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Candidates with a surname starting with the letter B
Candidate Party Division State
BACH, Willy The Greens Fadden QLD
BAILEY, Alan Democrats Deakin VIC
BAILEY, Andrew Citizens Electoral Council Corangamite VIC
BAILEY, FranElected Liberal McEwen VIC
BAILEY, Karen Democrats Dunkley VIC
BAILEY, Merrill Christine Citizens Electoral Council Indi VIC
BAILEY, Ron Socialist Alliance Lyne NSW
BAIRD, BruceElected Liberal Cook NSW
BAIRD, Neil Pauline Hanson's One Nation (NSW Division) Barton NSW
BAISSARI, Sam Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Parramatta NSW
BAKER, MarkElected Liberal Braddon TAS
BALDWIN, BobElected Liberal Paterson NSW
BALL, Jeremy Australian Greens Bass TAS
BARCA, Tony Australian Labor Party Sturt SA
BARFIELD, Josephine Liberal Newcastle NSW
BARGSHOON, Sam Independent Werriwa NSW
BARLOW, Amanda Independent Adelaide SA
BARNES, J F Independent Brisbane QLD
BARNIER, Belinda Liberal Canberra ACT
BARRESI, PhilElected Liberal Deakin VIC
BARTLETT, KerryElected Liberal Macquarie NSW
BARTON, Jennifer Family First Jagajaga VIC
BARWICK, Elisa Citizens Electoral Council Murray VIC
BARWICK, Robert Citizens Electoral Council Wannon VIC
BARWICK, Wayne Citizens Electoral Council Chisholm VIC
BASSI, Raul Socialist Alliance Blaxland NSW
BATES, Barbie Save the ADI Site Party Lindsay NSW
BATTEN, Stan One Nation Port Adelaide SA
BAYLEY, Grant Outdoor Recreation Party Greenway NSW
BEALE, Craig Democrats Melbourne Ports VIC
BEALE, Michael The Greens Moncrieff QLD
BEALES, Jenny Australian Labor Party McEwen VIC
BEATTIE, Linda Australian Labor Party Warringah NSW
BEAUMONT, Delys Australian Democrats Fremantle WA
BEAZLEY, KimElected Australian Labor Party Brand WA
BECK, Jeremy Citizens Electoral Council Casey VIC
BECKETT, Stephen Australian Labor Party Longman QLD
BEHN, Doug Page NSW
BEILBY, Margo The Greens Canning WA
BEILHARZ, Kurt Citizens Electoral Council La Trobe VIC
BELL, Kevin Australian Labor Party Page NSW
BELL, Terri Australian Democrats Petrie QLD
BENHAM, Rick New Country Maranoa QLD
BENNELL, Tony Australian Democrats Canning WA
BENNETT, James Democrats Chisholm VIC
BENNETT, John The Great Australians Blair QLD
BENNETT, Ursula Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Eden-Monaro NSW
BENSON, Matthew Independent Berowra NSW
BERCOV, Katrina The Greens Stirling WA
BERGMAN, Christine Family First Bass TAS
BERK, Daniel Democrats Holt VIC
BEVIS, ArchElected Australian Labor Party Brisbane QLD
BHATHAL, Alexandra Australian Greens Batman VIC
BILLSON, BruceElected Liberal Dunkley VIC
BIRD, SharonElected Australian Labor Party Cunningham NSW
BIRD, Steven Citizens Electoral Council Corio VIC
BIRMINGHAM, Simon Liberal Hindmarsh SA
BIRTLES, Corey The Greens Cook NSW
BISHOP, BronwynElected Liberal Mackellar NSW
BISHOP, Craig Independent Batman VIC
BISHOP, JulieElected Liberal Curtin WA
BLACK, Beth Nationals Hunter NSW
BLACK, Philip Independent Maranoa QLD
BLADE, Ross Independent Berowra NSW
BLAIR, Gillian Australian Greens Wannon VIC
BLANCH, Paul Liberal Calare NSW
BLEICHER, Michelle Australian Democrats Sydney NSW
BLOOR, Margaret Save the ADI Site Party Parramatta NSW
BOATH, Terry Citizens Electoral Council Blaxland NSW
BODLAY, Jordie Stuart Independent Mitchell NSW
BOLAND, Michael John Independent Parkes NSW
BOON, Lloyd Pauline Hanson's One Nation Tangney WA
BOULTON, Alan Liberal Lilley QLD
BOWEN, ChrisElected Australian Labor Party Prospect NSW
BOWER, Don Citizens Electoral Council Newcastle NSW
BOYD, Mike The Nationals Rankin QLD
BOYNE, Robert Family First Oxley QLD
BRADBURY, David Australian Labor Party Lindsay NSW
BRADBURY, Ray Australian Democrats Perth WA
BRADLEY, Jeremy The Greens Lyne NSW
BRADY, Gavin Australian Labor Party Petrie QLD
BRAZENALL, Max Independent Macarthur NSW
BRAZHER-DE LAINE, Kathy Australian Democrats Mayo SA
BREMMER, Jane The Greens Hasluck WA
BRENNAN, Kevin The Greens Oxley QLD
BRENNAN, William Michael One Nation Herbert QLD
BREWER, Nevil No GST Aston VIC
BRIDGE, John Family First Menzies VIC
BRIDGES, Darryl Family First La Trobe VIC
BRISCOE-HOUGH, Greg Family First Banks NSW
BRISCOE-HOUGH, Patrick Australian Democrats Werriwa NSW
BRISTOW, James The Greens Lingiari NT
BROADBENT, Henry Citizens Electoral Council Flinders VIC
BROADBENT, RussellElected Liberal McMillan VIC
BROMWICH, Robert H Australian Democrats Bowman QLD
BROOKS, Victoria Country Labor Riverina NSW
BROUGH, MalElected Liberal Longman QLD
BROWNING, Malcolm Australian Greens Lalor VIC
BRYANT, Rob Independent Murray VIC
BUCKLEY, Ben One Nation Gippsland VIC
BUCKLEY, Brian No GST Wentworth NSW
BUGDEN, Jake The Greens Adelaide SA
BUI, Nam Australian Greens Gellibrand VIC
BULLER, Arthur Family First Lalor VIC
BUNT, Rob Australian Democrats Hughes NSW
BUNTING, Richard Family First Port Adelaide SA
BURBIDGE, John Independent Farrer NSW
BURGESS, Stephen Family First Holt VIC
BURKE, Anna ElizabethElected Australian Labor Party Chisholm VIC
BURKE, Stephen Independent Mitchell NSW
BURKE, TonyElected Australian Labor Party Watson NSW
BURN, Ian Paul Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Farrer NSW
BURNET, Helen Australian Greens Denison TAS
BUTTIGIEG, Mark Australian Labor Party Cook NSW
BYLEVELD, Norman Pauline Hanson's One Nation (NSW Division) Mitchell NSW
BYRNE, AnthonyElected Australian Labor Party Holt VIC
BYRNE, Greg D.L.P. - Democratic Labor Party McMillan VIC
BYRNE, Peter Batman VIC



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