, JennyElected Australian Labor Party Jagajaga VIC
MacTIERNAN, Alannah Australian Labor Party Canning WA
MAIZEY, Graeme The Greens Fadden QLD
MAIZEY, Petrina The Greens Forde QLD
MAJEWSKI, Mark Liberal Blaxland NSW
MAJOR, Sean Robert Family First Gorton VIC
MALE, James Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Farrer NSW
MARINO, NolaElected Liberal Forrest WA
MARKUS, LouiseElected Liberal Macquarie NSW
MARLES, Richard DonaldElected Australian Labor Party Corio VIC
MARSH, Allan Independent Wannon VIC
MARTIN, Chris The Greens Stirling WA
MATHESON, Julie The Greens Durack WA
MATHESON, RussellElected Liberal Macarthur NSW
MAXFIELD, Christine Australian Labor Party McMillan VIC
McCALLUM, Carmel The Greens Macquarie NSW
McCARTHY, Narelle Louise The Greens Fairfax QLD
McCLELLAND, Dale Liberal Isaacs VIC
McCLELLAND, RobertElected Labor Barton NSW
McCONNELL, David Liberal Gellibrand VIC
McCORMACK, MichaelElected The Nationals Riverina NSW
McCOURT, Jim Family First Hasluck WA
McCUBBIN, Darren Australian Labor Party Gippsland VIC
McCULLOCH, Kate Melissa One Nation Macarthur NSW
McDONALD, Ewan Christian Democratic Party Murray VIC
McDONALD, Jim The Greens Wide Bay QLD
McDONALD, John Andrew Liberal Charlton NSW
McDONNELL, Simone Australian Labor Party Barker SA
McENCROE, Keith John D.L.P. - Democratic Labor Party Fremantle WA
McERLANE, Claire Family First Longman QLD
McGARVIE, Rod Liberal National Party of Queensland Lilley QLD
McGHEE, Ray Independent Boothby SA
McINTYRE, Dan Australian Labor Party Fairfax QLD
MCKAY, Greg Family First Maranoa QLD
McKELVIE, Malcolm Australian Greens McMillan VIC
McKENNA, Nigel Liberal Port Adelaide SA
McKENZIE, Ian The Greens Charlton NSW
McKEW, Maxine Labor Bennelong NSW
McLEAN, Lori Family First Lalor VIC
McMAHON, John F G D.L.P. - Democratic Labor Party Flynn QLD
McNAMARA, Fiona Australian Labor Party Dickson QLD
McNAMARA, John Liberal Dobell NSW
McNAMARA, Judith Australian Labor Party Wannon VIC
MCNEVEN, Belinda Australian Labor Party Hinkler QLD
McSWEENEY, Shannon Royce Family First Leichhardt QLD
MEACHER, Steve Australian Greens McEwen VIC
MEAD, Clinton Australian Democrats Macarthur NSW
MEARES, Michelle Independent Robertson NSW
MEIBUSCH, Chris Australian Labor Party Groom QLD
MELHAM, DarylElected Labor Banks NSW
MELLAND, Julia Australian Democrats Page NSW
MELVILLE-SMITH, Andrew Colin The Greens Grey SA
MICENKO, Kalyna The Greens Port Adelaide SA
MICHELMORE, John Wesley The Climate Sceptics Mayo SA
MICHELS, Malikeh The Greens Blaxland NSW
MIDDLETON, Andrew Charles The Climate Sceptics Hasluck WA
MILAT, Lisa Liberal Democrats (LDP) Hume NSW
MILES, Steven Australian Labor Party Ryan QLD
MILLIGAN, James Keith Liberal Fraser ACT
MIRABELLA, SophieElected Liberal Indi VIC
MITCHELL, RobElected Australian Labor Party McEwen VIC
MOCKLER, Mary Louise Carers Alliance Bennelong NSW
MOFFAT, Sean The Greens Barker SA
MOIR, Darren Gregory The Nationals Pearce WA
MOONEY, Tony Australian Labor Party Herbert QLD
MOORE, Catherine The Greens Eden-Monaro NSW
