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Candidates for South Australia
Candidate Party Division State
ALBRIGHTON, Deirdre Australian Democrats Kingston SA
BARCA, Tony Australian Labor Party Sturt SA
BARLOW, Amanda Independent Adelaide SA
BATTEN, Stan One Nation Port Adelaide SA
BIRMINGHAM, Simon Liberal Hindmarsh SA
BRAZHER-DE LAINE, Kathy Australian Democrats Mayo SA
BUGDEN, Jake The Greens Adelaide SA
BUNTING, Richard Family First Port Adelaide SA
COLE, Andrew Family First Kingston SA
CORNISH, Philip Family First Barker SA
COX, David Alexander Australian Labor Party Kingston SA
CRAMP, Kevin Family First Mayo SA
DARLINGTON, Yvonne The Greens Kingston SA
DEEGAN, Brian Independent Mayo SA
DOWNER, AlexanderElected Liberal Mayo SA
DRAPER, TrishElected Liberal Makin SA
DWYER, David One Nation Wakefield SA
ELLIS, KateElected Australian Labor Party Adelaide SA
EVANS, Martyn Australian Labor Party Wakefield SA
FAWCETT, DavidElected Liberal Wakefield SA
FECHNER, Robert One Nation Mayo SA
FITZPATRICK, Peter One Nation Grey SA
FOX, Chloe Australian Labor Party Boothby SA
GEORGANAS, SteveElected Australian Labor Party Hindmarsh SA
GRACE, Trevor Family First Hindmarsh SA
GREAR, Jon Independent Mayo SA
HACKETT, John Australian Labor Party Grey SA
HORVAT, Victor One Nation Makin SA
IENCO, Joe Independent Hindmarsh SA
INGLIS, Terry Liberal Port Adelaide SA
JACKSON, Tim National Party Barker SA
KELLY, Pam The Greens Barker SA
KLEINIG, Roger Family First Grey SA
MARTIN, Felicity The Greens Grey SA
MATTHEWS, Dennis The Greens Mayo SA
MCMENAMIN, Anne The Greens Port Adelaide SA
MCNAUGHTON, Graham Australian Democrats Barker SA
MCPHERSON, Sally Family First Sturt SA
MILLER, Adrian The Greens Boothby SA
MOORE, Jon The Greens Makin SA
MUNN, Paul Family First Boothby SA
MURPHY, James Australian Labor Party Mayo SA
MURRAY, Patricia The Greens Wakefield SA
MUSOLINO, Tony Independent Hindmarsh SA
OPITZ, Catherine Australian Democrats Makin SA
PANNACH, Barbara One Nation Hindmarsh SA
PASCOE, Richard Australian Democrats Adelaide SA
PAYNE, Laurel One Nation Kingston SA
PILLAR, Rob Family First Makin SA
PINE, Kerrin Australian Democrats Sturt SA
POINTON, David G Family First Wakefield SA
PRINCE, Nicole Australian Democrats Hindmarsh SA
PYNE, ChristopherElected Liberal Sturt SA
RICHARDS, Brian One Nation Sturt SA
RICHARDSON, KymElected Liberal Kingston SA
ROBERTSON, Gil Australian Democrats Grey SA
ROBINS, Peter G Family First Adelaide SA
RUSSELL-TAYLOR, Neil One Nation Barker SA
SAWFORD, RodElected Australian Labor Party Port Adelaide SA
SCHMIDT, Rodger N Independent Barker SA
SECKER, PatrickElected Liberal Barker SA
SIEBERT, Paul Citizens Electoral Council Grey SA
SIMMS, Robert Australian Democrats Boothby SA
SIMPSON-LYTTLE, Waluwe Australian Labor Party Barker SA
SOUTHCOTT, AndrewElected Liberal Boothby SA
STAKER, Clarke One Nation Boothby SA
STARLING, Paul Independent Boothby SA
THOMAS, Bill Independent Hindmarsh SA
TUCKER, Trevor Australian Democrats Port Adelaide SA
WAKELIN, BarryElected Liberal Grey SA
WALKER, Jeanie Independent Makin SA
WAY, Richard Australian Democrats Wakefield SA
WHITE, Tim The Greens Hindmarsh SA
WORTH, Trish Liberal Adelaide SA
YOUNG, Zane The Greens Sturt SA
ZAPPIA, Tony Australian Labor Party Makin SA



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