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Candidates for Victoria
Candidate Party Division State
ABSON, Michael Australian Greens Aston VIC
ADAMEK, Vlad Family First Ballarat VIC
ADAMS, Neale Independent Flinders VIC
AITKEN, Chris Australian Greens McMillan VIC
ALDERSON, Gordon Family First Corio VIC
ALMAN, Mohamad Australian Greens Calwell VIC
ANDREWS, KevinElected Liberal Menzies VIC
ANGER, Steven Independent Melbourne VIC
ARCHER, Toby Australian Greens Wills VIC
ARDIN, Don Australian Greens Jagajaga VIC
ARIARATNAM, Chris Family First Batman VIC
ASSAF, Wajde Independent Gellibrand VIC
AYLIFFE, Nahum Democrats Aston VIC
BAILEY, Alan Democrats Deakin VIC
BAILEY, Andrew Citizens Electoral Council Corangamite VIC
BAILEY, FranElected Liberal McEwen VIC
BAILEY, Karen Democrats Dunkley VIC
BAILEY, Merrill Christine Citizens Electoral Council Indi VIC
BARRESI, PhilElected Liberal Deakin VIC
BARTON, Jennifer Family First Jagajaga VIC
BARWICK, Elisa Citizens Electoral Council Murray VIC
BARWICK, Robert Citizens Electoral Council Wannon VIC
BARWICK, Wayne Citizens Electoral Council Chisholm VIC
BEALE, Craig Democrats Melbourne Ports VIC
BEALES, Jenny Australian Labor Party McEwen VIC
BECK, Jeremy Citizens Electoral Council Casey VIC
BEILHARZ, Kurt Citizens Electoral Council La Trobe VIC
BENNETT, James Democrats Chisholm VIC
BERK, Daniel Democrats Holt VIC
BHATHAL, Alexandra Australian Greens Batman VIC
BILLSON, BruceElected Liberal Dunkley VIC
BIRD, Steven Citizens Electoral Council Corio VIC
BISHOP, Craig Independent Batman VIC
BLAIR, Gillian Australian Greens Wannon VIC
BREWER, Nevil No GST Aston VIC
BRIDGE, John Family First Menzies VIC
BRIDGES, Darryl Family First La Trobe VIC
BROADBENT, Henry Citizens Electoral Council Flinders VIC
BROADBENT, RussellElected Liberal McMillan VIC
BROWNING, Malcolm Australian Greens Lalor VIC
BRYANT, Rob Independent Murray VIC
BUCKLEY, Ben One Nation Gippsland VIC
BUI, Nam Australian Greens Gellibrand VIC
BULLER, Arthur Family First Lalor VIC
BURGESS, Stephen Family First Holt VIC
BURKE, Anna ElizabethElected Australian Labor Party Chisholm VIC
BYRNE, AnthonyElected Australian Labor Party Holt VIC
BYRNE, Greg D.L.P. - Democratic Labor Party McMillan VIC
BYRNE, Peter Batman VIC
CAMERON, Les Independent Melbourne Ports VIC
CAMPBELL, Colin Ross Morgan Citizens Electoral Council Gorton VIC
CAMPBELL, Peter Australian Greens Kooyong VIC
CAMPBELL, Trudy Citizens Electoral Council Mallee VIC
CANHAM, Gary Family First Calwell VIC
CHAPMAN, Daniel Casey VIC
CHENERY, Stephen Australian Greens Corangamite VIC
CLAIR, Bill Australian Greens Goldstein VIC
CONSTABLE, Brett Australian Greens Corio VIC
CONSTAS, Helen Australian Labor Party Dunkley VIC
COOMBE, Roger Family First Hotham VIC
CORCORAN, Ann KElected Australian Labor Party Isaacs VIC
COSTELLO, PeterElected Liberal Higgins VIC
COX, Josephine Socialist Alliance Hotham VIC