MOORE, Jess Socialist Alliance Cunningham NSW
MOORE, Lauren The Greens Werriwa NSW
MOORE, Palitja The Greens Kingston SA
MOORE, Serena Family First Murray VIC
MORAN, Peter The Greens Throsby NSW
MORRISON, Ed Liberal National Party of Queensland Kennedy QLD
MORRISON, ScottElected Liberal Cook NSW
MORTENSEN, Hugh Australian Labor Party Murray VIC
MOWEN, Bevan Independent Capricornia QLD
MOYLAN, JudiElected Liberal Pearce WA
MOYLE, Colin Family First Maribyrnong VIC
MULHOLLAND, Sylvia Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Riverina NSW
MULLER, Iris Family First Greenway NSW
MUMBY, Daniel Family First Wills VIC
MUMBY, Liz Family First Gellibrand VIC
MURPHY, JohnElected Labor Reid NSW
MURRAY, Joel Australian Sex Party Melbourne VIC
NAILON, Scott Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Hughes NSW
NAM, Ken Liberal Watson NSW
NARAYANAN, Deborah Liberal Shortland NSW
NASON, Charles Independent Maranoa QLD
NEAL, Stuart Carers Alliance Wentworth NSW
NEAL, Suzanne Patricia Family First Adelaide SA
NEGLINE, Andrew Liberal Riverina NSW
NEUMANN, Shayne KennethElected Australian Labor Party Blair QLD
NEVILLE, PaulElected Liberal National Party of Queensland Hinkler QLD
NEWHOUSE, Andrew Family First Brand WA
NEWSON, Grant The Greens Maranoa QLD
NGUYEN, Don Liberal Democrats (LDP) Hughes NSW
NGUYEN, John Liberal Chisholm VIC
NICHOLLS, Marie Australian Democrats Adelaide SA
NICHOLSON, Barrie Sinclair Family First Fadden QLD
NIGHTINGALE, Lee David D.L.P. - Democratic Labor Party Moreton QLD
NOACK, Michael Daniel Liberal Democrats (LDP) Boothby SA
NORSWORTHY, Jessyka Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Calare NSW
NORSWORTHY, Nolene Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Macarthur NSW
NORWICK, Alex Australia First Party Deakin VIC
NOYES, Lucas Secular Party of Australia Lyons TAS
OAKESHOTT, RobertElected Independent Lyne NSW
O'BRIEN, Robert Independent Wannon VIC
O'CALLAGHAN, Ben The Greens McPherson QLD
O'CONNOR, BrendanElected Australian Labor Party Gorton VIC
O'CONNOR, Jenny Australian Greens Indi VIC
O'DOWD, KenElected Liberal National Party of Queensland Flynn QLD
O'DWYER, KellyElected Liberal Higgins VIC
OLSEN, Simon Liberal Melbourne VIC
OLYSLAGERS, Joshua Family First Blair QLD
O'NEILL, Astrid The Greens McMahon NSW
O'NEILL, DeborahElected Labor Robertson NSW
ONG, Gary Family First Hotham VIC
OSBORNE, Michael The Greens Newcastle NSW
OSMOND, Rebekkah Australian Democrats Mayo SA
OWEN, Christopher David Secular Party of Australia Sydney NSW
OWEN, Lisa Australian Greens Wannon VIC
OWENS, JulieElected Labor Parramatta NSW
OXENFORD, Ian The Greens Lyne NSW
PADGHAM, Chris Australian Greens Menzies VIC
PAECH, Adrian Graeme The Climate Sceptics Hindmarsh SA
PARKE, MelissaElected Australian Labor Party Fremantle WA
PARKER, Chris The Greens Hunter NSW
PARKES, Don F One Nation Robertson NSW
PARMETER, Matt The Greens Parkes NSW
PARSONS, Larry Family First Fremantle WA
PARSONS, Michael One Nation Banks NSW
PARSONS, Phillipa The Greens Shortland NSW
