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Candidates for Queensland
Candidate Party Division State
AMBROSE, Sean Australian Labor Party Wide Bay QLD
ARROITA, Lewis One Nation Dawson QLD
BACH, Willy The Greens Fadden QLD
BARNES, J F Independent Brisbane QLD
BEALE, Michael The Greens Moncrieff QLD
BECKETT, Stephen Australian Labor Party Longman QLD
BELL, Terri Australian Democrats Petrie QLD
BENHAM, Rick New Country Maranoa QLD
BENNETT, John The Great Australians Blair QLD
BEVIS, ArchElected Australian Labor Party Brisbane QLD
BLACK, Philip Independent Maranoa QLD
BOULTON, Alan Liberal Lilley QLD
BOYD, Mike The Nationals Rankin QLD
BOYNE, Robert Family First Oxley QLD
BRADY, Gavin Australian Labor Party Petrie QLD
BRENNAN, Kevin The Greens Oxley QLD
BRENNAN, William Michael One Nation Herbert QLD
BROMWICH, Robert H Australian Democrats Bowman QLD
BROUGH, MalElected Liberal Longman QLD
CAMPBELL, Debbie Australian Democrats Fairfax QLD
CAMPBELL, Percy Family First Ryan QLD
CANALES, Judy Help End Marijuana Prohibition Capricornia QLD
CARNWELL, Bruce Australian Democrats Griffith QLD
CARTER, Oliver Citizens Electoral Council Groom QLD
CAYLEY, Mal Family First Bowman QLD
CHATTERJEE, Victoria Australian Labor Party Ryan QLD
CHIDGEY, David One Nation Blair QLD
CIOBO, StevenElected Liberal Moncrieff QLD
COLEMAN, Larry H One Nation Capricornia QLD
CONTARINO, Nick Citizens Electoral Council Brisbane QLD
CREIGHTON, Wendy D Liberal Rankin QLD
DAVEY, Rob Family First McPherson QLD
D'OLIVEIRA, Cy Independent Wide Bay QLD
DONGES, Christoph Australian Democrats Groom QLD
DORRON, Cheryl Australian Labor Party Hinkler QLD
DOUGLAS, Keith Family First Kennedy QLD
DOYLE, James The Nationals Kennedy QLD
DUTTON, PeterElected Liberal Dickson QLD
EATHER, Peter Australian Labor Party Fadden QLD
EATON, Cathy Family First Herbert QLD
ELSON, KayElected Liberal Forde QLD
EMERSON, CraigElected Australian Labor Party Rankin QLD
ENTSCH, WarrenElected Liberal Leichhardt QLD
FEENEY, Cherry Australian Labor Party Dawson QLD
FERRARO, Santo One Nation Maranoa QLD
FINDLAY, Peter C Family First Groom QLD
FLYNN, Bill One Nation Oxley QLD
FONTES, Tony W The Greens Dawson QLD
FORSYTH, Dawn Australian Democrats Lilley QLD
GAMBARO, TeresaElected Liberal Petrie QLD
GEORGE, Greg The Greens Hinkler QLD
GRAY, John Australian Labor Party Fisher QLD
GULEY, Shane Australian Labor Party Maranoa QLD
HAAG, Brian Citizens Electoral Council Oxley QLD
HANDS, Margaret One Nation Rankin QLD
HANKIN, Bill One Nation Kennedy QLD
HANSEN, Lynda Socialist Alliance Griffith QLD
HARDGRAVE, GaryElected Liberal Moreton QLD
HARRIS, Judith A Citizens Electoral Council Kennedy QLD
HARRISON, Karey The Greens Groom QLD
HAYS, Liz The Great Australians Fisher QLD
HEAPS, Aaron One Nation Forde QLD
HEDBERG, Lars Independent Wide Bay QLD
HENNESSEY, Terry Australian Democrats Kennedy QLD
HILL, Brad Family First Lilley QLD
HILL, Ronald Stuart Family First Fisher QLD
HINDS, Shereen Family First Forde QLD
HINTON, Julian The Greens Rankin QLD
