Virtual Tally Room: the official election results
Virtual Tally Room: the official election results
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Candidates for South Australia
Candidate Party Division State
ALDRIDGE, Mark Independent Wakefield SA
BARNES, Kylie Family First Sturt SA
BEACH, Ruth Australian Greens Adelaide SA
BRAR, Bikkar Singh Palmer United Party Mayo SA
BRIGGS, JamieElected Liberal Mayo SA
BROWNE, Ben Australian Labor Party Grey SA
BUTLER, MarkElected Australian Labor Party Port Adelaide SA
CHAMPION, NickElected Australian Labor Party Wakefield SA
CLAY, Sherree Australian Greens Wakefield SA
COOKSLEY, Terry Australia First Party Port Adelaide SA
COOMBE, Paul Family First Wakefield SA
COX, Sally Dawn Palmer United Party Boothby SA
DIGANCE, Annabel Australian Labor Party Boothby SA
DOECKE, Geoff Family First Kingston SA
EDMONDS, Natasha Family First Boothby SA
ELLIS, KateElected Australian Labor Party Adelaide SA
FAHY, Norah Australian Labor Party Mayo SA
FIDGE, Greg Independent Grey SA
FROST, Mitchell Thomas Palmer United Party Kingston SA
GARCIA, Carmen Liberal Adelaide SA
GEORGANAS, Steve Australian Labor Party Hindmarsh SA
GOLDING, Phil Australian Labor Party Barker SA
GRAHAM, Andrew Morgan Palmer United Party Makin SA
GROSSER, Ian Australian Greens Mayo SA
HAMBOUR, Bruce Family First Port Adelaide SA
HANNEMANN, Miles National Party Barker SA
HARRISON, Ami Australian Greens Makin SA
HICKS, Bruce Family First Mayo SA
HUYNH, Ngoc Chau Palmer United Party Port Adelaide SA
JAMESON, Robert Katter's Australian Party Makin SA
JHANDI, Balwinder Singh Palmer United Party Barker SA
KAMINSKI, Cheryl Family First Grey SA
KEOUGH, Mark Australian Greens Barker SA
LAMBERT, Kristin Family First Barker SA
LAWRIE, Sue Liberal Makin SA
LAZAROU, Liah Socialist Alliance Adelaide SA
LEE, Peter Family First Adelaide SA
McCABE, David DLP Democratic Labour Hindmarsh SA
McKAY, Kym Katter's Australian Party Hindmarsh SA
MCKENNA, Nigel Liberal Port Adelaide SA
MELISSOURGOS, George Peter Palmer United Party Hindmarsh SA
MILLS, Damien Liberal Kingston SA
MOORE, Palitja Australian Greens Kingston SA
MUSOLINO, Dino Palmer United Party Wakefield SA
MUSOLINO, Tony Katter's Australian Party Wakefield SA
PASIN, TonyElected Liberal Barker SA
PAYNE, Andrew Australian Greens Hindmarsh SA
POPOVIC, Dusan Australian Greens Port Adelaide SA
POTTER, Mark Family First Makin SA
PYNE, ChristopherElected Liberal Sturt SA
RAMSEY, RowanElected Liberal Grey SA
RANDALL, Bob Family First Hindmarsh SA
REES, Kristian Palmer United Party Grey SA
RISHWORTH, AmandaElected Australian Labor Party Kingston SA
SAGE, Richard Independent Barker SA
SARRE, Rick Australian Labor Party Sturt SA
SCALI, Gabriella Alexandra Palmer United Party Sturt SA
SCALI, Vincent Palmer United Party Adelaide SA
SENTANCE, Alison Australian Greens Grey SA
SNOSWELL, Andy Rise Up Australia Party Kingston SA
SOUTHCOTT, AndrewElected Liberal Boothby SA
THOMAS, Stephen Australian Greens Boothby SA
WALKER, Anne Australian Greens Sturt SA
WILLIAMS, MattElected Liberal Hindmarsh SA
ZAPPIA, TonyElected Australian Labor Party Makin SA
ZORICH, Tom Liberal Wakefield SA



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