Virtual Tally Room: the official election results
Virtual Tally Room: the official election results
House of Representatives Updated: Friday, 01 November 2013 12:52:00 PM


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Candidates for Queensland
Candidate Party Division State
ALLEY, Hazel Family First Capricornia QLD
ALLMAN-PAYNE, Penny The Greens Bowman QLD
ANDERSON, Stephen Alfred Palmer United Party Wide Bay QLD
ANDREWS, KarenElected Liberal National Party of Queensland McPherson QLD
ARMITAGE, Rick Rise Up Australia Party Groom QLD
BAMBRICK, Paul The Greens Capricornia QLD
BEATTIE, Peter Douglas Australian Labor Party Forde QLD
BELL, Margaret Australian Voice Herbert QLD
BERIC, Veronica Bernadette One Nation Moncrieff QLD
BEST, Amanda Family First Forde QLD
BJELKE-PETERSEN, John Palmer United Party Maranoa QLD
BLAKE, Charles Australian Voice Party McPherson QLD
BOYD, Stewart One Nation Fadden QLD
BRAZIER, Ronald George Palmer United Party Kennedy QLD
BREWSTER, Blair Matthew Palmer United Party Forde QLD
BREWSTER, Martin David Palmer United Party Herbert QLD
BRISKEY, Darryl Australian Labor Party Bowman QLD
BROUGH, MalElected Liberal National Party of Queensland Fisher QLD
BUCHHOLZ, ScottElected Liberal National Party of Queensland Wright QLD
BYRNES, Trudy Independent Fairfax QLD
CAISLEY, Michael Australian Labor Party Longman QLD
CARROLL, Maurie Independent Fadden QLD
CEDRIC-THOMPSON, Nick Australian Labor Party Maranoa QLD
CHALMERS, JimElected Australian Labor Party Rankin QLD
CHAPMAN, John Family First Wide Bay QLD
CHORLEY, Dale Katter's Australian Party Blair QLD
CHRISTENSEN, GeorgeElected Liberal National Party of Queensland Dawson QLD
CHRISTENSEN, Rod Rise Up Australia Party Fisher QLD
CHURCH, Sherrilyn Rise Up Australia Party Griffith QLD
CICCHINI, Connie Katter's Australian Party Brisbane QLD
CIOBO, StevenElected Liberal National Party of Queensland Moncrieff QLD
CLARIDGE, Garry The Greens Fisher QLD
CLAYDON, Chris Katter's Australian Party Rankin QLD
CLOUSTON, George Mousley Rise Up Australia Party Maranoa QLD
COLE, Malcolm Liberal National Party of Queensland Moreton QLD
CONTARINO, Nick Citizens Electoral Council Lilley QLD
CORNELL, Geoff Citizens Electoral Council Petrie QLD
CORNWELL, Jim Katter's Australian Party Dickson QLD
COTTER, Neil The Greens Rankin QLD
DALE, Gordon Katter's Australian Party Wide Bay QLD
DALGLEISH, David Katter's Australian Party Hinkler QLD
D'ATH, Yvette Australian Labor Party Petrie QLD
DAVEY, Jeremy Peter Palmer United Party Moreton QLD
DEGUARA, Shannon Australian Independents Blair QLD
DEMEDIO, Lisa Family First Ryan QLD
DENMAN, Elwyn Family First Blair QLD
DIAMOND, Bruce Capricornia QLD
DICKINS, Grace Rise Up Australia Party Wide Bay QLD
DICKINS, Kingsley Rise Up Australia Party Flynn QLD
D'LISLE, Tyrone The Greens Dickson QLD
DONALDSON, Leanne Australian Labor Party Hinkler QLD
DOUGLAS, Keith Australian Voice Forde QLD
DOUGLAS, Susan Kim Palmer United Party McPherson QLD