PATEL, Kalpesh Independent Parramatta NSW
PATERSON, Brett Australian Democrats Sydney NSW
PAYNE, Geoff Australian Greens Hotham VIC
PEARCE, Daniel Australian Democrats North Sydney NSW
PEARSON, Georgia Family First Melbourne VIC
PEPPER, Chris Citizens Electoral Council Pearce WA
PERRETT, GrahamElected Australian Labor Party Moreton QLD
PETERS, Jenny Australian Labor Party Bowman QLD
PETERS, Lindsay The Greens Bennelong NSW
PETERSEN, Luke The Greens Forrest WA
PETERSEN, Patricia May The Greens Blair QLD
PETERSEN, Terje Liberal Democrats (LDP) Bennelong NSW
PETTITT, Tony Australia First Party Greenway NSW
PHILLIPS, Andrew James Independent Mayo SA
PHILLIPS, John Family First Lindsay NSW
PHILLIPS, Richard Socialist Equality Party Blaxland NSW
PHILLIPS, Rob The Greens Cowan WA
PICKSTONE, Mitchell Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Charlton NSW
PILLING, Neil Australian Greens Goldstein VIC
PLIBERSEK, TanyaElected Labor Sydney NSW
PLOWRIGHT, Sue Australian Greens Melbourne Ports VIC
PORTELLI, Luke Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Macquarie NSW
POTTER, Mark Family First Makin SA
POULARAS, Manny Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) McMahon NSW
POULSEN, Ronald Blaxland NSW
POUNDER, Bill The Climate Sceptics Bennelong NSW
POWELL, Brendan Australian Greens Casey VIC
PRENTICE, Brendon Phillip Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Mitchell NSW
PRENTICE, JaneElected Liberal National Party of Queensland Ryan QLD
PRIEST, Venus Liberal Chifley NSW
PUKALLUS, Jan Citizens Electoral Council Griffith QLD
PUNSHON, Michael John Family First Herbert QLD
PURCELL, James Independent Wannon VIC
PUTRAL, Richard One Nation Cook NSW
PYNE, ChristopherElected Liberal Sturt SA
QUILTY, Olga Liberal Democrats (LDP) Eden-Monaro NSW
QUILTY, Tim Liberal Democrats (LDP) Riverina NSW
RAASSINA, Melissa Leigh Family First Forde QLD
RAGUSE, Brett Australian Labor Party Forde QLD
RAINEY, Jim Family First Ballarat VIC
RAINSFORD, Katrina Independent Wannon VIC
RAMSAY, Andrew Australian Labor Party Wright QLD
RAMSEY, RowanElected Liberal Grey SA
RANDALL, Bob Family First Hindmarsh SA
RANDALL, DonElected Liberal Canning WA
RAPP, Moyna Family First Tangney WA
RAYE, Sue Australian Sex Party Bennelong NSW
RE, Elizabeth Independent Stirling WA
REA, Kerry Australian Labor Party Bonner QLD
REARDON, Trent Secular Party of Australia Hotham VIC
REECE, John Raymond Independent Longman QLD
REEVES, Matthew Family First McPherson QLD
REIHER, Jim Australian Greens La Trobe VIC
REILLY, Neil Labor Gilmore NSW
RESCE, Meredith Family First Boothby SA
REVIE, Alan Bruce Family First Dickson QLD
RICH, Wayne Roderick Australian Democrats Makin SA
RICKARD, Scott The Greens Dobell NSW
RILEY, Mark Australian Greens Wills VIC
RILEY, Wayne Gregory Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Hunter NSW
RIPOLL, BernieElected Australian Labor Party Oxley QLD
RISHWORTH, AmandaElected Australian Labor Party Kingston SA
ROBB, AndrewElected Liberal Goldstein VIC
