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Candidates for Western Australia
Candidate Party Division State
ANDERSON, Marcus Independent Stirling WA
ATKINS, Basil Citizens Electoral Council Cowan WA
BEAUMONT, Delys Australian Democrats Fremantle WA
BEAZLEY, KimElected Australian Labor Party Brand WA
BEILBY, Margo The Greens Canning WA
BENNELL, Tony Australian Democrats Canning WA
BERCOV, Katrina The Greens Stirling WA
BISHOP, JulieElected Liberal Curtin WA
BOON, Lloyd Pauline Hanson's One Nation Tangney WA
BRADBURY, Ray Australian Democrats Perth WA
BREMMER, Jane The Greens Hasluck WA
CAINE, Albert Martin Pauline Hanson's One Nation Curtin WA
CAMPBELL, Graeme Independent Kalgoorlie WA
COLETTI, Giuseppe Australian Democrats Stirling WA
COOK, Brendon Independent Kalgoorlie WA
CUSTERS, Bev Family First Canning WA
DACHEFF, Angelo Pauline Hanson's One Nation Canning WA
DODD, Margaret Independent Canning WA
DUCKETT, Andrew The Greens Tangney WA
EDMAN, Phil Liberal Brand WA
EDMONDS, Marie Pauline Hanson's One Nation Perth WA
EDWARDS, GrahamElected Australian Labor Party Cowan WA
FLANEGAN, Shane CDP Christian Party Forrest WA
FORDER, Gail CDP Christian Party Curtin WA
FORT, Dave The Greens Swan WA
GAULT, George Pauline Hanson's One Nation Moore WA
GEORGE, Glen The Greens Cowan WA
GIBSON, Kingsley The Greens Forrest WA
GILFILLAN, Sarah Australian Democrats Cowan WA
GIORGI, Alan Pauline Hanson's One Nation Forrest WA
GIUDICE, George Independent O'Connor WA
GREAVES, Peter Family First Swan WA
GUNNYON, David Pauline Hanson's One Nation Pearce WA
HAASE, BarryElected Liberal Kalgoorlie WA
HALL, Simon Joseph Citizens Electoral Council Hasluck WA
HALLAHAN, Kay Australian Labor Party Canning WA
HAMENCE, Gwen CDP Christian Party Swan WA
HANNAH, Nicola Australian Democrats Hasluck WA
HARDINGHAM, Leigh The Nationals O'Connor WA
HARVEY, Arthur Citizens Electoral Council Moore WA
HENDRY, Craig CDP Christian Party Kalgoorlie WA
HENRY, StuartElected Liberal Hasluck WA
HILL, Vivian CDP Christian Party Canning WA
HODDY, Don Australian Democrats Kalgoorlie WA
HORNE, Colin Citizens Electoral Council Curtin WA
HOUGH, Jan New Country Party O'Connor WA
INGRAM, Andrew Australian Democrats Tangney WA
JACKSON, Sharryn Australian Labor Party Hasluck WA
JAMIESON, Ian Socialist Alliance Fremantle WA
JENKINS, Jean The Greens Brand WA
JENSEN, DennisElected Liberal Tangney WA
JOHARI, Azmi Citizens Electoral Council Swan WA
KEENAN, MichaelElected Liberal Stirling WA
KERR, Thor The Greens Moore WA
KETTLE, Gerard Independent Brand WA
KRUSE, Bill Australian Labor Party Curtin WA
LAWRANCE, Alexander Liberal Perth WA
LAWRENCE, CarmenElected Australian Labor Party Fremantle WA
LEEDER, Richard CDP Christian Party Cowan WA
LIEB, Dominique The Greens Pearce WA
LOH, Augustine CDP Christian Party Perth WA
LUNDIE-JENKINS, Sonja The Greens Curtin WA
MACKINTOSH, Craig Alan Pauline Hanson's One Nation Fremantle WA
MCCARTHY, Brian Citizens Electoral Council Canning WA
MCFARLANE, Jann Australian Labor Party Stirling WA
MCLEAN, Donella Australian Democrats Pearce WA
MCLEAN, Ron Citizens Electoral Council Pearce WA
MCRAE, Brian Pauline Hanson's One Nation O'Connor WA
MERRELLS, Robert CDP Christian Party Pearce WA
MORAN, Ray CDP Christian Party Stirling WA
MOSELEY, Justin CDP Christian Party O'Connor WA
MOYLAN, JudiElected Liberal Pearce WA
MUIR, Kado The Greens Kalgoorlie WA
MURFIN, Andrew Peter Liberal Swan WA
NIELD, Paul Pauline Hanson's One Nation Hasluck WA
OLVER, Rob Australian Democrats Curtin WA
PARIS, Nicola The Greens Fremantle WA
PARTRIDGE, John Australian Democrats Brand WA
PATRICK, Alex K Pauline Hanson's One Nation Stirling WA
PAYNE, Callum Craig Citizens Electoral Council O'Connor WA
PAYNE, Kevin Australian Democrats Moore WA
PEARSON, Leone Citizens Electoral Council Stirling WA
POOLE, Damian Citizens Electoral Council Fremantle WA
PRICE, Adrian The Greens O'Connor WA
PROSSER, GeoffElected Liberal Forrest WA
RADISICH, Jeanette New Country Party Pearce WA
RANDALL, DonElected Liberal Canning WA
REYNOLDS, Mark Australian Democrats Swan WA
RICHARDS, Ursula Australian Labor Party O'Connor WA
RITTER, David Australian Labor Party Pearce WA
ROSE, Linda Family First Forrest WA
ROWLAND, Nabil Haji Independent Kalgoorlie WA
RUSSELL, Ross Herbert Citizens Electoral Council Perth WA
RYAN, Terry CDP Christian Party Hasluck WA
SCOTT, Robin Pauline Hanson's One Nation Kalgoorlie WA
SHAVE, Michelle CDP Christian Party Fremantle WA
SIMPKINS, Luke Liberal Cowan WA
SMITH, StephenElected Australian Labor Party Perth WA
SMITH, Tresslyn Australian Labor Party Forrest WA
STEPHENS, Tom Australian Labor Party Kalgoorlie WA
STOCKDEN, Garth Pauline Hanson's One Nation Brand WA
TAPLEY, Colleen CDP Christian Party Tangney WA
THACKRAH, David Australian Democrats O'Connor WA
THOMAS, Lorraine Citizens Electoral Council Kalgoorlie WA
TOTTEN, Rob Citizens Electoral Council Brand WA
TRUMAN, Annolies Socialist Alliance Pearce WA
TUCKEY, WilsonElected Liberal O'Connor WA
TUFFNELL, Ian Citizens Electoral Council Forrest WA
ULASOWSKI, Nikki Socialist Alliance Perth WA
VAGG, Ken New Country Party Forrest WA
VAN LIESHOUT, Teresa Independent Swan WA
VERMEER, Ted Pauline Hanson's One Nation Swan WA
VETTOOR, Rajesh CDP Christian Party Brand WA
VINCENT, Neil A Citizens Electoral Council Tangney WA
WASHER, MalElected Liberal Moore WA
WAUGH, Gavin Australian Labor Party Tangney WA
WELCH, Adam Australian Democrats Forrest WA
WILKIE, KimElected Australian Labor Party Swan WA
WINTON, Clem Pauline Hanson's One Nation Cowan WA
WONG, Evelynne CDP Christian Party Moore WA
WU, Wilson Independent Tangney WA
XAMON, Alison The Greens Perth WA
YOUNG, Kim Australian Labor Party Moore WA
ZAGAMI, Carmelo Liberal Fremantle WA



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