DUTTON, PeterElected Liberal National Party of Queensland Dickson QLD
DYKYJ, Jonathon The Greens Dawson QLD
EBBS, Geoff The Greens Griffith QLD
EDWARDS, Dale Rise Up Australia Party Leichhardt QLD
ENGLERT, Justin Katter's Australian Party Dawson QLD
ENSBY, Steven Philip Palmer United Party Flynn QLD
ENTSCH, WarrenElected Liberal National Party of Queensland Leichhardt QLD
FAIRWEATHER, Helen The Greens Longman QLD
FERGUSON, Ian Maurice Palmer United Party Dawson QLD
FERRANDO, Carolyn Family First Moreton QLD
FIGUEROA, Benedict Palmer United Party Lilley QLD
FLENADY, Liam Socialist Alliance Griffith QLD
FORD, Veronica Mary Ann Palmer United Party Brisbane QLD
FORSTER, Nic The Greens Lilley QLD
FRASER HARDY, Laura Australian Labor Party Bonner QLD
FREDERICKS, Jeremy John Family First Fadden QLD
FREELEAGUS, Peter Australian Labor Party Capricornia QLD
FRY, Bruce Mayburn Rise Up Australia Party Moreton QLD
GAMBARO, TeresaElected Liberal National Party of Queensland Brisbane QLD
GEORGE, Costa Sex Party Herbert QLD
GIBSON, Bruce Palmer United Party Leichhardt QLD
GILLIVER, Michael Australian Labor Party Dickson QLD
GISSANE, Bill Australian Labor Party Fisher QLD
GLASSON, Bill Liberal National Party of Queensland Griffith QLD
GOEYTES, Ayla Sex Party Longman QLD
GORDON, Billy Australian Labor Party Leichhardt QLD
GREEN, Simon Family First McPherson QLD
GRUNERT, Wayne J M Citizens Electoral Council Moreton QLD
GUNNIS, Craig Geoffrey Palmer United Party Ryan QLD
HAMILTON, Gail The Greens Herbert QLD
HAMWOOD, Damien Scott Australian Labor Party Ryan QLD
HARDING, Teresa Liberal National Party of Queensland Blair QLD
HARRIS, Andrew Citizens Electoral Council Dawson QLD
HECHT, Pam Rise Up Australia Party Kennedy QLD
HEWLETT, Kathleen Katter's Australian Party Oxley QLD
HISLOP, Gail Australian Labor Party McPherson QLD
HOLT, Mike One Nation Fairfax QLD
HOWARTH, LukeElected Liberal National Party of Queensland Petrie QLD
HUGHES, Elaine Lexie Australian Labor Party Fairfax QLD
HUNTER, Karin Margaret Palmer United Party Griffith QLD
HUNTER, Paul Roger Katter's Australian Party Forde QLD
IKIN, Noeline Liberal National Party of Queensland Kennedy QLD
ISON, Angie Elaine Palmer United Party Wright QLD
ISON, Derek James Palmer United Party Capricornia QLD
JACOBS, Rachael The Greens Brisbane QLD
JENKINS, Elissa The Greens Moreton QLD
JENNINGS, Elise Rise Up Australia Party Petrie QLD
JENNINGS, Jonathan Rise Up Australia Party Forde QLD
JONES, EwenElected Liberal National Party of Queensland Herbert QLD
JOYNER, Sharyn Family First Brisbane QLD
KARG, Frank Democratic Labour Party (DLP) Oxley QLD
KATTER, BobElected Katter's Australian Party Kennedy QLD
KENNEDY, Brad Katter's Australian Party Longman QLD
KERTESZ, Adam Family First Griffith QLD
KLOOT, Johanna The Greens Leichhardt QLD
KNOBEL, David The Greens Fairfax QLD
LAMING, AndrewElected Liberal National Party of Queensland Bowman QLD
LANDRY, MichelleElected Liberal National Party of Queensland Capricornia QLD
LAWRENCE, Billy Katter's Australian Party Fadden QLD
