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Candidates with a surname starting with the letter R
Candidate Party Division State
RADISICH, Jeanette New Country Party Pearce WA
RAHME, Peter Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Lowe NSW
RAND, Graham Chifley NSW
RANDALL, Angela Liberal Bruce VIC
RANDALL, DonElected Liberal Canning WA
RANGIHAEATA, Makere Citizens Electoral Council Parkes NSW
RANKE, Aina The Greens Paterson NSW
RASKOVY, Steve Independent Deakin VIC
RAUE, Ben The Greens Werriwa NSW
REED, Andrew Citizens Electoral Council Kooyong VIC
REES, Lyn Family First Fadden QLD
REID, Allen Australian Democrats Leichhardt QLD
REID, Graeme Citizens Electoral Council McMillan VIC
REID, Kali The Greens Watson NSW
REID, Katherine Citizens Electoral Council Higgins VIC
REIHER, Jim Australian Greens Holt VIC
REVES, Goran Citizens Electoral Council Greenway NSW
REYE, Kirsty Australian Democrats Dickson QLD
REYNOLDS, Mark Australian Democrats Swan WA
RICHARDS, Brian One Nation Sturt SA
RICHARDS, Ian The Greens Wide Bay QLD
RICHARDS, Ursula Australian Labor Party O'Connor WA
RICHARDSON, KymElected Liberal Kingston SA
RICKARD, Scott Ian The Greens Dobell NSW
RIDGE, Greg Australian Democrats Maranoa QLD
RIHAN, Jonathan The Greens Maranoa QLD
RINGROSE, Joy Australian Greens Casey VIC
RIPOLL, BernieElected Australian Labor Party Oxley QLD
RITTER, David Australian Labor Party Pearce WA
ROBB, AndrewElected Liberal Goldstein VIC
ROBB, Larissa Family First Paterson NSW
ROBERT, Hannah The Greens Kingsford Smith NSW
ROBERTS, Florence Pauline Hanson's One Nation (NSW Division) Shortland NSW
ROBERTS, Madeleine Australian Democrats Throsby NSW
ROBERTS, Ros Australian Democrats Moncrieff QLD
ROBERTS, Simon Australian Greens Mallee VIC
ROBERTSON, Debbie The Greens Chifley NSW
ROBERTSON, Gil Australian Democrats Grey SA
ROBINS, Peter G Family First Adelaide SA
ROBINSON, Wesley Charles One Nation Wide Bay QLD
ROBSON, Peter Socialist Alliance Newcastle NSW
ROFFEY, Ben Australian Democrats Charlton NSW
ROGERS, Colin Pauline Hanson's One Nation (NSW Division) Gwydir NSW
ROLLO, Troy Independent Bennelong NSW
ROLLS, Cindy Citizens Electoral Council Hinkler QLD
ROOKE-FRIZELL, Annie The Greens Newcastle NSW
ROSBOROUGH, Derek Independent Griffith QLD
ROSE, Linda Family First Forrest WA
ROSIN, Darryl The Greens Griffith QLD
ROSS, Joe The Nationals Bowman QLD
ROWLAND, Nabil Haji Independent Kalgoorlie WA
ROWSTON, Bruce The Greens Farrer NSW
ROXON, NicolaElected Australian Labor Party Gellibrand VIC
ROZANSKI, Patrick One Nation Fairfax QLD
RUB, Cameron Family First Hinkler QLD
RUDD, KevinElected Australian Labor Party Griffith QLD
RUDDOCK, PhilipElected Liberal Berowra NSW
RUSHTON, Andrew Family First Casey VIC
RUSSELL, Ross Herbert Citizens Electoral Council Perth WA
RUSSELL-TAYLOR, Neil One Nation Barker SA
RYAN, Terry CDP Christian Party Hasluck WA



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