CREAN, SimonElected Australian Labor Party Hotham VIC
CURTIS, Peter Liberal Lalor VIC
DANBY, MichaelElected Australian Labor Party Melbourne Ports VIC
DAVIDSON, Jordon Citizens Electoral Council Menzies VIC
DAVIES, Susan Australian Labor Party La Trobe VIC
DAVIS, Fletcher Independent Dunkley VIC
DE ZILWA, Yasmin Family First Deakin VIC
DEAN, Frank Independent La Trobe VIC
DETTMAN, Mary Democrats Kooyong VIC
DIB, Tony Australian Labor Party Casey VIC
DIMITROULIS, Jerry Liberal Melbourne VIC
D'SOUZA, Conrad Liberal Maribyrnong VIC
EASTMAN, Cameron Family First Dunkley VIC
ELLERY, Adam Citizens Electoral Council Hotham VIC
EMANUEL, Howard Independent McMillan VIC
ERROL, Bruce Democrats Flinders VIC
FERGUSON, MartinElected Australian Labor Party Batman VIC
FLETCHER, Haydn Democrats Isaacs VIC
FORD, Gordon W Independent Isaacs VIC
FORREST, JohnElected The Nationals Mallee VIC
GATT, Jonathon Democrats Calwell VIC
GEORGIOU, PetroElected Liberal Kooyong VIC
GIBBINS, Kevin Liberal Bendigo VIC
GIBBONS, SteveElected Australian Labor Party Bendigo VIC
GILES, Tania Australian Greens Bruce VIC
GILLARD, JuliaElected Australian Labor Party Lalor VIC
GLANZ, David Socialist Alliance Wills VIC
GOODEN, Tim Socialist Alliance Corio VIC
GORDON, Robert Independent McEwen VIC
GRANT, Julie Democrats McMillan VIC
GRAROCK, Max Democrats Gellibrand VIC
GRATTON, Maxwell Liberal Batman VIC
GRAY, Merinda Australian Greens Scullin VIC
GRIFFIN, AlanElected Australian Labor Party Bruce VIC
GROVES, Carl L One Nation Isaacs VIC
HAMILTON, Blair Liberal Wills VIC
HANNES-PATERSON, Megan Australian Greens McEwen VIC
HARDY, Sean Australian Greens Isaacs VIC
HARRIS, Penny Australian Greens Chisholm VIC
HARTNEY, Stephen Liberal Chisholm VIC
HAWKER, DavidElected Liberal Wannon VIC
HAYWARD, Cate Democrats Jagajaga VIC
HAZELTON, Ruth Family First Wannon VIC
HERMANS, Mark Family First Goldstein VIC
HOLLAND, Tony Democrats La Trobe VIC
HOLT, David Family First Maribyrnong VIC
HORIN, Leonie Independent Melbourne Ports VIC
HOWE, Roger Democrats Lalor VIC
HULLS, Nathan Family First Bendigo VIC
HUNT, GregElected Liberal Flinders VIC
IGAI, Aron Paul Democrats Goldstein VIC
INMAN, Woody Liberal Jagajaga VIC
ISHERWOOD, Aaron Citizens Electoral Council Melbourne Ports VIC
ISHERWOOD, Kel Citizens Electoral Council Gellibrand VIC
ISHERWOOD, Noelene W Citizens Electoral Council Wills VIC
JACKEL, Graeme Family First Melbourne Ports VIC
JENKINS, HarryElected Australian Labor Party Scullin VIC
JENNISON, Susan Liberal Gorton VIC
JOHN, Jason Citizens Electoral Council Holt VIC
JOHNSON, Chris Socialist Alliance Corangamite VIC
JOHNSON, Paula Australian Greens Dunkley VIC
JOHNSTONE, Dean Family First Flinders VIC
JONES, Brian Australian Labor Party Menzies VIC
JOSS, Jessica Democrats Hotham VIC
KELLY, Norm Australian Labor Party Murray VIC
KELLY, Peter Maxwell Independent Gippsland VIC
KELLY, Tony Australian Greens Ballarat VIC