LAWRIE, Chris Family First Rankin QLD
LESSIO, Nicole Australian Labor Party Fadden QLD
LEWIS, Paul Rise Up Australia Party Capricornia QLD
LIN, David Liberal National Party of Queensland Rankin QLD
LOVE, Richard Laing Katter's Australian Party Flynn QLD
LYNCH, Stephen Family First Wright QLD
MacANALLY, James Derek Palmer United Party Bonner QLD
MacANALLY, James Patrick Palmer United Party Fadden QLD
MACFARLANE, IanElected Liberal National Party of Queensland Groom QLD
MACKIN, Anthony Rise Up Australia Party Blair QLD
MAGUIRE, Mark Australian Independents Fisher QLD
MAIZEY, Petrina The Greens Fadden QLD
MALLCOTT, Chris Allan Katter's Australian Party Moreton QLD
MAROLLA, Nino Rise Up Australia Party Herbert QLD
MARSHALL, John The Greens Petrie QLD
MATHIESON, Ewen James Palmer United Party Groom QLD
MAUNDER, Tony Rise Up Australia Party Wright QLD
McCORMACK, Carrie Family First Oxley QLD
McDOWELL, Michael Family First Dickson QLD
McGARVIE, Rod Liberal National Party of Queensland Lilley QLD
McNAMARA, Fiona Australian Labor Party Brisbane QLD
McNICOL, Jan Stable Population Party Griffith QLD
McPHERSON, Toni The Greens Moncrieff QLD
MELDON, Mark Katter's Australian Party Fisher QLD
MESSENGER, Robert Desmond Palmer United Party Hinkler QLD
MEYER, Angela Family First Fairfax QLD
MILES, Frank Family First Leichhardt QLD
MOERLAND, Scott Rise Up Australia Party Oxley QLD
MOIR, Steve One Nation Herbert QLD
MOLDRE, Renae Family First Flynn QLD
MOORE, Tony Family First Fisher QLD
MUNRO, Jason David Australian Labor Party Moncrieff QLD
MURAKAMI, Sharon Australian Labor Party Wright QLD
MURRAY, Luke Katter's Australian Party Griffith QLD
MURRAY, Troy Australian Labor Party Groom QLD
MUSCAT, Hayden Future Party Moreton QLD
NELSON, Dave The Greens Bonner QLD
NEUENDORF, David Katter's Australian Party Wright QLD
NEUMANN, Shayne KennethElected Australian Labor Party Blair QLD
NEWSON, Grant The Greens Maranoa QLD
NGUYEN, Andrew Liberal National Party of Queensland Oxley QLD
NICHOLSON, Barrie Sinclair Family First Moncrieff QLD
O'BRIEN, Ted Liberal National Party of Queensland Fairfax QLD
O'DOWD, KenElected Liberal National Party of Queensland Flynn QLD
O'SHEA, Andrew Family First Bowman QLD
O'TOOLE, Cathy Australian Labor Party Herbert QLD
PALMER, Clive FrederickElected Palmer United Party Fairfax QLD
PENNY, Jeff Family First Bonner QLD
PERRETT, Graham DouglasElected Australian Labor Party Moreton QLD
PFORR, Grant James Palmer United Party Moncrieff QLD
PITT, KeithElected Liberal National Party of Queensland Hinkler QLD
PRENTICE, JaneElected Liberal National Party of Queensland Ryan QLD
PROHASKA, Thor Leopold Palmer United Party Petrie QLD
PUKALLUS, Jan Citizens Electoral Council Forde QLD
PUNSHON, Michael Family First Herbert QLD
REID, Anne Secular Party of Australia Griffith QLD
RINGROSE, Joy The Greens Wide Bay QLD
RIPOLL, BernieElected Australian Labor Party Oxley QLD
ROBERT, StuartElected Liberal National Party of Queensland Fadden QLD