ROBERT, StuartElected Liberal National Party of Queensland Fadden QLD
ROBERTON, Paul Richard Australian Democrats Wills VIC
ROBERTS, Susan The Greens Hughes NSW
ROBERTSON, Debbie The Greens Chifley NSW
ROBERTSON, Matthew The Greens Wentworth NSW
ROBERTSON, Robyn Leanne Family First Fisher QLD
ROBERTSON, Scott James Christian Democratic Party Fremantle WA
ROBINSON, David Australian Democrats Richmond NSW
ROBINSON, Jean Citizens Electoral Council O'Connor WA
ROBJOHNS, Andrew The Greens North Sydney NSW
RODEN, Duncan Socialist Alliance Parramatta NSW
ROMANO, Karen Independent Calare NSW
ROMANS, Gregory Liberal Democrats (LDP) Griffith QLD
ROSE, Emma-Kate The Greens Griffith QLD
ROSE, Ian Family First Pearce WA
ROSE, Jasemin The Greens Makin SA
ROSIN, Darryl Charles The Greens Bonner QLD
ROSS, Macgregor Independent Calare NSW
ROSSITER, Ian One Nation Fadden QLD
ROWLAND, MichelleElected Labor Greenway NSW
ROXON, NicolaElected Australian Labor Party Gellibrand VIC
ROY, WyattElected Liberal National Party of Queensland Longman QLD
RUBENACH, Mike The Greens Herbert QLD
RUDD, KevinElected Australian Labor Party Griffith QLD
RUDD, Van Lalor VIC
RUDDOCK, PhilipElected Liberal Berowra NSW
RYDER, Damon Liberal Gorton VIC
SACKLEY, Jen Independent Leichhardt QLD
SAFFIN, JanelleElected Labor Page NSW
SALERNO, Thomas Australian Democrats Boothby SA
SANSBURY, Tauto Australian Labor Party Grey SA
SANTOS, Michael Independent Greenway NSW
SARAZEN, Con Australian Democrats Batman VIC
SARRE, Rick Australian Labor Party Sturt SA
SAUNDERS, Ewan Socialist Alliance Brisbane QLD
SAUNDERS, Mick Australia First Party Lindsay NSW
SAVILLE, Robin Labor Hume NSW
SCALLAN, Pat Family First O'Connor WA
SCATES, Bob Australian Labor Party Mallee VIC
SCAYSBROOK, Peter Labor Cook NSW
SCHULTZ, AlbyElected Liberal Hume NSW
SCHULTZ, Pat The Greens New England NSW
SCOTT, BruceElected Liberal National Party of Queensland Maranoa QLD
SCOTT, Duncan Independent Flynn QLD
SCOTT, Fiona Liberal Lindsay NSW
SECKER, PatrickElected Liberal Barker SA
SEKFY, Paul Labor Cowper NSW
SEKHON, Gurm Australian Greens Scullin VIC
SEVILOGLOU, Abraham Independent Deakin VIC
SEYMOUR, Pat Christian Democratic Party Curtin WA
SGARLATA, Joe Family First Jagajaga VIC
SHAILER, Bill Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Reid NSW
SHARAH, Alex Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Parramatta NSW
SHARMA, Mark Independent Watson NSW
SHAW, Barbara The Greens Lingiari NT
SHAW, Brian William Independent Lalor VIC
SHEEHAN, Paul Secular Party of Australia Lalor VIC
SHEIL, Pat Independent Wentworth NSW
SHORTEN, BillElected Australian Labor Party Maribyrnong VIC
SHUREY, Lindsay The Greens Kingsford Smith NSW
SIDEBOTTOM, SidElected Australian Labor Party Braddon TAS
SIMPKINS, Cameron John Liberal Denison TAS
SIMPKINS, LukeElected Liberal Cowan WA
SKILLITZI, Stephen The Climate Sceptics Boothby SA
SLIPPER, PeterElected Liberal National Party of Queensland Fisher QLD
SMITH, Beth Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Cook NSW