KENNY, Zoe Socialist Alliance Melbourne VIC
KING, Bruce Liberal Corio VIC
KING, CatherineElected Australian Labor Party Ballarat VIC
KINGSFORD, Stuart Australian Greens Flinders VIC
KLISARIS, Paul Australian Labor Party Higgins VIC
KNEEBONE, Scott Democrats Batman VIC
KOSTADINOSKI, Lucas Liberal Scullin VIC
KOZLOWSKI, Andre Citizens Electoral Council Maribyrnong VIC
LAIDLER, John Family First Kooyong VIC
LANE, Madelon Australian Greens Gippsland VIC
LANGMORE, David Leonard Democrats Gippsland VIC
LARNER, Sally Citizens Electoral Council Lalor VIC
LARNER, William Citizens Electoral Council Bruce VIC
LEE, Michael Family First Gellibrand VIC
LELE, Stephen Citizens Electoral Council Jagajaga VIC
LEWIS, Jo Australian Greens Melbourne Ports VIC
LILLYMAN, Doug Family First Gippsland VIC
LINDORFF, Claire D.L.P. - Democratic Labor Party Ballarat VIC
LIVESAY, Robert Democrats Maribyrnong VIC
LIVETT, Dianne Liberal Calwell VIC
LUTZ, Damon Gordon Independent McEwen VIC
LYNCH, Peter Australian Labor Party Deakin VIC
LYSAGHT, Owen Independent Chisholm VIC
MACKLIN, JennyElected Australian Labor Party Jagajaga VIC
MADIGAN, Paul Independent Flinders VIC
MADILL, Janine Family First Murray VIC
MALESIC, Steve Independent Corio VIC
MALLIOTIS, Martha Citizens Electoral Council Isaacs VIC
MALLON, Ian Family First Gorton VIC
MARRINER, Jennifer Liberal Hotham VIC
MATHEWS, Jacob Family First Isaacs VIC
MATTHEWS, Graham Socialist Alliance Batman VIC
MATUSCHKA, Elizabeth Liberal Ballarat VIC
MCALPINE, Robert John Australian Labor Party Wannon VIC
MCARTHUR, StewartElected Liberal Corangamite VIC
MCBETH, Adam Democrats Higgins VIC
MCCONNELL, David Liberal Gellibrand VIC
MCDONALD, Leigh Independent Wannon VIC
MCGAURAN, PeterElected The Nationals Gippsland VIC
MCGUCKIN, Rhys Citizens Electoral Council Melbourne VIC
MCKENZIE, Bridget The Nationals McMillan VIC
MCLENNAN, Rod Citizens Electoral Council McEwen VIC
MCMARTIN, Warren Family First Indi VIC
MCMULLIN, Peter Australian Labor Party Corangamite VIC
MELLADO, Walter Hernan Citizens Electoral Council Batman VIC
MINSTER, Barry Ex-Service, Service & Veterans Party Jagajaga VIC
MITCHELL, Doug Citizens Electoral Council Aston VIC
MODRA, Christine Family First Corangamite VIC
MORGAN, Monica Australian Greens Murray VIC
MORGAN, Paul Australian Labor Party Aston VIC
MUNTZ, Bob Australian Greens Maribyrnong VIC
NAPTHINE, Simon Australian Labor Party Flinders VIC
NATHAN, Peter Family First Aston VIC
O'BRIEN, Terry Independent Goldstein VIC
O'CONNOR, BrendanElected Australian Labor Party Gorton VIC
O'CONNOR, GavanElected Australian Labor Party Corio VIC
O'CONNOR, Jenny Australian Greens Indi VIC
ONG, Gary Family First Chisholm VIC
PAGE, Anne Democrats Menzies VIC
PANOPOULOS, SophieElected Liberal Indi VIC
PARR, Stephen Democrats Mallee VIC
PAUL, Harold Family First McMillan VIC
PEARCE, ChrisElected Liberal Aston VIC
PEMBERTON, Bill Australian Greens Deakin VIC
