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Candidates with a surname starting with the letter M
Candidate Party Division State
MACDONALD, Lisa Socialist Alliance Reid NSW
MACDONALD, Scot Liberal New England NSW
MACFARLANE, Ian ElginElected Liberal Groom QLD
MACKINTOSH, Craig Alan Pauline Hanson's One Nation Fremantle WA
MACKLIN, JennyElected Australian Labor Party Jagajaga VIC
MACRAE, Joel The Greens Macquarie NSW
MADIGAN, Paul Independent Flinders VIC
MADILL, Janine Family First Murray VIC
MAJEWSKI, Mark Liberal Blaxland NSW
MAKIN, Stephen The Greens Banks NSW
MALESIC, Steve Independent Corio VIC
MALLIOTIS, Martha Citizens Electoral Council Isaacs VIC
MALLON, Ian Family First Gorton VIC
MANN, Norm Lower Excise Fuel and Beer Party Cowper NSW
MARKS, Kelly The Greens Prospect NSW
MARKUS, LouiseElected Liberal Greenway NSW
MARKWELL, Andrew Family First Parramatta NSW
MARQUEZ-OBEID, Marlene The Greens Blaxland NSW
MARRINER, Jennifer Liberal Hotham VIC
MARSDEN, Les Citizens Electoral Council Herbert QLD
MARTIN, Anita Australian Democrats Forde QLD
MARTIN, Felicity The Greens Grey SA
MARTIN, Ken Citizens Electoral Council Fadden QLD
MARTIN, Peter Independent Hume NSW
MASON, John Pauline Hanson's One Nation (NSW Division) Lowe NSW
MATEER, Chris Outdoor Recreation Party Page NSW
MATHEWS, Jacob Family First Isaacs VIC
MATHEWS, Nico Country Labor Farrer NSW
MATTHEWS, Aaron Australian Democrats Canberra ACT
MATTHEWS, Charles Independent Kingsford Smith NSW
MATTHEWS, Dennis The Greens Mayo SA
MATTHEWS, Graham Socialist Alliance Batman VIC
MATUSCHKA, Elizabeth Liberal Ballarat VIC
MAY, MargaretElected Liberal McPherson QLD
MCALPINE, Robert John Australian Labor Party Wannon VIC
MCARTHUR, StewartElected Liberal Corangamite VIC
MCBETH, Adam Democrats Higgins VIC
MCCARTHY, Brian Citizens Electoral Council Canning WA
MCCLELLAND, RobertElected Australian Labor Party Barton NSW
MCCLUNG, Jean Citizens Electoral Council Gilmore NSW
MCCONNELL, Craig Australian Labor Party Dickson QLD
MCCONNELL, David Liberal Gellibrand VIC
MCDONALD, Leigh Independent Wannon VIC
MCFARLANE, Jann Australian Labor Party Stirling WA
MCFARLANE, Rob Australian Democrats Parramatta NSW
MCGAURAN, PeterElected The Nationals Gippsland VIC
MCGUCKIN, Rhys Citizens Electoral Council Melbourne VIC
MCKENZIE, Bridget The Nationals McMillan VIC
MCKENZIE, Bruce Ex-Service, Service & Veterans Party Paterson NSW
MCKENZIE, Neal Australian Democrats Blair QLD
MCLEAN, Donella Australian Democrats Pearce WA
MCLEAN, Ron Citizens Electoral Council Pearce WA
MCLENNAN, Rod Citizens Electoral Council McEwen VIC
MCMAHON, Sarah Liberal Reid NSW
MCMARTIN, Warren Family First Indi VIC
MCMENAMIN, Anne The Greens Port Adelaide SA
MCMULLAN, BobElected Australian Labor Party (ACT Branch) Fraser ACT
MCMULLIN, Peter Australian Labor Party Corangamite VIC
MCNAUGHTON, Graham Australian Democrats Barker SA
MCPHERSON, Phil Family First Warringah NSW
MCPHERSON, Sally Family First Sturt SA
MCRAE, Brian Pauline Hanson's One Nation O'Connor WA
MEDWAY, Michael Liberal Werriwa NSW
MEEHAN, Sue The Greens Lilley QLD
MEHAN, David Australian Labor Party Dobell NSW
MELBOURNE, Adrian Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) Hunter NSW
MELHAM, DarylElected Australian Labor Party Banks NSW
MELLADO, Walter Hernan Citizens Electoral Council Batman VIC
MENDELSSOHN, David Australian Democrats Cook NSW
MENZEL, Margaret F Independent Dawson QLD
MEREDITH, Susan One Nation Longman QLD
MERRELLS, Robert CDP Christian Party Pearce WA
MEYERS, Robert David Citizens Electoral Council Rankin QLD
MILLAR, Glenn Australian Greens Lyons TAS
MILLER, Adrian The Greens Boothby SA
MILLS, Andrew Ian Independent Lingiari NT
MINISSALE, Giuseppe Australian Democrats Hume NSW
MINSTER, Barry Ex-Service, Service & Veterans Party Jagajaga VIC
MITCHELL, Doug Citizens Electoral Council Aston VIC
MODRA, Christine Family First Corangamite VIC
MOLLOY, Ivan Australian Labor Party Fairfax QLD
MOLONEY, Stephen Family First Maranoa QLD
MONTGOMERY, Joy Family First Mitchell NSW
MONTGOMERY, Sarah Family First Bradfield NSW
MOORE, Jon The Greens Makin SA
MORAN, Ray CDP Christian Party Stirling WA
MORAN, Trish Australian Labor Party Robertson NSW
MORGAN, Matt Independent Farrer NSW
MORGAN, Monica Australian Greens Murray VIC
MORGAN, Paul Australian Labor Party Aston VIC
MORRISON, Lindy Australian Democrats Wentworth NSW
MORROW, Bruce Liberal Barton NSW
MOSELEY, Justin CDP Christian Party O'Connor WA
MOULDS, David Independent Cunningham NSW
MOURIKIS, Angelo The Greens Barton NSW
MOYLAN, JudiElected Liberal Pearce WA
MUIR, Kado The Greens Kalgoorlie WA
MULDOON, Graeme Citizens Electoral Council Lyne NSW
MUMFORD, Marc Family First Franklin TAS
MUNN, Paul Family First Boothby SA
MUNTZ, Bob Australian Greens Maribyrnong VIC
MURFIN, Andrew Peter Liberal Swan WA
MURPHY, James Australian Labor Party Mayo SA
MURPHY, JohnElected Australian Labor Party Lowe NSW
MURPHY, Robyn New Country Lyne NSW
MURPHY, Shireen The Greens Lowe NSW
MURRAY, Patricia The Greens Wakefield SA
MUSOLINO, Tony Independent Hindmarsh SA
MUSTON, Robert The Greens Fisher QLD
MYATT, Barry One Nation Bonner QLD
MYERS, Philip The Greens Grayndler NSW
MYLES, Michael Matthew Socialist Alliance Oxley QLD



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