SMITH, Glenice The Greens Hasluck WA
SMITH, Greg Country Labor New England NSW
SMITH, Luke Liberal National Party of Queensland Rankin QLD
SMITH, Reade Family First Flinders VIC
SMITH, Stephen FrancisElected Australian Labor Party Perth WA
SMITH, Tarnya Lisa Liberal National Party of Queensland Oxley QLD
SMITH, TonyElected Liberal Casey VIC
SMITHIES, Ken Family First Menzies VIC
SMITHSON, Neil Ramsay Independent O'Connor WA
SMYTH, LauraElected Australian Labor Party La Trobe VIC
SNOWDON, Warren EdwardElected Australian Labor Party (Northern Territory) Branch Lingiari NT
SOLIN, Rodney Australian Greens Gellibrand VIC
SOMLYAY, AlexElected Liberal National Party of Queensland Fairfax QLD
SOURIS, George Liberal Batman VIC
SOUTHCOTT, AndrewElected Liberal Boothby SA
SOWDEN, Greg Independent Bonner QLD
SPAIN, Sally Maree The Greens Moncrieff QLD
SPIGHT, Paul The Greens Banks NSW
SPRAGG, Bill Independent Mayo SA
ST JOHN-WOOD, Neville The Greens Leichhardt QLD
STEELE, Christopher Liberal Democrats (LDP) Adelaide SA
STEWART, Robert Gordon The Climate Sceptics Makin SA
STIELER, Timothy Family First Oxley QLD
STOKES, Geoffrey Independent O'Connor WA
STOKES, Linden Family First McMillan VIC
STONE, SharmanElected Liberal Murray VIC
STORER, Gregory Secular Party of Australia Melbourne Ports VIC
STOVE, Michael Labor Berowra NSW
STRANG, Graeme Independent Cook NSW
STRATOV, Ivan Family First Scullin VIC
STRAUSS, David Liberal Wakefield SA
SULLIVAN, Jon Australian Labor Party Longman QLD
SUMMERVILLE, Merle Desley Independent Page NSW
SWAN, WayneElected Australian Labor Party Lilley QLD
SYMON, MikeElected Australian Labor Party Deakin VIC
TAKACS, George The Greens Cunningham NSW
TANDA, Amarjit Independent Greenway NSW
TAYLER, James Grahame Family First Moncrieff QLD
TAYLOR, Matt Liberal Fremantle WA
TAYLOR, Paul The Greens Greenway NSW
TAYLOR, Peter Australian Greens Lalor VIC
TEASDALE, Dean Liberal National Party of Queensland Petrie QLD
TEHAN, DanElected Liberal Wannon VIC
TEMPLEMAN, Susan Labor Macquarie NSW
THOMAS, Brent Labor Hughes NSW
THOMPSON, Lenka Australian Greens Calwell VIC
THOMSON, CraigElected Labor Dobell NSW
THOMSON, KelvinElected Australian Labor Party Wills VIC
TILLER, Simon Australian Greens Dunkley VIC
TIMMINS, Nathan Liberal Democrats (LDP) Corangamite VIC
TITMUS, Steve Liberal Bass TAS
TODD, Alexandra Family First Rankin QLD
TOMISICH, Claude Liberal Wills VIC
TREASURE, Bret Australian Sex Party Swan WA
TREMETHICK, Terry Carers Alliance Macquarie NSW
TREVOR, Chris Australian Labor Party Flynn QLD
TRUSCOTT, Jeff Family First Calwell VIC
TRUSS, WarrenElected Liberal National Party of Queensland Wide Bay QLD
TRUTER, Ashley Family First Higgins VIC
TSENG, Wayne Liberal Calwell VIC
TUCKEY, Wilson Liberal O'Connor WA
TUDGE, AlanElected Liberal Aston VIC
TUFFNELL, Ian Citizens Electoral Council Canning WA
TURNBULL, MalcolmElected Liberal Wentworth NSW
TURNOUR, Andrew Australian Labor Party Kennedy QLD
TURNOUR, Jim Australian Labor Party Leichhardt QLD