PERROTT, Kiera Australian Greens Hotham VIC
PETERSEN, David Australian Greens Bendigo VIC
PEUT, Gabrielle M Citizens Electoral Council Dunkley VIC
PINNELL, Gemma Australian Greens Melbourne VIC
PRINGLE, Glen Family First Higgins VIC
RANDALL, Angela Liberal Bruce VIC
RASKOVY, Steve Independent Deakin VIC
REED, Andrew Citizens Electoral Council Kooyong VIC
REID, Graeme Citizens Electoral Council McMillan VIC
REID, Katherine Citizens Electoral Council Higgins VIC
REIHER, Jim Australian Greens Holt VIC
RINGROSE, Joy Australian Greens Casey VIC
ROBB, AndrewElected Liberal Goldstein VIC
ROBERTS, Simon Australian Greens Mallee VIC
ROXON, NicolaElected Australian Labor Party Gellibrand VIC
RUSHTON, Andrew Family First Casey VIC
SACH, Mark Family First McEwen VIC
SCHOREL-HLAVKA, Gary The Aged and Disability Pensioners Party Jagajaga VIC
SERCOMBE, BobElected Australian Labor Party Maribyrnong VIC
SHAND, Amy Family First Scullin VIC
SHELLEY, Jeff Liberal Isaacs VIC
SHOMALI, Heather E Citizens Electoral Council Goldstein VIC
SINDT, Christina Gippsland VIC
SMITH, Craig Australian Greens La Trobe VIC
SMITH, Kevin Family First Mallee VIC
SMITH, Maurie Independent McEwen VIC
SMITH, TonyElected Liberal Casey VIC
SOUTHWICK, David Liberal Melbourne Ports VIC
STANTON, Heather Citizens Electoral Council Gippsland VIC
STEER, Simon Citizens Electoral Council Scullin VIC
STONE, Robert Democrats Wills VIC
STONE, SharmanElected Liberal Murray VIC
SURACI, Deborah Family First Wills VIC
TAIT, Simon Citizens Electoral Council Deakin VIC
TANNER, Lindsay JamesElected Australian Labor Party Melbourne VIC
TEASDALE, Diane Independent Murray VIC
TEIWES, Paul Liberal Holt VIC
THOMSON, KelvinElected Australian Labor Party Wills VIC
TOWERS, Denis Independent Calwell VIC
TRAFFICANTE, Robert Australian Greens Higgins VIC
TUCKER, Craig Australian Labor Party Goldstein VIC
VAMVAKINOU, MariaElected Australian Labor Party Calwell VIC
VAN DEN BERGEN, Paul Democrats Bruce VIC
VANDERSMAN, Jos Democrats Casey VIC
VOIGT, Wolf Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) La Trobe VIC
VON THULE HALBORG, Valiant Citizens Electoral Council Ballarat VIC
WALDRON, Linda Socialist Alliance Gellibrand VIC
WARNER, Richard Family First Bruce VIC
WHITE, Marj Democrats McEwen VIC
WHITE, Vern Citizens Electoral Council Bendigo VIC
WILLIAMS, Angela Democrats Melbourne VIC
WILLIAMS, John Australian Labor Party Indi VIC
WILLIS, Chris Family First Melbourne VIC
WILLSHER, Kerre Democrats Wannon VIC
WILSON, Steven Australian Greens Gorton VIC
WILSON, Tom Australian Labor Party Kooyong VIC
WISHART, Don Australian Labor Party Gippsland VIC
WOOD, JasonElected Liberal La Trobe VIC
WRIGHT, Matthew Australian Greens Menzies VIC
YOHANNA, Sleiman Citizens Electoral Council Calwell VIC
ZAHRA, Christian Australian Labor Party McMillan VIC
ZIGOURAS, J N Australian Labor Party Mallee VIC



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