Virtual Tally Room: the official election results
Virtual Tally Room: the official election results
House of Representatives Updated: Tuesday, 01 October 2013 10:06:12 AM


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Candidates for Tasmania
Candidate Party Division State
ADAMS, Dick Australian Labor Party Lyons TAS
AUSTIN, Jane Australian Labor Party Denison TAS
BERGMAN, Christine Family First Bass TAS
BLACK, Bernadette Liberal Franklin TAS
BOWDEN, Olwyn Rise Up Australia Party Franklin TAS
BRINKLOW, Pip Australian Greens Lyons TAS
BUTLER, Bob Sex Party Denison TAS
CHOI, Jin-oh Secular Party of Australia Bass TAS
COLLINS, JulieElected Australian Labor Party Franklin TAS
DENISON, Tanya Liberal Denison TAS
DEVLIN, Graeme Rise Up Australia Party Denison TAS
DOBSON, Christopher Lee Palmer United Party Bass TAS
DOWNES, Josh Family First Franklin TAS
HOUGHTON, Melissa Australian Greens Braddon TAS
HOULT, Brandon Stable Population Party Denison TAS
HUTCHINSON, EricElected Liberal Lyons TAS
JAMES, Gaye Family First Lyons TAS
KROEZE, Ray Australian Christians Bass TAS
LANDON-LANE, Lucy Australian Greens Bass TAS
LYONS, Geoff Australian Labor Party Bass TAS
McCALLUM, Trevlyn Family First Denison TAS
MORGAN, Kevin Palmer United Party Braddon TAS
NIKOLIC, AndrewElected Liberal Bass TAS
REYNOLDS, Anna Australian Greens Denison TAS
ROGERS, Julian Rise Up Australia Party Lyons TAS
SHAW, Bernard Rise Up Australia Party Braddon TAS
SIDEBOTTOM, Sid Australian Labor Party Braddon TAS
THURLEY, Debra Joyce Palmer United Party Denison TAS
UGALDE, Sarah Katter's Australian Party Franklin TAS
VON STIEGLITZ, Quentin Palmer United Party Lyons TAS
WHITELEY, BrettElected Liberal Braddon TAS
WILKIE, AndrewElected Independent Denison TAS
WILLIAMS, Wayne DLP Democratic Labour Denison TAS
WOODRUFF, Rosalie Australian Greens Franklin TAS
ZUCCO, Marti Palmer United Party Franklin TAS



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