VAMVAKINOU, MariaElected Australian Labor Party Calwell VIC
VAN BOECKEL, Michael Independent Longman QLD
VAN BURGEL, Jamie Christian Democratic Party Canning WA
VAN DER MERWE, Sophie Australian Labor Party Curtin WA
van der WIJNGAART, Ben The Greens Gilmore NSW
van LIESHOUT, Joan Liberal Richmond NSW
VAN MANEN, BertElected Liberal National Party of Queensland Forde QLD
VAN VEEN, Joshua Liberal Democrats (LDP) Longman QLD
VASTA, Ross XavierElected Liberal National Party of Queensland Bonner QLD
VEGA, Christian Australian Sex Party Melbourne Ports VIC
VERNEDE, Darren Family First Canning WA
VERSACE, Trevor John Family First Hinkler QLD
VILLAVER, Ronaldo Australian Democrats Greenway NSW
VINCENT, Allan Family First Ryan QLD
VINCENT, Dave Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Chifley NSW
VINCENT, Sally Family First Petrie QLD
VINNICOMBE, Bob One Nation Blaxland NSW
WAIZER, Naomi The Greens Cook NSW
WALSH, Benjamin Liberal Democrats (LDP) Deakin VIC
WARD, Jane Independent Sydney NSW
WARDEN, Toni The Greens Pearce WA
WASHER, MalElected Liberal Moore WA
WATCHIRS, Kevin The Greens Hume NSW
WATERSON, Victor One Nation Bennelong NSW
WATSON, Rana Australian Labor Party Fadden QLD
WATTS, Adrian Citizens Electoral Council Bass TAS
WEBB, Jesse Alexander Family First Griffith QLD
WEBB, Leta Labor North Sydney NSW
WEEDALL, Gemma Socialist Alliance Adelaide SA
WEISS, Gordon Liberal Sydney NSW
WELLNER, Utz D.L.P. - Democratic Labor Party Bonner QLD
WESTERBERG, Signe The Greens Fowler NSW
WESTLEY, Luke Liberal Adelaide SA
WHATELY, Jenny Christian Democratic Party Stirling WA
WHEATLEY, Heather Family First Isaacs VIC
WHELAN, Peter Liberal Democrats (LDP) Macquarie NSW
WHITE, Mark A Family First Brisbane QLD
WIEDENHORN, Josef Independent Paterson NSW
WILKIE, AndrewElected Independent Denison TAS
WILLIAMS, Annette Secular Party of Australia Gilmore NSW
WILLIAMS, Max Liberal Scullin VIC
WILLIAMS, Peter Secular Party of Australia Shortland NSW
WILSON, Steve Australian Greens Gorton VIC
WINDOLF, Karina Family First Bowman QLD
WINDSOR, TonyElected Independent New England NSW
WINTER, Dean Australian Democrats Newcastle NSW
WITTEN, Richard Innes Citizens Electoral Council of Australia New England NSW
WOJCZUK, Ann Family First Corangamite VIC
WONE, Adrian Independent Hinkler QLD
WOOD, Jason Liberal La Trobe VIC
WOOD, Jassmine Liberal Hindmarsh SA
WORSLEY, Julie Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Bennelong NSW
WRIGHT, Barry Independent Lyne NSW
WRIGHT, Suzie The Greens Lindsay NSW
WRIGHT-TURNER, Toni The Greens Berowra NSW
WYATT, KenElected Liberal Hasluck WA
YOUNG, Emma The Greens Solomon NT
YOUNG, Jacky Christian Democratic Party O'Connor WA
YOUNG, Sheridan The Greens Moore WA
ZABEL, Neil Leslie Liberal National Party of Queensland Blair QLD
ZANKER, Chris Liberal Kingston SA
ZAPPIA, TonyElected Australian Labor Party Makin SA
ZIBELL, Stefan Australian Greens Bruce VIC
ZOCHLING, Hugh Labor Warringah NSW



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