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Candidates for Tasmania
Candidate Party Division State
ADAMS, DickElected Australian Labor Party Lyons TAS
BAKER, MarkElected Liberal Braddon TAS
BALL, Jeremy Australian Greens Bass TAS
BERGMAN, Christine Family First Bass TAS
BURNET, Helen Australian Greens Denison TAS
DE BOMFORD, Wayne Family First Braddon TAS
DE LANDELLES, Meredith Socialist Alliance Bass TAS
EMANUEL, Kamala Socialist Alliance Denison TAS
FERGUSON, MichaelElected Liberal Bass TAS
FINNIS, Henry Liberal Franklin TAS
FOALE, Michelle Australian Greens Braddon TAS
JENKINS, Saul Citizens Electoral Council Lyons TAS
KERR, DuncanElected Australian Labor Party Denison TAS
LARNER, Caroline Citizens Electoral Council Bass TAS
MILLAR, Glenn Australian Greens Lyons TAS
MUMFORD, Marc Family First Franklin TAS
O'BYRNE, Michelle Australian Labor Party Bass TAS
PAPICCIO, Gino Family First Denison TAS
PAPICCIO, Marie Family First Lyons TAS
PASTOOR, Erick Liberal Denison TAS
QUICK, HarryElected Australian Labor Party Franklin TAS
QUIN, Ben Liberal Lyons TAS
SHIELDS, Glenn Socialist Alliance Franklin TAS
SIDEBOTTOM, Sid Australian Labor Party Braddon TAS
WOOLLEY, Mathew Australian Greens Franklin TAS



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