HOOLIHAN, Richard Australian Democrats Herbert QLD
HOPE, Daniel Citizens Electoral Council Forde QLD
HOWSE, David Gordon Forde QLD
HUNT, Paula Family First Fairfax QLD
HUNT, Trevor Family First Bonner QLD
HYLAND, Terry The Great Australians Dickson QLD
INGRAM, Simon Australian Democrats Ryan QLD
INGREY, Bill Citizens Electoral Council Capricornia QLD
JEANNERET, Rod Independent Groom QLD
JENKINS, Elissa The Greens Bonner QLD
JENSEN, Alison Australian Democrats Hinkler QLD
JOHNS, Naomi Australian Democrats Capricornia QLD
JOHNSON, MichaelElected Liberal Ryan QLD
JONES, Angela The Greens Kennedy QLD
JULIEN, Archie Australian Democrats Dawson QLD
JULL, DavidElected Liberal Fadden QLD
KANE, Michael The Greens Capricornia QLD
KATTER, BobElected Independent Kennedy QLD
KELLY, De-AnneElected The Nationals Dawson QLD
KENNEDY, Jacqueline Australian Democrats Longman QLD
KIMMET, Philip The Greens Longman QLD
KING, Paul B Australian Labor Party Groom QLD
KLINGSPORN, David Citizens Electoral Council Maranoa QLD
KUNTSCHIK, Di Liberal Capricornia QLD
LAMB, Andrew Independent Moreton QLD
LAMING, AndrewElected Liberal Bowman QLD
LATTO, Ian Christian Gordon The Greens McPherson QLD
LEADER, Sean Australian Labor Party Forde QLD
LEVER, John The Nationals Capricornia QLD
LEW, Tom Family First Longman QLD
LEWIS, Paul One Nation McPherson QLD
LINDSAY, PeterElected Liberal Herbert QLD
LIPPMANN, Ric Family First Leichhardt QLD
LIVERMORE, KirstenElected Australian Labor Party Capricornia QLD
LLOYD, Daniel The Greens Forde QLD
LOWIS, Debbie New Country Dawson QLD
MACFARLANE, Ian ElginElected Liberal Groom QLD
MARSDEN, Les Citizens Electoral Council Herbert QLD
MARTIN, Anita Australian Democrats Forde QLD
MARTIN, Ken Citizens Electoral Council Fadden QLD
MAY, MargaretElected Liberal McPherson QLD
MCCONNELL, Craig Australian Labor Party Dickson QLD
MCKENZIE, Neal Australian Democrats Blair QLD
MEEHAN, Sue The Greens Lilley QLD
MENZEL, Margaret F Independent Dawson QLD
MEREDITH, Susan One Nation Longman QLD
MEYERS, Robert David Citizens Electoral Council Rankin QLD
MOLLOY, Ivan Australian Labor Party Fairfax QLD
MOLONEY, Stephen Family First Maranoa QLD
MUSTON, Robert The Greens Fisher QLD
MYATT, Barry One Nation Bonner QLD
MYLES, Michael Matthew Socialist Alliance Oxley QLD
NADAS, Paula The Greens Bowman QLD
NEILAN, Alan Australian Labor Party Kennedy QLD
NEUMANN, Shayne Australian Labor Party Blair QLD
NEVILLE, PaulElected The Nationals Hinkler QLD
NEWINGTON, Charles Family First Brisbane QLD
NIELSEN, Howard Robert The Greens Dickson QLD
NIELSEN, Richard The Greens Brisbane QLD
NORRIS, David The Greens Fairfax QLD
O'REILLY-REIS, Sarai E The Greens Blair QLD
PARRISH, David J Australian Labor Party Moncrieff QLD
PASS, Rick The Greens Petrie QLD
PAYNE, Janelle Liberal Griffith QLD
PERRETT, Graham Australian Labor Party Moreton QLD
PHILLIPS, Anita Australian Labor Party Herbert QLD
POWER, Darren Independent Rankin QLD
PRICE, Alan New Country Blair QLD
PUGH, George Independent Oxley QLD
PUKALLUS, Jan Citizens Electoral Council Dawson QLD