ROGAN, William Tracy Palmer United Party Rankin QLD
ROLES, John Stable Population Party Brisbane QLD
ROSE, Tony Secular Party of Australia Brisbane QLD
ROY, WyattElected Liberal National Party of Queensland Longman QLD
RUDD, KevinElected Australian Labor Party Griffith QLD
RUDKIN, Clare The Greens Blair QLD
RYAN, George Katter's Australian Party Leichhardt QLD
RYAN, James Michael Katter's Australian Party Lilley QLD
SAWYER, Ray Katter's Australian Party Fairfax QLD
SCHIRMER, Reid Independent Hinkler QLD
SCHOCH, William Matthew Palmer United Party Fisher QLD
SCOTT, BruceElected Liberal National Party of Queensland Maranoa QLD
SCOTT, Duncan George Independent Flynn QLD
SIMPSON, Mark The Greens Hinkler QLD
SLIPPER, Peter Fisher QLD
SLOSS, Joshua Independent Forde QLD
SMITH, Trevor The Greens Groom QLD
SMITH, Will Family First Longman QLD
SOWDEN, Greg Independent Griffith QLD
SPAIN, Sally The Greens Forde QLD
SPAJIC, Paul Citizens Electoral Council Moncrieff QLD
SPELLMAN, John Family First Maranoa QLD
SPENCE, Tasman Family First Petrie QLD
STANTON, Anthony John Palmer United Party Blair QLD
STANTON, Lucy Australian Labor Party Wide Bay QLD
STEPHENSON, Martin The Greens Oxley QLD
STIRLING, Jenny The Greens Kennedy QLD
SULLIVAN, Troy Bradly Family First Hinkler QLD
SUMMERS, Judith The Greens Wright QLD
SWAN, WayneElected Australian Labor Party Lilley QLD
SWEEDMAN, Michael C Secular Party of Australia Ryan QLD
TAHA, Bronwyn Australian Labor Party Dawson QLD
TANG, Ricky Yue Mun Palmer United Party Oxley QLD
TAVERNER, Mark Jonathon Palmer United Party Dickson QLD
TAYLOR, Geoffrey Rise Up Australia Party Dickson QLD
TEMPLE, Lindsay Family First Dawson QLD
TERRY, Jarreau Independent Fisher QLD
THIES, Robert Henry Citizens Electoral Council Groom QLD
THOMPSON, Serena The Greens Flynn QLD
THOMSON, Chris Katter's Australian Party Petrie QLD
TODD, Alex J Family First Groom QLD
TOMSETT, Craig Independent Flynn QLD
TREVOR, Chris Australian Labor Party Flynn QLD
TRUSS, WarrenElected Liberal National Party of Queensland Wide Bay QLD
TURNOUR, Andrew Australian Labor Party Kennedy QLD
TUXFORD, Chester Gordon Independent Kennedy QLD
VAN DER WEEGEN, Clemens Joseph Palmer United Party Longman QLD
van MANEN, BertElected Liberal National Party of Queensland Forde QLD
VASTA, RossElected Liberal National Party of Queensland Bonner QLD
VINCENT, Allan Family First Lilley QLD
VOGLER, Dan Family First Kennedy QLD
WALKER, Bronwyn Katter's Australian Party Herbert QLD
WALKER, Peter Andrew Katter's Australian Party Ryan QLD
WALTON, Rowell Katter's Australian Party Maranoa QLD
WAYNE, John Charles Palmer United Party Bowman QLD
WELLS, Caleb Independent Longman QLD
WHITTY, Chris Katter's Australian Party Groom QLD
WILLIAMS, Robbie Katter's Australian Party Capricornia QLD
WIRTH, Jarrod Uniting Australia Party Bonner QLD
WORRINGHAM, Charles The Greens Ryan QLD
WRIGHT, Matthew Independent Wright QLD
WYATT, David Michael The Greens McPherson QLD



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