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House of Representatives Updated: 9/11/2005 10:22:09 AM


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Candidates with a surname starting with the letter F
Candidate Party Division State
FARMER, PatElected Liberal Macarthur NSW
FAWCETT, DavidElected Liberal Wakefield SA
FECHNER, Robert One Nation Mayo SA
FEENEY, Cherry Australian Labor Party Dawson QLD
FERGUSON, LaurieElected Australian Labor Party Reid NSW
FERGUSON, MartinElected Australian Labor Party Batman VIC
FERGUSON, MichaelElected Liberal Bass TAS
FERRARO, Santo One Nation Maranoa QLD
FINDLAY, Peter C Family First Groom QLD
FINNIS, Henry Liberal Franklin TAS
FITZGIBBON, JoelElected Australian Labor Party Hunter NSW
FITZPATRICK, Peter One Nation Grey SA
FLANAGAN, John Non-Custodial Parents Party Cunningham NSW
FLANAGAN, Tom Socialist Alliance Page NSW
FLANEGAN, Shane CDP Christian Party Forrest WA
FLETCHER, Haydn Democrats Isaacs VIC
FLOWER, Susanna The Greens Richmond NSW
FLYNN, Bill One Nation Oxley QLD
FLYNN, Peter Citizens Electoral Council Solomon NT
FOALE, Michelle Australian Greens Braddon TAS
FOLEY, Maurice Solomon NT
FONTES, Tony W The Greens Dawson QLD
FORD, Adrian Citizens Electoral Council Sydney NSW
FORD, Gordon W Independent Isaacs VIC
FORDER, Gail CDP Christian Party Curtin WA
FORREST, JohnElected The Nationals Mallee VIC
FORSYTH, Dawn Australian Democrats Lilley QLD
FORT, Dave The Greens Swan WA
FOX, Bill Independent Hunter NSW
FOX, Chloe Australian Labor Party Boothby SA
FRANCES, Maureen Socialist Alliance Kingsford Smith NSW
FRANCEY, Neil Independent Warringah NSW
FREW, Andy Pauline Hanson's One Nation (NSW Division) Cook NSW



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