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Candidates with a surname starting with the letter J
Candidate Party Division State
JACKEL, Graeme Family First Melbourne Ports VIC
JACKSON, Mark The Greens Page NSW
JACKSON, Sharryn Australian Labor Party Hasluck WA
JACKSON, Tim National Party Barker SA
JACOBUCCI, Robert Liberal Prospect NSW
JAMIESON, Ian Socialist Alliance Fremantle WA
JAMIESON, John Citizens Electoral Council Wentworth NSW
JARECKI, Sheryl The Greens Mitchell NSW
JEANNERET, Rod Independent Groom QLD
JEFFERYS, Dean Nuclear Disarmament Party of Australia Richmond NSW
JENKINS, Elissa The Greens Bonner QLD
JENKINS, HarryElected Australian Labor Party Scullin VIC
JENKINS, Jean The Greens Brand WA
JENKINS, Saul Citizens Electoral Council Lyons TAS
JENNISON, Susan Liberal Gorton VIC
JENSEN, Alison Australian Democrats Hinkler QLD
JENSEN, DennisElected Liberal Tangney WA
JOHARI, Azmi Citizens Electoral Council Swan WA
JOHN, Jason Citizens Electoral Council Holt VIC
JOHNS, Naomi Australian Democrats Capricornia QLD
JOHNSON, Bob Pauline Hanson's One Nation (NSW Division) Charlton NSW
JOHNSON, Chris Socialist Alliance Corangamite VIC
JOHNSON, Hal Citizens Electoral Council Fowler NSW
JOHNSON, MichaelElected Liberal Ryan QLD
JOHNSON, Paula Australian Greens Dunkley VIC
JOHNSON, Sue Socialist Alliance Grayndler NSW
JOHNSTONE, Dean Family First Flinders VIC
JONES, Angela The Greens Kennedy QLD
JONES, Brian Australian Labor Party Menzies VIC
JONES, Ray Pauline Hanson's One Nation (NSW Division) Farrer NSW
JONES, Terry The Greens Robertson NSW
JONES, Trevor The Greens Throsby NSW
JOSS, Jessica Democrats Hotham VIC
JULIEN, Archie Australian Democrats Dawson QLD
JULL, DavidElected Liberal Fadden QLD



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