REES, Lyn Family First Fadden QLD
REID, Allen Australian Democrats Leichhardt QLD
REYE, Kirsty Australian Democrats Dickson QLD
RICHARDS, Ian The Greens Wide Bay QLD
RIDGE, Greg Australian Democrats Maranoa QLD
RIHAN, Jonathan The Greens Maranoa QLD
RIPOLL, BernieElected Australian Labor Party Oxley QLD
ROBERTS, Ros Australian Democrats Moncrieff QLD
ROBINSON, Wesley Charles One Nation Wide Bay QLD
ROLLS, Cindy Citizens Electoral Council Hinkler QLD
ROSBOROUGH, Derek Independent Griffith QLD
ROSIN, Darryl The Greens Griffith QLD
ROSS, Joe The Nationals Bowman QLD
ROZANSKI, Patrick One Nation Fairfax QLD
RUB, Cameron Family First Hinkler QLD
RUDD, KevinElected Australian Labor Party Griffith QLD
SACKLEY, Jen Independent Leichhardt QLD
SANDERSON, Sandy Citizens Electoral Council Moncrieff QLD
SAVAGE, Kevin J One Nation Fisher QLD
SCHRADER, Tracy Australian Democrats Brisbane QLD
SCIACCA, Con Australian Labor Party Bonner QLD
SCOTT, BruceElected The Nationals Maranoa QLD
SHUTTLEWORTH, Dale Family First Dickson QLD
SLIPPER, PeterElected Liberal Fisher QLD
SMITH, Bev Family First Dawson QLD
SMITH, Chad Australian Democrats Bonner QLD
SMITH, Daniel Liberal Oxley QLD
SMITH, Mark Chapman One Nation Moncrieff QLD
SMITH, Priscilla Family First Blair QLD
SOLOMON, Neville W Citizens Electoral Council Ryan QLD
SOMLYAY, AlexElected Liberal Fairfax QLD
SPACKMAN, Alan J Family First Capricornia QLD
SPORLE, Catherine Australian Democrats Rankin QLD
ST JOHN-WOOD, Neville The Greens Leichhardt QLD
STAPLETON, Rodney Citizens Electoral Council Blair QLD
STEEN, Frederika E Australian Democrats Moreton QLD
STIRLING, Jenny The Greens Herbert QLD
SWAN, Paul The Greens Ryan QLD
SWAN, WayneElected Australian Labor Party Lilley QLD
TALL, Ingrid Liberal Brisbane QLD
TAM, Terence Family First Moreton QLD
TAYLER, James Family First Moncrieff QLD
THOMPSON, CameronElected Liberal Blair QLD
TRIGGER, Kellie Australian Labor Party McPherson QLD
TRUSS, WarrenElected The Nationals Wide Bay QLD
TURNER, James Family First Griffith QLD
TURNOUR, Jim Australian Labor Party Leichhardt QLD
VASTA, RossElected Liberal Bonner QLD
WALTER, John One Nation Fadden QLD
WATT, Kev Citizens Electoral Council Fairfax QLD
WEBSTER, Donna Australian Labor Party Bowman QLD
WEEDON, Barry One Nation Moreton QLD
WEIR, Darryl William Australian Democrats Wide Bay QLD
WELLS, Roy D Independent Hinkler QLD
WHEELER, William Raymond Citizens Electoral Council Bonner QLD
WHINCOP, Wade Family First Petrie QLD
WHITE, Russell V Australian Democrats McPherson QLD
WIECK, Noel The Great Australians Groom QLD
WILLIAMSON, Jane The Greens Moreton QLD
WILMOT, Craig Australian Democrats Fisher QLD
WILSON, Glen Family First Wide Bay QLD
WILSON, Ross Family First Rankin QLD
WILSON, Suzanne Australian Democrats Fadden QLD
WITHYCOMBE, Nick The Nationals Brisbane QLD
WOOD, Nicholas Australian Democrats Oxley QLD
WYNTER, Coral Socialist Alliance Brisbane QLD
ZERK, Tracey Ex-Service, Service & Veterans Party Hinkler QLD



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